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Net Promoter Score is a Process, Not a Metric
8/24/2016 - Many companies continue to make oversimplistic assumptions about NPS. One of them is that the activities that create net promoters must (by definition) be the opposite of what creates net detractors. This isn't necessarily the case, according to Temkin.
Why Your 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Needs Speech Analytics
8/23/2016 - At BPA there are live analysts listening to the calls. With speech analytics in place, the company can take recordings and listen to the particular calls that need to be scored - thus, taking speech analytics to the next level of customer experience data.
Research Confirms That Bad Customer Experiences Cost Companies More
8/18/2016 - Your customers value a great customer experience. That's one of those "no brainer" things that's accepted in every customer-facing business. But what is it about the customer experience that's most valuable? Is it a short wait for an agent? Good self-service options? The ability to move easily between channels? An option to reach you via less traditional channels such as social media and mobile app? Knowledgeable agents? First-call resolution?
Three Tips for Building a Winning Customer Care Team
8/15/2016 - How much value does your organization place on the customer experience? While a number of companies claim this is a priority, the way the customer is actually treated is where the truth lies. The company that sends out email reminders and then doesn't monitor that email is one that missed a few things in the planning of their customer interactions, for instance. With 3rd party remote call monitoring, it may be a little easier to identify the problems.
Keeping the Human Element in the Customer Relationship
8/12/2016 - Every company with customers - at least, every company that has long-term plans to stay in business - addresses the issue of customer care on a regular basis. The goal as generally stated in business textbooks is to improve the customer experience in order to deliver increased sales, retention, loyalty, cost optimization, compliance and profitability. Easy, right? Not so easy. Within that short sentence is about a thousand moving parts that aren't so easy to figure out.

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