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Customer Touchpoints Matter More Than You Might Think
Whether consciously or not, every time your customer brushes up against your organization they are giving you a rating. Truth be told, customers are rating you on every interaction they have with you. Don't be fooled into thinking that your monthly customer satisfaction reports are telling you the entire story of how your customers feel about you.
Guidelines for Positive Social Media Customer Interactions
By following some simple guidelines, businesses can take full advantage of all the opportunities of social media while also handling customer complaints before they escalate.
Remote Call Monitoring Ensures Quality Across All Channels
Call monitoring cannot show the whole picture of a customer relationship. To ensure that quality is being held to high standards across all channels, many companies turn to services such as third-party remote call monitoring.
Call Monitoring Makes for Better Car Service Quality
A new JD Power report finds that service quality and customer satisfaction are going up, and call monitoring has a role to play.

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