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May/June 2001





Nextel Offers Mobile Workforce Applications
Nextel Communications has announced a variety of solutions for real-time remote management of scheduling, timesheets, and fleets to offer mobile workers a variety of communications options. The services are available through alliances with Airput, which offers the AirHours application to send timesheet and project information to a central office; @Road, offering voice, data, and location services integration; and ClickSoftware, which offers the ClickMobile and ClickSchedule scheduling notification and scheduling applications.
Contact Nextel at www.nextel.com or by phone at 800-639-6111

Commtouch Rolls Out Microsoft Exchange 2000 Hosting Service
Enhancing its carrier-grade messaging and collaboration hosting service, Commtouch has announced support for Microsoft Exchange 2000. The service enables small- to medium-sized enterprises and service providers to create, store, and share messaging information, and features management and monitoring of systems, as well as a 99.5 percent availability commitment. The xManage Web-based administration tool is also brandable for resellers.
Contact Commtouch at www.commtouch.com or by phone at 408-653-4330

New IP Conferencing Service From iTelco
iTelco Communications has announced the private label iTelco Conference service, available for branding to communications service providers. The service works with IP as well as PSTN networks, and can interoperate with a carrier's Voice-over-IP (VoIP) network. Features include text chat, notification of who is speaking, call recording, file sharing, and the ability to dynamically scale a conference to allow new participants to join in. The service may be hosted by iTelco, or licensed to service providers who wish to host it in-house.
Contact iTelco at www.i-telco.com or by phone at 408-432-3100

Webley And Indicast Team To Offer Voice Portal Service
Unified communications service developer Webley Systems and voice portal service provider Indicast have joined together to offer a unified communications voice portal service that integrates personalized content. The service may be accessed through subscribers' telephone numbers using speech user interface with intuitive prompts. Other features include intelligent call waiting and message notifications. All services are consolidated into a single message center for retrieval through a phone or on the Web.
Contact Webley at www.webley.com or by phone at 888-444-6400
Contact Indicast at www.indicast.com or by phone at 760-438-5700

Version 6.0 Of Go.Web Wireless Service Announced
GoAmerica has announced version 6.0 of its Go.Web wireless service, which gives mobile professionals secure access to corporate data and intranets. It also enables users to send and receive e-mail and access the Internet from remote locations, and to track information and transactions securely. Additional features include formatting and bookmarking options, enhanced navigation, and support for additional data types. The MobileClips tool allows over-the-air application installation, eliminating the need for syncing with a computer, and Mail Link allows users to share Internet links via e-mail.
Contact GoAmerica at www.goamerica.net or by phone at 888-462-4600

Eyeball Networks Releases New Version Of Video Chat Service
Version 1.2 of Eyeball Chat LE has been announced by Eyeball Networks. The new version of the free video chat service adds instant messaging so that text chat may be used along with the video interface. Other features include call management so that users may block other users from contacting them, and one-click access for better integration with Web-based services. Eyeball also offers a Sales Alliance program for ASPs, ISPs, ILECs, CLECs, and value-added resellers (VARs). The alliance enables companies to recommend and position the application to their customers.
Contact Eyeball Networks at www.eyeball.com or by phone at 604-921-5993

Updated Version Of HearMe's VoiceSERVER Announced
The latest release of HearMe's VoIP application platform, VoiceSERVER, has been rolled out, enabling deployment of enhanced services through a next-generation communications network. The platform offers an environment for VoIP conferencing, calling, and enhanced commerce so that CLECs, ASPs, and ITSPs can add services that support high margin revenue streams. The platform offers features like instant conferencing, presence, find me/follow me capability, and voice-enhanced customer relationship management (CRM).
Contact HearMe at www.hearme.com or by phone at 650-429-3900

Version 2.0 Of Orchestrate 2000 Unified Communications Portal Released
Orchestrate has announced version 2.0 of its Orchestrate 2000 unified communications and content portal. The portal offers users a single Web page for making telephone and conference calls as well as consolidating voice, fax, and e-mail messages. The latest version features personal information management (PIM) synchronization for Palms and other handheld devices, POP polling, secure socket layer (SSL) access, and customizable Web content selections.
Contact Orchestrate at www.orchestrate.com or by phone at 404-487-8301

