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Aumtech and Global eTelecom Introduce K.A.R.E.S

By Melissa Warner, TMCnet Contributing Writer
August 06, 2012

Businesses focus on customer service because news of bad customer experiences travel quicker than good. One way that businesses can improve their customer relationship management is with the new K.A.R.E.S (Kwick Acquiring & Retention Enterprise Solution) from Aumtech and Global eTelecom, Inc.

Both companies bring two strong technologies together into K.A.R.E.S. Global eTelecom is known for its gift/loyalty card, electronic check and ACH processors, while Aumtech specializes in technology consulting and solutions. The company’s GETI electronic merchant application solution and independent sales organizations (ISO) reporting has merged into this innovated solution that is readily available for merchant service providers (MSPs) or as an enterprise resource planning solution (ERP).

Each solution is tailored to the business to assist with creating orders and tracking throughout the entire process. This includes controlling risk management, deployment and customer service from one place. Unlike other solutions, K.A.R.E.S is designed to not only help a business bloom, but to grow with the business as well. It can even be deployed into an existing CRM system. Because it is designed as individual modules, businesses can adapt the solution as needed.

"We look forward to the opportunity this type of product offering will bring to our ISO base," said John Laurell, VP of technical operations for GETI, in a press release. "Not only will it streamline the GETI application process, but it will also provide the ISO with valuable tools to monitor and strengthen their relationships with us. The K.A.R.E.S. development now provides our small to mid-sized ISO groups with a functionality that has historically been found only with the larger partners with the IT resources to build out a custom solution internally."

Interested businesses can purchase the solution as a software serve business model or a license. If needed, techs are on hand to help make the integration as simple as possible.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman