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Call Monitoring, Other Efforts Pay Off in the End
11/24/2015 - Companies wishing to pivot their metrics so they focus on the quality of the customer relationship should be seeking to boost first-call resolution: the number of calls in which a customer's issue or problem is handled in a single call.
Why Choosing a Third-Party Call Monitoring Service Makes Sense
11/23/2015 - While the first impulse often is to monitor agents internally, there are several reasons why contact centers would be wise to engage a third-party call monitoring service.
Call Centers Upping Fight Against Fraud
11/20/2015 - The burden of protecting customers' account data has been somewhat intensified for card issuers recently, who need to beef up their security measures in anticipation of the growing levels of fraud.
Quality Monitoring Needs Chat, Social Media Listening in the Contact Center
11/20/2015 - Sometimes monitoring protocols can overlook newer forms of customer interaction such as chat and social media customer engagement.
How Does Your Contact Center Stack Up on Social Media Support?
11/12/2015 - There's a reason that the call center has been replaced by the "contact center"; consumers no longer expect to only be able to reach companies by phone.

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