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Can You Drive a Strong ROI with Call Monitoring Solutions?

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
January 21, 2011

Monitoring for quality in the call center is something that has been going on for years, and has gained considerable traction in the last decade. Rarely can you call into a call center and not be greeted by a voice informing you that your call may be monitored for quality assurance or training purposes.

Do you ever wonder how many of those calls are actually used for quality assurance or training purposes? Specific industries do mandate that the call center record calls and maintain those recordings. And, while a number of call centers may do this anyway, are they gaining any value from recording if they don’t do anything with the information captured?In a recent white paper, BPA explored the importance of call monitoring for quality, stressing that it is imperative for call center managers to actually do something with the recorded call to improve the performance of the call center. Perhaps a perfect call is used for training purposes or a call that offers opportunities for improvement can be used to provide agent feedback. The opportunities are many, but they have to be leveraged in order to ensure you can derive a strong return on investment for your call monitoring solution.The return on investment – or ROI – is an oft-used word by vendors to try and stress the value of their offering. What is important for any decision maker, however, is to do their own math to determine the ROI because this is an important factor when it comes to the bottom line. You basically need to determine the ratio of money gained or lost on an investment to the amount of money invested. In other words, for every dollar you spend on a call monitoring solution, you should see a return of more than that original dollar. You can easily measure this ROI for any call center solution be examining the volume of calls – are they lower; the time involved for all calls – is it lower; First Call Resolution – is this increasing; sales and retention effectiveness – are you driving revenue; customer satisfaction – are your customers satisfied according to their perception and not yours. You can use your call monitoring solution to achieve your goals on all of these metrics, but you need to establish your baseline and what you hope to accomplish once the solution is in place.To truly measure the effectiveness of the call monitoring platform, you need to measure the results. After all, there is no point in implementing any type of platform in the call center if it doesn’t contribute some sort of benefit to help you to deliver on your strategies. If you keep this in mind, you are much more likely to reap the benefits of your call monitoring solution and drive a strong ROI.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for eastbiz.com. To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Tammy Wolf