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October 1996


~ Part I ~


Following your overwhelming and supportive response to my June 1996 "Publisher's Outlook" entitled "The Sad State of Marketing in Corporate America," I became encouraged to write this editorial, which may be considered a natural extension of the June 1996 "Outlook."

Develop A Full-Time, Integrated Marketing Plan
In the June editorial, I demonstrated that many companies could be doing a better job of basic marketing. Although learning the basics of marketing is critical, to be truly successful, companies need to become proficient at full-time, integrated marketing. Unfortunately, the practice of integrated marketing is not widespread.

What does a full-time, integrated marketing program entail? It would incorporate a regular, systematic, full-time approach to marketing in all of the following areas, including: a) regular public relations, b) regular direct mail, c) regular editorial publication of success stories, d) effective and regular advertising with supplements and inserts, etc., for maximum results, e) effective trade show exhibiting (including effective pre-show, during-show, and post-show marketing), f) effective relationship marketing, g) effective customer care and customer service, h) effective database marketing, including modeling and profiling, i) effective use of the Internet and the call center.

These are the main ingredients of integrated marketing, which I first outlined back in my June 1992 "Publisher's Outlook."

Integrated marketing is indeed the heart and soul of effective, full-time marketing in any corporation, if the corporation is to survive global competition, and meet the competition head-on in doing an effective job of market-share protection and market-share augmentation.

Part-Time Marketing Is Widespread
Unfortunately, part-time marketing is a disease that has infected many corporations, large and small. Those that have been able to cure this disease and put in place a powerful, high-impact, integrated, full- time marketing program will usually prosper, while those that do not, even with a far superior product, will not go anywhere. You can look around you in any industry and notice that this is a true statement time and time again. Part-time marketing is particularly prevalent in companies where the chief executive and all other members of the organization wear many hats. In these types of environments, it is very easy to get bogged down in day-to-day operations and completely neglect marketing opportunities for the company. If you look around you will find that this is the rule rather than the exception among entrepreneurial companies. Such companies not only get entangled with solving day-to-day problems, but they also somehow prefer to admire and enjoy what they have developed and think the rest of the world will buy their product simply because they happen to like it. In reality, the market is not made for your products, rather, your products are made for the market. If the market does not know about your product, it has no reason to purchase it.

Companies such as those just described every now and again, due to pressure from their sales departments, may take a feeble action toward marketing. Entrepreneurs often think that if they erratically show up at conventions or erratically place advertisements or erratically participate in editorial opportunities, they are doing a good job of marketing. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. A marketing organization that prides itself in doing a first-class job must keep its name constantly, even daily, in front of their customers and in front of the industry. Considering that exposure brings familiarity and familiarity brings comfort in purchasing, if a company is erratically marketing or if a company is out of sight due to part-time marketing, then the buyers' perception is that the company is not, in fact, fully committed to the industry. Periodic support of the industry or periodic exposure to the industry indicates periodic commitment to your products and services, and to the industry. Therefore, no one would consider your company as a serious vendor!

Next month, I will discuss in more depth the important methods of ensuring an effective, full-time, integrated marketing effort in your company.

Nadji Tehrani
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Congratulations To Ted Schwartz,Chairman And CEO Of APAC TeleServices, Inc., The Telemarketing Industry's Second Hall Of Fame Inductee

This issue's cover story, an exclusive interview with Ted Schwartz, profiles a man who was one of the pioneers of the industry.

Ted's introduction of the "tape-recorded close" revolutionized teleservices as it marked the introduction of Quality Assurance to the industry by providing for the first time an accurate, retrievable verification and confirmation on every sales transaction.

As an active industry voice, he was chosen to represent the industry at the Federal Trade Commission Public Workshop Conference and also participated in the review and enactment of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. As a leading voice for the industry, he has been an active supporter of TCCS™ (formerly TBT�), the industry's leading conference and exhibition. His 1992 TBT� keynote address, "What Telemarketing Has Done For America: The Untold Story," dramatically changed many consumers' views of teleservicing and led to the first comprehensive set of industry economic and employment statistics, which have since become an essential reference for legislators, corporations and teleservicing providers nationwide.

