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Globalized Business Has a Learning Curve for Cultural Communications
9/27/2016 - Today, very few companies are immune to the trend of globalization. While the largest of organizations have been coping with international business and relations for decades, many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are finding that they need to reach across the globe for suppliers, customers, foreign customer support outsourcers and even investors. It's safe to say that not all companies are equipped to enter the fray that is foreign relations.
Watch Your Tongue! Monitoring Calls for Consistent Tone and Language
9/23/2016 - Call center agents have the unique tasks of ensuring callers on the other end of the phone are happy and satisfied with their interaction and with the company. This gets more difficult as communications channels expand and agents find themselves trying to keep someone on the other end of a chat screen happy too. Nothing is more important in these situations than keeping your cool and delivering consistent care - regardless of how the caller may be acting.
Contact Centers Investing in Automation to Improve Quality
9/20/2016 - There are few business functions that haven't taken a serious look at automation in recent years. More companies are digitizing their processes, and with digitization comes the ability to use analytics and "big data" that helps draw conclusions from raw data and even take the first steps to act on it. Customer support is no exception.
Social Listening: It's More Important Than You Think
9/13/2016 - It's pretty much a no-brainer these days when it comes to customer satisfaction that listening to what customers want and need will get you the best results. By understanding and listening to them, it's easier to target offerings, remain sympathetic to their needs and deliver care that will keep them coming back.
Analysis of Digital Customer Support Shouldn't Eclipse Phone Call Quality
9/12/2016 - New companies, or those that wish to revamp their customer experience, often spend a great deal of time evaluating their website. It's for a good reason: a well-crafted and easy to use website can boost your business, whereas a poorly or amateurishly designed one can drive potential customers away.

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