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February 1997

Internet/Intranet Customer Service Software From Quintus™

Quintus Corporation has announced ImpaQ™, customer service software designed to provide real- time information to help users address customer service issues by replacing the reactive behavior fostered by traditional "tracking" call center software with a proactive paradigm for improving customer service and loyalty.

ImpaQ utilizes Java™, Web and publish-and-subscribe technologies to create a flexible, customizable, real-time information distribution system to push customer information from traditionally isolated call center databases out to every desktop in the enterprise.

Users subscribe to ImpaQ subjects that are important to them and then receive information in real-time, as it occurs. This can include summary-level information, call center status, company news, more details about specific customers, or information by product or other dimension. ImpaQ information is presented in full- screen, "headline," scrolling "ticker tape" and other formats.

The ImpaQ client is written in Java and runs in standard Web browsers, including Netscape Navigator™ and Microsoft Internet Explorer™, allowing ImpaQ to be deployed rapidly across large organizations, and also between companies, over intranets, extranets and the Internet.

ImpaQ integrates with Quintus WebQ™, which provides searching, review and updating capabilities for all call center and customer data. ImpaQ can also drill down to detailed legacy data across different systems, providing these have Web interfaces for accessing this data.

By delivering real-time data collected from other systems and allowing Web-based drill-down to many systems, ImpaQ provides a key integration point for managing customer information. By employing publish-and-subscribe technology rather than point-to-point connections for each client and message, ImpaQ is scalable to tens of thousands of users.

ImpaQ runs on Microsoft Windows NT™, Sun Solaris™, Hewlett-Packard HP-UX™ and IBM AIX™ servers and supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle�, Informix™ and Sybase™ relational databases.
For more information, call Jim Lambert at 510-624-2854.

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