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June 1997

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New Products...

Telephone System In A Keyboard
Integrated Technology USA, Inc. has announced its CompuPhone 2000, a complete telephone system built into a standard 101-keyboard that enables PC users to make and receive telephone calls directly through their key-board - without the need for a phone on their desk. The keyboard functions as a single-line telephone and comes with a software package compatible with Windows 95. Calls can be made automatically and productivity can be monitored through the system's soft-ware logging of inbound/outbound calls. Additional features include: volume, flash, mute and redial. The unit comes with a professional style head-set and does not require a modem, internal cards or serial port connections, and is compatible with most PIM programs, contact management software, databases, spreadsheets and word processing programs. For more information, contact Ed Abramson at 201-837-8000.

Power Protection Product
American Power Conversion (APC) has announced the Symmetra Power Array, a modular, scalable and redundant power protection technology specifically designed for high availability of multiple servers, computer rooms, call centers and back office applications. By allowing customers to easily add both power and battery runtime to their systems, Power Array helps give customers higher systems availability and growth flexibility. The Power Array is composed of different modules: Power Modules (4kVA each), Battery Modules, a Main Intelligence Module and a Redundant Intelligence Module. Customers can achieve N+1 or higher redundancies by adding one or more extra modules. With its power management accessories, administrators can shut down multiple file servers and reboot individual locked up devices, as well as monitor and control their systems via network, SNMP, Web-based or out-of-band modem communications. The components are also modular and hot-swappable. For more information, contact Juli Dexter at 401-789-5735, ext. 2373. Training Tool EIS International, Inc. has announced a CD-ROM training pro-gram to support its Call Processing System, a full-featured software solution that helps to maximize outbound call center performance. The computer-based training tool addresses the standard curriculum taught during the first day and a half of the EIS operations course. It covers product features, including CBT navigation/design, campaign set up and operations, supervisor operations, monitoring and agent operations. Based on their experience with the CPS product, users can select any of the following multimedia sessions: tutor; simulator; and library. For more information, contact Aimee Martin at 203-977-3087.

Small Business Database
CORE Marketing has announced the availability of a large proprietary data-base of small business owners and self-employed professionals in North America. The database is comprised of more than 17 million names. A portion of the list is made available to list brokers and related businesses. A larger portion is only made available to companies that hire CORE as its sales organization. The following are some of the databases available: UGIS Small Business Masterfile, nearly 1.3 million names; UGIS Home-Based Business Owners File, a subset of the master list, comprised of more than 400,000 names; and the NASE File, a list of just over 300,000 self-employed individuals. For more information, contact Joe Roche at 508-462-0900.

Prevention IVR
Prevention Magazine, in association with Medical Economics Publishing and TeleCare, Inc., has announced the creation of the Prevention HealthCare Line, an on-demand health information service that provides health and prescription drug information to consumers who call an 800 number. Access is free and will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The information is pre-recorded for consistency of message and the automated system is designed for immediate caller connection with no waiting. The service will provide information on hundreds of health, fitness and nutrition topics. For more information, contact Carl Fergo, TeleCare, Inc., at 516- 365-7894.

Multiple ACD Reporting And Accounting Tool
Affinitec Call Center Systems has announced the introduction of AgentView 97, a call center communications system designed to allow call center operators to obtain and analyze ACD statistics from single or multiple geographic locations. Statistics are captured and processed from multiple ACDs and processed in real-time. Comparative statistics between locations and across different switch environments can be shown and composite group statistics and intergroup comparison studies can be made. Other enhancements include the ability to access data remotely in a WAN and to combine data from all switches supported by AgentView97, which supports most widely used ACDs. AgentView97 is a Windows 95/NT-based system. Account-A-Call Billing Solutions Group has announced the release of ProfitPlus 1.3, with modules that are designed to expedite the setup and maintenance of customer accounts with an extended range of reports for managing and controlling telephone usage. The system is applicable to Centrex and major switch environments and merges data from any carrier into a standard output format. For more information, contact Susan Saldibar at 714-756-2700.

