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3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Keeps Rail Ticket Retailer on Track

By Linda Dobel, TMCnet Contributor
November 17, 2011

The need to maintain quality in the contact center is unquestionable. The way to get there is open to discussion. Yet, one solid, proven method that all would agree is essential to the quality equation is call monitoring. The only question here is whether the monitoring should occur on site or by a 3rd party remote call monitoring service provider.

A strong case can be made for going with the 3rd party remote call monitoring service provider option, especially when the provider has accrued a good amount of experience in the field and with clients in a wide variety of industries.

One of the strongest arguments for choosing 3rd party remote call monitoring is the objectivity it provides. Quality is subjective, and a third party can be more objective about whether or not a call center operation is really up to snuff.

Then there is the experience factor. A truly valuable 3rd party remote call monitoring service provider will have done work with literally hundreds of companies so it has a basis for making evaluations and comparisons that will help it identify what aspects of calls affect agents’ service quality, enabling it to  formulate actionable recommendations.

A company called BPA fits this profile, and while it has hundreds of clients worldwide, a testimonial it received from one of its clients in the rail ticket retail industry praising the work it did when it successfully conducted 3rd party remote call monitoring on its behalf should remove any doubt that 3rd party remote call monitoring is the way to go to increase quality.

The company, Trainline, said BPA started out providing quality measurement benchmarking for it multiple call centers in the U.K. and other countries. Trainline found that BPA’s impartial record of service quality and detailed feedback on call flow elements allowed its suppliers to become aware of areas of shortfall and to turn them around by concentrating on those areas going forward. 

Trainline’s suppliers also used BPA’s feedback as a comparison point to their own monitoring processes. In addition, BPA was able to provide Trainline a comparison analysis of its quality monitoring results among suppliers, which Trainline said created “healthy competition” among them to achieve to the top monthly ratings.

The 3rd party remote call monitoring service provider also aided Trainline’s efforts to improve the quality of the customer interactions that transpired at its contact centers based in India, when it moved from a scripted model to a conversational approach. With BPA’s support and revamping of call monitoring criteria and suggestions for reporting, Trainline’s customer survey ratings moved from a score of negative 40 percent to plus 15 percent in only nine months.

The rail ticket retailer emphasized that its relationship with this 3rd party remote call monitoring services supplier is ongoing and continuously evolving, with BPA always providing ideas and suggestions including recommendations for complimentary training.

Perhaps the biggest take-away from this testimonial is the proof that with the experience and objectivity provided by a 3rd party remote call monitoring service provider, positive changes are likely to occur that may not have happened if the company did not seek help outside of its own resources.                

Linda Dobel is a TMCnet Contributor. She has been an editor in the contact center space for more than 25 years, and has the distinction of being the founding editor of Customer Inter@ction Solutions (CIS) magazine. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jamie Epstein