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July 1996

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New Products...

  • Office Automation Software

    Core Technology Corporation has announced the release of Who's Where version 2.00. Who's Where is office automation software consisting of a computerized In/Out board and an instant messaging package for LANs and WANs. It is available on one disk and now has an automated status login upon startup of Who's Where. Other new features include TCP/IP support, reporting capabilities and integration with Scheduler+ and e-mail. The TCP/IP availability allows users to communicate with Who's Where over the Internet. For more information, contact Sarah Lee at 800-338-2117.

  • Enhanced Telemarketing System

    Electronic Technical Services (ETS) has announced the release of an enhanced version of its Teleprofit telemarketing system. The predictive dialing package is designed for smaller companies with little or no telemarketing experience that want to set up a complete in-house system. The Teleprofit System includes customized report generation, online statistical displays, complete database management, answering machine detection, inbound and outbound capabilities and more. Optional features include custom on-site programming, inbound telemarketing, multiple system networking, custom database conversion and additional editor stations. For more information, contact Jay Crump at 319-322-3562.

  • Contact Management Software For Workgroups

    GoldMine Software Corporation has announced the availability of GoldMine for Windows 95, which features Internet integration, embedded wireless paging and wizards. If a user receives e-mail from a GoldMine contact, the message is automatically linked to the contact record in the pending folder. Users can now also synchronize databases via the Internet, merging all changes down to the field level. GoldMine for Windows 95 also includes a knowledge base Information Center that allows users to create a customized library of information. GoldMine also announced it is shipping GoldSync Remote Synchronization Gateway, which automates and enhances GoldMine's current, manual point-to-point remote synchronization, providing data replication between multiple sites, hosts and users across the enterprise at predesignated times. For more information, contact Gregg Steiner at 800-654-3526, ext. 1506.

  • Wireless Telephone Headset

    GN Netcom has announced the introduction of the MPA� Satellite™. Using preferred 900 MHz technology, the MPA Satellite permits users to roam 100 to 300 feet without compromising the sound quality. It provides a rechargeable battery for up to six hours
    of continuous talk time. Additional features include a quick-disconnect port to connect to any GN Netcom headset, 40 autoselect channels for clear transmission, compatibility with most business telephones, and a digital code to secure transmission, preventing interference from other devices. For more information, contact Patrick Hebert at 800-826-4656.

  • Sales Automation Software

    Inspired Design Sales & Marketing Systems has announced the availability of ProActiv 2.0 sales automation software. ProActiv 2.0 is designed to offer forecasting and planning, sales analysis, advanced database profile management, team enterprise communications, a customizable products screen and remote sales management and communications. It also features the ability to optimize remote communications through data synchronization capabilities, which allows for field-level arbitration - if two users have changed the same piece of data at the same time, ProActiv will manage the updates so all users receive the same information. It is designed to allow for deployments of 5 to 1,000+ users and runs on Windows, Windows 95 or Windows NT. The communications server runs on Windows NT. For more information, contact James Rores at 800-851-3320, ext. 105.

  • Fading Emulator For WLAN And PCS

    Noise Com, Inc. has announced it has extended the RF bandwidth of its Multipath MP2600 fading emulator from 20 MHz to 26 MHz, which increases versatility in testing wireless LANs and PCS systems based on all current and proposed air interface standards. The MP2600 emulates one or two wireless communication channels between base stations and mobile receivers. It can be configured to perform single-channel tests with up to 12 paths, or dual-channel tests with up to six paths per channel. The instrument also allows direct setting of output power levels. For more information, contact Alex Kim at 201-261-8797.

  • Adjustable Chair Arms

    Office Furniture Marketing, Inc. (OFM) has announced the availability of the 12-Function AdjustAble Arm for office chairs Model #: AAA-"MULTIFUNCTION AdjustAble Arms." The 12 functions are engineered to provide consistent support from the elbow to the wrist. In addition, the inner-spring design eases the pressure from the neck and shoulder. For more information, call 800-520-7471.

  • Voice Logging Recorders

    Omnicron Electronics has announced the introduction of a new, compact series of professional voice logging recorders to upgrade its VLR series. These recorders provide automatic documentation of telephone conversations, two-way radio messages, and meetings in a variety of applications. They feature slow-speed recording to allow up to 16 hours of talk time on a standard audio cassette. Their time track option documents time and date on a separate channel throughout all recordings. VLR recorders also permit monitoring during recording. For more information, contact Bill Jones at 860-928-0377.

  • Pollable Call Record Buffer

    Omnitronix has announced the release of the PS680, a pollable call record buffer, which is a component in call accounting and telemanaging systems which receives, stores and releases PBX phone system data via its dial-up internal modem. Expanded basic call record functions include alarm notification and a second input port for collecting and storing data that can be polled separately. An "alarm" call record initiates notification via modem, serial port or pager and is useful for toll-fraud detection, percentage full monitoring and buffer site maintenance. The PS680 features Configuration Manager for Windows, which programs configuration, polling and alarm operations and stores phone numbers and passwords for all buffer sites in a phonebook file. For more information, call 206-624-4985.

  • Surge Protector

    Panamax has announced the introduction of the SUPERMAX AllPath surge protector. It is designed to automatically disconnect power during over-voltage conditions, such as surges or spikes, or during under- voltage conditions, such as sags or brownouts. The SUPERMAX AllPath features include "ground OK" and "Line Fault" diagnostic lights, an always-on outlet, master on/off switch and six-foot power cord. It has six receptacles plus two modular phone jacks, automatic or manual reset when the voltage returns to a safe level, and a thermal fuse which, in the event of extended overvoltage, shuts off power to connected equipment. For more information, contact Carol McClure at 800-472-5555, ext. 3980.

