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For Customers, 'Quality' Should be a Given, Not a Gift
6/30/2015 - "In the world of customer service, the customer is king." We've all seen different iterations of that statement, but it all boils down to one succinct truth: Without customers, you're out of business.
Transform Your Call Center with Remote Call Monitoring
6/26/2015 - Contact centers today continue to be plagued by the need to improve performance and meet quality service standards.
Lawyers Comment on Interconnected VoIP Provider Ruling
6/25/2015 - With decades of experience dealing with governance, transactional, regulatory and legislative matters in the communications industry, a recent VoIP article goes into detail only the way lawyers can.
Can Leadership Coaching Benefit Your Organization?
6/19/2015 - Coaching in the business world can teach the skills needed to grow a business, the ability to raise targets, and focus time and attention on what really matters.
Even with Good Agents, Customer Service Takes the Whole Team
6/18/2015 - One of my most interesting friendship stories is how I met a good friend of mine via the call center. I was a customer, and he was an amazing customer service agent.

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