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Leading Firm Brings its Contact Center Expertise to India
7/30/2015 - COPC Inc. is a Florida-based global consulting firm, whose main offerings are performance improvement services for in-house and outsourced contact centers, vendor management organizations (VMO), business process outsourcing (BPO) operations, face-to-face environments and field service activities. As such, the company is well versed in contact centers and the critical work they do, and also knows what needs to be done to help those companies raise their game.
Revisiting the Call Center as a Possible Profit Center
7/30/2015 - It's long been assumed that the call center was a cost center, and as such, investments made in this space were not seen as something that could further the business and often didn't earn a place of priority in the budget.
Buckle Up: Call Monitoring Can Be a Rough Ride
7/24/2015 - Anyone who has ever called a contact center has heard this message or some variation thereof: "Your call may be recorded for training and quality purposes." Did you ever wonder what actually happens if your call happens to be the one they pull out of the queue and start dissecting?
New Call-Recording Partnership Debuts
7/21/2015 - New MiFID II regulations taking effect in 2017 will require all of a financial institution's calls in London on both landlines and mobile phones to be recorded and stored for at least five years.
Be Careful What You Say: Voice Biometrics Added to Tax Office
7/17/2015 - Talking to the tax man is stressful enough. Now the Australian government has raised the stakes by adding Nuance Communication's voice biometrics in place of security questions.

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