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October 1997

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New Products...

ACS Wireless, Inc. has announced the Switching System Adapter™ (SSA). The SSA increases call throughput, has a built-in safety circuit designed to shield users’ hearing from harmful sounds, combines integrated voiceswitching technology, noise canceling and features rep not available (RNA) Drop Circuit technology, engineered by ACS and Rockwell International, which is designed to ensure that calls are not abandoned when an operator leaves his/her station, redirecting those calls to available operators. For more information, contact Beverly Robinson at 408-461-3207 or at brobinson@acs.com.
AliMed�, Inc. has announced three new ergonomic products. The LightGuard™ Visor shields light coming at the monitor from overhead and from the sides. RiteSlant™ is a desktop platform that places reading and writing material at a 15 degree angle in front of the worker. AliMed has also developed the 3/4” S�ft Wrist Rest, which, since it is lower than keyboard keys, allows the wrists to “float” while typing. For more information, call 8002252610.

Ameritech has announced it is offering site-selection services aimed at helping companies find the best call center location based on an analysis of available labor, or labor demographics, infrastructure and property as well as their existing centers. Ameritech will analyze the cost and availability of the potential workforce, the communications infrastructure and real estate. They also offer business analysis, which will help companies evaluate relocation options. For more information, call 8007195822, ext. 85 or see www.ameritech.com.

Applied Voice Technology, Inc. (AVT) has announced the latest version of AgentExpress for Windows NT TM. New features include: Color Dynamic Display, which provides real-time call center performance data; an interface with IEX Corporation’s TotalViewTM Workforce Management, which generates agent schedules and forecasts; and an increased support capacity to 96 agents — it can also be networked up to 16 systems enterprisewide to support more than 1,300 workstations. For more information, call 425-820-6000 or see www.appliedvoice.com.

Automated Telephone Systems, Inc. has announced the “Smart Switch 97” for the prepaid telephony market. This modular switching concept can be expanded to accommodate multiple DS3s (336 simultaneous conversations); each DS3 can process more than eight million call minutes per month. Its design features no single point of failure, allows multiple remote administration and operations control points and has the following new features: special greetings based on number dialed, voice mail, IVR and ACD functionality. The real-time charging system can inform the caller of their balance, charges per minute and elapsed time a caller may talk. For more information, contact Vince Gasso at 561-471-5545 or at ats@bellsouth.net.

Blue Pumpkin Softwarehas announced an enhanced version of PrimeTime™ for call center demand forecasting and workforce scheduling. Enhancements include increased flexibility in changing shift assignments, a meeting schedule wizard and a staffing cost calculator. The software runs on Windows 95/NT and can be integrated with an ACD to download call volume and other statistical data. Other enhancements include: support for 24-hour call centers; scheduling of common meetings; flexibility in changing meeting assignments; staffing cost calculator; exporting ability; and selective archiving and restoration abilities. For more information, contact Renee Maler at 510-828-9495 or see www.bluepumpkin.com.

Call Interactive, Inc. has announced a name generation consumer program featuring a flat rate pricing structure. Companies employing the system will pay only for the actual names generated. For more information, contact Rich Nelson at 4024987424.

Cincinnati Bell (CB) has announced a new service called Call Manager, which combines voice messaging, Caller ID and call waiting. It also includes a Distinctive Ring service, which gives the customer two separate phone numbers on one line, each with its own ring. The Call Manager display unit shows the caller’s name and number if the call is made within CB’s service area. For more information, contact Erik Kirkhorn at 513-397-1237 or see www.cinbelltel.com.

IEX Corporation has announced Release 3.2 of its TotalNet Call Routing System. TotalNet is an intelligent call routing product that interfaces to carriers and private networks and can be used to create a virtual call center. Based on client/server architecture and Windows PC workstations, it allows flexible routing based on time of day, day of week, date, called number, geographic location of caller, staffing and callhandling capacity. The database can handle more than 100 million records and can process more than 200 transactions per second. Release 3.2 includes three types of value lists for call segmentation; destinations and ACD path groups, quota schemes and capacity tables. For more information, contact Stan Jasinski at 972-301-1300 or see www.iex.com.

InterVoice, Inc. has announced Version 2 of InVision, a GUI used to create, modify and test call flow scripts for its call and business process automation platforms. Version 2 allows complex call flow segments to be seen and heard during the development process. Three new features are: Demo mode, which is used when designing a call flow; Specification Creation, which produces several representations of the call flow; and Code Generation, which translates the demo call flow into a framework of InVision code icons, preserving customer approved application messages and menu structure. InterVoice has also announced InterSoft for Windows NT 4.0. It supports all the features and capabilities offered with Windows NT, including ODBC database access, mainframe and server integration, system management and others. For more information, contact Catherine Kingeter at 972-4548934 or see www.intervoice.com.