  • Sales And Marketing Software Update

    POINT Information Systems, Inc. has announced the release of Version 2.0 of its sales and marketing software. POINT Version 2.0 features easier user interface and greater customization capabilities. Usability is the central focus of Version 2.0, with sales, marketing and support concepts represented by 16 X 16 pixel bitmaps. Information fields have been repositioned so pertinent data is immediately and clearly available when the user moves from record to record. Version 2.0 also adds a Navigator that presents a tree view of all open tabs on the POINT desktop. A Group Tab has been added to track team projects. A Diagram Editor has been added to allow for the creation and editing of large workflows and scripts. The POINT system works with relational databases such as Oracle and DB2. For more information, contact Mononita Ghosal at 770-551-1950.

  • ISDN PRI Platform Support

    Priority Call Management has announced ISDN (integrated services digital network) primary rate (PRI) for its ORYX™ platform, designed to give faster and more reliable phone connections for virtual office workers. ISDN makes more efficient use of voice channels within the public switched telephone network to accommodate increased traffic demand, and facilitates integration with multiple vendors' equipment. ORYX is an intelligent telecommunications platform that offers one number, voice dialing, prepaid/calling card, international calling, integrated messaging access and additional value-added applications. For more information, contact Mary Sullivan 508-694-2579.

  • Windows-Based Marketing System

    Sales Technologies, Inc. (ST) has announced the release of Market-Express�, an integrated client/server, Windows-based direct marketing system. It is designed to allow remote users to define, generate and control the production of direct marketing letters at a central location within a 24-hour turnaround period. MarketExpress features include flexible direct mail parameters, open mail merge import, expandable letter library, central production with high-quality laser printing and highlight color capabilities, XcelleNet communications and integrated system management. For more information, contact Karen Barton at 404-841-4148.

  • Sales Automation For PowerBuilder

    Sales Vision, Inc. has announced the release of Sales Vision Framework 2.5 for PowerBuilder. The refined object architecture of Framework 2.5 is designed to provide enhanced user functionality and incorporates new global data manipulation capabilities for high-level database marketing. The partitioned layering of objects within its Layered Object Architecture allows users to perform a variety of operations on related sets of data. The global data action capabilities provide a "universal" model for end users to navigate between sets of related objects and perform operations on sets of business objects. Users now have the ability to update fields in a list of selected records, "drill around" between sets of related records, and establish new relationships in the database model without "breaking" the software. For more information, contact Robert Kear at 704-549-0609.

  • Sales Automation For Mobile Profesionals

    Scopus Technology, Inc. has announced the availability of Scopus Voyager, a sales automation solution for mobile sales professionals that is designed to provide seamless integration with customer care applications. Voyager offers a single applications tool, Scopus Works, that can be used throughout the extended enterprise. Key features of Scopus Voyager are: full untethered operation; automatic synchronization of local and remote data upon connection; lead management; opportunity management;
    account management; marketing encyclopedia; time management; quote management; personal productivity tools; easy administration and maintenance; and local database - SQL Anywhere. For more information, contact Ken Croley at 510-597-6065.

  • Data Analysis Tool

    SPSS� Inc. has announced the availability of its latest release, SPSS 7.0 for Windows, on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM version includes: the Base module for SPSS 7.0 for Windows; Census information from Wessex, Inc. and Claritas Inc.; the complete SPSS 7.0 Base System Syntax Reference Guide in an electronic format; a multimedia Quick Tour that shows an overview of the features of the new product; an electronic version of SPSS Survey Tips, a 30-page booklet that helps readers design, conduct and analyze surveys; and selected articles from the SPSS user magazine, Keywords. The Wessex data, from the most recent (1990) U.S. short-form Census, will allow users to analyze more than 1,000 variables delivered at the state, county, city and Census tract level for the entire U.S. Claritas is providing four partial data sets for the CD-ROM. Each file includes data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Those sets include Household Trend database, Consumer CLOUT database, Workplace Population and PRIZM Distribution. For more information, contact Larry Mathias at 800-525-4980.

  • Fax Server

    Syntellect Inc. has announced it has added a fax server to its VocalPoint and Premier 030 IVR platforms. With the Syntellect Fax Server, businesses can offer their callers the ability to receive fax-on-demand services and the ability to have information from the host computer faxed immediately. The Fax Server can operate as either a one-call or two-call solution. With the two-call, the caller enters the fax number, hangs up the phone, and the Fax Server calls back to send the fax. The one-call solution saves the Fax Server the step of calling back by sending the fax on the original call, provided by the caller's fax and phone are on the same line. The Fax Server can be configured as a shared resource where multiple IVRs can access it, or it can reside on a single VocalPoint IVR. The Fax Server was designed to support large call centers where multiple IVRs are deployed, thus eliminating the need to install fax software on each IVR. For more information, contact Ann Conrad at 800-347-9907, ext. 313.

  • Digital Voice Announcers

    Viking Electronics has announced the release of three new digital voice announcers. The DVA-500 is a three-channel announce system designed specifically for ACD/UCD, intercept, hotel/motel wake-up and night answer, in retail, commercial, industrial, governmental and other high-use answer-only applications. It answers on the first ring or immediately using E & M control and automatically adjusts to the message length and provides instant rewind. The DVA-2W is a record/announce device with a built-in amplifier and one minute (expandable to four minutes) of nonvolatile memory. Recording can be done on site or in the studio and then be shipped to the installation. The DVA-1003A is a three-channel announce system designed for ACD/UCD, intercept, hotel/motel wake-up and night answer, in retail, commercial, industrial, governmental and other high-use answer-only applications. Each of the three independent channels gives a separate announcement for ACD/UCD and other similar applications. Messages can be up to 32 seconds in length and may be recorded and reviewed using a standard telephone handset or down-loaded from a tape player. For more information, call 715-386-8861.

