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February 1998

Editors’ Choice Awards Given To Call Center Products From Chordiant, IMA, Intecom And Paragren

Chordiant CCS 1.4

The editors of Telemarketing� & Call Center Solutions™ have given an Editors’ Choice Award to Chordiant Software, Inc. for its Customer Communications Solution (CCS) 1.4. Chordiant CCS 1.4 is designed to provide customers real-time, personalized one-to-one customer service by allowing a business to tailor each response to fit the customer’s specific product interest, and follow the company’s policies and procedures.

Chordiant CCS supports multiple customer interactions through a single system. Each application includes the knowledge and capabilities to provide consistent customer interactions, proactive processes and a controlled management environment.

The Customer Service Representative (CSR) application is designed to empower agents to handle requests in all areas of a business. The CSR can operate in a multimedia environment, perform inbound or outbound telephone calls, and answer e-mail, fax or Web inquiries. The desktop application provides personal interaction by accessing enterprise workflow such as customer and product script, business processes and visual prompts that guide the CSR through business processes or cross-selling opportunities.

Business Management and Operational Management applications manage activities in the call center’s design and operation. These include workflow control of specific business processes and resource management capabilities such as role and task assignment, bottleneck identification and correction, and call escalation. Chordiant CCS is designed to dynamically respond to variations in service levels. Service levels can be set so that an enterprise business center can be created that is capable of serving multiple business units and removing customer barriers.

Self Service extends the application to operate on a consumer’s desktop with its own user interfaces while maintaining customer profiles, business policies and processes used in the call center. Through either NT or an enterpriseclass JavaBeans platform, the application provides callers with access to all major business functions that allow them to manage their relationship with the customer’s company, performing activities as basic as modifying their name and address file, or as sophisticated as arranging stock transfers or ordering products with complex pre-requisites. Using CCS, these activities may be performed via any electronic medium: telephone, e-mail, Web or fax. For more information, contact David Radoff at 650-493-2506, ext. 191 or see

AdvantEDGE� From IMA

IMA’s AdvantEDGE version 1.5, a software suite designed to provide the functionality and rapid deployment characteristics of packaged call center applications while providing the CTI-enabled development environment of IMA’s EDGE� Software, has been given a Telemarketing� & Call Center Solutions™ Editors’ Choice Award.

Version 1.5 includes Account Management, Customer Service and Support, Telesales, and Event and Seminar Management modules so that a call center may serve as a “communications center” for customer interaction in the enterprise using this technology-enabled relationship manage-ment (TERM) software. TERM application suites are designed to give an enterprise an integrated view of prospects and customers across field sales, telesales, telemarketing, marketing, and customer service and support.

AdvantEDGE comes bundled with EDGE and integrates with EDGE’s configurable call center software development platform, and can be used for creating front-office applications used in sales, marketing and customer service. AdvantEDGE users receive a broad set of pre-built functions for account management, customer service and support, telesales, and event and seminar management. These applications have been built entirely on the highly configurable EDGE integrated development environment. Users are free to modify or create additional modules using the bundled EDGE integrated development environment.

AdvantEDGE applications provide a presentation layer with a common user interface in combination with bottomup connectivity to EDGE’s voice and data integration feature set to give users popular packaged applications that are also flexible, highly customizable and integrate seamlessly with diverse telephony devices and legacy systems. This approach allows companies to build integrated, CTI-enabled call center applications for customer interaction that matches the organization’s needs, business processes and technology architecture.

AdvantEDGE uses a hub-andspoke design for seamlessly integrating key telephony features with diverse application functionality while providing access to historical data from host systems, delivering to agents the critical information needed for effective customer service. Agents using AdvantEDGE can conduct unscripted free-form conversations, quickly changing from the hub screen to the appropriate sales, marketing or support module to best service the caller. A customer calling in with a service request can have that case created and entered, have their account data updated with a new telephone number, and be offered — and then purchase — a specific product, all without requiring the agent to follow a script or exit the application.