Melita International has announced PhoneFrame � Explorer, a new customer contact and call management solution. It consists of the Universal Telephony Platform, which is based on Melita’s MPower™ architecture. MPower is a fully distributable, objectoriented architecture based on the Common Request Broker Architecture. PhoneFrame, therefore, provides stateof-the-art telephony and call management functionality, is an open system, scalable, CTI enabled and is Year 2000 compliant. For more information, contact Maryjane Stout at 770-239-4402 or see www.melita.com.

MCI has announced a field trial of an optical cross-connect system. This trial is a building block in MCI’s efforts to develop an all optical network that will enable MCI to provide highbandwidth services. Currently, MCI’s network operates at optical speeds as high as 40 gigabits-per-second. Whenever any carrier, however, increases its transmission speed, it must also upgrade electronic devices to accommodate the higher speed. An all-optical network removes the network’s dependency on electronics, migrating traffic onto a photonic layer. This will significantly increase the network’s ability to handle higher transmission speeds, while improving restoration capabilities and provisioning of network circuits. The optical systems also support both meshed and ring fiber optic topologies. For more information, contact Robert Hoskins at 888-2134372 or at robert.hoskins@mci.com.

Nitsuko America has enhanced the ACD capabilities of the 384i telephone system with the release of inDepth and inDepth+ MIS Windows-based software. With these packages, a supervisor can view calls in queue, agents in and out of service, grade of service, etc., from a PC. inDepth+ provides real-time, flexible reports, multiple positions, multiple wall boards, multiple real-time screens, 15 historical report options, any start/stop time and date, sub-supervisor positions, wallboard support and database text export. For more information, contact Mark Fusco at 2039265498.

Nortel (Northern Telecom) has introduced the PCS 1920 and PCS 1930 digital, wireless handsets, which are personal telephones that support voice mail systems, messaging services, speakerphone capability, voice-activated dialing, Caller ID name and number delivery. The 1920 is designed for the consumer and offers an enhanced fullrate vocoder, an enhanced user interface and extended talk and standby times. The PCS 1930 combines the features of the 1920 with these additions: built-in, non-network-based voiceactivated dialing, using a personal directory of up to 20 names; and personal hands free, which enables speakerphone conferences or voice mail checking with phone sitting at arm’s length on the desktop. For more information, contact Elizabeth Lindsey at 919-992-0262 or see www.nortel.com.

Portage Communications, Inc. has announced SimACD, an add-on module to Call Center Designer™ 2.1, which utilizes anticipated ACD statistical data like call volumes, number of agents or trunks, abandon rates, caller retry behavior and overflow to generate information about call center operations. SimACD operates in a Windows 3.1/95/NT environment and requires Call Center Designer™ 2.1 or later to operate. For more information, contact Stuart Harris at 4258885320.

PROMODEL Corporation has announced ServiceModel Optimization Suite 3.5, a simulation software package for call centers. It provides call forecasting and lost opportunity tracking, skillsbased routing optimization, operational cost tracking and tools for justifying resources and methods. It also has a costing feature that enables users to examine their processes and proposed changes on a cost basis. The optimization capability, or SimRunner, is a feature that runs hundreds of simulation experiments and then produces the most efficient solution. Version 3.5 also has a statistical package that takes raw data and converts it into useful information. For more information, contact Lori Monson at 801-223-4611 or see www.promodel.com.

PureSpeech, Inc. has announced PureSpeech AutoAttendant, a software/hardware solution for a speechenabled automated attendant. The PureSpeech solution allows callers to say the desired name or department for automatic routing to the corresponding extension. It is compatible with all PBX switches that support a standard analog station, runs under Windows NT, can support 4 to 48 simultaneous call routings and includes a Graphical Extension Manager that allows for quick updates to Continued from previous page the employee list and can include alternate pronunciations and nicknames. It is available in two models: the Departmental solution supports up to 500 names and 4 to 8 simultaneous call routings, while the Enterprise solution supports thousands of names and up to 48 simultaneous call routings. For more information, contact Amy Limb at 617441-0000 or see www.speech.com.

Scopus Technology, Inc. has announced SmartScript™, an intelligent call guide designed to lead call center agents through every step of a call. It features a GUI script builder and a desktop player that guides agents through a range of calls. It is fully integrated with Scopus’ SalesTEAM and SupportTEAM. SmartScript also provides prompts for upselling and crossselling. For more information, contact Mitch Bishop at 510-597-5886 or at mbishop@scopus.com.