CTI Products...

  • Client/Server Capabilities For Mainframe Call Centers

    Aristacom International, Inc. has announced the availability of DynaRep™, a client/server CTI solution that links the telephone switch to both TCP/IP LAN-based Windows desktops and applications on the mainframe computer system, giving TSRs seamless access to the appropriate customer information databases while using existing mainframe applications. CTI benefits include intelligent answering ("screen pop"), intelligent transfer and conference, call routing based on company-determined criteria, integration of voice response systems with CTI applications, abandoned call tracking and easy call returning, automatic outdialing with customer information at hand, and tools for analyzing call center activity. For more information, contact Debra DeBondt at 510-748-1500.

  • CTI Without Central Server

    Comdial has announced the release of, designed to eliminate the need for a central server. It is TCP/IP and NetBios compatible and meshes seamlessly with a range of PC operating systems, from OS/2 to Windows NT and Windows 95. works with all popular LAN environments, allowing a user to access all communications systems such as pagers, e-mail and voice mail. is a computer-telephony tool designed to allow the user to control all incoming and outbound calls as well as PIM integration to Act, Goldmine, Access and more. For more information, contact Michael Gough at 804-978-2200.

  • Voice Processing Platform

    Digital Speech Systems, Inc. has announced the release of the WIN48000, a multitasking CTI voice processing platform designed to bridge the gap between phone systems and computers. WIN48000 software operates under the Window NT Operating System. It will also run on a background of networked workstations and will communicate with the user via pop-up windows and a graphics interface. It handles up to 96 ports, 1,000 hours of voice storage with 65,000 users, supports Dialogic low- and high-density voice cards and SC-bus. Basic features include voice mail, automated attendant, audiotex, database look- up and other voice processing and CTI features. The system integrates via digital or analog ports with more than 100 PBX and key phone systems including AT&T, Nortel, Rolm, NEC, Telrad and others. For more information, call 214-235-2999, ext. 120.

  • Voice And Video On Desktop

    Incite has announced the release of a new feature for its Conversational Media™ system that is designed to turn a desktop computer into a personal video server. StreamLink allows users to publish a list of multimedia files to be shared and then assign a unique phone number to the files to allow access from anywhere in local or wide area networks. The Conversational Media CTI platform converges phone- quality voice, H.320 and MPEG video, and T.120 data collaboration at the desktop. The bandwidth of the call can vary from 64Kbps to 6.144 megabits per second (Mbps), allowing for the playback of high- quality video files such as MPEG. With SteamLink, a user places a call to another user's desktop computer to access the menu of available files and choose one to play. Any type of multimedia file can be played back, but the feature typically is used to export stored video files such as MPEG, AVI or QuickTime movies. For more information, contact Jerrie Rea at 214-447-8822.

  • Multisegment PCI/ISA Passive Backplane

    Rapid Systems Inc. has announced the availability of the 20-slot PCI/ISA segmented passive backplane offering three separate systems for one chassis. The backplane design is compliant to the PICMG specification and all popular 486 and Pentium single-board CPUs are supported. Features include 20-slot PCI/ISA backplane segments (8-6-6); 8 slots (3 PCI/1 CPU/4 ISA), 6 slots (3 PCI/1 CPU/2 ISA); +5 and +12 volt power output for disk drives; PCMIG-compliant design; and PCI local bus slots that support industry-standard PCI and ISA function boards. For more information, contact Jann Hegle at 206-784- 4311.

  • CTI And Multimedia Tools Merged With PC-Based ACD

    Rockwell International Corporation's Switching System Division has announced the introduction of Convergence™ call center solutions. Features include CTI capability, expert scripting, personal announcements, call recording, multilanguage capability, anywhere usage and the PC-based functionality of Rockwell's Spectra-View™ console. Convergence is a full-featured Windows ACD console that "pops" screens from host computer systems without the need for CTI servers. Using ANI or DNIS with the industry-standard DDE command set, host computer screens can be automatically displayed for each caller. Additional CTI capabilities integrate easily with Convergence through a provided TAPI interface. For more information, contact Tom Mikol at 708-960-8047.

  • ACD That Can Tie Into A LAN

    Telcom Technologies has announced the availability of its new Call Server ACD, a PC-based Windows 95 server that is LAN compatible and is adaptable to TSAPI and/or TAPI standards. The Call Server ACD utilizes digital technology and is fully programmable using Windows 95 screens with full on-line help capability. Because of its nonblocking architecture, the Call Server ACD can process more than 4,500 calls per hour. This open architecture offers client/server or Microsoft peer-to-peer enterprisewide access to real-time and stored information in the Call Server ACD. The Call Server ACD is a dedicated networking ACD system, offering complete ACD features and full PBX functionality. It can also operate with Centrex and key telephone systems, or as a stand-alone system. For more information, contact Richard Widney at 909-620-7711.

Help Desk & Internet Products...

  • Client/Server Help Desk Software Upgrade

    Astea International Inc. has announced the availability of PowerHelp 2.2, a significant update of Astea's client/server help desk and customer support software. New features include the Astea Web Server for problem resolution via the World Wide Web, two-way e-mail for direct access to the PowerHelp solutions database from remote locations, full integration with leading network management software to automatically log network problems in PowerHelp as they occur and streamlined problem resolution through enhanced search and retrieval capabilities. For more information, call 215-822-8888.