On-Premises Wireless Communications
Ericsson Enterprise Networks has announced the Freeset DCT1900 Business Personal Communication System, a digital, wireless telephone system that is designed to deliver communications to mobile employees within the working environment. The Freeset 1900 includes the Radio Exchange through which all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as power and control functions, are routed; Freeset Base Stations provide cover-age and capacity using two antennae that provide eight simultaneous speech channels per base station; and a Portable Telephones feature with a back-lit keypad, three-line, alphanumeric LED display panel with icons, and eight-and-a-half hours of battery time. Freeset utilizes Continuous Dynamic Channel Selection, the decentralized process by which the phone optimizes the received signal. The phone is also fully encrypted and utilizes authentication for complete conversation security. For more information, con-tact Mark Wightman at 919-472-6740.

Outsource Voice Mail Solution
IOCOM has announced an outsourced voice mail system that allows telephone service representatives to access online databases of client information to help further the impression that the rep is in the client's lobby. Operator workstations indicate how each call is to be answered; a computer confirms what information the operator should get from a caller; single keystrokes produce common phrases to increase speed of accurate data gathering, as well as activating complex, multitask functions to help increase operator efficiency, e.g., answer, hold, disconnect and transfer. For more information, contact Scott Molitor at 407-631-8852.

Handset Port Now Available
PIKA Technologies Inc. has announced a handset port on the Inline series of voice processing boards. This new feature is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of headsets and handsets and is intended to be deployed on desktops that use PC-based call control software. Users can play and record through the handset port or conference in other channels, enabling the board to be used as a mini PBX device. Real-time audio can also be streamed through the handset port, allowing the integration of other multimedia devices. For more information, contact Rahul Virmani at 613-591- 1555, ext. 397.

Portable Headset Amplifier
Plantronics, Inc. has announced the availability of a portable headset amplifier for ACD centers using carbon-based systems. The E10 is about one half inch thick with a surface smaller than a credit card. Despite its size, the E10 provides the full functions of the M10, including a mute switch, recessed volume control and a second Quick Disconnect plug between the unit and the console that triggers the "Rep Not Available" (RNA) feature. For more information, contact Nicholas Eisner at 408-458-7763.

Ergonomic Accessories
ErgoView has announced the Air Float Monitor Arm, which is equipped with a Gas Spring System that enables the system to move easily. The Air Float will hold up to a 20-inch CRT weighing up to 65 pounds, the monitor platform tilts -8 degrees and swivels 240 degrees; the base clamp rotates 180 degrees; it will clamp onto workstations with a thickness of one half inch or more and a depth of four inches or more; and the platform height can be adjusted from 3.94 inches to 12.2 inches. ErgoView also announced a CPU Holder that removes the CPU from the desktop, attaching it to the underside of the work surface, freeing up valuable space while using the empty area under the desk. The unique belt feature of the CPU Holder incorporates tough nylon locking restraints and allows for adjustment to all popular CPU sizes. Steel mounting brackets hold the CPU firmly in place. No bending down under the desk to power up the CPU or insert a disk - a sliding track extends 5 and one half inches and swivels 360 degrees for maximum accessibility. For more information, contact Deborah Cantrell at 800-888-3537.

Intelligent Predictive Dialer
Strategic Computer Support has announced the release of ASD-Predictive, a client/server-based predictive dialing system. The ASD-Predictive is designed to automate the tasks involved in the everyday operation of outbound telemarketing operations. The dialer utilizes artificial intelligence processing and can react to an event it encounters and readapt for continued optimal performance. ASD-Predictive can support up to 84 TSRs and 120 trunk lines, and includes a real-time screen designer for rapid campaign development, voice detection and pass through, selectable positive answering machine detection plus positive fax and modem detection, selectable call hours per region and multilevel callback processing, can use either analog or digital lines originating from direct access T1/E1 trunks or an existing PBX. For more information, contact Tim Franciscini at 800-727-4155.

Family Of Integrated Services Products
Telserv has announced a family of integrated services and enabling products, the foundation of which is OrderWORKS, which links clients' sales calls to real-time credit card processing and customer information and inventory databases. OrderWORKS is installed on Conversant IVR and is Windows 95/NT compliant. CatalogWORKS is for catalog-marketers and MarketWORKS is for direct- and multilevel marketers. For software or hardware marketers TechWORKS™ enables time-dependent invoicing, per-minute payment processes and "entitlement services" tracking beyond product registration or upgrade functions. CreditWORKS™ provides real-time credit card processing in a fully automated or live call center environment. Switch-independent NetWORKS™ provides activity-based call management, network reporting and analysis for advanced consumer-telephony integration services, whose functions include skills-based routing, call-to-finish monitoring, auditing and tracking. Comm-SET™ automated data transfer and receipt software systems help to ensure seamless data transfer from multiple remote servers to a client's Conversant � system. For more information, contact Jim Zahniser at 503-248-9468.