Siemens Business Communication Systems has announced BusinessView Composer™, which provides configuration and near-term historical information via a Windows 95-based GUI. It features context-sensitive help, online documentation, plain-English wizards that are designed to guide users through ACD configuration and reporting processes. Also introduced are enhancements to BusinessView Observer that enable the user to conduct real-time monitoring of multiple sites from a single client station and a Windows 95-based GUI. The content of Observer windows can display information on 23 to 114 agents simultaneously. Both these client/server applications are included with Siemen’s entry-level ProCenter ACD package. Also announced was BusinessView Foresight™, a new forecasting and scheduling software application designed for call centers with up to 200 agents. It features a Windows 95-based GUI that features context-sensitive help and online documentation. Users can use Foresight to perform “what if” scenarios to determine the most effective staffing. For more information, contact Karron Esmonde at 408-492-6979 or see www.siemenscom.com.

Switchview has announced RightOn-Queue (ROQ), an incoming call management solution. ROQ features real-time monitoring, advanced reporting and graphing capabilities. The architecture is client/server and provides a drilldown graphing feature that lets users view information in greater detail. ROQ offers three agent options: ROQ Agent Flash provides real-time messaging, pop-up messaging and queue statistics; ROQ CTI Directory provides quick caller access to internal directories; and ROQ Agent Pro (currently in customer trials) will allow agents to monitor personal performance or change queues. For more information, contact Michael Strickland at 519-746-4460, ext. 625.

Tadiran Telecommunications Inc. has announced Coral SL, which brings advanced digital networking, ACD call routing, CTI and wireless solutions to the small and medium-sized business needing as few as 4 stations with seamless growth to over 100 ports. The Coral SL may be configured as a PBX or key/hybrid system, and using Coral QNet, a QSIG Global standard for networking, it can operate in a global, multivendor network. It has digital trunks for T1/E1 and ISDN BRI and PRI. For more information, contact Candy Barr at 813523-0000 or at cbarr@tadiranus.com.

TCS Management Group, Inc. has announced the addition of Interactive Agent to its workforce management software. It lets call center agents interact directly with TCS scheduling software to request a schedule change with other agents, a schedule exception for a working day, overtime for a working/nonworking day, or that scheduled time be dropped from one day and rescheduled for another. Call centers that utilize a multiuser version of the TeleCenter System can deploy Interactive Agent. For more information, contact Jennifer Stroud at 615-221-6800 or see www.tcsmgmt.com.

Teknekron Infoswitch Corporation has announced two new products: Desktop Screen Capture (DSC) and On Demand. DSC records all computer activities taking place on an agent’s PC while the agent is conducting a transaction. These activities are stored electronically and can be viewed later. Both phone and computer activities can be replayed when DSC is used in conjunction with AutoQuality™, Teknekron’s call monitoring product. Additional features include continuous observation, stealth operation and low data volume on the LAN. On Demand is a custom call recording system that features agent- or application-initiated recording. It is designed to solve multiple recording needs and can accommodate almost any computer and telephony environment. For more information, contact Katherine Kirkpatrick at 8172673025, ext. 398 or see www.teknekron.com.

Tels Corporation has announced WIN-SENSE, a Windows-based telephone call accounting and management software product. The user has control over pricing, markups, how calls are categorized for pricing, complete exchange to exchange costing, cost per minute or cost per call options, as well as custom costing methods, user-defined costing of special calls, international costing by country, taxes and markup by facility. WIN-SENSE performs flat rate or percent markup costing; tariff support for AT&T and local carriers. It also has detail and summary, and custom reporting capabilities. For more information, contact Kenith Babbs at 8005649424, ext. 305 or see www.telscorp.com.

Voicetek Corporation has announced the availability of its Generations v4.0 interactive communications software. Features include: centralized network management through Generations OA&M (a separately-purchased option that provides the ability to simplify the management of complex networks by providing a centralized point of network control); the ability to deploy larger systems through increased capacity; greater scalability through support for telecommunications protocols such as SS7 and SNMP and support of SCbus; natural language support and speech technologies through support for PureSpeech ReCite and support for text-to-speech from Centigram; and Web-based user access that integrates with traditional interactive voice response capabilities. For more information, contact John Hill at 508-2507641 or e-mail jhill@voicetek.com.

