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October 1996

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New Products...

  • Customer Profiling/ Enhancement Service

    Act One Mailing List Services, Inc. has announced the availability of a new service called Customer Profiling, Enhancement and Statistical Modeling. For consumer databases, ACT ONE can enhance and output ages, presence of children by age and gender, contribution indicators, type of credit cards owned, exact dates of birth, dwelling types, ethnicity, gender, homeowner or renter, occupation, incomes, length of residence, mail order buyer types, marital status, mortgage information, cluster codes, sweepstakes responders, telephone numbers, motor vehicle data and more. For business databases, ACT ONE can enhance and output woman-owned businesses, executives by title, gender, telephone numbers, employee size, sales volume, headquarters/branches/ subsidiaries, SICs, fax numbers, minority-owned businesses, fleet size, ethnicity, year started, geography and more. For more information, call: 800-ACT-LIST.

  • Updated Problem Resolution Software

    Advantage kbs, Inc. has announced the release of IQSupport™Pro 2.5. This new version of the company's problem resolution software includes a redesigned GUI that supports 16- and 32-bit operating environments including Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT. Other features allow users to run multiple troubleshooting sessions simultaneously and a range of customization features. The IQSupport multi-browser interface provides access to information displayed in WinHelp™, Microsoft Word, Dyna Text™ and Netscape Navigator™. IQ Support Pro 2.5 provides a powerful engine that enables support professionals to access technical information and other reference materials that reside in knowledge bases, such as the ServiceWare, Inc. Knowledge-Pak™ Desktop Suite or other help systems. It can operate as a standalone application, embedded into existing help systems, or in conjunction with third-party help desk systems, including Remedy, Scopus and Vantive. For more information, contact Dina Barr at 908-287-2236.

  • Pen-Based Computer Upgrade

    Kalidor�, a division of ALPS Electric (USA), Inc., has announced the release of an upgrade in its pen-based computer line, the K2500, available in two versions: the K2500 Open, with two PCMCIA Type II slots or one PCMCIA Type III slot, and the K2500 Closed, a sealed version. The 100 MHz 486-based rugged computers have a standard IrDA port for high-speed wireless printer connections and data transfer, and are available with either 170 or 340 Mbytes ruggedized hard disks. The K2500 comes standard with 8 MB RAM, which can be expanded to 24 MB, and pre-installed Windows 95, Windows 3.1 or other pen-operating system software. Water-, dust- and shock-resistant, the Kalidor K2500 computer is designed for field use. For more information, contact Ike Hatano at 408-432-6000.

  • Power Protection Products

    American Power Conversion (APC) has announced the introduction of the Back-UPS Office™ multipath power device designed to combat hardware damage caused by surges and data loss from brownouts and blackouts. Back-UPS Office offers multioutlet AC surge protection, phone line protection for SOHO Internet users, network data line protection for corporate workstations, and battery backup for CPUs. APC also announced the release of the PowerGuide: Desktop Protection Planner, an interactive software program created to help users quantify the effects of downtime due to power anomalies. Targeted specifically for resellers and end users, this tool will help users select APC power protection products for stand-alone PCs, networked nodes and workstations The PowerGuide is free and available in 3.5" diskette through APC or is down-loadable from APC's Web site at APC also announced the introduction of a compact/travel-size SurgeArrest Notebook protector, designed to offer high-performance telephone protection and one-outlet AC protection to prevent against damaging surges and spikes. APC's new product is aimed at the rapidly growing segment of mobile computer users who rely on their notebook for critical tasks while on the road. APC also announced the release of PowerShield™ ISDN (integrated services digital network) Uninterruptible Power Supply, designed to provide battery backup power for ISDN equipment connected to a customer's ISDN network interface (NT-1). The PowerShield ISDN UPS replaces the AC adapter supplied with and ISDN NT-1 unit and provides, on average, four hours of backup power for ISDN service. It provides a nominal output of 48VDC of PS/2 power on either the U or S/T interface of the ISDN bus. This will power the NT-1 and any attached Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), up to a 10W maximum load. APC also announced the release of NetShelter™, a premium enclosure for integrated power protection and a secure network environment. NetShelter is an adaptable, high-quality cabinet for storage of network, internetworking, and power protection equipment. For more information, contact Elise Hamann at 401-789-5735, ext. 2158.

  • Customer Management Solutions Practice Formed

    The Bentley Company has announced the formation of its Customer Management Solutions (CMS) practice. The Bentley Company's new practice provides integrated solutions designed to help companies target, acquire, satisfy and retain customers across multiple functions of the organization. These solutions include a range of consulting, implementation, and integration services which enhance customer management processes, technology, and organizational issues. The practice will be led by Kurt Johnson. For more information, contact Janice Merk at 508-562-4200.

  • Yellow Pages Analysis Tool

    Claritas Inc. has announced the introduction of the Yellow Pages DataSystem (YPD) on CD™, a software tool that enhances Claritas proprietary Yellow Pages data and consumer databases with state-of- the-art reporting and mapping. The YPD on CD reporting options give clients a wide range of applications, including the ability to sort and rank directories by target segments to allocate advertising dollars, compare proprietary data to Yellow Pages data for a complete overview of the market, evaluate and compare current advertising placements versus proposed directories, seamlessly tie ZIP Code data to YPD geographies, and allocate directory areas within specified geographic areas, illustrating the relative weight of directory presence within a target area. For more information, contact Kathleen Dugan, 703- 812-2834.

  • UPS Systems

    Computer Power Inc. has announced the release of The Survivor and Survivor Pro uninterruptible power systems (UPS). The Survivor, available in four models covering 300 to 650VA, features a simplified user interface, built-in wiring fault detector to allow plug-and-play installation and an Enhanced Battery Survival System designed to double battery life. The Survivor Pro, available in five models covering 600VA to 2.2kVA offers the same features and benefits of the Survivor, plus true online regulation and monitoring features. Both the Survivor and the Survivor Pro come standard with computer interface ports and are SNMP capable. For more information, contact Cheryl Ann Borne at 800-526-5088, ext. 173.

  • Workforce Management Upgrade

    Cybernetics has announced the release of an upgraded version of its WorkForce Manager product. WorkForce Manager™ 4.0 is a Windows-based software product designed to address the individual scheduling, analysis and reporting challenges in a variety of call center environments. By utilizing up to five years of historical ACD data, WorkForce Manager can develop forecasts that mirror actual calling patterns and deliver optimized scheduling plans for holidays, sales events or severe weather days based on historical data from similar situations. WorkForce Manager 4.0 also allows call center managers to save on payroll and telecommunications expenses by prediciting optimal schedule levels for defined days and time periods and reducing hold time for callers waiting to be connected to an operator. The upgraded WorkForce version features icons with point-and-click access and a new Wizard function to guide users through all functions. For more information, contact Aimee Martin at 203-977-3087.

  • IVR Interface

    GeoTel Communications Corporation has announced the release of an interactive voice response (IVR) interface to its Intelligent CallRouter� (ICR) suite of products. The GeoTel ICR is an enterprisewide, intelligent call-routing system that links multiple, distributed agent groups. It can interface to different automatic call distributors (ACDs), IVRs and 800-number carriers. In Version 1.5, the ICR supports an IVR interface that allows it to collect data from IVRs for use in intelligent call-routing applications. With the GeoTel interface, the IVR can tap into enterprise call- and information-routing services to receive and track calls through the ICR's Pre-Routing and Post-Routing features. The ICR can load balance across IVRs and provide enterprisewide routing based upon all network and IVR-provided call data. For more information, contact Nancy Pieretti at 508-486-1149.

  • Seating With Rocking Mechanism

    HAG, Inc. has announced the availability of the HAG Scio Conference seating line that features a unique rocking mechanism that allows forward and backward movement. This slight rocking motion facilitates variation and movement essential for improving circulation and reducing stress and strain during prolonged sitting. HAG Scio's design allows the user to move and vary their position naturally while seated, while maintaining balance and control. In addition, all its component parts are recyclable and marked for sorting, meeting the guidelines of the new HAG, Inc. environment policy. HAG Scio Conference is available in four models with low- and high-back versions. For more information, call 800- 334-4839.

