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BPA 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Protects the Online Customer Experience

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
October 02, 2012

Per data conveyed in a recent Monetate infographic, the customer perception of a brand is heavily influenced by their online experience. In fact, 65 percent of those surveyed said that an online experience had led them to rethink their feelings on a particular brand or product, and nearly 90 percent relayed that a bad experience resulted in them taking their business elsewhere.

I have personally found this to be true. After ordering a product from a well-known retailer online, I phoned my neighbor to let her know about the great deal I had found. She also bought the item. A week later her item arrived. Upon calling to follow up on my purchase, I was informed that the order had been canceled due to low stock. Would 3rd party remote call monitoring have prevented this scenario?

Ironically, the item still showed in stock at the retailer’s website, and the customer service agent I spoke with advised me to reorder. The kicker? Per “company policy,” the retailer was not going to honor the original price paid because, in the meantime, the item had gone off sale!

It’s experiences like this that make us question our future relationship with such companies. In my case, I called back and spoke with a supervisor. He told me the same thing. A third call to another agent representative, however, finally yielded the solution I had hoped for – an even exchange. 

My example underscores the importance of ensuring call quality. Services like BPA’s 3rd Party remote call monitoring could have addressed this issue in its infancy (before I was totally irate) and might have possibly yielded a first-call resolution. In any case, had my call been recorded by 3rd party remote call monitoring, at least training could take place after the fact on how not to treat a customer.

On the flip side, ensuring a positive online experience with services such as call monitoring helps increase conversion, raise average order value, improve chances for referrals, and increase customer lifetime value. In my case, a quick look at past order history would have revealed that I had just placed a $400 order and had completed both bridal and baby registries with the company – not to mention the fact that I was referring others to the business as well.

The bottom line is, happy online customers are repeat customers. Per Monetate, nearly three-fourths of those making purchases would buy from the company again if they had a great experience. Ensuring a positive online experience is not unlike that of wooing customers in-store.

It all starts by making sure their experience is consistent across channels; customers don’t want to feel they are dealing with a different company simply because they are purchasing online. Utilizing BPA’s 3rd party remote call monitoring solution protects that experience and paves the way for a positive relationship well into the future. 

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Edited by Jamie Epstein