  • Auto-Prompt/Scripting Feature For Help Desk

    DKSystems has announced the release of Version 2.0 DKHelpDesk for Windows. Version 2.0 features an Auto-Prompt/Scripting capability that enables user to create custom prompts or scripts to be used as part of the customer service process, then define the triggers that will cause each series of prompts to appear. Prompts can be defined to require yes/no responses, data entry responses or indication of the response from a multiple choice list. Prompts can be triggered at the initiation of a new call entry, when an action or activity is recorded for an existing call, when a new or existing call is assigned to a designated support group or staff member, when a call is closed or when a specific category or problem code designation is made for a help desk call. For more information, call 800-892-5332.

  • Telephone White Pages On Internet

    Metromail Corporation and Four11 Corporation have announced they have teamed up to create a directory of telephone numbers and street addresses for the Internet. Access is free and available through the World Wide Web using any browser at The Four11 directory will be comprised of information from Metromail's national database of listings, which is derived primarily from the nation's thousands of white page directories and updated from directory assistance files from the major telephone companies. The telephone directory established at Four11 will benefit from Metromail's regularly updated information. For more information, contact Bill Graves at Four11 Corporation at 415-617-2013, or Julie Springer at Metromail at 708-932-2627.

  • Virtual Storefronts Proliferate

    Online Interactive, Inc. (OLI), a developer of online shopping services, has announced that its virtual storefronts will now be available on every major commercial network plus the Internet. The company's online shops have been available on America Online, The Microsoft Network, Prodigy and the Internet for several months, and are now available on the CompuServe network. Online Interactive's first two electronic storefronts are called atOnce Software™ and FreeShop Online™. Specializing in direct download delivery of software to the user's PC, the atOnce Software stores carry more than 700 different programs online users can purchase for immediate delivery. The FreeShop Online is a lead generation tool for advertisers who want to locate a demographically targeted online audience. Advertisers make available a wide variety of free products and services in exchange for an online user's name and address. For more information, contact Robert Nachbar at 206-443-1933, ext. 120.

  • New Internet-Based Services

    SunExpress, Inc., the aftermarketing company of Sun Microsystems, Inc., has announced the startup of SunPlaza™, a new set of Internet-based services that allows customers to access detailed, up-to-date information on product pricing and availability, place orders over the Internet, and check the status of their own orders, regardless of how they have been placed. These services expand the existing SunExpress Internet site, which provides information on more than 3,500 aftermarket products and services offered by SunExpress. SunPlaza is updated daily to guarantee that customers have instant access to special offers, product availability and pricing. Customers enter SunPlaza through They may view technology white papers, tips on system configuration and detailed information on more than 3,500 Sun and complementary third-party aftermarket products. For more information, contact Julie Turkevich at 508-442-3156.

  • Yellow Pages On The Internet

    U S West Marketing Resources has announced the availability of the U S West Yellow Pages on the Internet service, which contains the listings for 40 major metropolitan areas covering more than 1,000 communities in U S West's 14-state service area. The local business listings are complemented by local community information and news, as well as a new, solutions-oriented approach to finding businesses, products and services in the Yellow Pages. With an intuitive user interface and an automatic cross- reference index, consumers can conduct in-depth and detailed searches for businesses. For example, consumers can search for a business by name, category (such as "auto"), address, ZIP code and phone number, or make combination searches (such as "restaurant on Main Street"). In addition, businesses can publish their Internet address along side their telephone numbers and business addresses printed in the Yellow Pages. For more information, contact Robin Baca at 303-784-2454.


  • Susser Named As Entrepreneur Of The Year� Finalist

    GoldMine Software Corporation has announced its president, Elan Susser, has been selected as a finalist for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur Of The Year award. Susser is one of 32 finalist chosen from a field of 75 Greater Los Angeles Program nominees. According to Ernst & Young, all of the nominees are leaders of high-caliber companies, collectively responsible for more than approximately $10 billion in revenues. GoldMine Software publishes

    GoldMine for Windows 95, a contact management program. Entrepreneur Of The Year is sponsored by USA TODAY and NASDAQ, among others.

  • Lucent Teams With Sun On Java Telephony Specification

    Lucent Technologies has announced that together with Sun Microsystems it has developed specifications to enable integration of the Internet and telephony using the Java language. Users will be able to link the graphical, multimedia Internet with their voice networks, combining documents, e-mail, fax, video and telephony. The Java telephony object specification allows software developers to write applications that jointly manage voice and data connections. Using this specification, applications will be able to integrate existing call-control software, including Novell's TSAPI, Microsoft's TAPI, SunXTL and others with the World Wide Web. Lucent has integrated Internet and telephony capabilities in the company's recently announced Limbo programming language.

  • NPRI Changes Name

    NPRI, Inc., a provider of call center applications, has announced it has changed its name to Versatility, Inc. The name change is a result of the high market acceptance in the past year of the company's flagship product, Versatility. "To most businesses, the call center represents the front-line of interaction with customers," said Ron Charnock, founder and CEO of Versatility, Inc. "Versatility's mission is to optimize the value of these contacts to turn the call center into a profit center. The Versatility software series is the foundation."


  • Edward Blank Opens New Centers

    Edward Blank Associates, Inc. has announced the opening of two new telemarketing centers, one in Hazelton, Pennsylvania (its tenth U.S. center), and one in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. The Canadian center is part of a long-term plan for expansion in the international arena. The company now has 1,100 positions and 2,500 TSRs.

  • Signature Group Opens Center

    The Signature Group has announced the opening of a new telemarketing center in Dunedin, Florida. The center will employ approximately 200 full- and part-time associates.

Mergers & Acquisitions...

  • Cadmus Acquires Lancaster Information Group

    Cadmus Communications Corporation has announced the acquisition of Lancaster Information Group, Inc., a producer of scientific, technical and medical journals. The purchase price was approximately $57 million, consisting of cash and the assumption of certain debts of Lancaster. Cadmus is a graphic communications company offering specialized products and services in three broad areas: printing, marketing and publishing.