  • Expanded Data Appending Services

    I.C. System, Inc. Direct Marketing Services Division has announced the expansion of its demographic appending services. Its telephone master file is updated every month to ensure that every area code and phone number is accurate and up-to-date. For more information, contact Brenda Rhodes at 612-481-6399.

  • Call Center Software Updates

    IEX Corporation has announced the release of new enhancements to it call center products, including the TotalView Meeting Scheduler, a new release of Vacation & Holiday Planner and new features for TotalNet Call Routing. TotalView Workforce Management is a call center client/ server system that provides management tools for forecasting, scheduling, daily management, long-term staff planning, team and office analysis, and database administration. Meeting Scheduler, an optional module for TotalView Workforce Management, is used to schedule many kinds of work activities, including meetings, training and outbound calling. Enhancements included in Release 2.0 of Vacation & Holiday Planner for TotalView include direct access from TotalView menus and a user-defined planning calendar. Release 3.1 of TotalNet Call Routing includes a new graphical user interface (GUI) as well as an expanded rules- based routing capability. For more information, contact Stan Jasinski at 214-301-1300.

  • New Version Of Marketing Database

    InfoTech Marketing has announced the availability of The Business Marketing Files Version 96.1 database for business marketers. The new version contains updated business counts by SIC Code, size of business, and geography for 1993 and 1996-2001, updated reference files, and new tools for sales force territory design. Two file types are included. Data files have the actual business counts by year for 1996- 2001 for the U.S., each state and each county. Reference data files include valid codes, descriptors of numeric codes (e.g., SIC Code definitions) and pointers to other files that allow for meaningful aggregations. Reference data files are provided for ZIP codes, counties, MSAs, CMSAs, states and area codes. For more information, contact Tim Walters at 303-904-3045.

  • Pentium Cooling Products

    International Electronic Research Corporation (IERC) has announced the release of a new series "ultra clips" designed to clip onto IERC's heat dissipators for current Pentium and Pentium Pro applications. This new series of two-piece swivel assembly clips easily attach with tool-free installation. For more information, call 213-849-2481.

  • Enhanced Voice/Data Recording And Storage

    InterVoice, Inc., has announced the release of Voice Archive Manager, the fully integrated, digital voice recording and logging option for InterDial, the company's call center integration platform. The Voice Archive Manager enables conversations between call center agents and customers to be digitally recorded and archived for future reference. Recordings can be started and stopped by the agent or automatically by the call center application to provide a record of agent/customer conversations for training, quality assurance, auditing or legal purposes. In addition, Voice Archive Manager provides a secure record for call center operations such as collections, telemarketing and fund-raising campaigns. Identifying data can be appended to the recording to facilitate retrieval. For more information, contact Cathy Kingeter at 214- 454-8934.

  • Enhanced Fax And Voice Capabilities

    Key Voice Technologies has announced the expansion of the fax-delivery and message-handling capabilities of Visual Call Management (VCM), its Windows-based voice/fax processing application. Key Voice has enhanced VCM's fax mail capabilities for the outside caller. From a fax machine, the sender dials the receiver's phone number and extension number, separated by several pauses, and the fax is delivered directly into the receiver's VCM mailbox. Through VCM, users can view received faxes on- screen, print them or send them to a remote fax machine. Users have the ability to fax documents created in any Windows application from their desktop, and can also save faxes for future reference. For more information, contact Nick Branica at 941-922-3800, ext. 101.

  • Windows-Based Continuous Recorder

    Lanier Worldwide, Inc. has announced the introduction of the Lanier Digital Logger (LDL) 848 for Windows. The Windows-based LDL 848 can be operated as a standalone system or as multiple units networked to record thousands of channels. The system's channels also can be monitored and controlled via the system's Lanier Digital Monitor (LDM) monitoring workstation. The LDM features point and- click live monitoring, which permits users to click on a channel with a computer "mouse" and immediately hear the live conversation. In addition to features such as channel naming, enhanced playback options, new reporting capabilities and in-depth online help, the LDL 848 for Windows also offers capabilities of Lanier's LDL 848 DOS-based logger, such as automatic call indexing, multilevel password protection and up to 1,100 hours of recording time per channel. For more information, call 800- 708-7088.

  • Database Management/ Telemarketing Service

    Marketing Database Associates, Inc. (MDA) has announced the formation of a Telemarketing Resources Group to provide high-quality outbound telemarketing in business-to-business applications. The new organization offers customized "teleprocessing" programs designed to provide businesses with highly qualified sales leads or to gather important business information from existing customers or prospects. For more information, call 800-705-1448.

  • Aid For Clean Air Act Compliance

    MCI has announced the availability of a solution for businesses looking to combat traffic and pollution problems - networkMCI Solutions for Workplace Alternatives, which utilizes MCI's telecommunications network and can seamlessly link a company and its remote workforce. MCI can help a teleworker protect valuable data, conduct desktop videoconferencing, tap into the corporate LAN from their office at home, share documents with co-workers and surf the Internet, enhancing a company's ability to compete in today's environment while assisting metropolitan areas in their efforts to decrease pollution. networkMCI Solutions for Workplace Alternatives offerings include: traditional and advanced MCI telecommunications services, such as frame relay, ISDN, WANs and Intranets; LANs, WANs and Intranets; computer hardware and software; paging service; standard and interactive pagers; cellular service and cellular phones; connectivity and collaborative tools; and office equipment. For more information, contact Cal Jackson at 800-644-NEWS.

  • Hiring Program

    McGraw-Hill/London House has announced the release of Decision Point™, a new, four-step hiring program. Decision Point combines an automated phone application system, pre-employment assessment, structured interview and background screening to provide employers with work-related information they can use to evaluate candidate qualifications. In addition, Decision Point is designed to help employers reduce the time they spend collecting applications and pre-qualifying job candidates. For example, through the program's automated phone application system, Quik-Screen™, job seekers can apply for a specific position 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling a toll-free 800 number. Using a touch-tone phone, job candidates provide application information and respond to a recorded questionnaire. The Quik- Screen software then sorts applicants according to their qualifications, giving employers a roster of potential candidates. For more information, contact Susan Brophy at 847-292-3307.

  • Public Safety Voice Logger

    NICE Systems has announced the release of NiceCall, a high-capacity digital voice recorder. Primarily targeted at public safety facilities, including 911 emergency centers and utilities, NiceCall can also be used in small bank branches, financial trading sites and call centers due to its small channel capacity and compact size. The unit records up to 24 voice channels, has over 1,000 hours of online voice storage capacity, and a number of other features including: integration with telephone and radio systems; PC and LAN connectivity; built-in hard disk with 120 hours of storage; built-in DAT drive with 500 hours of storage; instant access to recordings by date, time and channel; and security pass codes. For more information, contact: John Schoenbaum at 908-439-3660.

  • Telephony System

    PhoNet Communications Ltd. has announced the release of EtherPhone™, a telephony system that adds sophisticated PBX capabilities to a standard LAN. EtherPhone's technology integrates telephony and computer data networks, employing existing Ethernet LAN structures, existing Windows 95 PCs and standard phone sets as building blocks for the system. EtherPhone features include: full PBX functionality for internal and external calls, "follow me," transfer, hold, camp, groups and conference; advanced telephony features such as auto attendant, voice mail, music on hold and open APIs for voice processing and control applications; 16 simultaneous calls per Ethernet segment; and incremental increase in channel capacity. For more information, call 212-642-6563.

  • Television On PC Monitors

    Pinacl Communications, Inc. has announced the release of a system, TVLink, that enables personal computers to receive and display any standard television program. The new system, which also displays on a conventional TV, uses existing or new twisted-pair cabling rather than coaxial cable. Users can provide inter- and intrafacility training programs and communication, e.g., to security traders, hotel guests, students and executives who want CNN or C-Span readily available in a corner of a desktop screen. TVLink accepts multiple TV channels, such as NBC, CBS and ABC as well as CNN or any other cable station, from satellite, cable tuners, local cameras and digital video recorders. The PC must contain at least a 486 processor, Windows software, a video overlay card, and internal or external loudspeakers. For more information, contact David J. Delbridge at 914-345-8155.

