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Why 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring is a Good Idea

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
September 11, 2012

Agents are potentially the most valuable asset within the call center environment. At the same time, these individuals can also cause the most damage when they fail to deliver the right customer experience. Properly training agents for the successful call center demands 3rd party remote call monitoring. Fortunately, BPA offers agent monitoring to easily identify areas where agents shine and where they may need a bit more coaching.

This BPA Quality blog further highlights the importance of 3rd party remote call monitoring. While some may question the effectiveness, constant feedback and reinforcement are critical to the success of the call center overall. To better explain, consider the Hawthorne Effect, which suggests that humans will typically perform better if they know someone is tracking their performance.  

When transferring this effect to the call center environment, 3rd party remote call monitoring is scientifically proven to encourage a higher performance level when agents know they are being monitored. If that isn’t proof enough, BPA offers a few good reasons to monitor agents for maximum effect in the call center environment:

First Call Resolution – agents who are able to solve a customer request on first contact ensure the customer won’t call back again for the same issue. This not only boosts customer satisfaction, it also reduces the cost of operation for the call center.

Lower Call Times – one of the main focuses within the call center is certainly to reduce call times, without sacrificing the overall quality of experience. Those agents who receive positive feedback as a result of 3rd party remote call monitoring are better equipped to handle calls effectively and efficiently, reducing call times and saving the company money.

Lower Call Volumes – for each call that is eliminated from the call center, money is saved on that contact. As a result, the organization can employ fewer agents, a smaller management team, less telephony, and less infrastructure. If an outsourced contract is based on a per call formula, direct savings are realized.

Sales Effectiveness – without the ability to sell its products or services, a company cannot survive. The more call center agents sell, the more money the company can make. 3rd party remote call monitoring helps identify those agents who may need additional coaching to improve their sales results while also providing feedback opportunities for those who are getting it right.

Customer Satisfaction – in the call center environment, customer satisfaction should always be the bottom line. After all, the happy customer is the least expensive customer. Unhappy customers are costly to keep and more likely to indirectly impact the effectiveness of the sales team when negative feelings are shared via social media.

With 3rd party remote call monitoring in place, management can better identify those agents on the right track and those who could stand to make a few changes. Keep in mind that feedback of any kind can move the call center in the right direction when delivered appropriately. BPA offers the solutions to help get the process started.


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Edited by Rich Steeves