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TCN Releases First Ever Call Recording Pause/Interrupt Feature for Hosted Predictive Dialers

By Anil Sharma, TMCnet Contributor
June 27, 2012

TCN, Inc., global provider of cloud-based virtual call center technologies, has released the first ever hosted dialer feature that allows clients to pause and interrupt call recording—to ensure customer privacy and legal compliance.

Officials with TCN said that the new feature allows customers to use a completely hosted, on-demand predictive dialer that does predictive dialer stuff, like call monitoring and agent interrupt. Yet it also records customer-agent interactions.

Company officials pointed out that it provides a “pause recording” feature that enables companies to skip recording for three to 10 second pre-set intervals while a customer provides his payment card’s CVV, or other sensitive information.

“One of the largest internet companies in the world approached us with this call-recording, privacy-compliance conundrum,” said Dave Bethers, vice president of sales at TCN, Inc., in a statement.

“We took the challenge and provided them this functionality as a front-end solution that requires no back-end work to ensure compliance,” said Bethers.

“Customers should be wary of hosted dialing companies that claim they are 100 percent compliant with such standards,” said Li TiaTia, vice president of operations and Client Services at TCN.

“Complete compliance is possible, and it needn’t cost an arm and a leg,” said TiaTia.

Earlier in April, TCN had announced the details of its profound integration with Finance Express, the leading provider of web-based financial services and technology for independent auto dealerships. TCN, a leader in hosted telephony, has teamed with Finance Express to offer cloud-based communications services to the automobile finance industry.

The integration allows dealers to utilize the most advanced virtual-call-center technologies without ever leaving the FEX Buy Here Pay Here Software, engendering three primary advantages. First, dealers do not need to hire technical staff to operate the technology, because the integration allows for easy call campaign set up and automated reporting of results.

Second, dealers need not purchase any hardware or software to contact customers through TCN—dealers will pay only pennies for the telco minutes they use, whenever they use them. A phone, a computer, and Financial Express are all that is required.

Third, dealers can use the integration to make a variety of calls, from marketing and collection to appointment reminders.

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Edited by Rich Steeves