CallCenter@nywhere 4.0 Announced By Telephony@Work
The latest version of the Telephony@Work call center and e-contact platform for ASPs, telcos, and call centers, CallCenter@nywhere, has been announced. The platform offers a suite of browser-based provisioning, supervision, and report generation interfaces as well as an overall migration to thin-client computing for performing all tasks through a Web browser. The release includes a browser-based version of the Administration Manager interface for instant provisioning and administration, as well as a browser-based version of the Supervision Manager for listening in on calls, viewing agent screens, and joining or recording calls.
Contact Telephony@Work at www.telephonyatwork.com or by phone at 858-410-1600

Instant Communications By eGIX Announced
eGIX has announced its carrier-grade unified communications service, Instant Communications by eGIX (ICE), for integrated voice mail, e-mail, fax, and phone access via a Web-based interface. The offering is being extended to CLECs, ILECs, and ISPs seeking enhanced offerings, and is backed by eGIX's managed services and 24x7 customer support. Other features include a one-number option so that subscribers may receive phone calls, voice mail, and faxes at one number.
Contact eGIX at www.egix.com or by phone at 888-500-1095


Omvia Line Enables Access To Personalized Services
iVB Network Solutions, a division of InterVoice-Brite, has announced the Omvia family of products, enabling service providers and enterprises to offer subscribers access to personalized communications services. The products enable revenues for service providers, since users can access and reply to voice, fax, and e-mail messages in a single session. Applications include messaging, communication portals, payment, and m-commerce, with fraud control assurance. The product line is also available as an outsourced service, and includes flexible payment methods and single billing.
Contact iVB at www.intervoice-brite.com or by phone at 800-700-0122

mPortal Releases Version 2.0 Of Enterprise Everywhere Mobile Application Platform
Version 2.0 of the Enterprise Everywhere platform from mPortal has been announced, offering support for scaled mobile applications in a hosted or licensed model. The new version is at the core of mPortal's Mobile Delivery Solutions, allowing development and deployment of mobile applications for a number of vertical markets including communications. The platform integrates with legacy systems, databases, and Web servers, and is made up of a Mobile Server and Management Console, a Mobile Client, and a Mobile Development Environment.
Contact mPortal at www.mportal.com or by phone at 703-917-7895

Metcalf Global Messaging Service Announced By MobileSpring
Wireless messaging billing services provider MobileSpring has announced a solution for the short message service (SMS) market called Metcalf Global Messaging. The service delivers text messages among GSM, TDMA, CDMA, two-way paging, and other wireless networks, and allows subscribers to exchange messages with users of other networks. The service enables routing, protocol conversion, reformatting, and delivery of messages among disparate networks, while offering rating capabilities and integration with a carrier's billing systems.
Contact MobileSpring at www.mobilespring.com or by phone at 212-391-6668

Crystal Group Offers The DarkSite Remote Management Appliance
The DarkSite remote management appliance for servers has been announced by Crystal Group. This platform-independent management tool monitors servers' health and sends notification of potential problems before applications fail. The appliance features its own operating system and Crystal's server management software application, and uses an ISA or PCI slot for power, making it an easy fit for any type of server. An embedded Ethernet adapter and serial ports enable remote connection and administration from any Web browser.
Contact Crystal Group at www.crystalpc.com or by phone at 800-378-1636

VeraServ Family Of Voice Server Platforms Announced
VoiceXML speech platform developer Verascape has announced its flagship VeraServ family of voice server platforms, which scale from small systems to carrier-class models. The platforms enable carriers, ASPs, and enterprises to host multiple voice applications on one integrated platform. The platforms are based on Veracape's Vivance architecture, which provides access to Web site content through standard telephony, using session initiation protocol (SIP)-based Internet telephony. The architecture is made up of the VeraServ Media Gateway, the VeraServ Text-to-Speech, the VeraServ Call Director, and the VeraServ Speech Server.
Contact Verascape at www.verascape.com or by phone at 847-919-0873