  • Cutomer Interaction Software For Windows NT 4.0

    Pivotal Software Inc. has announced that its 32-bit Customer Interaction Software, Pivotal Relationship, is now available for Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and Windows NT server 4.0. Pivotal Relationship now fully integrates Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and Windows 95 desktop and mobile computers with Microsoft BackOffice database servers to create an enterprisewide information system for effectively managing customer relationships and interactions. Pivotal Relationship integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server to provide reliable and scalable data synchronization and communications for internal and external messaging. Pivotal also offers plug-in Business Modules that are customized to address the need of companies in specific vertical industries. For more information, contact Sharka Stuyt at 604-988-9982, ext. 111.

  • Videoconferencing Software

    RADVision has announced the release of its H.323 Software Stack, which is designed and developed for the videoconferencing OEM market. RADVision's Stack provides the components that enable codecs to communicate over local area networks, intranets and the Internet using the new H.323 standard. By incorporating this stack, manufacturers of videoconferencing equipment can reduce time-to-market for introducing H.323-complaint products. The H.323 Stack is a package of several software programs that perform all the functions that are needed to establish a videoconferencing session over IP data networks. For more information, contact: Shykeh Gordon at 201-529-4300.

  • ISDN Adjunct System

    Redcom has announced the release of its latest version of its ISDN Gateway Exchange (IGXlA). It allows public service providers to offer ISDN Basic Rate and Primary rate services, and other revenue-generating features, with minimal impact on existing central office (CO) hardware. Advanced services such as ISDN can be provided to subscribers without costly replacement of functioning switching equipment. Working as a tandem switch, the IGXlA connects to a CO using available trunking options, such as T1, CEPT E1, and E&M. Calls between POTS and ISDN subscribers pass through these trunks, while calls between ISDN subscribers are processed entirely within the IGXlA. This reduces traffic on the connecting trunk and aids in rapid call processing. The IGXlA's flexible translator allows sharing of local NXX numbers between POTS and ISDN subscribers. For more information, contact call 716-924-6510.

  • Call Center Software

    Repository Technologies, Inc. (RTI) has announced added comprehensive support for maintenance contracts to Version 3.0 of CustomerFirst, its integrated solution for customer service, defect tracking and problem resolution. In addition, a number customization mechanisms have been incorporated into the system. Version 3.0 will be available in both 16- and 32-bit versions. Version 3.0 adds "pay by the call" support to CustomerFirst's maintenance-tracking capabilities. Customer-First's maintenance features address a wide variety of contract options including: periodic (e.g., annual, monthly) maintenance contracts, billing by time, billing by number of calls for support, prepaid or "pay as you go." Customer- First maintains complete information on support contracts, upgrades and related incident history. For more information, call 708-515-0780.

  • New Office/Ergonomic Products

    Rubbermaid Office Product has announced the release of the following new products: several new Anti- Glare and Anti-Radiation Screens (Models # 400G-408G), designed to reduce glare, reflection, static and emitted E-Field ELF/VLF radiation; the Machine Stand (Model #284M), Machine Stand with Shelves (Model #285M) and Machine Stand with Drawers (Model #286M) hold printers, fax machines, copiers, scanners and multifunction machines; the High Selectable Monitor Arm (Model #621M) and Monitor Extension Arm (Model #642R) that allow computer users to set monitor heights to help minimize flexion (neck bent forward) and extension of the neck; a Mobile File Tote that holds every file size and features built-in, rounded handles and a hinged lid with a snap-shut latch that secures contents; the Woodline 500� Series of solid walnut and mahogany desk accessories that includes letter trays, pencil cups, desk pads, and memo and calendar holders; and the OfficeWorks™ Bookcases, which are 30- and 72-inch bookcases constructed of rugged Resinite™ material that feature adjustable shelves and snap-together design. For more information, contact Donna Marino at 423-977-5477, ext. 2321.

  • Marketing Software

    Sales Technologies' Marketing Services has announces the release of MarketExpress™ Version 1.0, a Windows-based software application, designed to provide targeted marketing capabilities and print-on demand technology to remote users. Designed to benefit virtual office needs, field sales representatives, and sales and marketing support staff, MarketExpress is a flexible, highly intuitive, user-friendly, point- and-click tool. MarketExpress users define, generate and control the production and mailing of business documents, personalized letters, and enclosures remotely. ST's Marketing Services production facility provides the central production and distribution services at its Wayne, Pennsylvania facility where MarketExpress jobs are received, processed and fulfilled within 24 hours. For more information, contact Karen Barton at 404-841-4148.

  • Siemens Rolm Introduces Media Blending

    Siemens Rolm Communications Inc. has announced that media blending is an emerging Siemens Rolm ProCenter application that provides intelligent routing of transactions among call center agents regardless of the media. Using the same methodologies currently employed to route calls in call centers, transactions communicated by voice, fax, direct online data, World Wide Web and video can be processed, queued, delivered and managed as a well-integrated part of the company's overall customer interaction system. Siemens Rolm's vision of media blending builds upon three technologies: CallBridge™ computer- telephony integration links, which support ever-advancing levels of application call control; the 9751 CBX's server-based architecture, which utilizes a reliable, high-speed ethernet LAN and gateway to coordinate a dialog among multiple application servers; and its R‚sum‚Routing application, which utilizes virtual groups designed on a call-by-call basis with the precise and complete set of skills needed to handle a given transaction efficiently. For more information, contact Carter Cromwell at 408-492-6999.

  • Workforce Management Software

    Sytel Limited has announced the release of Oceanic, a workforce management tool for outbound call centers. Outbound managers are now able to profile and schedule their outbound campaigns, just as inbound managers have been able to do for some years. Oceanic is targeted at any company seeking to improve communications with its customers, and which wants to get a better understanding of outbound dialing matters. It is also of interest to consultants, vendors and other call center industry participants. Oceanic runs on Windows 95 and NT, and comes in two versions; up to 50 agents per campaign, and for large call centers, up to 250 agents per campaign. All forms of outbound dialing are supported. Oceanic includes extensive online help to guide the user, and major emphasis is being placed on training, and support. For more information, call 800-747-0146.

  • Credit Service

    A new service, the Telecommunications Credit Exchange (T.C.E.), has announced the availability of free information to help credit managers in the telecommunications industry establish the credit-worthiness of new customers. The T.C.E. is a division of Adams, Cooper & Marks, a Boca Raton, Florida-based corporate collections company that specializes in the prevention of bad debt as well as the recovery of lost revenue. The T.C.E. has access to up-to-date information on more than 250,000 repeat commercial debtors, with additional information available through the Internet. For more information, contact Robert Sconzo at 800-932-3320.

  • Message Display Board

    Telegenix Corporation has announced the release of Telegenix Personal Display, which provides emulation of message display boards on agent and supervisor PC workstations from the Aspect RealTime Bridge. Using the Personal Display, supervisors can send messages to message display boards and agent personal displays; display colors change based on threshold values; display can be set to automatically pop-up when messages are received; management and supervisors can run multiple copies of the personal displays to watch several applications or groups at the same time. It can run on compatible Windows 3.11, Windows 95 and Windows NT. For more information, call 800-424-5220.

  • Two Modems On Same Line

    Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) has announced the release of a switch that allows two modems to share the same communication line. The switch can maintain connection with one modem line or RS232 line while monitoring a second high-priority modem line. This communication line can be connected to a data logger or any other RS232 communication port that uses a modem in a similar manner. When an incoming call is detected on the second modem line, the device will automatically switch to the second modem and stay connected to the second line until the incoming call is no longer detected. It will then return to the first communication line and resume normal operation until another call is detected on the second line. For more information, call 409-847-8682.