  • Harte-Hanks Acquires IHS

    Harte-Hanks Communications, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Inquiry Handling Services, Inc. (IHS), a provider of response management, telemarketing and fulfillment services to the high-technology and electronics industries. IHS will become a part of Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing, a provider of direct marketing services. IHS will report to Gary Skidmore, president of Harte-Hanks Response Management.

  • Jupiter Acquires WebTrack™ Information Services

    Jupiter Communications has announced it has acquired all of the assets of WebTrack Information Services from Caddis International, Inc. WebTrack Information Services provides quantitative research and detailed databases on the costs and growth of advertising and marketing on the Internet. WebTrack's InterAd Monthly is a publication for publishers and advertisers involved with advertising on the Internet.

  • MarCom/UTN Merge

    MarCom Technologies, Inc., a telemarketing service agency, has announced its merger with Universal Teleservices Network Corp. (UTN). UTN will provide MarCom with necessary resources for continued nationwide growth within MarCom's industry areas of expertise. MarCom currently operates a telemarketing facility in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and two in the Clearwater, Florida area, with a total capacity of 400 positions. UTN, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, operates 295 telemarketing positions. Current planned growth includes the opening of two new telemarketing centers in July.

  • Signature Group Acquires Emanacom Data Services/To Open New Call Centers

    The Signature Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Montgomery Ward & Co, Incorporated, has announced the acquisition of Emanacom Data Services Incorporated - a Dover, New Hampshire-based customer loyalty and rewards company - effective upon completion of final due diligence. The Signature Group also announced plans to open nine more telemarketing centers in 1996. The specific locations cited are: Bolingbrook, Illinois; Glenwood, Illinois; Lakeland, Florida; and Redlands, California. Additional sites will be identified at a later time. The Signature Group currently employs more than 4,000 associates dedicated to telemarketing. The nine new centers will add roughly 1,500 positions, or 175 positions per center at 544 new outbound stations and 160 new inbound stations.

Strategic Alliances...

  • Advanta Partners Recapitalizes RMH

    Venture capital firm Advanta Partners LP has announced it has sponsored the recapitalization of telemarketing service agency RMH Telemarketing. As part of the transaction, Advanta Partners arranged a $20 million senior credit facility for RMH with Chase Manhattan Bank. The credit facility will be used to finance part of the recapitalization as well as fund future working capital requirements as the company continues its rapid growth.

  • Ameritech Signs Agreements With Rockwell, APAC

    Ameritech Corp. has announced it has signed agreements with Rockwell Switching Systems and APAC TeleServices, Inc. Ameritech has been chosen by Rockwell Switching Systems as its first-ever distributor throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Ameritech arrangement ends Rockwell's 23-year exclusive reliance upon direct sales in North America. Through its agreement with APAC, Ameritech for the first time will be offering live agent outsourcing for customers that need assistance in providing customer service, telesales, reservations, order taking and other calling services.

  • Borealis/ATC Partner

    Borealis Corporation has announced a strategic marketing agreement with American Technology Corporation (ATC) to combine forces and build momentum in the sales force automation (SFA) market. Under terms of the agreement, ATC will market Arsenal, a customizable product for rapidly developing, deploying and maintaining client/server-based mobile SFA solutions. ATC, a SFA and mobile computing consulting agency, will leverage its consulting and customization expertise to implement Arsenal solutions.

  • Crystal/Rockwell Partnership

    Crystal, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate Technology, Inc., and Rockwell Switching Systems Division have announced a strategic partnership for the development of management information software for call centers and the business enterprise. Using key technologies in Crystal's new, three-tier reporting system, Crystal Info, including scheduling, security, information sharing and smart software. Rockwell's Total ReCall Reports software provides timely, secure and open access to information throughout the enterprise.

  • INOVA Joins Aspect's Application Partner Program

    INOVA Corp. and Aspect Telecommunications have announced that INOVA has joined the Aspect Application Partner Program. The companies have agreed to certify that INOVA's LightLink data monitoring products will work with the Aspect CallCenter automatic call distribution (ACD) system via the Aspect RealTime Bridge, which links the ACD system to a variety of computer networks. The INOVA LightLink system provides automatic feedback on calls waiting in queue to be answered by the agents. The systems use intelligent LED wall displays or pop-up windows on the computer screen and/or video monitor, which present text, animations and alert tones to communicate ACD statistics. Statistics such as calls waiting, average speed of answer and agents available are available for the Aspect CallCenter ACD.

  • InterVoice/NewNet Joint Marketing Agreement

    InterVoice, Inc. has announced it has signed an agreement with NewNet under which the companies will jointly offer InterVoice customers NewNet's AccessMANAGER as part of InterVoice's Intelligent Peripheral/ Service Node (IP/SN) enhanced service solution. The relationship enables InterVoice to offer IP/SN solutions with SS7, C7 and Short Messaging Service (SMS) capabilities that adhere to common industry standards such as ITU, ANSI, GSM and IS41 specifications.

  • ITC/UniDial Partnership

    ITC Media Conferencing™, the provider of ITC-45™ and ITC-Satellite Plus™ video applications, and long-distance carrier UniDial have announced they have joined forces to offer a communications package. By utilizing the UniDial sales force of 163 agents, ITC has an increased presence in the marketplace as its potential customer base is expanding to more than 25,000 businesses. Through this partnership, UniDial is now able to provide the suite of ITC's services to their customers. This allows businesses to receive long-distance, videoconferencing, audioconferencing and enhanced fax services as a full family of communications products.

