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Capturing the Voice of the Customer Requires Great Surveys
10/20/2016 - How many times are you asked to complete a survey on a given day? The answer may vary greatly depending on the number of times you visit websites, make purchases or interact with organizations. Capturing the voice of the customer is critical - it's why a number of companies use 3rd party remote call monitoring. The key to success, however, is knowing how to build the right survey.
Best Bet for Quality Monitoring: Look to the Pros
10/17/2016 - How much are you valued by your favorite company? If you're not sure how to answer this question, take a look at the experience they create each time you interact with them. At least that's the barometer suggested by 76 percent of consumers who participated in the Aspect Consumer Experience Survey.
Quality Monitoring the Customer Experience is an Ongoing Job
10/14/2016 - You show your customers you value them in many ways. You make it part of your tag line, and perhaps even your company's business statement. You write it in your annual report. You state it in your advertising. You hope that you've built a reputation for valuing customers. Unfortunately, stating it isn't enough. According to your customers, the only real way to show you value them is by providing great customer experiences at the contact center level.
Insurers Need to Step Up Their Game in Digital Interactions
10/10/2016 - The typical U.S. consumer has gone digital, preferring to use channels such as email, Web and social media to interact with favorite brands. These interactions are frequently completed via mobile devices and the consumer expectations surrounding the complete experience continue to intensify. That's great news for those on the cutting edge - not so great for those in the insurance sector.
Better Management Drives Employee Engagement
10/4/2016 - Managers play a key role in the success of any business. These workers understand what those on the executive level are expecting and are more closely in touch with others below this level to ensure wishes are being met. But managers must understand that getting to the end goal takes a lot of skills and understanding. After all, having a staff that respects and enjoys working with you will truly make a difference in the end.

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