VoiceGenie VoiceXML Gateway 5.0 Available
VoiceGenie Technologies has announced the release of its VoiceXML Gateway 5.0 solution, featuring compliance with the VoiceXML 1.0 standard and support for SIP and H.323 VoIP capabilities. This voice Web solution enables users to access Web information, manage personal communications, and conduct online transactions over any phone using voice commands. Voice traffic may be routed over an IP network with the latest version, or may be transferred between PSTN and IP networks.
Contact VoiceGenie at www.voicegenie.com or by phone at 415-736-0905

Apptimum Operations Platform Available From Qwest
Qwest Communications has announced its Apptimum operations platform, enabling developers to transition existing applications to services available over the Internet. The platform utilizes Qwest's broadband network and application infrastructure provider experience, and is based on the Microsoft.NET platform. Marketing and indirect sales channels are also available through the Qwest Business Partner Program, as well as billing, provisioning, order entry, and customer care services. The Qwest Managed Exchange 2000 corporate message solution, based on Microsoft Exchange 2000, is the first application available through the program.
Contact Qwest at www.qwestcybersolutions.com or by phone at 877-CYBRAPP

Service Provider Edition Of I'm InTouch Unified Communications Released
01 Communique Laboratory has announced a Service Provider Edition of the I'm InTouch unified communications solution for telcos, ASP, ISPs, and other service providers. The offering allows users to access, control, and manage their communications from any Web browser, wireless Internet device, or phone. The solution also enables small to medium-sized enterprises and small office/home office (SOHO) users to preserve existing investments in e-mail, voice and fax systems while still gaining access to unified communications. A communications server stores all inbound and outbound messages, as well as contact database information.
Contact 01 Communique at www.01com.com or by phone at 800-668-2185

ADC Launches Broadband Services Platform For Adaptive Communications
ADC has announced its Broadband Services Platform (BSP), featuring a modular architecture designed to enable service providers to enhance functionality for adaptive communications. The platform can integrate with changing network configurations and technologies, and features applications like a unified messaging portal, an Internet call manager, and short message service. Other features include voice profiles over Internet mail to connect various voice mail platforms, and Voice Vector, which enables remote access to voice mail through local numbers. The platform also includes a personal organizer, and a mobile message portal for wireless message management.
Contact ADC at www.adc.com or by phone at 800-366-3889

APC Announces Stand-alone Environmental Monitoring Unit
American Power Conversion (APC) has announced its stand-alone Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU) to combat environmental fluctuations such as changes in temperature and humidity, which could affect the performance of mission critical equipment. Through a simple, three-step configuration, IT managers may remotely monitor humidity and temperature, in addition to user-definable external input. Managers are alerted of changes immediately through e-mail or SNMP notification. APC also recently announced remote SNMP management to its DC power systems, in addition to existing access to its AC systems.
Contact APC at www.apcc.com or by phone at 800-877-4080

Release 2.0 Of congruency's CNS 3200 Enhanced Hosted Communications Platform Available
congruency has announced availability of version 2.0 of the CNS 3200 Enhanced Hosted Communications Platform, adding advanced calling features and service creation capabilities. The CNS 3200 offers a softswitch, as well as integrated applications and service creation capabilities. New features include enhanced voice quality, three-way conference calling, Web caller ID, and enhanced IPO auto attendant and voice-mail systems. The Streaming Media Accelerator networking device is also available, offering quality of service (QoS) to IP telephones over standard and existing Ethernet wiring. The device monitors incoming information packets, quickly routing voice packets to IP telephones or PSTN media gateways.
Contact congruency at www.congruency.com or by phone at 201-712-5590

FreeSpeech Platform Rolled Out By HeyAnita
HeyAnita has announced its FreeSpeech Platform which includes a VoiceXML browser and developer Web site for quick creation and deployment of voice applications. The platform controls and manages interoperability of telephony hardware, voice applications, and speech recognition engines, and enables developers to use the hardware, software, and programming languages of their choice. The browser is compliant with the VoiceXML 1.0 specification, and can be used on HeyAnita's telephony network, or may be licensed to sit at a company's site.
Contact HeyAnita at www.heyanita.com or by phone at 800-44-ANITA