  • PHD Integrates With NetCensus

    Professional Help Desk has announced its help desk automation software, PHD™, now integrates with NetCensus™, the asset management software from Tally Systems Corp. Software recognition information provided by NetCensus includes the name of the publisher, product name, version and serial number, and even if a foreign language version is running. Hardware recognition information provided by NetCensus includes PC brand name, processor type, add-on drives, communications cards, installed devices and peripherals.

  • Merisel To Use SpaceWorks Software

    SpaceWorks, Inc. has announced the convergence of Internet access with its applications for online ordering, supply and fulfillment. Merisel, distributor of computer hardware and software products, has licensed the SpaceWork's Windows-based remote order-entry software and branded it SELline. Merisel resellers can use the Internet to connect to the private SELline service. The SpaceWorks order-entry software applications utilize encryption technology from RSA Data Security, Inc. to assure safe electronic transactions. SELline provides Merisel's resellers and trading partners an electronic ordering, supply and fulfillment channel with secure links from the reseller to Merisel's back-office legacy system. SpaceWorks operates SELline for Merisel on a service bureau basis 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • SunRiver Joins NC Reference Profile Organization

    SunRiver Corporation's wholly owned subsidiary SunRiver Data Systems, Inc. has announced it has joined Apple, IBM, Netscape, Oracle, Sun and other companies in an organization formed to establish standards for the Network Computing (NC) Reference Profile. The organization will define a reference profile for standard Internet appliances for communications and commerce. SunRiver will introduce a range of products that support Microsoft Windows NT, Java and Intranet environments and will be targeted exclusively to the corporate marketplace. The company also announced its intention to license Oracle's specifications for the Network Computer.

  • ServiceWare Names Vantive A Premier Partner

    The Vantive Corporation has announced it has become a Premier Partner of ServiceWare, Inc., a provider of online knowledge to the customer support community. As a Premier Partner, Vantive now integrates ServiceWare's Knowledge-Pak Desktop Suite™ with Vantive HelpDesk™, an internal help desk application that logs, tracks and assists in handling employee information with technology, human resources and facilities-related issues. The Knowledge-Pak Desktop Suite will be accessed using Vantive's Research Agent, a collection of problem resolution techniques, for fast diagnostic access.

  • VideoLabs To Market White Pine Software Video Product

    VideoLabs, Inc. has announced it has signed an agreement with White Pine Software, Inc. to market their Enhanced CU-SeeMe desktop videoconferencing software. Enhanced CU-SeeMe provides person-to- person conferencing, group conferencing and "cybercasting" (live broadcasting) capabilities all in full color on Windows-based computers over the Internet or any TCP/IP network. A "bundled" package providing a complete desktop videoconferencing solution consists of Enhanced CU-SeeMe for Windows and a VideoLabs Flexcam full-motion color video camera, with their new "Stinger" PCI video capture and overlay board.

Contracts & Installations...

  • Adrian Miller Contracts

    Adrian Miller Direct Marketing, a telemarketing and customer service firm, has announced it has signed contracts for developing in-house telemarketing departments for Monarch Computex and SoftView Inc., and has signed a contract with MCI Wireless to design a telebusiness skills training program.

  • Ameitech Purchases AG Communication Systems Software

    AG Communication Systems has announced that Ameritech has purchased TR-1188 protocol software from AG Communication Systems' INgage™ line of intelligent network (IN) solutions. The software implements TR-1188 protocol, which allows IN platforms to retrieve calling party names nationwide and display them for customers with IN-based caller ID service. Like the switch-based service, time and date will also be displayed. Without the protocol, calling name display is limited to calls made within a subscriber's franchise.

  • Six Flags Outsources Telemarketing And Mail Fulfillment To CallCenter Services

    CallCenter Services, Inc. has announced that Six Flags Great Adventure, part of Six Flags Theme Parks Inc., a Time Warner Entertainment Company, has hired CallCenter Services to handle off-site season ticket sales under a comprehensive outsourcing agreement. CallCenter Services takes all phone and mail orders generated by Six Flags Great Adventure's direct mail and newspaper advertising for season tickets. After obtaining credit card authorizations, and calling back unauthorized customers to request alternative payment, CallCenter Services' fulfillment department mails the tickets.

  • Custom Telemarketing Services Announces New Clients

    Custom Telemarketing Services, Inc. has announced the following new clients: the Alton Belle Casino, Alton, Illinois; Ceiling Doctor/Mississippi, Ceiling Doctor/North Dakota, and Ceiling Doctor/Binghampton, New York; and the national franchisor offices of Ceiling Doctor in Dallas, Texas.

  • Bank Installs Executone's ILS

    Executone Information Systems, Inc. has announced that the Bank of Springfield, one of Springfield, Illinois' largest mortgage lending institutions, has become the first bank in the nation to install Executone's INFOSTAR/ Integrated Locating System™ (ILS). At the bank, the system increases customer service by allowing bank employees in two branches to instantly identify any employee's location and as a result, improve accessibility between personnel and customers. Integrated with Executone's IDS digital telephone system, the ILS system's TeleSearch technology enhances customer service by connecting customers with appropriate personnel no matter what their location.

  • Intecom Installations

    Intecom has announced it has signed an agreement with Internet service provider Internet America to install and service call center products for use with Internet America's key business, technical support and customer service applications. Under terms of the agreement, Intecom will install its flagship PBX product, the Intecom E, along with its CallWise automatic call distribution (ACD) deluxe package to manage Internet America's call center located in Dallas, Texas. Intecom also announced it has singed a $1.45 million contract with SkyTel to install and service call center support for SkyTel's paging systems. Under the terms of the agreement, Intecom will install its Intecom E and CallWise products to manage SkyTel's enterprisewide call center consisting of 1,000 telephone lines. Jackson, Mississippi will serve as the host site for the call center and through Intecom's Sitespan remote access product, the company will provide branch offices in Dallas, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah, with transparent functionality for both administrative and call center applications. SiteSpan will allow all of SkyTel's 750 agents to be connected with universal computer-telephony and call center functions incorporating advanced voice messaging and e-mail capabilities.