Business And Consumer Databases
PhoneDisc , a division of American Business Information, Inc. , has announced three new Sales Leads CD-ROMs have been released. Business Sales Leads™ allows searching by business name, address, distance, SIC code and telephone number within a database of 10 million U.S. businesses. Information provided includes fax numbers, 800 numbers and Web site addresses. Consumer Sales Leads™ provides U.S. census information on 103 million consumers and are searchable on name, address, city, state, ZIP, distance or phone number. Business & Consumer Sales Leads™ is a combination of the above. These CD-ROMs are compatible with Windows and Mac environments. For more information, contact Eric Groves at 402-596-8964.

Call Center Simulator
Rockwell SSD has announced their Call Center Simulator, which is designed to simulate hours of call center traffic in seconds and identify potential problems. Once run, the Simulator responds with an Analysis Summary Report, which detects problems and makes suggestions for improvement. Reports offer information on staffing by application, routing sequence steps and systems configurations. The Simulator is fully integrated with Rockwell's Telescript Graphical Editor. The Call Center Simulator also features dynamically modeled skills-based/Intelligent-routing call-flow configurations, and can model call center growth strategies. For more information, contact Judy King 603- 227-8144.

Antislamming Report
VoiceLog, LLC has announced the development of a report detailing the status of antislamming rules and pending legislation in all 50 states. The company provides third-party verification services to the telecommunications industry. The information is being constantly analyzed and updated to remain current and covers pending rule changes for local, intraLATA and long-distance carrier changes. For more information and to obtain a free copy of the report, contact Larry Leikin at 703- 356-1325.

Desktop Predictive Dialer
MarkeTel Systems has announced the MarkeTel MK II Dialer. Unlike other dialers, the MK II does not require a monitor or keyboard at each station. Instead of monitors, agents have LCD displays at their stations and instead of keyboards, agents use their telephones to record the results of their calls. The MK II is expandable as one computer can run up to 20 stations and is portable since it is approximately the size of a VCR. Some of the features include real-time performance status and report generation, online support and full compatibility with the Select Phone electronic phone book. The MarkeTel MK II is recommended for outbound business-to-consumer where intensive scripting and contact management is not required. For more information, contact Chris Regehr 800- 289-8616.

Name Generation Program
Call Interactive, Inc. has announced Name One, a name generation consumer program featuring a flat rate pricing structure. The program is being introduced as a pay-per-name turnkey operation. Companies employing the system will pay only for the actual names generated, with no hidden costs. For more information, contact Rich Nelson at 402-498-7424.

Enterprise Service
Management Solution Scopus Technology, Inc. has introduced ServiceTEAM, an enterprise service management system. Its capabilities include service call management, scheduling, dispatching, contract/entitlement management, spare parts management and depot repair. ServiceTEAM is designed to handle both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance incidents. It helps to empower agents to log, prioritize, assign, track, escalate and resolve field service requests and problem reports. It also provides software for assigning and dispatching the most appropriate field service technician available. The built-in workflow engine is designed to automate complex business rules work-flows, tasks and ticklers. It complements and is completely integrated with SupportTEAM, SalesTEAM, Voyager and QualityTEAM. For more information, contact Mitch Bishop at 510-597- 5886.

New Teleservice Outsourcing Company
Tyson Communications, Inc. has announced its formation as a teleservices outsourcing company. Tyson Communications, located in Dallas, Texas, will provide inbound and outbound services. For more information, contact Beverly Alexander at 214-350- 8993.

Internet & Help Desk Products...

Internet Faxing Solution
RADLINX has announced it has released PASSaFAX (PF-W), a soft-ware- only fax routing system that runs under Windows. This solution is designed to allow users to send faxes via the Internet/Intranet and enables users to connect their standard G3 fax machines to a network without changing their fax sending routines. The software also enables online, real-time connections with immediate verification that the fax was received. PFW is fully compatible with PASSaFAX hardware units, enabling either version to be located at a site to work together. Regular PSTN faxing can still be initiated to any destination not yet equipped with a complimentary PASSaFAX unit. To send a fax through the public net-work, the user dials as accustomed; to send via the Internet or IP network, a prefix is dialed, then the number. For more information, contact Varda Lubling at 201-828-9494, ext. 212.

