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Choose Speech Analytics or Second Place

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor
December 01, 2017

Customer service is a primary focus of businesses, this we all know. But, what is enabling the modern contact center to deliver the exceptional service expected by today’s customer. There is no one silver bullet, however I’d like to take the time to spotlight something we’ve all heard about, and explore some of the primary benefits it delivers to contact centers: speech analytics.

Let’s start with the customer experience. Innovation elevated the quality of speech analytics to enable the ability to mine and analyze audio data to detect things like tone and emotion, why the customer is calling, interest in a particular product or service, for instance. By deploying speech analytics agents gain a predictive barrier to be able to address customer needs and deliver satisfaction in a manner where minimal effort is required from the customer’s end.

Real time technology is another reason the adoption rate of speech analytics is on this rise. Speech analytics solutions are capable of monitoring and coaching in real time. So, while an agent is on a call, the software will push through best practice suggestions, or steer the agent back to the script. Which brings me to another point; metrics are taken into account to ensure agent practices are in compliance with company and regulatory policy, and with analyzing call data comes the ability to offer actionable insight after the call to promise optimal results.

Post call, agents and management can explore trouble points. Such as, up-sell or cross-sell opportunities, which via real time speech analytics personalized offers addressing a specific customer’s needs are far more successful than traditional approaches.

Add up all of the above you see a greatly reduced customer attrition rate. People need to know their call matters. Their issue, comment or concern is being addressed, and the agent is able to competently steer a contextual journey.

We are at the beginning of the artificial intelligence, automation and analytics journey, but it is setting up to be quite a ride. Those opting to hop on board will reap the reward in long run.

Do you have speech analytics deployed in your contact center?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz