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3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Quality Remains Priority in Face of Tragedy

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
November 26, 2012

When Hurricane Sandy set its destructive sights on the East Coast of the United States, many a city was ill prepared for the wrath she would leave in her path. Citizens and businesses throughout the impacted region have not only endured damage to property, but many are still left without power and limited access to things they once took for granted.

Even as those affected are focused on cleaning up the debris and recovering from this devastating event, there are companies on the outside focused on fulfilling their commitments. Still others may be bouncing back while employees are still struggling with their own recovery. 3rd party remote call monitoring provider, BPA Quality, for instance, is not only committed to support employees recovering from the devastation, but also to its clients.

A recent BPA Quality blog highlighted the 3rd party remote call monitoring provider’s response to Hurricane Sandy, stressing that many of its employees have found the office to be warmer and safer than their own homes, thanks to Sandy’s recent temper tantrum. Many of these individuals are struggling to recover, yet come to the office to fulfill a commitment to BPA Quality clients. They show up to the office, dedicated to ensure evaluations have been completed and that clients have what they need to continue a focus on call center quality.

The blog writer avoided the onslaught, working from a remote location in Virginia, yet expressed sincere appreciation for coworkers who continue to push to be available and arrive in the office to assist clients even when faced with their own unthinkable situations. The writer went on to express deep pride in coworkers and the opportunity to be a part of a team that includes extraordinary and dedicated individuals.

To demonstrate the level of dedication BPA Quality employees bring to the organization, the blog highlighted a story from the day the hurricane hit. David Blackwell, owner and president, had to make employees go home that day. There was resistance among the ranks, however, as employees wanted to be sure their work was completed first.

In 3rd party remote call monitoring, success is assured when the provider takes a partnership approach. As demonstrated by the company on the day Hurricane Sandy hit, BPA Quality is dedicated to such a partnership, regardless of what may be happening around the company, its employees or even in the market.

BPA Quality employees on the East Coast have experienced tremendous loss in shelter, property and more, and sad faces are appearing in the office. But, the dedication to a job well-done continues to dominate.


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Edited by Rich Steeves