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Remote Call Monitoring Ensures Quality Across All Channels
Call monitoring cannot show the whole picture of a customer relationship. To ensure that quality is being held to high standards across all channels, many companies turn to services such as third-party remote call monitoring.
Call Monitoring Makes for Better Car Service Quality
A new JD Power report finds that service quality and customer satisfaction are going up, and call monitoring has a role to play.
Operational Framework is Key to Breaking Down Business Silos
Businesses of all sizes, in all types of industries, struggle to achieve optimized performance because of organizational silos. An operational framework combining technology and processes is key to achieving consistency and optimum performance throughout an organization.
Integration and Monitoring Ensure Customers Aren't Repeating Themselves
To be sure your organization is getting it right, quality monitoring - either software-based call recording solutions or remote third-party call monitoring - can be deployed to check the content of calls, emails, texts, chats and social media posts to ensure agents are following protocol and customers aren't having to repeat themselves from contact to contact.

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