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Are you Ensuring a 'Quality' Quality Assurance Program?
5/6/2015 - The word "quality" is bandied about quite a bit in the contact center industry, but it appears it's used so often that it may have lost its initial impact. If everything is labeled as a "quality effort," does it become so watered down that it's essentially useless?
Close Monitoring Pays Bigger Dividends
5/1/2015 - It's a common move for the customer service division to invest in call center software as a way to better manage all interactions.
Getting Customers is One Thing; Keeping Them is Another
4/29/2015 - Lots of companies know just about every trick in the book to getting new customers. Yet not so many know how to really keep those customers, once they're on board. Those who don't pay a heavy price, as the cost of getting new customers far exceeds what it costs to keep those you have. Research firm McKinsey notes that 70 percent of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Are you treating your people right?
Like Everything Else, Call Center Software Needs Regular Updating
4/23/2015 - A current business challenge is that not all call center software solutions are designed with an understanding of your market or the activities that take place throughout the day.
Updated Version of Web-User Interface, Call Recording Software Debuts
4/23/2015 - A provider of contact center solutions and call recording software has announced the latest version of its contact center call recording and quality monitoring package.

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