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Remote Call Monitoring Ensures Quality Across All Channels

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, TMCnet Contributor
March 21, 2017

The phrase “customer service” has meant different things to customers over the years. One hundred years ago, customer service was largely delivered in person. Sixty years ago, the idea of the call center was born when most Americans began using the telephone. Since then, customer service channels have been added, such as email, self-service mobile app and social media. Today, customer service spans many platforms, which has made the job of providing great service a lot more complicated for most companies.

Some companies will hit it out of the park on one channel but fail on the others. Since customers today like to cross channels – begin a transaction on the website and finish it with a phone call, for example – it’s important that companies avoid treating each communications channel like a separate operation. Continuity of service across channels is what makes for great customer service today.

While you may be making your best efforts to provide great service across all channels, monitoring is the only way you can know for sure. You’re probably already recording calls, but are you using those recordings to ensure quality? How are you monitoring other channels such as chat and social media? A recent infographic posted by ValueWalk noted that all customer inquiries and complaints need to be monitored today.

“Making sure that all inquiries and complaints are logged and referred to a manager can be a good way to help analyze your customers’ needs, and help you better address them in the future,” according to the infographic. “We all know that customer feedback is important to providing good service, but how closely are you actually listening to your customers? If lots of customers are frequently asking the same questions, it might point to an underlying problem.”

When it comes to call monitoring, speech analytics can help by searching recorded calls for phrases that might indicate problems, such as “close my account” or the name of a competitor. Call monitoring cannot show the whole picture, however. To ensure that quality is being held to high standards across all channels, many companies turn to services such as third-party remote call monitoring.

Third-party remote call monitoring is a way for companies to ensure there are robust processes in place to measure their service delivery against customers’ enhanced expectations. It can cover not only inbound and outbound telephony, but also chat, email and social media quality monitoring. Companies such as BPA Quality provide their clients with the data, trends and actionable items the clients need to make crucial business decisions regarding their customer engagement and people development strategies and ensure that high standards across all channels are being upheld.

It’s not enough to wonder if your customers are receiving a consistent experience across channels. Multichannel quality monitoring can ensure that customers’ expectations are being met regardless of which communications channel they choose.