Also among Ted's achievements has been leading APAC to first place among the nation's largest telemarketing service agencies in Telemarketing� & Call Center Solutions™'s August 1996 ranking of the fastest-growing telemarketing companies, with APAC achieving an amazing growth rate of 173.47 percent over the past year. APAC has also been a regular member of Telemarketing� & Call Center Solutions™'s "Top 50" rankings, and Ted recently guided APAC to become the first telemarketing service agency to reach in excess of $2.5 billion in market capitalization.

On behalf of the staff of Telemarketing� & Call Center Solutions™ and the entire industry, I wish Ted continuing success and congratulate him on his election to the Telemarketing Hall Of Fame.

Nadji Tehrani
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Welcome To TCCS™ MONTREAL '96

The Call Center Industry's Leading Conference And Exhibition Brings Unmatched Educational And Networking Opportunities To Montreal

The TCCS™ Conference and Exhibition series is designed to provide comprehensive information from three particular sources: seminars, exhibitors and networking opportunities. Each source works in combination with the other two to impart working knowledge of all aspects of the telemarketing/call center process. We encourage you to take advantage of all three to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Conference Program
At TCCS™ MONTREAL '96, topics to be discussed range from human resource development to call center technology. Besides having an international foundation, we've also added a new component to the program. To wrap up the Conference, an assembly of the session leaders (Canadian and U.S. industry experts) will address your most difficult questions, and provide answers to your most pressing challenges. This new TCCS™ session will ensure that you leave the Conference with the answers you came to find.

Targeted conference tracks include Human Resource Development; Operations; Customer Service; Direct Response & Database Marketing; Business-to-Business; Call Center Strategies; Call Center Technologies; and Selling Savvy. We urge you not only to take advantage of these comprehensive course offerings, but also to join us for the free keynote.

The Keynote
Canada As The Gateway To Global Marketing: Claude Boivin (assistant vice president and general manager, Bell Canada, Phone Power) will examine how the impact of the Internet, CTI and new advancements in computer technology has forced corporations to position themselves on a global platform. He will explain how Canada, and Montreal in particular, with its advanced telecommunications technology, multilingual workforce and attractive exchange rate, is well poised to handle the demand for just-in-time service in the global marketplace, making it an exciting new gateway to the next century of world business. (Thursday, November 7, 1996, 10:00-11:00 a.m.)

Pre-Conference Clinics
Our Pre-Conference Clinics, which take place November 6, 1996 (the day before the opening of the Exhibit Hall and the main Conference Program), allow you the opportunity to attend these nonconflicting presentations on CTI (computer-telephony integration) For Management. The morning session looks at understanding the benefits of CTI, while the afternoon session provides guidelines for successful implementation.

Exhibit Hall: Showcase Of State-Of-The-Art Technology For Call Centers, Internet, CTI And Teleservices Industries
While at the show, be sure to visit the Exhibit Hall and ask questions! What you learn from exhibitors will be invaluable. The Exhibit Hall at TCCS™ MONTREAL '96 features more than 40 exhibitors that serve the Internet, telemarketing and call center industry. Be sure to exchange business cards with everyone you meet, particularly the vendors, because although you may not need their services now, in six months they may have the solution you are seeking. While in the Exhibit Hall, be sure to get the most authoritative information from the industry's most credible sources: Telemarketing� & Call Center Solutions™ and CTI For Management™ magazines. Our booth (#414) will feature the Telemarketing Bookstore, which contains the largest selection of educational books and tapes in the industry. For those of you who wish to attend only the Exhibit Hall, please return the V.I.P. registration form, which can be found in this issue (between pages 144 and 145), by November 1.

Enjoy good food and meet with the industry's top executives at both the Opening Night Reception, to be held on Wednesday, November 6 between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. at the Hilton Bonaventure (sponsored by Bell Canada) and Telemania!™, the industry's most outrageous, fun-filled networking reception, which will be held on Thursday, November 7 between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. at the Hilton Bonaventure.

We look forward to welcoming you in Montreal this November 6-8.

Nadji Tehrani
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


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