  • Cordless Phone For Strata DK

    Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division (TAIS TSD) has announced the release of its cordless digital telephone that employs spread-spectrum technology for secure communications and high-interference rejection. The new cordless telephone will work with all Toshiba Strata DK telephone systems including the new Strata DK8, DK16, DK280 plus Release 4 models of Strata DK24, DK56 and DK96. Toshiba's cordless telephone has digital, 900MHz, spread- spectrum technology. This technology provides 7 times the range of conventional cordless telephones, clarity comparable to corded telephones, a high level of interference rejection and secure communications that prevents outsiders from scanning calls. For more information, contact JoAnn Tazumi at 714-583- 3714.

  • Analog/Digital Multiplexer

    Temasek Telephone Inc. has announced the introduction of the MUX 6 analog/digital multiplexer, which is designed to allow telephone companies burdened with substantial line shortages for both homes and businesses to quickly expand their existing or new line capacity without laying additional cable. The MUX 6, the first in a series of high-end multiplexer products, allows six different telephone numbers to be carried simultaneously on one single-twisted pair of copper wire.The MUX 6 digital signal is designed to enhance voice and data quality and remove static from old underground cable. The new multiplexer has its own self-diagnostic system and new ISDN and ADPCM integrated circuits are built into the system. For more information, contact Edward Tan at 415-875-6666.

  • Sales Productivity Software

    Versatility, Inc. (formerly NPRI) has announced the release of its integrated software sales productivity solution for companies with call centers of 50 or fewer people conducting lead generation, lead qualification, order taking and order servicing. Based on Versatility's software for large enterprises, Versatility CallCenter can help small and midsize companies manage all aspects of the sales transaction process, reduce transaction time and increase productive talk time. Target customers include phone- intensive businesses such as insurance agencies, real estate agencies and retail organizations. The Versatility CallCenter desktop application provides the following: customer profiles, information about product features and benefits, question and objection handling, quotation preparation, order taking, literature fulfillment, call-back calendars and reminders, and scripting. Additionally, call centers can use Versatility's list management capability, complete with call recycling. Versatility also announced the Versatility Integration Professional (VIP) Program to distribute Versatility CallCenter through a nationwide network of qualified value added resellers (VARs). For more information, contact Lana Sansur at 703-934-7631.

Internet & Help Desk Products...

  • AT&T Web/Long-Distance Service

    As part of its strategy to fuse the World Wide Web with its long-distance network to make commerce over the Internet safer and easier, AT&T has announced the launch of a trial service that is designed to allow Web surfers to click on an icon to initiate a telephone conversation with a customer service agent. Additionally, the agent will be able to send images to a customer's screen to illustrate the products or services being discussed. The telephone conversation is provided through the AT&T network and simultaneously the image is transmitted through the Internet. Consumers will be able to get "instant answers" on-demand and make secure credit card purchases with the added benefit of personal interaction. Businesses will benefit from a new sales channel and more complete transactions. The network-based, two-way, agent-assisted transaction processing technology for the Internet is code named Project iA, for instant Answers. Companies will be able to save the large capital investment usually required for hardware and software by relying on AT&T to administer, maintain and upgrade the technology. The planned iA technology will be compatible with popular Web browsers, Web sites developed on the most popular server platforms and existing phone systems. This agent-assisted Web transaction processing technology will also be integrated with the AT&T Easy World Wide WebSM Service, an end-to-end Web hosting service, and AT&T's Strategic Call Center solutions offerings. For more information, call 800-7HOSTIN, dept. 123

  • ISDN Routers

    Cabletron Systems has announced a new line of remote access ISDN products designed for the needs of the small and home office (SOHO). The CyberSWITCH 100 family of personal ISDN routers provides telecommuters, remote offices and individual Web surfers high-speed dial-up access to corporate intranets and the Internet using the reliable technology of the integrated services digital network (ISDN) over existing phone lines. The ISDN BRI (basic rate interface) uses a single phone line and provides two users (bearer) channels of 64 Kbps and a signal (D) channel of 16 Kbps for communications with the telephone network. Thus, the two B channels can carry voice, video and data starting at 128Kbps and up to 512Kbps with the CyberSWITCH's built-in data compression. For the remote office, a single CyberSWITCH 100 can be used by an unlimited number of users for remote access. For more information, contact Rich Teplitsky at 603-337-1356.

  • Intranet Directory Software

    CCOM information Systems has announced the release of a new version of PhoneLine directory software, an online, enterprisewide directory manager designed to provide a feature-rich CTI interface to enterprise directories. PhoneLine 4.5 provides several enhancements that increase user functionality, including list management capabilities for creating conference call and e-mail distribution lists, customizable end-user directory displays, expanded printing options, multilingual support and international dialing options. PhoneLine 4.5 also has new directory administration features, including CCOM's MasterDirectory™, a new add-on data consolidation and management tool. CCOM also announced the introduction of two new products, Intranet Directory Publisher™ (iDP) and PhoneLine for the Intranet™, designed to let organizations capitalize on their investment in an intranet infrastructure by providing a professional, off-the-shelf intranet directory solution that can be accessed by standard Web browsers. These products are specifically designed to provide standard tools for electronically publishing and accessing corporate directory information on intranets. For more information, contact Joel Silverman at 908-603-7750, ext. 515

  • Real-Time Lead And Data Retrieval Service

    ETI Sales Support, Inc. has announced the release of its Internet Retrieval System, through which salespeople and management can receive real-time comprehensive feedback on constantly updated leads and prospect data with any Internet browser - from anywhere in the world. The new ETI system also enables field sales reps to add notes or other important contact information to records; instruct other users to take action; schedule a fulfillment package or a fax; order a call for telemarketing follow-up, etc., without a long-distance call or waiting for the other party to be available. ETI's new system includes its own software that creates HTML documents on the fly. The system operates on Oracle's Web Server Technology. For more information, contact Riki Olier at 914-747-3030.

  • E-Mail-To-Fax Services

    International Telcom Ltd. has announced two corporate access programs that will afford easy access to Faxaway services. The Domain Activation Program provides Faxaway access to all users within a corporate intranet or Internet domain. The Multiple User Program makes it possible for a corporation to establish Faxaway-active e-mail accounts for a limited number of employees within their corporate domain. Once Faxaway has activated a corporate domain, all users with that address are able to access Faxaway and its features, including attachment capabilities, custom formatting, broadcast faxing, instant confirmation and "fax-back" service. The Multiple User Program provides the same level of service to limited number of addresses within a particular domain. Both corporate access programs offer daily management reports by individual e-mail account (allowing managers to track daily usage), standard billing terms, and lowest domestic and international rates in the competitive e-mail-to-fax market. International Telcom also announced Faxaway resale opportunities for Internet service providers (ISPs and Internet presence providers (IPPs). By activating Faxaway within its Internet domain, an ISP can provide its customers with access to Faxaway's services and features while earning a commission on all usage within its domain. IPPs can use Faxaway to route all e-mail messages from a host's Web page to their fax machine anywhere in the world. International Telcom also offers Vemail, a virtual e-mail service. An Offshoot of Faxaway, Vemail allows international and domestic U.S. customers to establish an e-mail address that automatically forwards messages to their fax machine anywhere in the world. For more information, contact Eric Doescher at 206-286-5215.

  • Enhanced Web Yellow Pages

    U S West Marketing Resources has announced new enhancements to its U S Yellow Pages on the Internet service. The enhancements include 16,000 text-based Web pages, which allow businesses to show detailed information about their products and services on the Internet. These Web pages are free to businesses with half-page or larger ads in the U S WEST Direct Yellow Pages. Additionally, after a successful introduction of the U S West Yellow Pages on the Internet in 40 major metropolitan areas last June, the company has now included all of the business and trade listings from all 300 directories published by U S West Direct. These updates to the service now cover the more than 6,000 communities within U S West's 14-state service area. For more information, contact Robin Baca at 303-784-2454.