BCGI Announces Wireless Wallet Payment Solution For Carriers
Boston Communications Group (BCGI) has unveiled the Wireless Wallet solution, offering carriers an end-to-end secure m-commerce payment solution for linking stored value accounts to a network of m-commerce and e-commerce merchants. An extension of the technology used for BCGI's Prepaid Wireless service, Wireless Wallet enables users to perform commerce transactions through a mobile phone, PC, or PDA. Carriers may brand their m-commerce capabilities with minimal investment and risk using the solution.
Contact BCGI at www.bcgi.net or by phone at 781-904-5000

openCallAgent Softswitch Introduced In US
Open Telecommunications North America has announced the openCallAgent softswitch, enabling carriers and ISPs to offer integrated voice and data services over packet-based and transitional networks. The softswitch offers carrier-grade call control for voice calls on IP telephony networks, as well as a full range of call handling features and enhanced voice services.
Contact Open Telecommunications at www.opentelecommunications.com or by phone at 425-482-5995

SVI Media Server And IVR Platform Version 4 Available From NetCentrex
NetCentrex has announced the availability of version 4 of its SVI Media Server and IVR platform, offering support for the H.323, INAP CS1 and CS2, and CAMEL wireless protocols. The new version allows service providers to offer media services for VoIP and wireless networks, as well as standard networks. The platform supports thousands of simultaneous lines, and offers features like voice recognition, text-to-speech, audio conferencing, and H.263 video. It also offers a service creation environment, as well as a distributed architecture to separate call control from media flow.
Contact NetCentrex at www.netcentrex.net or by phone at 408-521-7400


SecureWorks And Sun To Co-market Intrusion Detection Appliance
Sun Microsystems will co-market the iSensor intrusion detection appliance from SecureWorks, for real-time monitoring and response. The Linux-based appliance monitors network traffic and responds to potential threats, and is aimed at businesses that locate their servers in a hosted environment. The partnership will enable Sun's reseller and ISP partners to offer intrusion detection services to their customers, and the iSensor is also available exclusively on Sun's Cobalt RaQ server platform.
Contact SecureWorks at www.secureworks.com or by phone at 404-327-6339
Contact Sun at www.sun.com or by phone at 800-786-0404

TalkingNets Broadens Reach With Two Network Partnerships
Telephony ASP TalkingNets is extending its offerings by using Telseon's Gigabit Ethernet IP network to offer its softswitch-based hosted services. The partnership enables any broadband service provider on the Telseon network to offer business-class telephony via existing collocation points. TalkingNets has also announced a partnership with Cogent Communications, using Cogent's optical IP network to deliver hosted voice services.
Contact TalkingNets at www.talkingnets.com or by phone at 910-256-0770
Contact Telseon at www.telseon.com or by phone at 866-TELSEON
Contact Cogent at www.cogentco.com or by phone at 877-9-COGENT

Four Application Providers Utilize Ellacoya IP Service Platform
Ellacoya Networks has announced that aTelo, Evoke Communications, Mail.com, and ScreamingMedia will use its Service Generation System to roll out enhanced services. The partnerships are part of Ellacoya's APPRISE partner program, and will enable delivery of enhanced voice services, virtual meeting services, outsourced e-mail, and news and information.
Contact Ellacoya at www.ellacoya.com or by phone at 603-577-5544
Contact aTelo at www.atelo.com or by phone at 703-276-9000
Contact Evoke at www.evoke.com or by phone at 800-878-7326
Contact Mail.com at www.mail.com or by phone at 212-425-4200
Contact ScreamingMedia at www.screamingmedia.com or by phone at 877-870-0001

net.com Partners With E-business Solutions Provider Idea Integration
Idea Integration has built an interface probe to link Portal Software's billing and customer management platform to net.com's SCREAM Open Programming Interface, providing real-time billing on the SCREAM Service Creation Manager platform. The billing system allows service providers to manage customer information and capture billing information from the network in real time. Idea developed the CORBA interface to the Open Programming Interface to achieve the integration.
Contact net.com at www.net.com or by phone at 510-713-7300
Contact Idea Integration at www.idea.com or by phone at 904-360-2700

