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Include Social Media as Part of a Quality Monitoring Program
Companies can employ workers internally to monitor social conversations, or they can include social media as part of a remote third-party call monitoring program.
Call Monitoring Identifies What's Important to Your Customers
You may not even be aware of your organization's biggest roadblocks to customer support excellence. Before you begin to remove them, you need to identify them. Call monitoring solutions with speech analytics can help, but so too can tapping the experiences and resources of third-party remote call monitoring services.
Are You Doing Enough for Young Consumers?
Businesses today know that customers are the most important focal point when it comes to success. Keeping them happy in every aspect of their relationship with you is key. That means delivering products and services they want and need and also being ready to respond to their needs wherever and whenever they may arise.
Automation Cannot Replace Human Quality Monitoring
Can artificial intelligence truly monitor the quality of a transaction (with an eye toward a positive customer experience) that will please a human being? AI won't "get" irritation, annoyance, anger, satisfaction, amusement or happiness.

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