Witness Systems has announced WITNESS Form Generator, an extension of the WITNESS™ client/server voice and data monitoring application, that allows extended capability in creating forms, reports and graphs for monitoring agents. This new module’s features include the ability to: automatically display applicable questions; autopopulate information from a call recorded by the WITNESS application; weight questions as needed by building “answer schemes” with any answers and point values needed; define important questions as critical or give extra credit to agents; and add comment fields anywhere on the form. The application is open and can integrate with existing users’ databases. For more information, contact Ryan Hollenbeck at 770-7541962 or at rhollenbeck@witsys.com.

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Internet & Help Desk Products

AIFP has announced Messaging Connector, which enables a single interface for sending, receiving and managing both e-mail and faxes for customers using Microsoft Exchange. It facilitates the delivery of fax documents from MAPI-compliant e-mail packages. Users can send both fax and e-mail messages, including attachments from virtually any desktop application. Inbound faxes can be routed, forwarded, printed and copied the same way e-mails are. Messaging Connector is the latest addition to AIFP’s CommercePath Workstation family. For more information, contact Dale Paulin at 503-9689690 or see www.aifp.com.

Apropos Technology, Inc.has announce version 3.5 of Call Link, which introduces the Call Link Server for NT. Call Link Server administrative features are implemented using the Microsoft Internet Information Server built into NT 4.0, which allows Call Link to be administered from any Web browser that supports Java. The new messaging middleware server now support more than 1,000 connections, which can support 500 to 600 agents within a single system. For more information, contact Michelle Edelman at 630-472-9600, ext. 799 or e-mail info@apropos.com.

Computer Associates International, Inc. has announced the release of Unicenter TNG Advanced Help Desk (AHD) and Paradigm Service Desk products for Windows NT. Both offerings include a Web interface and are built on the Unicenter TNG Framework, an open, cross-platform enterprise management infrastructure. AHD and Paradigm can be used to provide early warning signs of potential system problems. From Unicenter’s GUI, an agent can invoke AHD to create a trouble ticket, incident report or call request as desired. Through the Web interface, any user in the enterprise can create call requests and trouble tickets, check problem status and browse the selflearning database. AHD and Paradigm also provide monitoring and resolution capabilities. For more information, call 800-225-5224 or see www.cai.com.

IEX Corporation hasannounced the addition of Web-enabled reporting features to its TotalView™ Workforce Management software. The TotalView Schedule Viewer allows agents to access their weekly work schedule from the Internet via a desktop Web browser. Agents gain access to only their own schedules via an ID, password and an IEX-designed Java applet. Once logged on, Schedule Viewer visually alerts agents of new schedules or changes and allows agents to confirm they’ve reviewed their schedules. For more information, contact Stan Jasinski at 972-301-1300 or see www.iex.com.

Luckman Interactive, Inc. has announced a complete ISP management software suite for the BSDI system software platform. BSDI and Luckman will co-market and deliver Luckman’s ISP Connect™ 2.0 and its new ISP Connect Billing and Customer Service software as turnkey solutions specifically for the ISP community. ISP Connect 2.0 consists of several components. Web Register is a Java, client/server solution that allows ISPs to register customers online automatically. ISP Connect Billing and Customer Service enable: automatic calculation of customer charges; automatic collection via checking account withdrawal and credit card; support for onetime charges, periodic fixed charges and usage-based charges; automatic generation of billing statements via e-mail or postal mail; customer problem tracking; tracking of time online, disk space used and Web traffic. The system integrates with both Windows NT and UNIX servers and maintains a relational database with common database packages. For more information, contact Bryan Eggers at 213-614-0966 or see www.luckman.com.

Magic Solutions, Inc.has announced SupportMagic Enterprise 4.0, which is an enhancement of its flagship product. It offers support for Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, Oracle and Sybase SQL Anywhere databases. It also adds support for various network management functions including software distribution, remote control and asset discovery. Other features include integration with Intersolv’s PCVS Tracker, the ability to view ServiceWare’s HTML-based knowledge bases, support for ZiffDavis Learnlets and Crystal Reports 5.0. It also adds a new purchasing and standard configuration module, which enable support organizations to define PC and/or office configurations. For more information, contact Carole Walters at 201-587-1515, ext. 196 or see www.magicsolutions.com.

Peregrine Systems, Inc.has announced the release of ServiceCenter TM 2.0, an enterprise service desk solution, which adds to previous versions a new user interface, the ability to take advantage of an effective distributed services implementation, a new service management application and CTI. In addition, the product has been enabled for global deployment supporting all Western Euroean languages, and languages requiring multibyte implementations such as Japanese Kanji. ServiceCenter 2.0 adds to existing network and systems management integration by expanding the Tivoli interface to include inventory level integration and by incorporating event and inventory level integration with Microsoft SMS. For more information, contact Barbara J. Prinsell at 619-794-7495 or at bprinse@peregrine.com.

