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Pulling in the Same Direction: Is the Call Center Going the Same Way as Sales and Service?
5/24/2016 - There's a lot going on in the call center, and many businesses out there just don't understand what it's doing. Getting beyond this lack of understanding, and rebuilding operations accordingly, will be vital in making sure that the call center is on the same page as sales and service. This in turn will make the best customer experience and improve the likelihood of customers coming back for more.
TCPA Reform on Table at Senate Hearing
5/20/2016 - While the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has been around since 1991, reform of the law was discussed this week at a U.S. Senate Committee hearing to raise awareness about how businesses have been abusing it.
Call Centers Watching Utah Case Carefully
5/19/2016 - At the trial's start this past Monday, Shelby tossed out several FTC claims, including that the companies made certain misleading statements when calling to solicit donations for the Firefighters Foundation and the FOP.
Analytics Takes a Big Leap Forward
5/13/2016 - Back in the day, you'd call a call center, ask a question and usually get an answer. Nowadays, every bit of your conversation is parsed, analyzed, saved and used to help the company better focus its marketing and selling efforts. There is real value in everything you say.
Pay Attention to the Right Areas of Performance, or Lose the Game
5/10/2016 - Fantasy sports: The reality is the pastime is intriguing and the prospect of winning big just for playing along has attracted more than a few to the game.

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