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The Many Benefits Related to 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring

By Jamie Epstein, TMCnet Web Editor
March 05, 2012

Most tasks people complete nowadays are tracked, especially if you are talking about what websites you frequent on the Web. However, with 3rd party remote call monitoring, agent’s calls are recorded, archived and then analyzed to focus on specific areas necessary to build, repair and maintain a monitoring program that will create a quality customer experience in the end.

Recently, startup company E22 Alloy unveiled a SaaS (News - Alert) application that assists companies in gaining access to everything ranging from an employees’ PCs to their smartphones, and then captures this important information to closely look at what skills the employee is excelling at and what areas need improvement.

An article revealed that the company kicks off its efforts by working with customers to create and start digital data collection processes. The data is then stored within a highly secure cloud-based platform, allowing employees to have an easy way to look over all vital data. The company then powers standard reports and tools to enable employees to access the data that has been collected in order to better measure employee performance.

BPA Quality, a leading 3rd party remote call monitoring company recently revealed that it has added mystery shopping to its monitoring capabilities which will assist companies in seeing the improvements that need to be made before customers decide to visit another retail location instead.

When organizations are armed with information received directly from what a customer thinks and feels, they can see exactly what their strengths are and, more importantly, where they fall short in the customer experience.

Through working with BPA and implementing the BPABuilder.Mystery Shopping program, businesses around the world will be able to gain the information needed to stay one step ahead of competitors, analyze the reasons behind why a customer thinks or feels as they do, utilize highly trained mystery shoppers and leverage Web-based reporting that depicts what’s going on in the organization in real-time.

Edited by Rich Steeves