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Why Every Contact Center Needs 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring

By Alicia Young, Web Editor
June 06, 2017

If a contact center wants to be successful, it needs to have a call monitoring solution in place. It’s as simple as that. There are endless benefits to implementing call monitoring solutions, and all of them serve to improve the overall contact center and ensure quality customer interactions each and every time.

Basic call monitoring can be used in a variety of ways to enrich the contact center. It can be used to provide agents with constructive feedback, which managers can use during coaching sessions. For instance, a call recording can be played back during a training session, allowing managers to point out both good and bad aspects to the agent.

On the same note, managers can use call monitoring to set up action plans for the call center as a whole, as well as for individual agents. They can set goals for agents (Susie needs to work on having a more pleasant tone, while Jeff needs to practice more empathy when dealing with angry customers) and then use call monitoring to track if agents are actually making the requested changes.

The whole purpose of call monitoring is basically to make sure that agents are working to the best of their abilities. Call centers are all about improving the customer experience, and that can’t happen if agents aren’t dedicated to doing so. Contact centers can even take monitoring a step further by using a remote call monitoring solution.

Remote call monitoring solutions come with features all their own, such as silent remote listening and live whisper. These two features enable managers to listen in on live calls in real time, allowing them to whisper feedback to agents who may be struggling. This can be especially helpful to new hires, or even for helping a veteran agent deal with a particularly aggressive caller.

3rd party remote call monitoring solutions can also be used to help companies avoid legal issues. As TMC’s (News - Alert) Laura Stotler writes in a recent article, “A third-party monitoring solution can also be invaluable for meeting legal and compliance mandates, particularly in industries like healthcare and finance. Remote monitoring companies are tasked with keeping up with compliance requirements and ensuring their customers are recording the right parts of calls and storing data securely.”

Clearly, the benefits to call monitoring, especially 3rd party remote call monitoring, are vast. There are plenty of reasons for companies to invest in these solutions, and people arguing the opposite are slim to none. So why not bring 3rd party remote call monitoring to your contact center?