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Monitor All Channels Across the Entire Customer Experience
1/17/2017 - Third-party remote call monitoring service providers have one job: to uncover business intelligence that helps companies improve the customer experience. These organizations will work with you (the expert in your business) to provide an unbiased, customer-centric analysis of how to increase customer experience and loyalty.
Call Center Agents: You Can't Do it Without Them
1/12/2017 - Call center employees are the most important asset. Companies should be paying more attention to them and their needs, and call monitoring is the ultimate tool to help.
Small Changes Reap Big Rewards for the Customer Experience
1/9/2017 - If you monitor with recording and quality monitoring or third-party remote call monitoring, start listening to the language your agents are using. You may find it's confrontational, apathetic or cold.
Too Much Call Center Data: What to Do
1/6/2017 - If you want your business to succeed in 2017 you need to start getting serious about data and how to use it. Working with a 3rd party professional with proven experience in call monitoring will get you there.
Third-Party Remote Call Monitoring Tracks the Right Stats
1/3/2017 - Third-party remote call monitoring can get an accurate picture of customer sentiment and agent performance by providing companies with the data, trends and actionable items they need to make crucial business decisions regarding their customer engagement and people development strategies.

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