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Third Party Remote Call Monitoring: Measuring Skills Objectively

By Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk Editor
May 17, 2007

In today's global economy, and as businesses expand their operations across the globe, one thing remains constant—the needs to provide quality, consistent service to customers.
For call centers, this need reigns true regardless of where calls are coming from or going to.
To ensure agents are providing this type of consistent service to all their customers, it is important that managers and supervisors be armed with the tools and knowledge to ensure this is occurring within their operations.
Monitoring calls and assessing the interactions can help to uncover areas where more training or coaching is needed or where feedback can offer improvements.
BPA, a provider of 3rd party remote call monitoring services focuses on developing call and customer contact quality within the call center and offers clients not only quality assurance but also, by measuring agent skills in an objective manner, so action can be taken and agents can account for their skills accordingly.

With 3rd party remote call monitoring it is possible to not only improve call quality and customer service levels but also, maximize on sales opportunities.  By listening to the recorded calls, it is possible to also uncover areas where a sales opportunity could have been utilized so processes can be re-developed to take advantage of these opportunities more directly in the future.
3rd party remote call monitoring is perhaps also an appealing offer for many of todays rapidly expanding operations and busy professionals as it leaves the time needed to analyze already recorded or live calls, up to a team of professional researchers.
For more information on BPA's services visit their 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring channel on TMCnet.
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