  • LitleNet Signs SkyMall Contract

    LitleNet has announced it has signed a contract with SkyMall to assume responsibility for maintenance and expansion of the transaction management services supporting SkyMall's worldwide in-flight catalog market. Integrating SkyMall's current back-end systems seamlessly into LitleNet's proprietary Direct CommerceSM Network, LitleNet will support all intelligent messaging between SkyMall and all of its outsourced relationships, including their telemarketing agency, payment processor and merchandise partners, allowing SkyMall to focus on its strategic objective of expanding its customer base and strengthening alliances with merchandise partners.

  • Healthcare Installations For Mitel

    Mitel Corporation has announced that Wausau Hospital and Wausau Medical Center have implemented a Network Cluster solution from Mitel Inc., based in Herndon, Virginia, to integrate and centralize voice communications and services. The installation, which seamlessly handles thousands of calls into and out of these facilities each day, is valued at $1.8 million. The Network Cluster allows the creation of a centrally managed system by networking together multiple common communications control subsystems. This implementation can be utilized in either local or wide-area applications.

  • Periphonics Installations

    Periphonics Corporation has announced it has received orders for its interactive voice response (IVR) systems it estimates at approximately $3.9 million from GTE Corporation. The systems will be used by GTE to automate processing of account inquiry and customer service calls from GTE customers. Periphonics has also installed an IVR system at the Michigan Employment Security Commission (MESC) that allows jobless workers to claim their unemployment benefits every two weeks by phoning in their eligibility information. MESC estimates that the system is eliminating the handling of 6.4 million forms for the state. Periphonics also reports that the Office of Provider Affairs, a division of the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation, is using a Periphonics VPS 750 IVR system to eliminate lengthy queues and improve communications with medical providers. Periphonics also reported that Southeastern Louisiana University has added a Periphonics IVR system to augment its online registration system. Periphonics has also announced that Pinnacle Bank of St. Joseph, Michigan has installed an eight-line Periphonics VPS 7500 to run Pinnacle Bank's Pinnacle ABC interactive voice response service. Pinnacle ABC allows easy access to account services and information, as well as information such as loan rates, branch locations, hours of service and ATM locations.

  • HFS Contract For TEL Electronics

    TELS Corporation has announced its subsidiary, TEL Electronics, has entered into an agreement with HFS, Inc. of Aberdeen, South Dakota, in cooperation with AT&T, for the sale of 200 INN- FORM/XL� call accounting systems. HFS is a hotel management company with more than 5,000 hotels. The sale of TELS' INN-FORM/XL systems, which work with AT&T services and enable guests to make direct-dial, long-distance calls without calling cards or operator assistance, will contribute approximately $200,000 in revenue to the company. In conjunction with the agreement, AT&T will fund the equipment purchase for HFS properties that sign an extended telephone service contract.

International News...

  • AnswerSoft/Ericsson Distribution Agreement

    AnswerSoft, Inc. and Ericsson Business Networks AB have announced the completion of an agreement to bundle AnswerSoft products with Ericsson's Consono Call Centre Solution. Under the terms of the agreement, Ericsson will distribute AnswerSoft's Sixth Sense� and SoftPhone™ applications to customers worldwide. Sixth Sense is a client/server based application that automates activities related to telephone business transactions from the point a call was received until the caller has been serviced. SoftPhone Agent allows call center agents to view inbound caller information including call histories and notes, call duration and call state as well as status of call queries. The Consono Call Centre Solution combines telephony and information technology resources to provide greater flexibility for call centers. Consono Call Centre supports the Consono MD 110PBX, one of the largest subscriber exchanges in the world with more than 9.6 million lines installed or on order in 60 countries.

  • Rate Reduction From BELGACOM

    BELGACOM has announced it has reduced the cost of international digital leased lines by up to 40 percent by lowering the monthly rental fee, adjusting current discount systems and revising tariff zones. Rates will be reduced by 30 to 40 percent to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for all bandwidths between speeds of 64 Kbps and 2 Mbps. In addition, prices will drop by 20 to 35 percent to The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany and the U.K. for leased lines operating between 64 Kbps and 384 Kbps. Rates for circuits to Italy, Spain and Switzerland will be reduced by 30 to 40 percent. For more information, contact Susan Mirbach at 203-221-5270.

  • Ericsson Signs $77 Million Contract In India

    Ericsson has announced it will deliver a complete Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network to the Indian cellular operator Birla Communications Ltd. Birla Communications is a joint venture between global operator AT&T Wireless Services and the Indian company A. V. Birla Group. The order is a turnkey project for Ericsson that will supply both infrastructure equipment and carry out installations. Birla Communications will offer services in the fall of 1996.

  • Group 1 Software/OBIMD International Joint Venture

    Group 1 Software has announced it has signed a joint venture agreement with OBIMD International of Paris, France to provide software products, databases and services for companies and other organizations mailing worldwide. Group 1 will be responsible for the enhancement and worldwide marketing of OBIMD's PC-based Universal Mailing software for address hygiene and postal coding, its postal sortation software and its extensive postal databases and Christian name database. OBIMD will maintain the postal databases as required by each country and will also continue to operate as a service bureau using the enhanced Group 1 products. Group 1 is a provider of software for mailing efficiency, database marketing, database publishing and customer information management.

