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3rd Party Cloud Call Monitoring Comes to South Africa
1/27/2015 - In a move that will change the face of 3rd party remote call monitoring in South Africa, Call Cabinet has launched its cloud-based Atmos solution. The offering enables companies to comply with data and consumer protection requirements using HTML5, Web-based technologies to log and record customer service calls.
ServiceTitan-Dwyer Group Partnership Will Boost Mobile Collaboration
1/26/2015 - A report released by Forrester last year revealed that the adoption of software as a service (SaaS) is spreading across all industries, and it is not limited to just one enterprise. A survey conducted for the report showed a dramatic increase across the ERP, finance, industry applications, BI, and supply chain sectors.
Swisscom Taps Crealog for Mobile Call Recording
1/23/2015 - Call monitoring headlines tell us that Swiss telecom company Swisscom has tapped Crealog to record mobile phone calls and SMS along with other related data, a service that will help financial institutions to record and retain communications with their customers.
How Bolder Thinking Ensures Quality with Live Call Monitoring
1/22/2015 - While most millennials choose emails, text and video chat, the vast majority of other demographics still prefer picking up their phone and calling an agent at a call center. In the past, monitoring these calls required supervisors recording the calls and going over them or eavesdropping on agents as they were interacting with customers
Companies Must Defend Customer Culture, or Pay the Price
1/16/2015 - With 3rd party remote call monitoring, it is possible now for companies to make sure their employees are acting appropriately and living the company values and culture that upper management expects.

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