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Why Monitoring is Critical for the User Experience

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
April 24, 2014

What would it mean to your organization if you could install and monitor a communications system from the ground up? The Tampa Convention Center is about to find out, thanks to an agreement with Smart City. The two have signed a deal for the communications provider to provide telecommunications and Internet services for trade shows and other events that take place at the center.

Based in Las Vegas, Smart City will enable the Tampa Convention Center to take their events to the next level. All guests at the center will have access to top-of-the-line communications, according to Smart City. The company provides tech services to more than 3,000 conventions each year, designing, installing and maintaining voice, data, electrical and utility platforms. The company also fulfills the need for video, voice and data network engineering, monitoring and security.

Taking this approach to the deployment of a network system is significant in that it provides the Tampa Convention Center with the ability to install and monitor a system from the ground-up. This eliminates a number of problems that can arise with a coupled together system that may not be able to meet user expectations. As consumers are accustomed to bigger and better when it comes to technology, anything less can dampen the customer experience.

For conventions designed to draw in a profitable crowd, connectivity can make or break the event. Booths may need wireless access with broadband connectivity, video support, complete security and even monitoring to ensure seamless performance for demonstration purposes. It wasn’t that long ago that the late Steve Jobs (News - Alert) was introducing a new iPhone to a crowded room and the network in place couldn’t handle the number of users trying to communicate with their smartphones. It was the perfect demonstration of where carrier networks are suffering and why convention centers have to be prepared for complete network access at maximum capacity.

The situation also demonstrated why it’s so important to have monitoring in place to ensure the optimal experience for all users. It’s the same concept that’s put in place with 3rd party remote call monitoring for the call center, small business or the enterprise. Management can ensure the seamless customer experience if they are able to monitor and understand how the customer is engaging with their brand. The same is true for the convention center – understand demand, engagement and experience and you’ll be better positioned to lead the market in conventions held.

Regardless of the end goal, monitoring for excellent performance is gaining ground in the greater market. If you’re in Tampa for a convention and can experience the ground up deployment benefits, report back and let us know if it meets expectations. 

Edited by Alisen Downey