  • New Web Server Software

    Versatility, Inc. has announced the introduction of Versatility Open Web 1.0. The new server module is designed to expand a call center's ability to sell to and support customers via the Internet. Open Web creates hot buttons on a company's Web site such as "Call Me" or "Send Me Information." When prospects on the Web enter their phone number and click "Call Me," Versatility Open Web sends a message to the company's call center where an agent can immediately capitalize on the customer service inquiry. Open Web can generate leads and initiate customer service requests in two additional ways. Web site log-in data, such as name and address, can be automatically captured and transferred to a call center customer database for future use. In addition, Versatility Open Web offers the prospect several follow-up action options: for instance, one can schedule a call back for a certain time, request additional information on specific products and services, or ask to be put on a mailing list. Versatility Open Web integrates this information on the prospects' preference into the call center's callback queue or the company's database for use in future marketing campaigns. For more information, contact Lana Sansur at 703-934-7631.

  • Web Association Directory

    Young & Associates has announced the release of a new, searchable high-tech association directory for the World Wide Web. The Directory of High-Tech Associations - - consists of 83 trade and professional associations ranging from telecommunications-based to Internet related organizations. The Directory, available at no cost, allows for in-depth searches based on various criteria including subject, conferences, issues, locations, publications and more. While online, users have the ability to design personalized searches, immediately link to an association's home page and send applications and new information about their association. Young & Associates originally published a printed form of the Directory of High-Tech Associations in the late 1980s. For more information, contact Mara Radis 301-309-9404.


  • Acxiom� Study Reports Telesales Use Growing

    Acxiom Corporation has announced that, according to its reference program Case-in-Point, telemarketing remains the top performer in the marketing mix for speed, cost-efficiency, convenience and one-to-one marketing power. Well-publicized successes among personal computer companies like Dell, Digital, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Oracle have encouraged other manufacturers to develop their own telesales and teleservice channels. These companies site a range of benefits of telemarketing, including: drastically reduced costs, greater productivity, shortened sales cycles and real-time market research. Acxiom reported another factor driving the growth of telemarketing is the increasing sophistication of supporting data and technology. Acxiom's Telesource file, for example, contains telephone numbers, names and addresses for 85 million U.S. households, updated with monthly connects and disconnects, and augmented by information to ensure that private numbers are suppressed for all marketing applications.

  • Aspect Celebrates Installation Of 1,000th System

    Aspect Telecommunications has announced the installation of its 1,000th Aspect CallCenter� automatic call distribution system at Advanta Corporation, a consumer financial services enterprise with nearly six million customers and more than $18 billion in managed assets. "Aspect has been fortunate to receive widespread market acceptance of our call center products and services in steadily increasing numbers since our inception 11 years ago," said James A. Carreker, Aspect's founder and CEO. He added, "We are now installing about one new Aspect CallCenter system on average every calendar day. Reaching the milestone of 1,000 installed sites is a triumph shared by our employees and business partners."

  • The Hold Company Changes Name

    The Hold Company, Inc. has announced it has changed its name to Audiomax to better reflect the variety of audio-related services it offers. Established in 1984 as a messages- and music-on-hold provider, Audiomax now also offers in-store messaging and professional voice prompt scripting and recording for telephony applications such as voice mail, auto attendant and interactive voice response.

  • Mullen Given DMA Award

    The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has announced that Joan Mullen, vice president of Ron Weber and Associates, has been named as the 1996 Winner of its Telephone Marketing Excellence Award. Presented at the DMA's Annual Telephone Marketing Conference, the award has previously recognized only eight individuals and six companies for outstanding contributions in the telephone marketing field. A highly regarded expert and leader in the industry for 25 years, Mullen has been a national president of the American Telemarketing Association and a legislative specialist for the telemarketing industry on such issues as privacy, quality, ethics and standards. Since 1989, she has been vice president at Ron Weber and Associates.

  • Natural MicroSystems Supports PCI Standard

    Natural MicroSystems Corporation has announced full support for the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus standard for personal computers. PCI is the emerging replacement for the ISA bus commonly found in PCs, and has been endorsed by major computer manufacturers including Compaq, Intel, Digital Equipment Corporation and Apple. The PCI bus is rapidly being designed into PCs configured as servers. The PCI standard offers higher throughput, greater reliability and lower cost than previous PC bus architectures. Natural MicroSystems' first products for the PCI bus will be available in early 1997 and the company has committed to migrating its entire product line to the PCI bus specifications by the end of 1997.

  • NewStar To Conduct DPO Over The Net

    NewStar Collaborative Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as The Cowsert Corporation), developer of the Sound IDEAS collaborative software program, has announced its intention to become the first software company to conduct a direct public offering (DPO) over the Internet. The company plans to allow the public to purchase stock in the three-year-old company, beginning in the fourth quarter 1996, directly by accessing the NewStar site on the World Wide Web at NewStar's secure, interactive Web site was designed by Diamond.Net, a provider of Internet and Intranet broadband data networking solutions that is building its own private fiber optic and satellite global network utilizing asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) technology. Diamond.Net's engineers designed the NewStar Web site to handle more than 1.5 million hits per day. Diamond.Net also incorporated advanced security and encryption technology into the site to allow the public to download the prospectus and the subscription agreement.


  • DialAmerica Expands Cleveland Operations

    DialAmerica Marketing, Inc. has announced it is expanding its Cleveland operations from two facilities to four, creating nearly 200 new full- and part-time management and sales positions. DialAmerica has had a presence in the Cleveland area since the establishment of a single call center in Lakewood in 1957 and growing to five call centers in two facilities, both in Rocky River, in 1971. Three of these call centers are now being enlarged and moved from Rocky River to Middleburg Heights, Richmond Heights and Westlake. DialAmerica originated in 1957 as Life Circulation Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Time, Inc., established to increase LIFE magazine subscriptions. Today, the company has 40 call centers located in 27 states and employs approximately 6,000 TSRs.

  • ETI Doubles Size In Move

    ETI Sales Support, Inc., a business-to-business teleservice and marketing research company, has announced it has moved from Valhalla, New York to Pleasantville, New York, doubling its capacity. The company recently announced a secure Internet Retrieval System through which salespeople and management can receive real-time comprehensive feedback on constantly updated leads and prospect data with any Internet browser. The service, developed by ETI, uses Oracle's Webserver technology to create dynamic HTML documents on the fly containing all the pertinent information for the user.

  • Global Expands Distribution Center

    Global Industries, Inc. has announced the relocation and expansion of the first of its original 16 company- owned and operated distribution centers. The new 20,000-square-foot facility, located in Sunrise, Florida, will continue to service the southern Florida market. This facility will offer an extensive product showroom and expanded warehouse space.

  • Sprint Opens Center In Louisville

    Sprint Business has announced it has opened a Business Solutions Center in Louisville, Kentucky for small business customers nationwide. The new, $4.2 million state-of-the-art facility is providing more than 100 jobs for Louisville-area residents. Sprint's Louisville Business Solutions Center counsels small business customers in selecting the right mix of telecommunications services appropriate for their business objectives, productivity and profitability goals.

Mergers & Acquisitions...

  • Alert Acquires The Right Answer

    Alert Communications Company has announced the acquisition of The Right Answer call center in Westlake Village, California, the call processing arm of The Right Start catalog. Alert will provide sales, customer service and technical support for the up-scale baby item catalog, in addition to providing call- processing services for a number of other high-profile clients that The Right Answer currently serves. A previous relationship existed between Alert Communications and The Right Start, with Alert having handled catalog sales and support for the firm prior to the formation of The Right Start's own in-house call center.

  • Harte-Hanks Acquires Lead Management Group

    Harte-Hanks Communications, Inc. has announced the acquisition of the Lead Management Group (LMG) from Computerworld, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of International Data Group. LMG, located in Framingham, Massachusetts, provides response management, telemarketing and fulfillment services to the high-technology industry. LMG will become part of Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing, reporting to Harte-Hanks Response Management's president, Gary Skidmore.

