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Call Monitoring Driver of Cloud-Based Contact Center Growth
12/7/2016 - A new report by Research and Markets revealed the market for cloud-based contact centers will grow to $15.67 billion by 2021. Key among these drivers is compliance management, which includes call monitoring and reporting to address the regulatory bodies of different industries.
Call Tracking Can Help Improve Social Media Campaigns
12/6/2016 - Companies that use third-party call monitoring services (or those that are contemplating doing so) may find it a good idea to embrace additional services from monitoring companies that track and analyze social media metrics in addition to calls.
Monitor Marketing Calls for Both Source and Quality
12/1/2016 - Identifying where the traffic is coming from is just one step of the process to maximizing your resources. Quality monitoring, including third-party remote call monitoring, can help you gather the data, trends and actionable items you need to make crucial business decisions.
Is Your Customer Support Ready for the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
11/29/2016 - In anticipation of the TPP, be sure to alter your quality monitoring processes so they can handle extra channels, extra languages and extra volume. Consider bringing professionals such as third-party call monitoring services on board, particularly if you will be operating on unfamiliar ground.
Mystery Shopping Adds Compelling Angle to Quality Monitoring
11/22/2016 - Third-party remote call monitoring can be an ideal way to keep an eye on the quality of calls (and other contacts) your agents are handling, but adding a mystery shopping component can truly help improve the quality of the customer experience.

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