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October 1997

Point, Quintus and Geotel Announce Call Center Offerings

Customer Interaction Suite From POINT

POINT Information Systems has announced the availability of TeamPOINT, an integrated suite of product modules for managing customer interactions. The process-driven system is designed to provide users with an integrated desktop application to capture and retain information about customers, share it throughout the organization, and then focus the strategic use of this information.

The TeamPOINT Product Suite consists of four major product modules: MarketPOINT, SalesPOINT, CarePOINT and CenterPOINT.

MarketPOINT allows those involved in the marketing process to plan, track, execute and measure campaigns based on multiple segmentation of customers and prospects. Inbound and outbound telemarketing features such as user-definable scripts can be customized and combined with advanced CTI (computertelephony integration) functionality. MarketPOINT also includes CenterPOINT, campaign management, market analysis, direct mail, lead management, marketing encyclopedia, installed base management and escalation management capabilities.

SalesPOINT supports sales agents in a telesales and field sales environment. SalesPOINT is designed to track all relevant sales information and proactively guide the sales agent in the selling process to close the company’s sales opportunity. SalesPOINT includes CenterPOINT, opportunity management, proposal management, product configuration, order management, sales forecasting, installed base management, escalation management and team selling capabilities.

CarePOINT is designed to help customer support and service personnel improve customer satisfaction levels and establish longterm customer relationships. It completes the customer relationship cycle by linking the support, service, engineering and quality control departments with the sales, marketing and administrative departments across the enterprise. CarePOINT includes CenterPOINT, call tracking and case management, customer service management, contract management, problem resolution, quality management, and installed base and escalation management for customer care. CenterPOINT represents the base functionality included with every system. It includes account and contact management, comprehensive activity tracking and reporting, streamlined correspondence and literature fulfillment, and support for workflow and script execution across all modules.

POINT also provides several POINT Plus Add Ons, such as telephony and fax integration, additional language support, desktop integration, remote access and Internet integration, and also provides POINT Tool Sets to allow system customization.

For more information, contact Erik Haagensen at 770-551-1963 or see www.pointinfo.com. Circle No. 592 on Reader Service Card

Quintus Announces CustomerQ 3.3

Quintus � Corporation has announced the availability of CustomerQ � 3.3, the newest release of its call center and help desk solution. CustomerQ 3.3 now includes one integrated design tool for both CustomerQ and WebQ TM products.

The single design tool enables application designers to generate both desktop and Web-based layouts at the same time. The key to the integrated environment is Quintus’ Design Tool, designed to make CustomerQ applications easy to customize and maintain. The Quintus Design Tool includes a rich, Visual Basic for Applicationscompatible scripting language (QScript) that Continued from page 16 allows for straightforward implementation of complex business rules and custom integration. CustomerQ 3.3 is designed so it can be deployed within 30 to 40 days after contract signing.

CustomerQ 3.3 further reduces development and deployment costs by now embedding Quintus’ ad hoc Rapid ReportWriter as a tool to allow individual users to quickly design and run “on-the-fly” custom reports. Designed by Quintus as an integral part of the CustomerQ application, Rapid ReportWriter is fully integrated with all CustomerQ modules to deliver powerful reporting capabilities. Rapid ReportWriter facilitates reduction in the cumbersome process of purchasing, installing, integrating and training each individual user on thirdparty reporting products. This also removes the requirement of providing internal resources to support users’ reporting needs, which commonly require an extensive understanding of the third-party software, data models and underlying logic. CustomerQ 3.3 also adds a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) module to its suite of applications. The RMA module manages the complexities of product warranties and product returns, both internally and to thirdparty service centers. The new module also includes repair-status tracking and manages service center inventories. RMA is one of several built-in and fully integrated application modules that are included as part of CustomerQ. Other modules include Call Entry, Call Management, Customer Management, Contract Management, Product Management, Defect Management, Change and Asset Management.

Additional features in the 3.3 upgrade of CustomerQ include: integration of ServiceWare KnowledgePaks, delivering an immediate knowledge base of a wide variety of technologies; an integrated HTML browser allowing users to access internal and external HTML documents, via pre-scripted paths, to quickly obtain solutions to customer problems; resizable screens providing the flexibility to accommodate various desktop and portablesize monitors; dynamic updating of client software, further reducing administration and support costs, as well as reducing the time to deploy ongoing changes; server-side integration using the Rule Server, which is accessible through simple RPC ‘C’ interface or HTTP. The Rule Server is written in high-level QScripts (VBA-compatible language). CustomerQ has been designed to support more than 2,000 simultaneous, enterprisewide users.

For more information, call 800337-8941 or seewww.quintus.com. Circle No. 593 on Reader Service Card

Enterprise CTI FromGeoTel

GeoTel Communications Corporation has announced that its enter-priselevel computer-telephony inte-gration (CTI) capabilities provide companies with a method of leveraging their corporate data to enrich the agent desktop environment. GeoTel’s Intelligent CallRouter � (ICR) is designed to provide CTI-rich data (enterprise-level call-event and cus-tomerprofile information collected from various telecom environments, including networks, automatic call distributors (ACDs), interactive voice response units (IVRs) and workstations) to desktop and server applications for use in triggering integrated desktop telephony applications including screen pops and wrap-up screens.

Data collected include specific elements such as dialed number, calling line ID and callerentered digits (CEDs), as well as information extracted from external databases or created as a result of call routing, voice processing and agent transactions. In a direct desktop application environment, callevent information is delivered to the targeted desktop where and when the call is delivered. The system’s thirdparty call control features allow agents and integrated desktop applications to perform tasks like trans-fer, conference and divert within an enterprise framework. These capabilities are designed to link the elements in a virtual call center to permit broad-based information sharing, comprehensive end-to-end reporting and the full utilization of corporate data in support of business rules and objectives.

The ICR uses CTI and MIS links within its Peripheral Gateway (PG) technology to gather information on callers. Agent, call and customer data are delivered to a server or workstation application as events occur during the life of a call. For example, pre-route indications identify a caller and provide associated attributes to applications while the call is still in the public or private network, before the caller is connected to an agent or IVR resource. Additionally, call events are provided throughout all stages of the call flow, from the moment a call arrives at an answering location (ACD/ PBX/IVR) until the caller hangs up.

GeoTel’s enterprise CTI approach is designed to ensure that: accurate, enterprisewide call center and customer information is uniformly delivered to the desktop through multisite screen pops, screen transfers, screen conferencing and screen monitoring; wrap-up data from anywhere in the enterprise can be seamlessly entered at the termination of a call from a client workstation; agent-toagent transfer of call-detail infor-mation is available in a unified form across all sites and types of call center equipment including ACDs, agent systems, voice systems and multiple public telephone networks; and interoperability with open, standardized telephony applications is maintained.

For more information, contact Nancy Pieretti at 508-275-5149 or e-mail nancyp@geotel.com.

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