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BPA's Agent Training Essential to Successful Operations

By Kelly McGuire, TMCnet Editor
November 02, 2009

Many steps are required to ensure a company in the customer relationship management, or “CRM,” industry is up to professional standards. By doing so, CRM companies can stay competitive and in tune with the demands of such an evolving industry.

One of the most essential steps to introduce and make a mark on the CRM industry is properly training sales agents. Without the proper training, sales agents are ill-equipped at making the appropriate game-time decisions on customer issues should any arise, not to mention, sales approaches are weaker without training and coaching from industry professionals. 

3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International offers training to sales agents in a contact center that leave them prepared, educated and confident to begin a career in the contact center or CRM industry. 

However, according to BPA officials, there are some issues that arise from traditional training methods that stereotype them as unsuccessful in the industry. 

“All too often in the contact center business, the theory taught on training courses does not translate into practice, or tangible results,” company officials said. “The primary reason for this appears to be that agents and supervisors have difficulty in adapting and applying the skills developed on training courses into practical everyday situations.”

Therefore, recognizing this issue, BPA takes a unique approach to the business of developing communication and sales skills for sales agent trainees, which, officials said, is designed to produce tangible results and a measurable ROI. 

In order to accomplish this different training technique, BPA organizes practical workshops that tap into an agents’ practical knowledge, in order to produce sound practical solutions. 

“After all, it is the agent who interacts with your customers every day, so they are the ones who should be best equipped to deal with the issues that need to be addressed,” company officials said. 

BPA assists a team in constructing the standards that a company – especially a management team – will measure them by, and trains based on those sales expectations and standards. 

According to company officials, workshop content is directly related to the practical issues of handling customers and improving the quality of interactions.

“The workshop is the first step in an ongoing development process - an agent's skills continue to improve following the workshop, rather than decline,” company officials said, adding that – by the end of the training sessions – agents will have the ability to measure and score their own performance, as a way to prepare themselves for expectations in the actual sales role. 

Kelly McGuire is a TMCnet Web editor, covering CRM and workforce technologies, and anchor of its daily TMC Newsroom video broadcast. Kelly also writes about eco-friendly "green" technologies and smart grids, compiling TMCnet's weekly e-Newsletters on those topics, as well as the cable industry. To read more of Kelly's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Michael Dinan