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BPA Quality Training Covers the Whole Contact Center

May 27, 2011

Since the dawn of the concept we now refer to as “the contact center,” business management has recognized that a strong training effort was necessary if the foray into this way of marketing and providing customer service was going to work. As the front line to the customer, the obvious subject of training is and always has been the contact center’s agents. But agent training, while critical, is not the only area that can benefit from training, some of which can be easily overlooked.

BPA Quality has put a great deal of thought, research, and development into all of the business and contact center areas that can benefit from training. Its philosophy is that we probably have all been on the receiving end of poor or average customer service or experienced the challenge as managers of moving the barometer of unsatisfactory or “just okay” performance to really great. As a result, BPA developed the BPABuilder concept to deliver clients the tools needed to build, repair, and maintain a quality customer service experience. The foundation of the BPABuilder and BPA process, procedures, and policies are modeled around ISO9002 Certification Requirements.

Among the tools BPA provides is a set of training programs that address some of the areas that may be overlooked, as well as the critical area of agent training. Starting with the obvious, BPA’s Agent Skillset Training is described as “in-depth,” with the goal of helping agents become best-in-class in their discipline. BPA says this can be done with “out of the box” solutions or with its methods integrated into a company’s culture.

But what about a company’s own trainers? Although it is often overlooked, even trainers can benefit by learning new techniques. BPA delivers Train the Trainer sessions that can range from basic training techniques to a fully developed training program specific to a company’s training needs at a company’s site or in its U.S. or UK locations. The same holds true for coaching. Just like trainers, companies that operate contact centers rely on coaching to ensure that agents stay on point, but they too can benefit from some third-party training. The BPA Coaching Training program focuses on the what, how, and when of effective agent coaching sessions to encourage and promote effective, positive, and fun coaching sessions. BPA says Coaching Training can actually result in agents asking for more feedback every day.

Along the same line of getting all constituents on board as a result of training, contact center management will undoubtedly find BPA’s Quality System Training refreshing as it endeavors to allow the entire organization to better, and more quickly, understand and embrace the goals of the contact center’s quality program, thereby allowing it to achieve a higher return on its quality monitoring investment. The module outlines specific areas of the monitoring program that BPA has identified as leading to a quality customer experience, such as what to look for, observing accurately, and feeding back information effectively. The aim is to help the team truly feel that they are part of the quality solution and not just an agent who is under scrutiny.

Combining all of these programs means that feedback becomes objective and actionable and easily delivered consistently by supervisors, trainers, and coaches. Agents, in turn, have confidence in the feedback and know how to improve – and the organization has an accurate and objective view of performance.

In other news, TMCnet reported BPA has added a complementary component to its Remote Call Monitoring called BPABuilder.Mystery Calling. The purpose of BPABuilder.Mystery Calling is to target specific contact center agent skills and behaviors, and thereby provide a unique and different perspective on contact center activities.

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Linda Dobel is a TMCnet Contributor. She has been an editor in the contact center space for more than 25 years, and has the distinction of being the founding editor of Customer Inter@ction Solutions (CIS) magazine. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by John Lahtinen