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New Rollout Aims to Boost Call Center Software
5/22/2015 - The contact centers that will be most successful are those that realize the critical function that agents hold. Agents need user-friendly desktop tools to make that happen.
When is Customer Service Like 'Spinal Tap'?
5/19/2015 - For those of a certain age, a film from the 80s called "This is Spinal Tap" evokes a lot of memories, both for the humor it provides and the inside jokes it makes about earlier rock bands and their various tribulations. For those unfamiliar with it, the film is a farcical look at an imaginary band and its journey to fame, and eventual flameout.
Monitoring What Callers Say, vs. What They Mean
5/15/2015 - Call centers are starting to realize that closely analyzing what callers actually say on a call can pay big dividends down the road.
Monitoring of Another Kind Also Pays Dividends
5/15/2015 - Not all monitoring processes are created equal, however, and taking a business process approach to monitoring will ultimately yield the best results.
For Optimal Results, Know Your Customer
5/8/2015 - Many businesses still get omni-channel customer service wrong because they don't understand when and why customers will use a given communications channel.

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