Priority Call Managementhas announced oryxVIEW, an Internetbased personal communications manager that enables end users to manage calls and messages from their PCs. With a mouse click, users can listen to voice mail messages, place calls, manage speed dial lists and change telephone numbers and availability, and send voice and fax messages as email attachments to any Internet-based email address. oryxVIEW provides a simple user interface for account access and management that is set up like a standard Web page. For more information, contact Mary Sullivan at 508-6942579 or see www.prioritycall.com.

RADLINX Inc. hasannounced its new fax gateway, the PASSaFAX PF1M, transfers faxes between the public telephone network and the Internet Protocol backbones. The PF-1M gateway connects a standard facsimile device directly to the LAN. Users are then able to send faxes over their Intranet/Internet instead of using the PSTN. The PF-1M automatically provides least-cost routing, the message is transferred online in real-time and provides the user with a confirmation slip. It features an internal modem and power supply and an automatic PSTN-toInternet switch. For more information, contact Varda Lubling at 2018289494, ext. 212 or at varda@radlinx.com.

The Sage Group, plc. has announced the release of an updated version of DacEasy Accounting & Payroll software. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and takes advantage of Windows 95/NT and the Internet. The updated version is network ready, Year 2000 compliant and accommodates electronic payments and forms ordering. For more information, contact Marty Hoag at 9728183900, ext. 2724 or see www.daceasy.com.

ServiceWare Inc.has announced Edition 3 of the KnowledgePak Complete Suite for SAP’s R/3, which includes several new elements. The Knowledge-Pak Suite for SAP’s R/3 features knowledge bases containing descriptions, diagnostics, causes and solutions to thousands of issues relating to R/3 modules. The new edition features two new modules — Human Resources and Asset Management. Knowledge-Pak Architect™ software is also included which enables organizations to author their own R/3 support knowledge bases. ServiceWare also offers on-site consulting, mentoring and training to help build in-house expertise. For more information, contact Sara Dodge at 412-826-1158, ext. 209 or see www.serviceware.com.

TALX Corporation has announced TALXWare 8.1, which includes Year 2000 compliance, an Easy Script realtime debugger and a Windows NT interface. The new software release also supports multiple hardware platforms from Natural MicroSystems and TALX, real-time application upgrades, distributed applications and network alerts via SMTP. For more information, contact Jackie Engel at 314-434-0046 or at jengel@talx.com.

VocalTec Communications Ltd. has announced Internet Phone Release 5. Some new features include: faster frame delivery and larger video picture; ITU H.323 support; PC-to-phone calling, direct online links to Internet telephony service providers; a Community Browser, which serves as a virtual neighborhood; and audio conferencing, which allows up to 100 people to participate in an audio conference when used in conjunction with the VocalTec Conferencing Server. VocalTec also announced it has launched a virtual worldwide PCtostandardtelephone network. The network was created by VocalTec in conjunction with qualified Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) and with industry support from Motorola, Dialogic Corporation, ITXC Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation and Digital Equipment Corporation. Through the network, users with dial-up Internet connections anywhere in the world can dial from their PCs using VocalTec’s Internet Phone to regular telephones all over the world. For more information, contact Jo Lee at 201-768-9400 or at pc@vocaltec.com.

WebLine Communications Corporation has announced WebLine, a Java-based application that allows call centers to visually interact with customers over the Web, via any Javaenabled browser, while conducting a telephone conversation. WebLine includes: Web page sharing; application demonstrations; seamless integration into existing environments; scripting tools that allow companies to generate scripts according to their needs; dynamic product comparison, which lets users search for and display the results of product comparison in a split-screen format on their screen; one-to-one multicasting capabilities, which allows users to deliver presentations or software demonstrations to whomever; session date reporting, which lets users generate reports on call lengths, pages pushed, usage summaries, etc.; shared forms; and file transfer. The WebLine solution consists of server software that downloads two distinct Java applets: one applet that runs on the sales or service rep’s computer and a separate applet that runs in the customer’s browser. For more information, contact Marcie Lascher at 617-272-9979, ext. 106 or at marcie.lascher@webline.com.

CTI Products...

Aspect Telecommunications has announced version 2.2 of Aspect WinSet™ for Windows. The new version features agent configurations that can be centrally stored on a file server, resulting in greater mobility for agents. In conjunction with Aspect WinSet Adapter (that links a workstation to the Aspect CallCenter � ACD), agents can use their sound-card-enabled PCs to record multiple personal greetings based on their DNIS information or specific call center applications. WinSet also automates basic screen pop capabilities. For more information, contact Sandra Potter at 408-325-4137 or see www.aspect.com.

