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Ready to Open Up a Collections Operation? Here's How to Prepare
5/4/2016 - Sometimes it seems like having an internal apparatus designed exclusively to collect those outstanding invoices could be a smart move.
Call Center Entrepreneurs Prove the Value of Innovation
5/2/2016 - Entrepreneurs often develop specific systems to help address problems, or go looking for already-developed systems to do the same thing.
It's Not Too Late to Improve the Contact Center
4/28/2016 - As businesses are discovering in fairly large numbers these days, any time to improve the contact center is the right time, and benefits are often seen fairly quickly afterward.
Insight: Automation, Internal Chat Can Elevate Contact Center Efficiency
4/27/2016 - What we used to refer to as call centers are now morphing into contact centers as businesses leverage not only voice, but also other mediums such as chat, email, text, and even social media to reach out and touch their customers.
Altitude Software's New Contest Asks a Question Few Contact Center Staffers Hear
4/22/2016 - Calling attention to the lives of contact center staffers will put a humanizing face on an ordinarily faceless voice on the other end of a phone.

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