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Call Recording Provides Effective Coaching

By Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk Editor
November 22, 2006

In the workforce, training employees to not just do a good job, but to offer services that meet company standards and maximizes their efficiency, is necessary for businesses of any size.
Training for new employees can typically costs corporations a pretty penny each year just to ensure that their workers have the skills they demand. However, even that is not fool proof. After employees have been trained, new situations can arise. Monitoring employees to pinpoint areas for growth is necessary to continue improved service levels.
Call recording can serve beyond a tool for remaining compliant and helping to solve customer complaints, to also be a solution for training employees using effective real-world examples.
Recording calls to evaluate customer interactions can lead to the discovery of areas needing improvement not only for specific employees, but also for the business as a whole. It can also strengthen employee productivity and morale by offering them a clear example of the problem, and how to fix it. This will guarantee that performance improvement initiatives are in place and that communications with co-workers, partners or clients all reflect the goals of the company.
Providing ongoing training, even after initial training is completed, is necessary in today's workforce and guarantees that customers are receiving the best service.
As TMCnet's Susan Campbell described in an article, "The use of call recording enables one individual to listen to someone else’s recordings to ensure that any work relating to the call has been properly completed."

With call recording and monitoring in place, managers can make intelligent assessments on employee performance and utilize the recordings to extract examples of "good" and "bad" call scenarios as well as use portions of those audio clips to playback to employees.
With call recoding in place it is possible to not only train staff more easily and more effectively, but offering employees this type of support and background will boost their appreciation and confidence and reduce workplace stress and employee turnover.
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