Cintech TeleManagement Systems has announced its newest ACD addon product, linkIT!, which offers screen pop capabilities for small- and mid-sized call centers. When a call comes in, linkIT! displays caller information on the agent’s PC screen while announcing the caller’s name. Then linkIT! launches any Windows application based on who’s calling, then files are opened (including network files) within the application. linkIT! will perform record-level searches of Microsoft’s Access database of Symantec’s ACT 3.0 contact manager. For more information, contact Robin Klayman at 513-731-6000 or see www.cintechcti.com

Comdial Corporation has announced Impact SCS, a new family of digital switching systems which offer voice/data integration at the desktop, CTI connectivity, simplified voice processing access and a new line of multiline telephones. Impact SCS comprises six switching platforms, eight telephone models and two operator console units. Functionality is software-driven. The Impact SCS terminals offer: fullduplex speakerphones; simultaneous voice and data via an add-on module that allows users to speak over a modem or while sending a fax; large screen display with interactive “soft” keys, messages can be transmitted internally and call time and cost can be displayed in real-time, the names and numbers of internal or external callers can also be displayed prior to answering the call; and an adjustable viewing angle. For more information, contact Dick Bucci at 804-978-2525 or at dbucci@comdial.com.

IEX Corporation has announced Release 3.2 of TotalNet Call Routing system. Aimed at multisite call centers, TotalNet is an intelligent call routing product that interfaces to carriers and private networks. It is based on client/server architecture and PC workstations with Microsoft Windows. TotalNet’s Call by Call Routing features customer-driven flexible routing criteria based on time of day, day of week, date, called number, geographic location of caller, staffing and call handling capacity at each destination and more. New enhancements include three types of value lists for call segmentation; destinations and ACD path groups for complex routing scenarios; quota schemes to define specific calls per time period and capacity tables to define the number of available agents at a specific location. It also includes TotalNet Visualizer™, which provides a call simulator. For more information, contact Stan Jasinski at 972-301-1300 or see www.iex.com.

Nortel has announced its Call Center Integration Package (CCIP) for Nortel’s Symposium IVR that integrates Symposium Open IVR with the Meridian 1 digital communication system. Using the Meridian Link, CCIP provides access to signaling information, enables simple screen pops, enhances routing capabilities and facilitates endtoend reporting. Symposium Open IVR offers text-to-speech conversion, voice recognition and networking ability. For more information, contact Carter Cromwell at 408-565-2835 or at carterc@nortel.com.

U S West Communications has announced totalCTI™, an open, nonproprietary CTI solution. It can be overlaid on an existing client/server architecture to allow access to multiple databases. Through a partnership with Venturian Software, totalCTI Internet Link was developed. It utilizes Venturian’s CyberCall™ application to enable callers to connect directly with the call center via their PCs. totalCTI also enables links to multiple switch types and the transmission of information over the LAN. The totalCTI Interactive Screen compiles customer information from the server to the interactive agent terminal, allowing agents to update or modify the screen information as the transaction progresses. totalCTI includes components from partners like Sun Microsystems, Brite and Genesys, but U S West will act as the single point of contact for the customer. For more information, contact Tom Gau at 612663-3362 or e-mail tgau@uswest.com.

Versatility Inc. has announced its first customized, vertical software application: Versatility Telecom, which provides telecommunications companies with an out-of-the-box, CTI-enabled solution for automating their service centers. It consists of Versatility Telesales/Teleservice, a components-based call center management tool that allows agents to manage call history, workflow, product information, personal callbacks, fulfillment and quote/order entry that supports inbound and outbound operations. Versatility PowerGuide is a call guideworkflow tool that allows users to integrate telephony, legacy systems, thirdparty billing systems and call guides into a unified desktop. Versatility OpenTel is a network-based facility that uses CTI to integrate a phone system with call center applications. It supports basic telephony functions including inbound screen pops as well as preview and progressive dialing. For more information, contact Lana Sansur at 703-934-7631 or see www.versatility.com.

Voice Quest, Inc. has announced the release of Personal Operator, which enables the routing of inbound calls and faxes using speech recognition technology. The Personal Operator enables voice interaction between the caller and the system. It offers call routing by person or department name, automatic directory routing by first then last name, automatic fax routing by stating intended recipient’s name and then pressing the fax start button. It also features call screening, follow me calling, message delivery, message center, paging, multiple phones per user or multiple users per phone. For more information, call 941-925-0731 and ask for Mike or Mark.

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Ericsson, Alcatel, Nokia and Siemens have announced their commitment to the timely standardization of wideband wireless multimedia technology based on Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). The four companies have agreed to urge that the network structure for a future European third-generation mobile system — referred to as Universal Mobile Telecommunications System — should be based on an evolved core-GSM network. Melita International has announced it has received certification from Aspect Telecommunications for integration of the Melita ActionPACT™ and UltraPACT™ computer-telephony integration products with the outbound enabling technologies of the Aspect CallCenter ACD. Rockwell has announced its Switching Systems Division will be renamed Rockwell Electronic Commerce Division (ECD), and said the unit would restructure internally to apply expanded resources to the emerging global markets for forms of “personalized electronic commerce.” Siemens Business Communication Systems has announced that Data Collection Resources’ ACD Data Collection and Reporting System has been qualified as Siemens Ready. The Resources’ ACD Data Collection and Reporting System is a software tool that automatically collects and stores Siemens ACD data and enables call center data to be collected and sent to a spreadsheet or other program for analysis.

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Access Direct Telemarketing, Inc. has announced plans to open a fifth call center, this one located in Marshalltown, Iowa. The new center will employ more than 200 people.

Alpha Technologies has announced its most recent expansion has more than doubled the operation’s manufacturing and service capability and includes expanded local technical and engineering resource.

Business Response, Inc. has announced it is building a call center in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. The center will employ about 150 people.

Centennial Associates, Inc. has announced it has opened a new national telemarketing center in Jupiter, Florida. Centennial is a national staffing firm specializing in sourcing multiple contractors with general technical skills for technology-driven companies.

Citation TeleServices, Inc. has announced it will establish an inbound call center in Summerville, South Carolina. The company expects to hire 400 full-time employees and to invest more than $4 million in the regional economy.

Colwell & Salmon Communications, Inc. has announced an expansion at its headquarters in Colonie, New York. The expansion will allow the company to handle larger and more complex assignments.

DialAmerica Marketing, Inc. has announced the opening of a 7,425-square-foot facility in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The center will market credit cards, credit card enhancements, home equity lines of credit and other products on behalf of clients such as NationsBank, Marine Midland Bank and Sears, Roebuck.

Markinetics Inc. has announced the opening of a new call center, employing 40 teleservices agents, to expand its marketing research capabilities to clients.

The Signature Group has announced the opening of its newest telephone sales center, this one located in San Bernardino, California. It will employ 400 full- and part-time employees. With this opening, The Signature Group now operates a total of 25 outbound and 10 inbound facilities in the United States.

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Strategic Alliances...

Ameritech has announcedit will market predictive dialing systems from Mosiax, Inc., in a move to strengthen its service offering for businesses with outbound calling centers.

Deloitte & ToucheConsulting Group and Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. have announced they have entered a systems integration alliance agreement. Deloitte will offer its customers solutions based on the Genesys suite of Enterprise CTI products, including service and support.

Ericsson has announced its investment in Juniper Networks, with which Ericsson’s Cyberlab will work to create solutions for large IP networks.

InterVoice, Inc. has announced that Siemens AG-Private Network Division will purchase InterVoice IVR voice and signal processing boards and software valued at approximately $2.1 million. Siemens will bundle the

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Mergers & Acquisitions...

APAC TeleServices, Inc. has announced it has acquired through merger Paragren Technologies, Inc., specialists in software-based marketing to optimize customer relationships.

Comverse Technology, Inc. and Boston Technology, Inc. have announced the signing of an agreement for the merger of both companies. The combined company will be called Comverse Technology, Inc. and will continue to be listed on the NASDAQ exchange. The operations of Boston Technology will be combined with Comverse’s Network Systems Division.

nTeleCom Holdings, Inc. has announced the purchase of OAN Services, Inc. from EDS in a move intended to sharpen its focus on the communications industry.

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International News...

Datapoint Corp. has announced the completion of the third of five call centers it is developing for British Telecom. This new BT call center environment will support a network of five centers with up to 800 telephone sales agents each, for a total of 3,600 agents. The centers, which are distributed around the British Isles, include installations in Warrington, Bristol, Glasgow, Newcastle and Doncaster. They will be used for both inbound and outbound telemarketing campaigns aimed at promoting BT’s products and services throughout the UK.

ICT Group, Inc. has announced it has expanded its European operations by opening its first UK base in London. The call center, based in the suburb of Harrow, is expected to have a workforce of 150 by early next year.

SITEL Corporation has announced that SITEL Telebusiness New Zealand has obtained ISO 9001 certification. The quality certification, audited by KPMG Peat Marwick, covers the full range of SITEL Telebusiness operations, including: sales, finance, administration, call center application and development, and systems integration and post sales support.