Internet-Enabled Service Tools
EIS International, Inc. has announced two new customer support tools, Expert Mail Agent (EMA) and the EIS Customer Support Web Page. EMA is designed to deliver detailed responses to problems and to eliminate one-on-one phone support for noncritical issues. EIS Customer Support Operations will continuously monitor the mail system for messages and, once received, return a problem identification number for customer tracking and updates. EMA requires an Internet connection through which users can send and receive messages. The EIS Support Web page is designed to serve as a reference for customers. The Web page features information such as key telephone numbers, policies and procedures, training, schedules and special announcements. The Web page can be accessed through EIS' home page. For more information, contact Mike Barbagallo at 703-318-6409.

Internet Telephony Standard
Dialogic Corporation has announced its open Internet telephony platforms will support Microsoft NetMeeting 2.0. NetMeeting is an Internet conferencing solution that provides Internet users with a real-time, multipoint communication and collaboration client. For more information, contact Rosabel Tao at 201-993-3000, ext. 6320.

Internet Accounting Tool
TELEMATE Software has announced the introduction of TELE-MATE. Net, a communications accounting management tool that allows the user to translate abstract Intenet data into business reports on operational efficiency, control and allocation of costs to help detect misuse among Internet users. TELEMATE.Net reads Internet data directly from firewall log files, thus avoiding transfer problems often associated with trying to transfer information from other devices connected to the network. Report filters allow information to be qualified by user, department, division, location or company. An automated processing capability enables unattended operation. The software also allows the attachment of meaningful descriptions to obscure Web addresses. TELEMATE. Net operates on a Microsoft NT platform. For more information, contact Bill Bryant at 770-476-7716.

Switching Software
Integrated Telephony Products, Inc. has announced the release of Enhanced Services Platform ESP™, Version 5.0. Some of the new features include: One-Bank, which provides a single monetary field for all services; Secure Client, which prevents unauthorized use of the system; and Web Interface, which has a callback trigger that allows users to initiate a callback from the Web. Customers can also view their account information and add time using a credit card and allows them to see the rates they will be billed; Flexible Reporting allows service providers to evaluate customer activity and track usage trends; Automated Route Selection allows for least-cost routing in real-time. For more information, contact Kelly Creamer at 303-338- 1000, ext. 129.

Web-Enabled Sales Automation System
Saratoga Systems has announced a new Windows 95/NT-based customer management system code-named Emerald. The new software comes with a WYSIWYG screen designer, a data-base schema definition utility and pre-defined templates. The software is compatible with such client databases as Microsoft Access, SQL, Anywhere and Saratoga's SPS, and soon, Informix and Ingres. Emerald also offers customers avenues for interfacing with legacy systems, from automating simple data import/export processes to API/DLL support and table sharing. The system has a built-in Web browser and offers access to the corporate Intranet. WebPort is an add-on software module that is designed to enable the importation of any type of online data from an organization's Web site into Emerald. WebPort can also be used as a bidirectional communication tool. Emerald's GUI is fully customizable and is designed to allow the user to move quickly through account record pages, it provides an array of reporting and analysis functions, as well as a scheduling calendar, marketing encyclopedia, word processing and mail merge capabilities. For more information, call Saratoga Systems at 408-371- 9330.

AOL Order Processing Solution
New England 800 has announced the debut of ResponseTrak™ Web-Center™ services. The new services were launched for Dr Solomon's Software's partnership with AOL. ResponseTrak™ provides telephone call center and back-end database services for order processing and consumer support. Orders for Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus software, submitted online to AOL, are passed nightly to New England 800 in Waldboro, Maine. There, each order must pass multiple ResponseTrak™ quality assurance scans, including tests for missing data, address verification, correction and standardization. Each order is then submitted for credit card authorization and deposit of funds. ResponseTrak™ then sends order confirmation messages to customers via e-mail. Customers whose orders encountered a problem receive a message describing the difficulty and are invited to replace the order online with a rep at Dr Solomon. For more information, contact Steve White at 800-CALL-NOW.

Web Faxing Solution
Black Ice Software, Inc. has announced the release of SendFAX™ From Web, a development tool enabling HTML and Java developers to add fax-on-demand capability to Web pages. The software is designed to allow users to select documents to be faxed and to then proceed to other Web pages without waiting for download. It also allows complex documents (Pagemaker or MS Word for Windows with embedded objects) available via fax and for documents to be forwarded to third parties via fax. SendFAX™ From Web requires Windows 95, NT 3.5/4.0 and a TCP/IP connection. For more information, contact Angela Thellen at 603-673-1019.

Internet Monitoring Solution
Teknekron Infoswitch Corporation has announced Desktop Screen Capture (DSC), an application designed to enable call centers to monitor Internet and Intranet voice and data transactions simultaneously. DSC supports Internet and Intranet capabilities and will capture data transactions from local PC and LAN applications. It also delivers capabilities such as stealth monitoring and simultaneous playback of voice and data. For more information, contact Katherine Kirkpatrick at 817-267-3025.

Integrated Voice And Data Solution
Click-n-Call™ Inc. has announced the release of Click-n-Call, an Internet telephony product that utilizes Microsoft's NetMeeting conferencing software to enable Internet users to click a button on a company's Web site and be connected to a customer service representative on a telephone. Web users can speak to the representative through their multimedia computer without disconnecting from the Internet and can continue to surf while speaking. The agent can also guide the customer through the Web page. Click-n- Call is compatible with Windows 95/NT, and Intel Internet Video Phone and Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. To install Click-n-Call, a company needs a telephony gateway. For more information, contact Joelle Klein at 303-449- 4942.

CTI Products...

CTI Software
Telrad Telecommunications, Inc. has announced Version 5 software that works on Telrad's family of digital systems and enables the systems to be integrated in the back-office environment as switch servers. Version 5 is designed to handle the multiple, simultaneous communications requirements of voice and data support emerging applications while maintaining interoperability with existing systems. Some capabilities include call handling, with networking links to external networks via ISDN. As a switch server, the systems have multiprotocol linkages that are designed to allow them to integrate into environments that already have servers dedicated to network management, file or database access. It also has high-bandwidth functionality required to handle expanded voice and data services. Database linkages allow real-time access, and the system also provides for integrated messaging. For more information, contact Deborah Bergin at 516-921-8300.

CTI-Enabled Switch
Comdial Corporation has announced its third-generation digital business switch, the FX series. The system is designed to be a platform for computer telephony integration solutions and has an integrated Windows-based personal computer. This PC is used for loading software solutions and systems administration. The FX series ships with value-added software enhancements such as voice mail, automatic call distribution, screen pops of caller account records and voice over the Internet. The switch incorporates universal board slots, supports up to 192 ports, as well as ISDN, Direct Inward Dialing and T-1 transmission links. The FX series is fully compatible with Natural MicroSystem's MVIP standards. For more information, contact Dick Bucci at 804-978-2525.

Graphical Application Development Tool
Syntellect, Inc. has announced SYNthesizer 3.0, an enhanced version of SYNthesizer 2.0, a graphical application development tool that is designed to help simplify the task of computer-telephony integration and Internet inter-facing. It also enables users to create applications for Syntellect's VocalPoint family of IVRs, as well as allowing them to debug and test a VocalPoint application from their desktop without shutting down current operations. The new release also features a suite of tools enabling programmers to view, record, edit, play, import and export voice files from their desktop. It also has a user-friendly GUI, an application code generator that displays programming code by each action icon, whose functions can be further defined by adding C or C++ coding. For more information, contact Ann Conrad at 800-347-9907, ext. 7313.

Call Center Management Solution
TransTelecom, Inc. has announced the introduction of ARC-TECH (Automatic Return Call Technology). The system is a patented "hybrid" call center application designed to combine IVR, voice processing and predictive dialing with virtually any manufacturer's ACD. ARC-TECH is designed to give an inbound caller the average "wait time" and then offers the caller the option of holding for the first available agent or receiving a return call in the same amount of time. The announced wait time/return callback time is calculated on the actual ACD queue time and the projected length of the calling peak, so that the automatic return call will take place during the next low peak when agents are available. If the return call is selected, the return phone number is captured by ANI or by having the caller enter the number, at which time the voice processing element of ARC-TECH allows the caller to record a brief message as to the nature of the call. This message is passed to the ACD agent who is to receive the call prior to the predictive dialer completing the call. ARC-TECH comes with a Crystal reporting package that provides statistics and helps in the prediction of calling volume and forecasting staffing requirements. For more information, contact Debra Sonntag at 800-362- 1246.

Relationship Management Solution For Banks
Unisys Corporation's Information Services Group has announced FBA Call Center, a Windows NT-based solution that integrates computer-telephony components, databases and customized application software to help banks create a call center operation. FBA Call Center is designed to link host-based data resources and applications, the workstations or terminals used by agents and the telephones used by clients to help create a relationship management environment. The heart of FBA Call Center is the Genesys T-Server, which uses mes-saging to communicate with the bank's networks. The server is designed handle e-mail, data packages, voice mail, faxes and other electronic mes-sages in addition to regular telephone calls. For more information, contact Evelyn Barber at 215-986-4106.

Small Business CTI Solution
Lucent Technologies has announced a multimedia messaging system for MERLIN LEGEND � Communications System. The new offer, called MERLIN LEGEND Advanced Solutions, features computer-telephony integration capabilities using TSAPI. The new system designed to: distribute incoming calls call groups/agents for workload balancing through ACD; prompt callers account information which is then passed on to agents; provide callers queue primary and secondary messages; and provide center managers with printed reports and real-time status. Also incorporated is Lucent's Intuity AUDIX VS system, which includes voice messaging and automated attendant capability, plus optional fax messaging, call accounting and networking. It also allows users to connect to the public communications network at the desktop using end-to-end ISDN connections. It also can handle T-1 digital lines. The offer also features Pocket Phone, a fully integrated wireless phone combining multiline access and business telephone features. The MERLIN LEGEND is a digital hybrid key/PBX system that can handle up to 80 central office phone lines and 200 stations. For more information, contact Walt Greenwood at 908-953-7530.


New Patent
Davox Corporation has announced it has been granted a United States patent for digital signal processing technology that enhances the performance of its Unison call center management system. The patent pertains to a digital signal processing system that provides three separate paths for sending and receiving by the system while continuing to monitor telephony signals.


BRI Opens Two New Call Centers
Business Response, Inc. (BRI) has announced it is building two new St. Louis, Missouri-area call centers and expanding its St. Louis area employment to over 400. BRI is building 25,000-square-foot inbound call center that will have the capacity to receive up to 1,000,000 consumer calls per month. In Overland, Missouri, BRI opening a new 7,500-square-foot outbound call center, and will have the capacity to reach 1,000,000 calls per month. BRI is recruiting 100 new employees to help staff both centers.

Sprint Opens New Call Center
Sprint TELECENTERs, Inc. has announced the opening of its newest call center to be located in Lawrence, Kansas. The new call center will employ more than 300 workers, and will utilize state-of-the-art technology, including predictive dialing capabilities and fully automated personal computers at each of the 140 workstations.

New Wireless One Call Center
Wireless One has announced it has consolidated its customer service, telemarketing and inbound sales operations into a single site in Jackson, Mississippi. The 9,200-square-foot facility is designed to serve Wireless One's current customer base with provisions made for a large growth increase. The center provides customer service, inbound sales, telemarketing sales and credit and collections services to subscribers in seven Southeastern states.

Expanded Harris Select Call Center
Harris Select Communications has added 100 seats to it Newport News, Virginia calling facility. The one-year-old call center now houses 300 seats and can place 144,000 outbound calls per day. Employing Davox Corporation's Unison � call center management solution, the Newport News facility currently conducts calling and provides fulfillment services for clients in the communications, publishing and business products industries.

New Pro Com Call Center
ProCom, Inc. has announced the opening of its new call center in Green City, Missouri. The center will add 24 predictive workstations to ProCom's existing 120 workstations in two Iowa call centers. ProCom specializes in financial services, telecommunications and customer service applications.

Two New APAC Sites
APAC TeleServices, Inc. has announced it has expanded its operations with the opening of two new customer contact centers. The new sites are located in Bucyrus and New Philadelphia, Ohio. The facilities represent APAC's first entry into Ohio, raising APAC's total number of centers to 65 in 13 states. These new sales solutions centers will initially employ more than 100 people each. The New Philadelphia center will operate as a telecommunications division center, while the Bucyrus center will be shared between the telecommunications and insurance divisions.

New TeleSpectrum Call Center
TeleSpectrum Worldwide Inc. has announced the opening of a 120-workstation call center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, bringing its call center base to 28. The new center, equipped with outbound predictive dialing technology, employs over 80 management and service representatives. TeleSpectrum employs approximately 7,000 people in the U.S., Canada and the UK.

Midwest Call Centers for ACI
ACI Telecentrics, Inc. has announced it will open two new call centers. The first center will be opened in Pierre, South Dakota and the second in Chadron, Nebraska. The new call centers will provide outbound teleservices, and with these new centers ACI will operate 332 call stations in the Midwest, all linked through a wide-area network.

Strategic Alliances...

Davox/Lucent Distribution Agreement
Davox Corporation and Lucent Technologies Inc. have announced they have entered into a distribution agreement under which Lucent will market and distribute Davox's Unison call center management system for outbound call management and call blending. The Unison system combines open system, client/server architecture with a relational database and is designed to give call center supervisors the ability to manage inbound/outbound call activity in real-time and to automatically refine or change call strategies on the fly.

Rockwell/Genesys Value-Added Reseller Agreement
Rockwell Switching Systems Division and Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. have announced a VAR agreement which enables Rockwell to integrate and market the Genesys enterprise computer-telephony integration product line with the Spectrum ACD (automatic call distributor.)

GTE And Perimeter Join Forces
GTE and Perimeter Technology have announced a distribution agreement to market Perimeter's VU-ACD/100 Management Information System (MIS) to CentraNet (Centrex) ACD customers. This agreement allows GTE to provide its customers with a complete central-office-based ACD and MIS from a single source.

Exepos And Panasonic Team
Panasonic and Exepos Software Solutions have signed a contract to ensure that every TAPI device supplied by Panasonic over the next two years will include EasyDialler CTI Software from Exepos. EasyDialler has multiple, networked contact directories; screen popping on inbound calls, one-touch speed-dial buttons for outbound calls, customizable floating Phone Bar and dynamic telephony dialog.

Vantive Partners With HBO & Company
The Vantive Corporation has announced an agreement with HBO & Company (HBOC), which is reselling Vantive HelpDesk to hospitals, integrated health delivery networks and managed care organizations worldwide. Vantive HelpDesk is designed to provide a flexible, comprehensive system for managing and tracking technical assistance and IT resources.

Oracle And Acxiom Team
Acxiom Corporation has announced an alliance with Oracle Corporation to provide line-of-business (LoB) customers with access to Acxiom's IBConsumer SM InfoBase, a multi-sourced database featuring a large collection of U.S. household data, to enhance Oracle's Data Mart suites. Data Marts are a subject- or application- specific LoB data warehouse that contains highly focused data specific to a department or LoB, such as sales, marketing or finance.

International News...

Long-Distance Rates Cut
Telecom Ireland has announced it has cut the cost to customers of using the telephone by introducing a series of price reductions worth 80 million pounds. The basic connection charge will be reduced by almost a third and reconnection charges for existing customers moving house or transferring accounts are being abolished. Calls to the U.S. and Canada will be reduced by another 25 percent; calls to Britain will fall by 17 percent, with evening and weekend rates falling by 10 percent; calls to South Africa will be reduced by 38 percent; and there will be a significant reduction in the cost of trunk calls within Ireland. For more information, contact Margaret Molloy at 1-888- EUROPE-1.

HFC Canadian Call Center Grows
Household Finance Corporation of Canada (HFC) has announced plans to hire 592 employees over a period of two years. The new jobs will be for permanent positions in the customer service, management, administration and sales departments. This hiring will more than double the 325 positions created by HFC for its call center in the east of Montreal over the past 18 months, and will make the center the largest of its kind in Quebec, with a total of more than 1,000 employees. The expansion was made possible through the efforts of the Quebec Calling Centres Corporation.

Sun Extends Service For Japanese Customers
Sun Microsystems, Inc. has announced it has extended Internet commerce services to its aftermarket customers in Japan through a Japanese language version of SunPlaza SM Internet commerce services on the SunExpress Internet site. SunPlaza is a comprehensive set of online services which include Internet commerce within a secure buying environment. The services allow Japanese customers to receive up-to-date information on aftermarket product pricing and availability, place orders over the Internet and check the status of their orders — all in Japanese.

