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Artificial Intelligence to Transform the Customer Service Experience
6/29/2016 - This is where DigitalGenius comes in, with its "Human+AI" Customer Service Platform. The solution offers deep learning algorithms that pull from massive amounts of data including customer service logs and transcripts. Information is then fed to a contact center's existing platform, providing each customer service agent with a "personal" AI to help them handle specific and unique requests.
Big Data - It's Either Valuable Consumer Information or Noise on the Server
6/28/2016 - According to Gartner, 70 percent of the world's most profitable businesses will be managing their processes with the use of real-time predictive technology by the end of 2016. Those companies are able to accurately predict business will change the game in every industry.
Courts Split on Meaning of California Call Recording Statute
6/21/2016 - Going forward, court cases are likely to focus on the meaning of a "confidential communication" under the statute. It may hinge on customer expectations of privacy during the call, or even the purpose of the call. (Bartnick, Costin and Klausner point out that the Ninth Circuit recently concluded that there may not be an objective expectation of privacy for calls to customer service representatives to dispute charges.)
Quality Has Become More Important Than Ever
6/20/2016 - Quality is an important end goal for any product or service. For businesses, quality makes its possible to grow sales and a loyal customer base. These two pieces are important to success. Without them it's hard to keep a business profitable and moving ahead. Contact centers, which have traditionally been key to keeping customers happy with a business are now starting to focus heavily on having tools in place that help them to deliver consistent quality.
Do You Have the Right Technologies to Personalize Customer Transactions?
6/16/2016 - Call quality monitoring and feedback programs can also help companies learn all they need to know about their customers. With so many channels available today to communicate via, some companies are having a hard time maintaining the kind of quality that leads to personalization. Third-party remote call monitoring solutions providers such as BPA Quality can quality check each channel - telephone, email, chat and even social media, to be sure each communication is offering the kind of personalization customers expect. It can also make sure that are asking the right questions to make the most of the information customers are offering in each transaction.

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