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3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Provider Offers Benchmarking

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
January 06, 2012

Quality customer service – it is something every call center organization strives to achieve. In fact, a number of organizations will tout their ability to deliver on high expectations, but are these claims accurate? Is the company actually measuring the experience for the customer by monitoring calls? 3rd party remote call monitoring is a critical tool to promote excellence and understand true performance. 

In addition to 3rd party remote call monitoring, call centers can also embrace benchmarking activities to gain an accurate picture of where their performance stands in comparison with others in the industry. BPA offers BPABuilder.Benchmarking to allow the call center to measure performance against other leading players in the industry. 

As captured in this BPA Benchmarking page, BPABuilder.Benchmarking uses surveys, data and 3rd party remote call monitoring from companies and industries throughout the world to provide call centers with the information necessary to understand where they fall in their efforts to achieve “Best in Class” status. 

The 3rd party remote call monitoring provider’s competitive review allows for monthly reports that compare the quality of interactions for all call centers throughout the world. The produced data and comparisons are not only objective, they also provide in-depth analysis designed to be used as a tool to develop the potential of the call center. 

With this information, managers, supervisors and agents all gain access to important information that can be used to focus on accurate coaching and to develop strategies for the ongoing improvement of all interactions. 

BPABuilder.Benchmarking is positioned as the ideal solution for any organization seeking to better understand true “Best in Class” call center performance. As a 3rd party remote call monitoring tool, it is also considered ideal for those organizations seeking to keep tabs on where they stand in the industry as compared with competitors. 

The main purpose of the BPABuilder.Benchmarking capability is to marry benchmarking and quality together in a package that makes the most out of a call center’s investment in 3rd party remote call monitoring. Once the organization understands their place in the marketplace, they can utilize the BPABuilder program to match external measurements with internal directives. 

Companies seeking to optimize their 3rd party remote call monitoring and benchmarking activities can customize an online BPABuilder application, including all forms of measurement and feedback. Any organization willing to make the necessary changes can benefit from this 3rd party remote call monitoring program.  
Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for eastbiz.com. To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jamie Epstein