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Huawei Unveils eSpace Cloud Contact Center that Includes 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Capabilities

By Rajani Baburajan, TMCnet Contributor
December 07, 2011

Huawei (News - Alert), a major telecom equipment company in China has launched the eSpace Cloud Contact Center Solution in order to virtualize cloud platforms and improve 3rd party remote call monitoring, thus increasing productivity levels within call centers.

The system, which is based on the Cloud-Pipe-Terminal Layer frame, includes features such as on-demand cloud contact, mobile and cloud management, communication cloud collaboration, and green and open cloud agent.

The Cloud Contact Center Solution delivers a sharing schedule pool (CTI (News - Alert) Pool) that is formed by several physically independent call center platforms. It allows for the virtualization of cloud platforms into several logical contact centers, enabling independent deployment, 3rd party remote call monitoring and management of services.

Additionally, the Huawei eSpace Cloud Contact Center solution supports an on-demand use of cloud service, the sharing of resources,­ traffic load share balance and geographic disaster. Also included in the solution is an innovative, graphical 3rd party remote call monitoring and management interface, which also can be accessed remotely thorough mobile devices.

Another great feature of this solution is that it provides open service gateway and Internet gateways, enabling an open cloud platform for application developers and 3rd party remote call monitoring applications. The service seamlessly integrates cloud contact and unified communication.

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Rajani Baburajan is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Rajani's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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