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The 'Robots' Are Here, and They're Working
3/26/2015 - Not only is intelligent process automation taking on a bigger role in business, it's also working pretty well, too.
New Analytics Suite to Optimize Digital Channels' Performance
3/25/2015 - A global leader in digital business optimization has rolled out a new cloud-based analytics suite that provides organizations with real-time insight into the performance of digital assets to improve customer experiences.
Simple Math: Engaged Workers = Big Dividends
3/20/2015 - It's come to be commonly accepted in the call center industry that people will be hired, trained … and then leave.
Philippine Call Center Industry Posts Strong Growth
3/19/2015 - Despite all the noise about call centers cutting back on off-shoring and moving back to the U.S., one overseas market is still holding its own.
Cloud Solution Ideal Fit for Customer Service
3/13/2015 - Whitney Bank, a banking subsidiary of Hancock Holding Company serving several states in the southern U.S., has selected Noble Systems Corporation's cloud-based unified communications (UC) suite to enhance its customer service.

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