  • MATRIXX Acquires Scherers Communications

    MATRIXX Marketing Inc. has announced the acquisition of Scherers Communications, Inc., a supplier of interactive voice response (IVR). Scherers' capabilities will enhance MATRIXX's existing customer service and sales coverage solutions by enabling the company to capitalize on the billion-dollar market opportunity for IVR and integrated IVR-live agent programs. Further, Scherers' online expertise will contribute to the development of MATRIXX's Internet-based services.

  • New Company Announced

    It has been announced that the new company formed as the result of the amalgamation of PureData Ltd., a provider of information network technology, and Kolvox Communications Inc., a speech software developer, will be named WildCard Technologies Inc. WildCard Technologies will deliver network connectivity and complete electronic messaging solutions for Intranet and Internet applications by integrating speech recognition, voice, data and fax in strategically developed products. "The integration of network, data, fax and voice communications with new speech recognition technologies gives WildCard a tremendous advantage for the development of innovative Intranet- and Internet-based systems," said Brian D. Childs, president and CEO of WildCard Technologies.

  • WilTech Acquires ITC mediaConferencing

    The WilTech Group Inc., a subsidiary of The Williams Companies, Inc., has announced the restructuring and acquisition of the remaining interest in ITC mediaConferencing, a worldwide telecommunications company in Denver, Colorado that provides audioconferencing, enhanced fax services and multipoint videoconferencing. The acquisition of ITC enables WilTech to build on its existing business media services and the synergies with its subsidiary, Vyvx Inc., an international satellite and fiber-optic video services provider. ITC headquarters will remain in Denver and the company will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of WilTech.

Strategic Alliances...

  • Advantage kbs Becomes ServiceWare Partner

    Advantage kbs, Inc. has announced it has become a Premier Partner of ServiceWare Inc. Through the Premier Partner program, Advantage kbs will bundle ServiceWare's Knowledge-Pak™ Desktop Suite with its IQSupport Pro problem resolution software, providing a robust system to identify and resolve support problems pertaining to a range of applications from Microsoft, Lotus, IBM, Novell and Corel as well as the World Wide Web.

  • Appintec And Nexgen Announce Applications Interface

    Appintec Corporation has announced a joint effort with Nexgen Software Technologies, Inc. whereby Nexgen will support the integration of SSA's BPCS manufacturing software with Appintech's ActionWare application, which will allow users to move between applications while staying on the same customer record. Information will automatically transfer into similar fields of either software, so information will not have to be accessed or entered more than once.

  • Bear Creek/NYNEX Internet Alliance

    Bear Creek Technologies has announced that NYNEX will use its software programs, TrafficWise and SwitchWise, to track phone line usage patterns, which will enable it to identify users and to plan new switches to accommodate the tremendous growth of computer communication. Currently, phone line capacity is based on shared use of three-minute phone calls each, which has been sufficient for phone and fax usage. However, many Internet users have unlimited access and the average call last three hours, which, without proper planning, could cause the phone system to lock up. NYNEX will use SwitchWise to forecast switching needs. NYNEX will use TrafficWise to monitor the telephone traffic of its customers and to generate traffic reports examining their usage patterns. TrafficWise reporting can evaluate how often business customers receive busy signals or how often phone lines go unused.

  • Cybernetics/Rockwell Agreement

    Cybernetics and Rockwell Switching Systems, a division of Rockwell International Corporation, have announced the signing of a joint license and development agreement to create applications that integrate Cybernetics' WorkForce Manager staff forecasting and scheduling software and Rockwell's Spectrum and Galaxy automatic call distributors (ACDs). Under the agreement, Cybernetics will develop a new, real- time software interface that merges agents and work schedules with Rockwell ACD systems.

  • DSS Supports INFORMIX Product

    Data Systems Support (DSS) has announced that its Sales Information Response System (SIRS™), a client/server customer asset management system, fully supports Informix Software, Inc.'s INFORMIX- OnLine Dynamic Server™, providing an advanced customer asset management system that automates enterprisewide sales, marketing and customer support operations. Running SIRS on the INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server is designed to offer mainframe-caliber manageability and performance, minimal operating system overhead and automatic distribution of workloads. DSS is an Informix Premier Value-Added Partner.

  • Ericsson And Ipsilon To Jointly Develop IP Switching Solutions

    Ericsson Inc. and Ipsilon Networks, Inc. have announced an intent to engage in joint activities to develop and market solutions for IP services provisions in public and private/enterprise networks. Under the terms of the agreement, Ericsson will license Ipsilon's IP Switching software for integration in its access and switching products as part of its IP-related network offerings. Both companies will engage in joint activities aiming at provisions of next-generation IP networks.

  • Executone Alliances

    Executone Information Systems, Inc. and Aspect Telecommunications have announced Executone's certification as a member in the Aspect Application Partner Program. The certification is a result of Executone's ability to integrate its outbound dialing product with the Aspect CallCenter Release 6 automatic call distribution system. Executone will use Aspect's Application Bridge as a CTI link to integrate its INFOSTAR/ Predictive Dialer with the Aspect CallCenter. Executone also announced that it named Audiomax (formerly The Hold Company) as its national provider of messages- and music-on-hold services.

  • Harland/APAC Partnership

    John H. Harland Company and APAC TeleServices, Inc. have announced an alliance whereby Harland will rely on APAC for customer service, order entry and order processing activities. The five-year agreement also involves APAC in the design, development and implementation of image capture and retrieval technology systems. The Harland relationship will be managed through APAC's division headquartered in Atlanta. In addition, APAC will open two new service centers to meet Harland's needs.

  • Hello Direct/GTE Alliance

    Hello Direct, Inc. has announced it has teamed with GTE to become the first catalog company to offer cellular activation through its catalog. GTE Cellular Activation debuted in Hello Direct's Fall 1996 catalog. The arrangement evolved from GTE's desire to enter into an alternate marketing channel. Hello Direct is offering the full line of GTE Cellular Activation services within GTE Cellular operating areas in the continental U.S. and Hawaii. In addition to adding cellular activation, Hello Direct has added a range of cellular phones and a dedicated group of trained customer care representatives available for sales support.

  • Illuminet/Centigram Alliance

    Illuminet (formerly ITN and US Intelco) and Centigram Communications Corporation have announced an agreement to offer competitively priced enhanced personal communications services (PCS) to Illuminet's network of small carriers and independent telephone companies (ITCs) in the expanding PCS market. Under this joint agreement, Illuminet will make available Centigram's enhanced applications, including VoiceMemo, FaxMemo, Personal Number Service, voice-activated dialing and e-mail management systems, to more than 230 North American members in its independent PCS consortium.

  • InterVoice/GeoTel Announce Interoperability

    InterVoice, Inc. and GeoTel Communications Corporation have announced the availability of a call center productivity solution for organizations with multiple, geographically dispersed call centers. The joint product interoperability enables customers to combine interactive information and call center automation systems from InterVoice with fully integrated enterprisewide intelligent call-routing capabilities from GeoTel. The solution, comprised of GeoTel's Intelligent CallRouter� and InterVoice's OneVoice� platform, is designed to enable companies to leverage their network infrastructure with intelligent call routing to the most appropriate call center location, automated call-processing system or customer service representative.

  • MCI/Microsoft Alliance

    MCI has announced a comprehensive agreement with Microsoft to provide call center services to manage fulfillment and customer service for the launch of the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 browser. MCI will also package the browser in MCI's access software and offer customers 20 free hours of Internet access for the first month of service. In addition, MCI has expanded its local access to the global Internet by more than 100 cities, bringing the total to 300 U.S. cities. With this expanded access, MCI now offers a toll-free number to make it easier for people to locate a local Internet access number when away from home or the office. When the subscriber dials 1-888-MCI-HTTP, the originating calling number is automatically recognized and the caller is given a local internetMCI access number.

  • NEOS™ To Use Rockwell Technologies

    NEOS Communications, Inc. has announced it intends to use Rockwell International Corporation technologies in its next generation of telephony products and services for the residential and small business markets. The planned family of products includes speakerphone and cordless models as well as basic and extended feature models. The NC-960 screen telephone is designed to be remotely reprogrammable. Initial applications include the delivery of electronic commerce, transaction processing and information services such as Internet e-mail and access to the World Wide Web and other communications servers. The new NEOS phone contains an advanced microprocessor from Rockwell that directly executes the JAVA™ software language.

  • Reflection Technology/Unplugged Communications Agreement

    Reflection Technology, Inc. has announced it has signed a distribution agreement with Unplugged Communications. The agreement grants Unplugged Communications the right to distribute and supply Reflection's FaxView personal fax reader to cellular communications resellers across the nation. In addition, Unplugged Communications will feature FaxView in its wholesale distributor catalog that is issued to thousands of retailers around the country.

  • Rockwell/NetSpeak Alliance

    Rockwell Switching Systems Division (SSD) and NetSpeak Corporation have announced a strategic alliance to develop and market products that allow Internet and World Wide Web users to speak directly with call centers over the Internet. The combined technologies of Rockwell and NetSpeak will enable customers to send Internet-originated telephone calls directly to call center agents globally, taking advantage of the existing call center infrastructure to voice-enable the Web site. This combination uses the customer's single phone line Web connection, allowing the agent to speak to the agent. NetSpeak's WebPhone used with Rockwell's automatic call distributors (ACDs) requires no additional equipment for the call center agent. The customer's call is made through the Internet from the PC and appears as any other inbound call to the ACD, but can be identified on the agent's console as an Internet call. With WebPhone, customers can click on an icon and immediately access an agent to get personalized service or pass confidential or credit card information.

  • Scopus/Verity Partnership

    Scopus Technology, Inc. and Verity, Inc. have announced a strategic partnership to combine Verity's search technology with Scopus' knowledge of the customer care market. Scopus and Verity are working together to bring "best-of-breed" technology to Scopus products, giving customers prompt, complete, prioritized matches from database queries. By combining Scopus and Verity technology, text search in the Scopus database is enhanced and extended to related outside information, such as magazine articles, technical manuals, white papers and price lists. The Verity search engine will be integrated into all Scopus applications, and will be provided to existing Scopus customers as part of future software upgrades.

  • Versatility Integrates With Remedy

    Versatility, Inc. (formerly NPRI) has announced integration with Remedy™ Corporation, to provide customers with a complete call center software/ help desk software solution. Versatility will integrate its call center software with Remedy's Action Request System™ help desk software to deliver an integrated tool to address both internal and external customer service, sales and marketing. The Versatility Series is a family of telesales, telemarketing, account management and order servicing applications. When integrated, Versatility and the AR System will allow users to perform outbound call functions such as sales, telemarketing and customer account management, as well as the help desk and other customer support functions required for incoming calls.

  • Voysys/Siemens Rolm Partnership

    Voysys has announced a strategic partnership with Siemens Rolm Communications, Inc. Voysys has been selected to design and manufacture the voice messaging system for Siemens' OfficePoint ISDN (integrated services digital network) system, providing OfficePoint customers with complete message handling and retrieval for their remote or small offices. Voysys designed Message Valet, a low-end, easy- to-use voice messaging system that seamlessly integrates with OfficePoint. Message Valet will be offered with the purchase of OfficePoint. Message Valet provides features and functions found in corporate-level messaging systems, including off-site message notification to a pager, personal mailbox greetings, password privacy and broadcast messages.

Contracts & Installations...

  • Ameritech Operator Services Contract

    Ameritech has announced it has signed an agreement with Communications Central, Inc., an independent payphone provider, under which Communications Central will use Ameritech operator services for all InraLATA services throughout a five-state region, comprised of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

  • Boston Technology Signs Two Contracts

    Boston Technology, Inc. has announced it has signed a contract with Southwestern Bell to provide Southwestern Bell with its Access NP™ Network Services Platform, as well as associated service applications, software and support services. The Boston Technology system will enable Southwestern Bell to provide voice messaging service and short message service to wireless customers in the Tulsa Major Trading Area (MTA), which covers Northwest Oklahoma. Boston Technology also announced it has signed a three-year contract with Cox California PCS, Inc. to provide services for wireless customers in the Los Angeles - San Diego MTA. Boston Technology will provide Cox California PCS with its Access NP Network Services Platform, as well as associated service applications, software and support services.

  • CallCenter Services Contracts

    CallCenter Services, Inc. has announced it has signed a contract with 1-800-BAR NONE, Inc. to provide 1-800-BAR NONE with integrated national marketing support for a unique program that generates and qualifies leads from car purchasers with special financing needs and distributes them to participating dealers. CallCenter Services also announced the it has signed a contract with Johnson Smith Company, which has published the "Things You Never Knew Existed" catalog for 82 years. CallCenter Services will handle overflow and off-hour calls for Johnson Smith's two catalogs.

  • CSC Contract

    Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has announced it has signed a five-year, multimillion-dollar contract to provide billing and customer care services to personal communications services (PCS) operator Omnipoint Communications Inc. Under the terms of the contract, CSC will provide software products and services to support Omnipoint Communications and its affiliates' PCS billing and customer service requirements throughout their markets.

  • Creative Payment Services Contract

    Creative Payment Services (formerly Chek4DEBIT) has announced it has signed a contract with Alpha One Services to handle its telephone check acceptance. Creative Payment Services will process check transactions by phone for several Alpha One Services clients, including an all-children's hospital, a nutrition company, a university and a missing children's organization.

  • GOP Uses Ericsson Equipment

    Ericsson has announced that convention goers at the recent Republican National Convention were introduced to the cutting-edge wireless communications capabilities of Pacific Bell Mobile Service(PBMS), which features the GSM-based PCS 1900 system from Ericsson. Ericsson supplied PBMS with a complete system infrastructure including mobile switching centers and base stations as well as the MXE message center. PCS stands for personal communications services, a digital technology that offers superior sound quality and the capacity for multiple communications services, such as voice conversations, paging, text messaging and wireless data transmissions over lightweight handsets.

  • IBM To Build Supercomputer For Lawrence Livermore

    IBM has announced it has signed a $93 million contract with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to build the world's fastest supercomputer. The IBM RS/6000™ system will be installed as part of the Department of Energy's Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI), a ten-year, one-billion dollar program to deliver tera-scale (a trillion calculations per second) of computing capability. Advanced computations, specifically three-dimensional modeling and simulation capability, are viewed as the backbone of "stockpile stewardship" - safe and reliable maintenance of the nation's nuclear arsenal in the absence of nuclear testing. But tera-scale computing will also provide a commercial platform for medical simulations, global climate modeling, aerospace and automotive design and other applications that could have a significant impact on American competitiveness and quality of life.

  • IEX Signs Pacific Bell Contract

    IEX Corporation has announced it has entered into an agreement to provide its TotalNet Call Routing system to Pacific Bell, which operates one of the world's largest multiple-site call centers. The TotalNet system will enable Pacific Bell to customize call routing based on geographic location and balance calls across multiple call centers. Under the terms of the agreement, IEX will provide a TotalNet system that runs on Sun Microsystem's Ultra Enterprise 3000 servers. TotalNet will interface with four Pinnacle automatic call distributors from Lucent Technologies and with IEX workforce management systems.

  • MATRIXX Signs Agreement With Hitachi PC

    MATRIXX Marketing Inc. has announced it has signed an agreement with Hitachi PC Corporation USA, a newly formed, San Jose-based subsidiary of Hitachi Japan and manufacturer of mobilized computing technologies. As part of the agreement, MATRIXX provides help desk support for Hitachi PC's new notebook computers. As Hitachi PC's full-service help desk solution, MATRIXX also provides fulfillment services for accessories and supplies for Hitachi PC's customers.

  • National List Services List Contract

    National List Services, Inc. has announced that it has been selected to manage the 400,000-name mailing lists for American Directory Publishers, Inc., a printer and publisher of directories for associations of lawyers. The mailing lists to be managed by National List Services include insurance law firms, environmental law firms, intellectual property law firms, bank and commercial law firms and personal injury law firms. Under the terms of the agreement, National List Services will also manage any additional association directories to be published by American Directory Publishers.

