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3rd Party Call Monitoring Can Improve the Whole Organization

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
March 07, 2008

The idea of the Third party remote call monitoring may seem to some like another way for “Big Brother” to keep a close and watchful eye on their activities. Sure, it may be intimidating, but the benefits to the entire organization can be significant.

While such monitoring has been a standard within the call center for years, the organization as a whole can actually gain significant advantages by looking to third party remote call monitoring. Believe it or not, call recording has implications and applications far beyond the call center.
While customer service delivery is a key point within the call center, how much is it worked into the strategy of the rest of the organization? While it may be in an employee handbook or even written into the mission statement, is it really being practiced? Are all customer touch points considered an opportunity to gain loyalty and repeat business?

Implementing monitoring that is completed by a third party enables the organization to capture random interactions with customers and measure them for consistency according to customer service standards. Such recording can also help to identify whether or not customers are receiving accurate information and if proper procedures are being followed.
Third party call monitoring can also help protect the company in the event of a dispute. There are two sides to every story whenever an employee and a customer or another employee disagrees during a conversation or over a conversation. The ability to pull up the recorded call provides the necessary tool to uncover what really happened and prevent potential consequences.
Implementing third party call monitoring can also enable the organization to improve overall processes. With the calls that are captured by that third party, reports can be generated regarding anything the organization needs to measure, analyze or report. For non-profit or government entities, such reports are critical to their processes and required. By relying on a third party to generate those reports, the organization can be assured of their accuracy and integrity.

One of the strongest arguments for monitoring is the potential improvements that can be made as a result of the captured interactions. When third party remote monitoring is used, the company is assured that the information that is captured is an honest representation of standard processes.
Finally, third party remote monitoring also allows those within the organization to leave the monitoring and report generating to those that do it best and instead focus on the tasks of the business for which they were hired. This process allows the business to focus on driving its key initiatives and then implementing improvements in areas identified through the monitoring process.
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Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMC (News - Alert) and has also written for eastbiz.com. To see more of her articles, please visit Susan J. Campbell’s columnist page.