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Is Your Script So Rigid You Could Lose a Customer?

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
March 19, 2014

The call center script is one of the most important tools an agent can have on-hand before completing a customer call. At the same time, it is also one of the things that can limit opportunities or cause a customer to simply end the call. Without the right approach to the development of the script, outcomes can quickly fall short. The use of 3rd party remote call monitoring can help, but you have to be willing to make some changes.

Consider the customer who places a call to the customer service center seeking help with a product she recently ordered. The agent answering the phone has a script to follow to make sure he hits on all customer service attributes. The two start the interaction, but the customer quickly learns that the agent isn’t really listening to her; he is simply reading from a script. The attempt here may have been to move the caller quickly through the process, but instead created an unhappy customer who will just have to place the call again.

You also need to consider the customer who receives the call from the ambitious call center agent. He is ready to sell her the absolute best product on the market and he knows she will want it as she just bought the complimentary offering. The two work beautifully together and she won’t be happy at all if she settles for only one when she actually deserves the best. The agent is so busy filling the customer’s head full of fluff he doesn’t stop long enough to let her tell him the purchase was a gift for a friend and she has no desire to own one, much less the other.

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If 3rd party remote call monitoring were in place, this failure of the meeting of the minds would have been quickly identified and the approach to sales changed. But, that’s only likely in an environment where management is interested in positive change and producing better results. If the goal is to follow the script to the letter enough times that you finally hit on a sale, there are bound to be more unhappy customers than happy buyers. That’s all well and good if your marketing budget has no bottom and number of products sold is all that matters.

For those companies hoping to survive and thrive in this market, however, the focus has to be on more than just making the sale in the moment. Customers are looking for the personalized approach to care and want to know that the companies with which they do business care about their satisfaction. That means a focus on quality and a flexible script.

In a BPA Quality blog post, the company shared “14 Quality Quotes for Call Center Managers & Agents.” A few are worth sharing here:

  • ”Quality is the best business plan.” -Jahn Lasseter, PIXAR
  • ”Be a yardstick of Quality.” -Steve Jobs, Apple (News - Alert)
  • ”Quality is not an act.  It is a habit.”  -Aristotle
  • ”Our innovation makes us first, our Quality makes us last.” -Scott Adams, U.S. Cartoonist
  • ”We have two ears and one mouth, so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” -Epictetus
  • ”Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence — only in constant improvement and constant change.” -Tom Peters
  • ”Customer satisfaction is worthless.  Customer loyalty is priceless.”  -Jeffrey Gitomer
  • ”Why wait to be memorable?” -Tony Robbins

Check out the blog to see the rest. In the meantime, take a look at your script and how it plays into the quality you hope to achieve. If you’re missing the mark, time for a change. 

Edited by Alisen Downey