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Take the Mystery Out of Your 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
March 04, 2011

Should your customer service quality remain a mystery? Not if you want to be sure your customers are satisfied and continue to purchase from you. This is the concept behind 3rd party remote call monitoring as it provides you with the opportunity to capture the true interaction between your employees and your customers. BPA offers a method that can be deployed to ensure your employees are interacting as they should with your customer base: mystery calling. Known as BPABuilder.Mystery Calling, this BPA solution is designed to complement the BPABuilder.Remote Call Monitoring Service. As a 3rd party remote call monitoring solution, BPABuilder.Mystery Calling can deliver a unique and different perspective for call center activities.

BPA analysts will pose as customers so that call center agents are provided with situations that require specific responses. BPABuilder.Mystery Calling allows the call center to test if a new training program is being absorbed, determine if sales agents are developing their skills and identify whether or not agents are following proper security features.

All results captured in this 3rd party remote call monitoring solution are then integrated with BPABuilder.Online, BPABuilder.Reporting and BPABuilder.Coaching.

This BPA calling solution is positioned as being ideal for the organization seeking to compliment its 3rd party remote call monitoring, or that organization seeking to test, validate and measure success on one or more specific variables of performance. The only way to truly know if the call center is delivering the best quality service to the customer base is to become the customer.

Those organizations with retail or service locations that have face-to-face interactions with customers are bound to benefit from another BPA initiative: the BPABuilder.Mystery Shopping program. This program provides the organization with the opportunity to determine how well the team performs when put face-to-face with the physical customer.

BPA offers a team of experienced and mobile field analysts that will travel to a retail or service location and test the performance of the team by having real face-to-face encounters. The same analysis, reporting and recommendations allowed in all of the BPABuilder solutions are provided in the mystery shopping program.

When a mystery shopping event occurs, the mock customer will wear hidden lapel cameras to record the interaction so that it can be uploaded to the BPABuilder website to allow customer companies to view them instantly. The solution provides the optimal platform for testing, validating and measuring the success of physical locations.

Whether an organization has a physical retail location or a call center, BPA can provide the right 3rd party remote call monitoring solution to drive quality customer service.

BPABuilder.Mystery Shopping™ is ideal for the organization looking to test, validate and measure the success of their physical locations.   BPABuilder.Mystery Shopping™ is also useful in testing compliance and sales training initiatives.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for eastbiz.com. To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Chris DiMarco