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Why Call Recording?

By Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk Editor
November 01, 2006

As the amount of customers utilizing the telephone for communications and transactions with businesses increases, there is a need to provide not only a favorable experience, but also meet performance and regulatory compliance for each call.
To achieve compliance and improve performance, both call recording and call monitoring are taking on a growing importance in the market and especially the contact center. Failure to meet compliance regulation can result in large fines or the shutting down of operations completely.
Compliance regulations and rising amounts of fraud and ID theft have made call recording especially necessary. Having a record of conversations can not only guarantee that regulations are met, but also provides a confirmation for later reference—eliminating the need to guess or rely on memory and word of mouth for vital information.
Along with better management of customer information, call recording also reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions made over the phone. This is especially essential as providing credit card numbers for telephone transactions increases in popularity. Call recording helps to reduce this risk by catching perpetrators and providing solid evidence whenever a dispute arises.
Call recording also provides the ability to monitor calls for agent performance improvement and training. Using recorded call information, call center managers can have an inside ear on how agents are interacting with callers, without having to be on the actual call. The recordings can also help pinpoint where failed calls went wrong and can be used as an example for training agents to better handle various situations.
Increasing usage of VoIP communications has brought about a host of new solutions for recording calls over IP.  
Whether an inbound or outbound operation, providing telesales or customer support, and regardless of business size, verifying what is said over the phone is critical. Whatever your choice for recording calls, look to a solution immediately, as it is vital for the future of your operations.
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