  • Intecom To Install Products At Avantel

    Intecom has announced that as the Mexican government is preparing to open its long-distance market on August 11, Avantel (an MCI Communications Corporation joint venture with Banamex, Mexico's largest bank) will install Intecom's flagship call center system comprised of the Intecom E and CallWise to manage two call centers located in Monterrey and Mexico City. Avantel has designated Monterrey as the host city where the call center system will be installed to support 500 agents. Through Intecom's remote access product, SiteSpan, the company will transparently extend the functions of its large switch to Avantel's branch office in Mexico City, where it will provide 300 agents the same ACD and computer- telephony functions as if they were all at the main center in Monterrey.

  • Melita Partners With ITS To Install Systems In Mexico, Central And South America

    Melita International Corporation has announced that, in conjunction with its marketing partner ITS, Melita systems are being installed in companies in Mexico, Central and South America. In the past six months, ITS has installed and upgraded Melita predictive dialing systems and its call center technology at Citibank and Inverlat bank locations throughout Mexico. ITS plans to continue its partnership with Melita in 1996 with the installation of Melita systems in Argentina and Brazil. Melita and ITS began their partnership in March 1995, when they signed a business agreement that provides for ITS to sell, service and maintain Melita equipment throughout Mexico, Central and South America.

  • TSC To Acquire Aspen Consultancy

    Technology Solutions Company (TSC) has announced the acquisition of U.K.-based call center consulting firm Aspen Consultancy. "The acquisition gives TSC a strong base of expertise in call center solutions as we build an international reputation in customer relationship management," said John T. Kohler, president and CEO. Under the terms of the agreement, Aspen
    Consultancy becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of TSC Europe.

  • Internet Access For Digital Mobile Phones

    Telstra MobileNet has announced it will offer its digital mobile phone customers a fully integrated remote-access Internet service. Telestra MobileNet Digital customers can now connect their digital mobile phone to a laptop computer and access the Internet from anywhere within Telstra's digital cellular coverage area. The service is offered for free, apart from normal airtime charges which are set at the short-distance charging rate, regardless from where the customer users the service within Australia. The Telstra MobileNet Digital Internet service is offered as an added application for MobileNet Digital Fax & Data users, with access to a range of Internet services including Internet e-mail, the World Wide Web, File Transfer Protocol and Telnet. For more information, contact Katrina Drewer at 415-922-5452.

  • UNEX Opens U.K. Office

    UNEX Corporation, manufacturer of headset systems for use in telephone-intensive and dependent environments, has announced the opening of its first international office in the U.K. The new international headquarters, which is located near London in Reading, Berkshire, will serve the U.K. and western Europe. UNEX's international business will be headed by Jason Stringer, who was recently named vice president of international sales.

  • Vantive Appoints Mitsui As Japanese DistributorM

    The Vantive Corporation has announced that it has signed an agreement with Mitsui & Co. Limited, one of Japan's largest trading companies. Mitsui's Information Processing and Electronic Systems Division will market, sell, support and manage the distribution of Vantive's customer interaction software throughout Japan. The companies also announced the opening of a technical center, called the Vantive Support Center, that will be located within Mitsui Knowledge Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. The Vantive Support Center will provide support for systems integrators and subdistributors, who will then support Vantive customers directly.

  • Voysys/Matra Partnership

    Voysys Corporation has announced it has signed a joint development agreement with Matra Communication to deliver low-cost telephony solutions to the European small business market. Under the terms of the agreement, Voysys will provide a unique voice messaging system design, which Matra will integrate with its family of PBX switches. The solution will provide simultaneous auto attendant and voice messaging capabilities to the users of the PBX. The base platform will operate as a two-port, three- language, voice processing system, which can be upgraded for extended message storage capacity, additional ports and mailboxes, and increased software functionality. The products are planned to become available in all common European languages.


  • Executive Marketing Services, Inc., a direct marketing services company, has promoted Terrence E. McCarthy to president.

  • Matthew W. Staudthas acquired integrated marketing communications firm Interactive Marketing Group (IMG)/LeadServe and been named president.

  • Telecommunications services provider MIDCOM Communications Inc. has appointed William H. Oberlinas president and chief executive officer, and a member of its board of directors. MIDCOM also appointed John M. Zrno and Marvin C. Mosesas directors on MICOM's board.

  • David MacSwain has been named president and chief executive officer of SpaceWorks, Inc., a provider of a suite of business-oriented electronic commerce software applications.

  • Teledata Solutions, Inc., a provider of network-based CTI call center automation, has appointed Kevin Kerns as president and chief operating officer.

  • Boston Technology, a provider of network-based value-added services, has appointed Robert J. Slezak as executive vice president for technology and marketing and George Matz as vice president of world sales.

  • Call center technology and integration provider Davox Corporation has named Richard P. Santos as vice president of international operations and Douglas P. Langenberg as vice president customer services.

  • Multinational marketing, management and information research services firm ICT Group, Inc. has named Vincent Paccapaniccia as vice president of finance.

  • Telemarketing service agency ITI Marketing Services, Inc. has appointed Kayle Neeley as vice president and general manager of the Financial Services Division and John Calk as vice president of the Diversified Communications Division.

  • Market Development, Inc., a specialist in transcultural consumer and marketing research in Latin America among U.S. Hispanics, has appointed Gloria Williams-El�as as vice president and Dave Taber as vice president.

  • Household products information services provider MaxServ, Inc. has appointed Opal Popham as director of telemarketing and Chris LaBauve as director of telemarketing operations.

  • John G. Kaiser has been promoted to vice president and general manager of performance management product producer Teknekron Infoswitch.

  • Voice processing applications provider Voice Technologies Group has named John P. Alexander as messaging business area director, Timothy N. Murray as director of the multimedia business area and Edward W. Seger as director of technical support.

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