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Middle East Looking Increasingly Cloudy for Service Delivery

By David Sims, TMCnet Contributing Editor
December 08, 2010

Cloud service delivery “has hit critical mass, with a majority of organizations already riding the wave.” And the Middle East is waking up to the benefits of cloud computing as well.







The other stakeholders. Cloud delivery also enhances communication for customers, employees, partners and other key stakeholders -- even if it’s transparent to them. For example, a strong percentage of respondents rally around the promise of quicker access to features (40 percent), which introduces value at the end-user level.

The business. There is positive impact at the business level, too. Many respondents point to little to no up front capital expenses (56 percent) and the add-as-you-grow purchasing model (50 percent) as strong business drivers for cloud delivery. Such cost benefits certainly apply to implementing a blended contact center application, which can be laden with up-front capital outlays and little predict-ability in terms of future capacity.
The IT organization. From an IT perspective, moving communications to the cloud brings day-to-day impact. The majority of respondents feel that reduced IT staff requirements (57 percent) and faster deployment (47 percent) are primary benefits of the service delivery model.
BI-ME runs over the benefits it brings to enterprises:
“Cloud-based communications isn’t a product out looking for a problem,” says Shaheen Haque, Territory Manager, Middle East & Turkey, Interactive Intelligence (News - Alert), according to BI-ME. “In contrast, cloud-based communications is a solution laced with many benefits -- making for a very compelling business case.”
It cites key findings from that study including the fact that a majority of companies are bringing business communications into the cloud, there are compelling business benefits, a healthy ROI drives migration, and that experienced applications vendors are the partners of choice in that migration.
According to industry journal Business Intelligence: Middle East, “a recent online poll by IDG Research Services concludes that business communications is poised to be on the next big wave of cloud-bound applications.
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