However, when a scripted format is needed, EDGE’s scripting tool is readily available for quick campaign script creation and modification. For more information, contact Bob Ventresca at 203-925-6878 or see

CallWise From Intecom

The editors of Telemarketing� & Call Center Solutions™ have given the CallWise call center solution from Intecom an Editors’ Choice Award. CallWise is designed to provide virtually unlimited call capacity, comprehensive reports, caller wait-time alerts, single point of control for multiple locations, skills-based routing, screen synchronization, agent-at-home, call blending and video call centers. CallWise performs dynamic, realtime analysis of traffic load, average call length, etc., and then makes the necessary adjustments to keep a call center’s workflow running smoothly. It is designed to ensure that fewer calls are abandoned, agents handle calls more quickly and stay better informed. Supervisors have more time to assist agents and manage resources. And CallWise offers skills-based routing to make sure your customers get the best help available, whether the appropriate agent is located in-house or at a distributed call center that may be located thousands of miles away.

CallWise’s array of CTI-rich features allow the user to mine a call center for valuable information to create detailed reports; manage customer expectations with caller wait-time notification; use screen synchronization to give agents instant access to caller information and create cross-selling opportunities; implement call blending so agents can tackle both inbound and outbound calls quickly and efficiently; or create an enterprisewide network that makes it easy for other departments to share information.

CallWise is based on Intecom’s flexible Intecom E platform. The open architecture of Intecom E is designed to allow the integration of applications like voice mail, integrated voice response, customer databases, workforce management systems and more.

The Intecom E also allows users to take advantage of one or more of its many powerful applications to extend an enterprise’s resources. For example, EyeSite can be used to create video call centers linked to remote video kiosks. SiteSpan can be used to seamlessly integrate multiple call centers and work-at-home agents into one operation with a single point of control. The system remains 100 percent transparent so remote agents use the same features and procedures as those in the main office.

For more information, contact Stephanie Leonard at 972-855-8155 or see

Paragren’s One-By-One

Paragren Technologies, an APAC TeleServices Company, has been presented an Editors’ Choice Award by the editors of Telemarketing� & Call Center Solutions™ for its One-By-One suite of marketing software applications. The One-By-One suite of products is designed to transform information in corporate data warehouses to support customer-centric, one-to-one marketing. In addition, Paragren offers a market intelligence system that provides demographic, usage, attitudinal and competitive contact information for the telecommunications and financial services industries.

One-By-One enables corporate marketing professionals to perform online exploratory analysis, descriptive and predictive modeling, promotional planning, detailed customer segmentation, and campaign execution and evaluation. By analyzing market, customer and financial data on a realtime basis, One-By-One helps marketers bring strategic insights into their marketing plans and make immediate, tactical decisions in response to rapidly changing business environments. Paragren’s products can also be used

for internal reporting systems to analyze the financial performance of individual employees, branches, products or businesses.

One-By-One is an integrated suite of applications that supports an open architecture and platform independence, and also leverages existing investments in data warehouse, OLAP tools and data-mining products. All One-By-One applications are powered by the One-By-One Engine™, a transformation engine that retrieves data from multiple sources simultaneously and performs rapid extractions and aggregations.

One-By-One consists of three applications: Data Discoverer, Campaign Manager and Interactive Marketer. Data Discoverer is used to identify customers through exploration, analysis and integrated data mining. It migrates expertly developed models into the data warehouse to promote enterprisewide use. It provides flexible data extraction from the RDBMS including random select and every Nth. It automatically outputs data to OLAP, statistical and data-mining tools for segmentation and scoring. It also has a Wizard interface for migrating models and scores back to the RDBMS and One-By-One metadata.

Campaign Manager uses relational metadata structures to dynamically create segmentation strategies via wizards for any field in an RDBMS, whether real or derived. Its built-in optimization allocates offers across target groups. It can quickly re-prioritize target groups without launching a new query and also capture campaign costs and assumptions to support post-campaign profitability reporting.

Interactive Marketer is one-toone marketing software for real-time, individualized marketing. Interactive Marketer is designed to deliver interactive sales scripts driven by behavioral or demographic attributes. It is integrated with APAC call center technology. For more information, contact Daniel Lackner at 703-295-9148 or see

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