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Customer Service Failures: You Can't Blame the Agents

By Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk, Content Management
January 17, 2017

Are you setting up customer service failures?

If your company employs agents to deliver customer care, there is so much more you need to do than get them through the HR hoops and set up at a desk to work.

If you want them to be successful and win customers, they need a mentor, they need to be shown the ropes and they need to be trusted to make decisions.

It’s so much easier to just get someone to explain how to work the phone and interfaces and explain the steps and put them on their way. Especially if they are a particularly bright candidate – they’ll pick up on things right away.

But what about the things you’ve learned from years of dealing with your own customers, the quarks you’ve come to find, and best practices? Leaving new hires on their own to discover and solve issues is a recipe for disaster.

Add to all of this the fact that so many millennials entering the workforce today are seen as unappreciative, lazy or too inquiring, and it becomes difficult to create a plan for training and on-boarding that will serve your customers best.

A recent Business 2 Community article takes a look at how we are failing our customers by not properly preparing new hires to do their jobs thoroughly.

Some of the issues it points out include upper management not totally understanding what’s involved on the ground level and making decisions that have a negative impact on the customer in the long run.

Most companies don’t have a well enough developed strategy to tackle customer care. And so many are forgetting that customers want the same level of care across all the various communications channels. Keeping this in mind is vital when planning.

So the next time you’re getting questioned about the failures to meet customer satisfaction, think about the big picture as you asses exactly how agents are performing.  

Edited by Alicia Young