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3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Solution Can Be Built According to Individual Needs

By Jamie Epstein, TMCnet Web Editor
December 06, 2011

Companies around the globe depend on a reliable system will that will enable them to complete 3rd party remote call monitoring, and create and expand on a quality customer experience. Thankfully, BPA’s BPABuilder.Toolbox just does that and is comprised of multiple solutions that will help a company to continue ongoing success in the future.

According to a recent PowerPoint presentation created by the company, the BPA Quality Builder portfolio boasts various innovative capabilities including: 24/7 secure access that utilizes various encryption, IP filters and user security methods; customized toolbox dashboards for organizations of all sizes; unlimited reporting; and online access and storage of audio, data, current reports and archived reports -- all of which are fully customizable to individual requirements and needs.

The BPABuilder.Coaching module enables supervisors to record every coaching session, which allows them to go back and deliver these coaching sessions based on the specific needs of individuals, thus powering improved results from 3rd party remote call monitoring . With BPA’s “Career Effectiveness” and “Coaching Activity” Reports, it is simple to see how often and when call center supervisors are holding these informative coaching sessions to drive effectiveness within the center. 

In addition, the BPA Quality Builder Calibration tool allows for an entire company to gain access to any calibration session they want to use. Each user has the ability to log on and enter their own calibration record and once their record is entered, users then have the option to view each submission separately. Reports and results are instant and any organization can quickly see where calibration issues may exist through an intuitive interface.

The BPA Remote Call Monitoring solution makes up the foundation of the BPA suite of products. It was originally developed to give automatic feedback and reporting to agents and supervisors alike, leveraging the BPABuilder database to deliver these services instantly. Seamlessly integrated with BPABuilder.Coaching and the BPA Quality Builder Calibration tool, this 3rd party remote call monitoring capability is sure to drive better results in the call center such as reduced call times, improved first call resolution and increased customer satisfaction.

Jamie Epstein is a TMCnet Web Editor. Previously she interned at News 12 Long Island as a reporter's assistant. After working as an administrative assistant for a year, she joined TMC (News - Alert) as a Web editor for TMCnet. Jamie grew up on the North Shore of Long Island and holds a bachelor's degree in mass communication with a concentration in broadcasting from Five Towns College. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Tammy Wolf