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Why You Should Outsource Your Call Monitoring

By Michelle Amodio, TMCnet Contributor
September 06, 2012

Outsourcing comes with many advantages when it comes to the call center. When it comes to call monitoring, outsourcing has its benefits in addition to the many that come with relying on a third party to handle specific services, such as cost and efficiency savings as well as reduced overhead.

With outsourced quality monitoring, call center managers can actually put in the effort required to utilize monitoring properly instead of pushing the task back for other pressing issues. With third party handling the monitoring part of customer calls, call center managers are relieved of the task of having to make objective decisions based on the call, as using an outsourced provider will instantly give unbiased feedback on calls monitored.

Monitoring systems can be costly to implement, so using a third party remote service allows for call centers to deploy already-existing solutions without having to invest heavily in equipment or software that would otherwise absorb a lot of revenue.

Outsourced monitoring also provides feedback on the customer experience by addressing common complaints and evaluating customers needs, properly assess agents’ skills and evaluate their problem-solving methods, and figure out where agents might need to work in terms of their customer relationship management talents or weaknesses.

According to BPA, sales decreased when monitoring was used in-house because team leaders were too engrossed in the monitoring process to focus on keeping the cash flow coming in. This is a common element seen in the call center industry.

Call center managers can leverage the benefits of call monitoring to improve agent performance, reduce agent attrition and improve upon first call resolution without having to do it themselves. It can also drive improvements in up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, so it’s a win-win situation.

Call monitoring is an essential tool for call center manager, and by relying on a third party to do the monitoring, call center managers can effectively master their call center teams.

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Edited by Rich Steeves