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How a Beer at an Airport Turned into a Customer Service Revelation
8/27/2015 - There was once a man who called himself "The Professor," though those in the know knew him better as Craig Antonucci, BPA Quality's chief customer officer. Such work requires frequent travel, and recently, afforded Antonucci the unique opportunity to note how one beer at an airport bar turned into a groundbreaking lesson in customer service, which he subsequently related on the BPA Quality Blog.
Five Things to Remember about What Customer Experience is Not
8/21/2015 - In the rush to determine just what goes into a customer experience, it isn't always considered just what a customer experience is not.
'Robo-Calling' Getting Closer Scrutiny by FCC
8/21/2015 - In response to consumer complaints, the FCC is asking telephone companies to begin offering services to their customers that will allow them to block calls placed by an automatic dialer.
County Turns to New Jail Call Monitoring Software to Boost Efficiency
8/21/2015 - The issue of calls from jail has long been a difficult one. The balance of protecting people from the potentially illegal activities mentioned in calls against the value of inmates being able to call family and friends is tough to strike.
Are Some of History's Greatest Rock Tunes the Secret Answer to a Great Customer Experience?
8/14/2015 - A strange question? Maybe, and yet, there's something to this notion. Some of the biggest names in rock over the last 70 years or so are generating some noteworthy concepts about customer experience. Though the answers may only prove obvious from a certain point of view, looking at it from that particular scenic overlook generates a lot of interesting concepts about the nature of the customer experience.

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