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The Importance of Surveys within 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring

By Jamie Epstein, TMCnet Web Editor
November 08, 2011

3rd party remote call monitoring is a segment of BPA’s suite of call center quality products which helps provide accurate feedback to both agents and supervisors through listening to either recorded or live calls, and then closely analyzing the customer interaction based on the company’s individual standards.   These observations can then be utilized to elevate the level of performance of the agents who connect a call center to its customers.

Additionally comprised in BPA’s solution suite are customer satisfaction surveys.    BPABuilder Customer Satisfaction Surveys are vital to providing an even more detailed level of customer feedback that goes above and beyond other types of monitoring processes. The company completes customer satisfaction surveys via the telephone, mail, e-mail or even on a face-to-face basis. According to BPA’s website, “Our researchers are skilled in the art of obtaining vital information from the customer to help you to achieve your goals. We create a partnership between you and BPA to establish your knowledge requirements and then produce the necessary Questionnaires to fulfill them.”

BPABuilder Customer Satisfaction Surveys have been designed for organizations that desire to visualize what customers truly think about the way they handle business operations. Additionally, these surveys can be seamlessly integrated with BPABuilder’s 3rd party remote call monitoring or any other quality program powered by the company, allowing for the knowledge obtained through the surveys to be used to improve the overall customer experience.

“As direct sales manager, my strategy has been closely aligned with the BPA approach, importance of call quality and sales through service. By creating a culture of offering the best service consistently, we have continually increased our direct sales year on year," director of sales, South African Airways said in a statement.

Through utilizing 3rd party remote call monitoring technology integrated with customer satisfactions surveys, businesses can gain a bird’s eye view of exactly what customers think of how they do business.

Jamie Epstein is a TMCnet Web Editor. Previously she interned at News 12 Long Island as a reporter's assistant. After working as an administrative assistant for a year, she joined TMC (News - Alert) as a Web editor for TMCnet. Jamie grew up on the North Shore of Long Island and holds a bachelor's degree in mass communication with a concentration in broadcasting from Five Towns College. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Rich Steeves