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Why Call Quality Metrics Matter for Remote Call Monitoring

By Michelle Amodio, TMCnet Contributor
October 19, 2012

Call centers are a large investment for companies of all sizes. Because it’s such a hefty investment, businesses need the assurance that everything is running as smoothly as possible. One surefire way to see results of hard earned investment is implementing a third party remote call monitoring solution. What a third party remote call monitoring solution can provide to call center managers is metrics.

With useful metrics, call center managers can see how quickly the caller can reach a call center and how quickly they can reach an agent, how quickly their issue can be resolved and the call closed, and how long they wait on hold during a call. All of these are useful information to help better serve future incoming calls and to help train prospective agents.

According to BPA Quality, there are two very important reasons for call quality metrics; first for feedback to agents and data obtainment.

Feedback from the monitoring process should be objective, using a method of scoring and evaluating that is fair and agreed by all in advance, and it must be consistent and regular. Once milestones are agreed and set, they must be kept to, built on and progressed.

Of course, feedback is given and received in different perspectives; first from the agent, then the customer, and then the organization. By using an objective third party monitoring solution, comments and suggestions are viewed as insightful and not biased, providing opportunity for discussion and growth.

When it comes to gathering data, call center metrics gained from third party monitoring and offer vital and objective call center evaluation. This call reporting gives call center managers the solid data needed to respond promptly to emerging customer service issues, new industry trends and of course provide training needs for call center staff.

With third party remote call monitoring, call tracking data empowers call centers with accurate business intelligence and eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty about consumer behaviors. With call details like this, call centers can make more educated business decisions to guide future business strategies.

Edited by Rich Steeves