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Contact Center Coaches Need to 'Up' Their Game
2/27/2015 - Anyone who has ever worked in a contact center knows the quiet feeling of dread when the supervisor walks over and plugs in their headset, in the middle of a call. The employee starts thinking of the worst possible outcomes, and immediately becomes acutely aware of what they're saying and how they're saying it. But it really doesn't have to - nor should it - be this way.
A Truly 'Visionary' Company Takes a Leap of Faith
2/24/2015 - It's often been said that when we lose one of our five senses, the others become sharper to compensate for that loss. BPA, a global leader in independent-quality evaluation, customer insight and people development solutions, decided to test that theory in real life while also providing better service to its customers.
Noble Enterprise Cloud Contact Center Solution Gets Chosen Again
2/20/2015 - One of the most important features of the Noble Enterprise Cloud is its built-in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
NewTek Introduces High Quality Skype with TalkShow VS-100
2/3/2015 - The act of video and call monitoring just got a bit more creative-and contact centers should take note. NewTek, a company that revolutionized the video industry with the Video Toaster, seems to be on track to do the same thing with its new TalkShow VS-100 system. It uses Skype TX to allow TV studios and live video producers to take Skype calls and add them to live video feeds in broadcast-level quality.
Cloud-based VoIP Makes 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring a Snap
2/3/2015 - VoIP enables contact centers to save some serious cash on telephony and infrastructure costs by providing voice, video, and other communication services like 3rd party remote call monitoring through IP-based networks, rather than through costly traditional wireline services. But these days it's not just VoIP getting the attention-cloud and VoIP are fast becoming an unbeatable pair for businesses and contact centers looking to cut expenses and ramp up their services. For VoIP providers, hosting through the cloud saves money, offers a great range of scalability, and improves call monitoring for regulatory purposes.

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