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Optimize Your Workforce: Benefit Customers, Customer-Support Employees
10/1/2015 - Born in the contact center, workforce optimization helps companies ensure they are making the most out of their human resources, and allows them to check on adherence, quality and worker performance.
Zappix Launches Multi-Language Support for Visual IVR Platform
9/29/2015 - Zappix, a provider of smartphone visual interactive voice response (IVR) products, just announced multi-language support and localization capabilities for its visual IVR platform in response to the company's increasing global expansion and success.
Hear That? Speech Analytics Rising in Importance
9/25/2015 - We've all heard the term "speech analytics", but how many really know what's involved in using it effectively? There are a lot of ways to parse the information you can get from SA, and it helps to have an expert break it down for you.
Why Retailers Are Spending Their Money on Big Data Analytics
9/25/2015 - Integrated analytics tools have been around for quite some time, and most companies use them for their primary function of collecting and organizing customer information.
Change Learning Practices to Help Your Team Improve
9/18/2015 - Technology isn't just changing how we learn and assess in the traditional classroom; after all, it has the potential to disseminate learning much more widely than ever before.

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