  • Online Interactive/ Cybersource Microsoft Contract

    Online Interactive, Inc. (OLI) and Cybersource, Corporation have announced that they provided instant fulfillment for Microsoft when Microsoft released its Web authoring and management tool, Microsoft FrontPage. Microsoft e-mailed its nearly half-million beta testers to announce the availability of FrontPage through various resellers, including via electronic download through, Cybersource's Internet-based software superstore and the atOnce Software store, with locations throughout the online world of the Internet, America Online, CompuServe and MSN, The Microsoft Network. Within hours of this announcement, both electronic resellers (OLI and Cybersource) were selling and distributing numerous copies of FrontPage via the Internet to Microsoft's online consumers. In addition to providing quick and secure delivery, the electronic channel also provides a number of value- added features such as secure, real-time transaction processing, instant product registration and comprehensive online customer support.

  • Panasonic Fax Machine Used To Fight Crime

    Panasonic Office Products Company has announced that the Collier County, Florida Sheriff's Office is using one of its UF-M500 fax machines to prevent crime and also alert people about disaster warnings and other news affecting the community. Corporal Dennis Huff of the Collier County Crime Prevention Bureau said, "We were able to seamlessly integrate our database of more than 20,000 records with the UF-M500. Now, when a need to alert people arises, we can target a specific county, region, industry, business, association or anyone else based on the message we need to send out, whether it's one fax or 20,000."

  • Proxima Puts Owens Corning On The Web

    Proxima, Inc. has announced it has created a new World Wide Web site for Owens Corning that utilizes the latest Internet technology to bring Owens Corning's familiar Pink Panther character to life. Fahlgren, an Owens Corning ad agency, collaborated with Proxima in developing the site. The site contains a variety of entertaining and educational locations, many of which are animated and interactive, having been produced with Shockwave, QuickTime and QTVR software and Proxima's own discussion software, Podium 2.0.

  • VCS Technology Used By Telecommunications Provider
    Voice Control Systems, Inc. has announced that its speech recognition technology will be deployed by a leading provider of telecommunications services for interexchange network-based enhanced voice services, including voice-activated dialing. VCS speech recognition software was delivered to the telecommunications provider by InterVoice, one of VCS's leading systems integrators. VCS expects revenue of approximately $400,000 during its third quarter as a result of the shipment.

International News...

  • Brooktrout Boards Receive International Certification

    Brooktrout Technology, Inc. has announced its TR114 multichannel fax board has received approvals in Spain, Italy, Norway and Malaysia and now meets the usage requirements in 20 countries worldwide. The TR114 2- and 4-channel boards approved in Spain, Italy, Norway and Malaysia are members of Brooktrout's TR114 Series family of Universal Port (fax and voice) products. TR114 Series products are also available in 2-, 4- and 8-channel versions with MVIP or PEB digital interfaces. Brooktrout also recently announced development of the ISDN-ready TR114+I2B and TR114+I4B 2- and 4-channel TR114 Universal Port boards, further expanding its support for European LAN fax application developers.

  • Cohen Group Adds Three Divisions

    The Cohen Group Inc., a Canadian marketing communications firm, has announced it has expanded its marketing communication capabilities by adding three new associate companies to its marketing umbrella. The three new companies are: TCG TeleCommunications Group Inc. - headed by William A. Bravin, this division specializes in inbound and outbound telesales in the high-tech marketplace; Mi@cro Interactive Inc. - headed by David Green and a staff of producers that specialize in Web site development and Internet management; and Cohen Special Events and Incentives - headed by special event expert Reid Savein and premium incentives specialist Gloria Moodie, will provide "star-studded" promotion and incentive strategies.

  • Fujitsu/Voysys Agreement

    Fujitsu Business Communication Systems (FBCS) has announced an agreement with Voysys Corporation to distribute and support an integrated call-handling and voice-messaging platform for the small office/home office market throughout the Western Hemisphere. Under the three-year, international original equipment manufacturers (OEM) agreement, FBCS will support and distribute Voysys' VoysConnect™ unified voice communications system in Canada, the Caribbean and Central and South America. The product will be marketed and distributed under the name Altura™.

  • ICT Group Acquires Eurotel Marketing

    ICT Group, Inc. has announced it recently increased its position from 60 percent majority ownership to sole ownership of Eurotel Marketing Ltd, a pan-European, multilingual call center operation located in Dublin, Ireland. Eurotel was originally formed in October 1994 as a joint venture between ICT Group and R.R. Donnelley Global Software Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company. Structured to serve U.S. and European-based multinational clients across all major industries, Eurotel provides distribution channels for large multinational firms as well as an expansion path for smaller U.S.-based firms seeking sales and distribution of their products and services into Europe.

  • ORYX Platform To Be Used In Zaire

    Priority Call Management has announced that its ORYX platform has been selected by Telecel International Ltd. to deliver new telephone services in Zaire, Africa. Telecel is using Priority's ORYX platform to link cellular and satellite networks with local land-based telephone systems, offering enhanced telephone services to a population that previously could not communicate with the outside world. ORYX offers a solution for linking wireless and wireline networks, providing enhanced telephone services, including one number, prepaid and international calling, as well as voice dialing and voice/fax messaging.

  • Melita Partners With Matte-Ramsdell

    Melita International Corporation has announced that to reach the South American market it is partnering with Matte-Ramsdell. Working together, Melita and Matte-Ramsdell will offer call centers productivity alternatives such as call center diagnostics that include workflow process and current productivity. They will offer suggestions on where improvements can be made in these areas. Then, with this in-depth knowledge of the client's business and operations, Melita's team of experts customize the call-processing system parameters to achieve the highest level of productivity.


  • Ray Hipp has been named president and CEO of teleservices provider ITI Marketing Services, Inc. Hipp began his career with IBM and in 1980 he joined Comdisco, a computer and technology leasing firm, where he subsequently became executive vice president and director. Hipp also became the founding president and CEO of Comdisco Disaster Recovery Services, Inc., which developed and marketed backup computer and communications systems. ITI Marketing Services, among the nation's largest teleservices companies, was founded in 1986 by Steven and Sheri Idelman, who remain directors of the firm.

  • ProCommunications, Inc., a provider of integrated teleservice solutions, has named Joel A. Schleicher president and CEO.

  • Telemarketing service agency NTS Marketing, Inc. has named Christopher S. Judd as president and COO and David L. Randall as vice president.

  • APAC TeleServices, Inc., an outsourcing customer service and sales company, has announced that George D. Dalton, chairman and CEO of Fiserv, Inc., and Paul G. Yovovich, former president of Advance Ross Corporation, have joined its board of directors.

  • John H. Harland Company, a supplier of checks and forms, marketing and strategic planning services, loan automation and compliance software to the financial industry, has appointed James Garrett to the positions of senior vice president and president of its Financial Markets Division.

  • Sandy Scheer has been named director of marketing at Aurora Systems, Inc., a provider of CTI products.

  • Channel Marketing Corporation, an international marketing consulting firm, has appointed Carl L. Andrews as senior vice president.

  • CTI component manufacturer Dialogic Corporation has named Larry Fromm as vice president of new business development and Spero Koulouras as director of advanced networking.

  • Bruce Crooks has been named as senior vice president, North American operations at telemarketing service agency The Faneuil Group.

  • Voice processing systems provider Microlog Corporation has named John C. Mears as vice president of product development.

  • SOFTBANK Services Group (formerly UCA&L), a telemarketing service agency, has appointed Frank A. Vaculin as senior vice president of sales, North America.

  • Lisa Hayes has joined TCS Management Group, Inc. as director of Call Center University. TCS is a call center software, consulting and educational services provider.

  • Telemarketing service agency Telemarketing Concepts has named Frank L. Fuhrman as vice president of business development.

  • Voysys Corporation, a provider of voice communications systems, has appointed Tom Beck as director of North American sales.

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