Snyder Communications Inc., a provider of marketing solutions to U.S. companies, has announced its merger with Bounty, a company that provides free samples of babycare products to new mothers in UK hospitals.

Telstra has announcedit has made a new series of services, called Telstra Access, to European MNCs. The initial roll out will encompass four main products. Telstra Accelerate ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) a high-bandwidth-on-demand data network that will allow greater efficiency and flexibility for the integration of voice, video and data over a single network. Telstra Fastway VSAT (Very Small Aperature Technology) is an expansion of existing Fastway service and offers immediate, secure and reliable private leased connections between Europe and locations within Asia Pacific via international satellite links. Telstra Global Frame Relay is a service that provides LAN internetworking, interactive database access and replication, e-mail, file transfers, client/server and SNA connectivity. Telstra Dial Connect is a dial-up interface for PC users over a standard telephone line, which enables access to the Internet and group Intranets. Telstra also announced that though an alliance with Arlington Securities, it will offer all occupiers of Arlington Business Parks in the United Kingdom a range of value-added telecom services through its Accelerate ATM network. Telstra and NetSpeak have announced the technical trial of Telstra and NetSpeak’s voice-overInternet Protocol (IP) technology. Telstra Research Laboratories (TRL ) and NetSpeak have undertaken a joint development to combine NetSpeak’s voice-over-IP technology with the SS7 Network Signaling System developed by TRL. The SS7 has been enhanced to allow it to communicate directly with NetSpeak’s core IP telephony communications products, which includes its WGX telephony gateway, connection and directory services and network management services, allowing regular telephone calls to be placed over IP networks, therefore allowing SS7 networks to see NetSpeak’s WebPhone IP Telephony software (running on the user’s PC) as if it was a regular telephone. For more information, contact Cathy Clarke at 203-532-1339 or at cnca@ix.netcom.com.

Yorkshire & Humberside Investment Partnership has announced there are more than 50 major dedicated call centers in Yorkshire and Humberside, England. Yorkshire and Humberside is less than two hours by train from London and is at the heart of the north/south and east/west freeway network. Most major cities in the region are less than an hour’s drive from Manchester International Airport. The region’s workforce is described as “high quality” and the region offers lower than average labor costs and a digital telecom infrastructure. For more information, contact Mike Cowlam at 5083711001.

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Paul Basson hasjoined Point Information Systems, Inc., a provider of customer interaction software products, as chief executive officer.

SITEL Corporation, a provider of outsourced telephone-based customer service and sales programs, has announced the following appointments: Ford F. Fischer has been named chief operating officer; Scott S. Moore has been appointed vice president of human resources and labor counsel; Carmen Baker has been promoted to vice president and general manager of travel support services; Connie Cornelius has been named vice president of projects and facilities, Fred Goetz has been promoted to vice president of information systems; Carla Mailander has been promoted to vice president of human resources; Todd Davis has been named vice president of sales and marketing; and Michael Nemer has been promoted to general manager of financial marketing services.

Alan Brown hasbeen appointed senior vice president of Telecom Ireland (U.S.) Ltd., a provider of local, long-distance and international service for Ireland-based organizations.

Call Interactive, Inc., a provider of 800-888 telephone interactive services, has announced that Candy King will be joining the company as vice president of sales.

Apropos Technology, Inc., a provider of integrated call management systems, has announced the hiring of Jody P. Wacker as vice president of marketing. Apropos has also announced the addition of Richard Brown as managing director of international operations.

Rob Schipper has been named the new executive director of the Netherlands Foreign Investment

Agency, North America, a division of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs which acts as a liaison in expediting foreign direct investment in Holland.

EIS International, Inc., a provider of integrated call center management systems, has announced the appointment of James L. Harre to vice president of product marketing.

Marc Desrosiers has joined Davox Corporation, a provider of call center technology and integration products, as director of marketing.

Harte-Hanks Response Management, a provider of marketing and sales support services, has hired Robert Howells as director of international business.

John P. McCabehas been appointed president of the financial marketing services business unit of ICT Group, Inc., an independent provider of call center teleservices for sales, marketing and customer care.

Telemarketing Concepts, a direct marketing company specializing in telemarketing, has announced that Janice O’Marra has been promoted to senior vice president client services.

Lannie Rubino has been named manager, new business development at TeleDevelopment Services, a provider of telesales, teleservices, help desk and customer services.

Optima Direct, Inc., a provider of value-added telemarketing services, has appointed Jeff Symon as vice president of sales.

David M. Girardhas been named call center manager at The Product Line, Inc.’s new call center in La Junta, Colorado. The Product Line is a provider of call center services.

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