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3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Can be Enacted on Smartphones, By Employers

By Jamie Epstein, TMCnet Web Editor
February 28, 2012

Your employer has just given you a new corporate phone to use in your office, but did you know your company could be using 3rd party remote call monitoring for every interaction you have?

Although you might not be aware, your employer is actually allowed, by law, to monitor your e-mail and desk phone while you are on the clock. They can even track your Internet use if they have the time.

You might feel as if this is an invasion of your privacy, but it’s likely that your boss wants to ensure that you are doing the job you are being paid to do and are utilizing electronic equipment provided by your business in the correct way. Also, if something were to happen while you were in the office, upper management could be implicated or found liable for your actions, a recent article revealed.

Similar to the keylogger programs that record everything that happens on a computer, keylogger apps are now readily available that can do just that on your smartphone, including record and log text messages, e-mail, Web use, GPS location, contacts, call logs, photos and videos.

Now although this function could get you in some real trouble, there is no need to worry as long as you aren’t doing anything wrong. In fact, 3rd party remote call monitoring solutions such as those provided by BPA Quality can help to create a quality customer experience.

 The BPA Quality Builder portfolio boasts various capabilities including: 24/7 secure access that utilizes various encryption, IP filters and user security methods; customized toolbox dashboards for organizations of all sizes; unlimited reporting; and online access and storage of audio, data, current reports and archived reports – all of which are fully customizable to individual requirements and needs.

Moreover, the BPABuilder.Coaching module allows supervisors to record coaching sessions, which allows upper management to then go back and deliver these coaching sessions based on the specific needs of individuals, thus powering improved results from 3rd party remote call monitoring . With BPA’s “Career Effectiveness” and “Coaching Activity” Reports, it is simple to see how often supervisors are holding these informative coaching sessions to drive effectiveness within the organization.

Therefore, 3rd party remote call monitoring is an invaluable tool to drive efficiency at any company. Just make sure you are using your smartphone for the right reasons.

Edited by Tammy Wolf