An Information Age Town In Ireland
Telecom Ireland has announced the launch of a multimillion-dollar initiative to help accelerate Ireland's move toward the Information Age. Towns in Ireland with a population between 5,000 and 30,000 are being invited to put forward submissions to become Ireland's Information Age Town. This town will be a test-bed for the range of new technologies that will impact life in the 21st century. The test is designed to provide answers to the question: What will happen when every phone and business has advanced digital voice, fax, text and video mail, Caller I.D., a computer and high-speed access to the Internet?

SITEL And Telstra Team
Telstra has announced a strategic partnership with SITEL Corporation. This alliance, with a potential value of 10 million pounds over 5 years, will provide European and American multinational corporations using Australia as a regional base for Asia-Pacific head-quarters with access to a seamless global call center solution.

New Swedish Call Center For CNN Interactive
CNN Interactive has announced it has opened its first call center site out-side the U.S. in Gothenburg, Sweden. CNN indicated that it selected Sweden because its people have a strong interest in the Internet, many speak English, have a high news consumption and a high concentration of personal comput-ers. The CNN site will provide daily news summaries and headlines in Swedish, combined with video and audio from CNN TV. The site will be linked to their Internet site, where visi-tors can access the full-length stories in English. Telia, Sweden's largest tele-phone company, will handle all of the telecommunications.

ICT Opens New Brunswick Call Center
ICT Group, Inc. has announced the expansion of its international teleservices with the addition of a new call center in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The Moncton center is equipped with 80 outbound predictive dialing stations. The company expects this center to expand to include more that 120 workstations for outbound telesales and inbound customer service.


Marc B. Cohen has been appointed president and CEO of Teltrust, Inc., a wholesale provider of telecommunications services. Jerry E. Romney, Jr. has been named vice chairman of Teltrust's board of directors and president of corporate development and Vicki S. Pearson has been appointed senior vice president, business operations.

ICT Group, Inc., a provider of call center teleservices for sales, marketing and customer care, has appointed Jan Jones vice president of quality assurance and compliance, and Joanne Valentino has been appointed assistant director of quality assurance.

John E. Vaughan has been named executive vice president of Tellabs, Inc. and president of Tellabs International, Inc. Tellabs designs, manufactures, markets and services voice and data transport and network access systems.

TeleMark, Inc., a teleservices company, has promoted Ed Kraft to vice president of computer operations and quality assurance and hired Ragan Corliss as marketing manager. TeleMark has also hired Kimberly Kovash as director of client services and promoted Darren Prescott to director of new business development and Jim Stofer to vice president of operations.

Stephen F. Fagan has been named vice president of the Financial Services Division at Impact Telemarketing Inc., a telemarketing service agency.

Sprint has announced the appointment of Jerry Gramaglia as vice president of marketing and Michael J. Shrader as vice president of sales.

David M. Johnson has been promoted to senior vice president, telecommunications markets group at Versatility Inc., a provider of open, client/server-based call center software applications.

Diffusion, Inc., a provider of business information delivery application software, has announced a new vice president of sales, Stephen Foley.

Precision Response Corporation, a provider of integrated customer teleservices and database management, has named Martin H. Cohn to be its new director of marketing.

Stacy Cotton has been appointed director of client services at MarCom Technologies, a bilingual telemarketing service agency specializing in the insurance, financial services, health care and telecommunications industries.

Harris Select Communications, a telemarketing service agency providing business-to-consumer and business- to-business solutions for the financial services, telecommunications, publishing, business products and utilities industries, has announced the following appointments: Gina Farinelli as assistant vice president, director of sales; PJ Knigge as director of client services; and John McKay as business development manager.

EIS International, Inc., a provider of integrated call center management systems, has announced that Ronald E. Ball has been named vice president of marketing. EIS Systems has announced the hiring of David M. Schweppe as vice president of product management.

Ed Kopec has been named director of teleservices and Dawn Gilroy has been named director of operations at TECHMAR, a marketing service agency.

O'Currance Marketing Communications, a sales department for hire, has named Victor E. Midgley vice president of sales and marketing.

Carmine Taglialatela Jr. has joined CompassRose International, Inc., a full-service communications consulting firm, as vice president.

Scopus Technology, Inc., a provider of enterprise customer care solutions, has announced that Michael Israel has joined Scopus as product line director for service applications.

Michael R. Gantner has been appointed vice president, sales and marketing at On Target Marketing, Inc., a market research and development company.

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