Integrated Platform For Creating VoiceXML Solutions Announced
Fonix Corporation, provider of natural user interface solutions, and voice server and application software developer Audium have agreed to create a platform for developing VoiceXML-based solutions. The companies will integrate Fonix's FAAST speech application development framework with Audium's voice application development platform to enable developers to implement Internet voice portal and IVR applications.
Contact Fonix at www.fonix.com or by phone at 801-553-6600
Contact Audium at www.audium.com or by phone at 212-609-4000

Synchrony And Jamcracker Partner To Offer CRM Solution
Jamcracker has announced it will offer Synchrony's CRM suite as a hosted offering, to be integrated with other Jamcracker Web-based services. The solution will offer universal queuing as well as Internet adaptors to commerce, self-service, and fulfillment. The Jamcracker Enterprise package of Web-based services enables small to medium-sized businesses to manage IT costs by offering deployment, management, and support of services on a unified platform.
Contact Synchrony at www.synchrony.net or by phone at 877-796-2663
Contact Jamcracker at www.jamcracker.com or by phone at 800-450-6054

Voxeo And Nuance Enable Integrated Phone And Web Applications
Voxeo has become a Nuance Partner Alliance program member, and will integrate Nuance's speech recognition technology into its nationwide Voxeo.Net network and Web development platform. The partnership will enable quick and easy development of voice-enabled phone and Web applications. Voxeo will integrate the Nuance Voice Web Server, which combines speech recognition software and a VoiceXML interpreter. The integration will enable a voice user interface for applications like call center automation, IVR replacement, and personal communications.
Contact Voxeo at www.voxeo.com or by phone at 831-439-5130
Contact Nuance at www.nuance.com or by phone at 888-NUANCE-8

Tundo And Sonus Partner To Offer Services To MDU And MTU Marketplace
Tundo Corporation has joined the Sonus Networks Open Services Partner Alliance to deliver line-side services to the multiple dwelling unit (MDU) and multiple tenant unit (MTU) marketplace. The partnership integrates Tundo's Distributed Open Telephony Server and Network Telephony System for hosted voice services with Sonus softswitches and its SGX2000 SS7 Signaling Gateway to offer PSTN and IP interconnection. Tundo's TelPort integrated access device (IAD) converts PSTN phones into IP endpoints for gradual MTU/MDU migration to IP solutions.
Contact Tundo at www.tundo.com or by phone at 508-836-4333
Contact Sonus at www.sonusnet.com or by phone at 978-692-8999

AudioCodes And Nuance Partner To Deliver Speech Recognition And Text-to-Speech Services
Applications developers can make a smooth integration when adding speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities to their voice services, thanks to a partnership between AudioCodes and Nuance. Nuance will offer its speech recognition and text-to-speech software on AudioCodes' IPmedia platform, enabling services like voice dialing, voice portals, unified communications, and auto attendants. The IPmedia platform offers IP switching between telephony and voice resources for easy scaling of voice applications.
Contact AudioCodes at www.audiocodes.com or by phone at 408-577-0488
Contact Nuance at www.nuance.com or by phone at 888-NUANCE-8

AT&T Wireless Customers Gain Access To Voice Applications Through Tellme
Tellme Networks has announced an agreement with AT&T Wireless to offer their customers access to a number of voice applications including traffic reports, stock quotes, weather updates, and sports scores. The services are powered by Tellme's voice application network and run on its VoiceXML platform. They may be expanded to include voice messaging and communications applications.
Contact Tellme at www.tellme.com or by phone at 650-930-9000
Contact AT&T Wireless at www.attwireless.com or by phone at 800-888-7600

Dialpad And Level 3 Team To Deliver IP-based Voice Solutions
Level 3 Communications and Dialpad Communications will jointly market Dialpad's dialpadaccess voice solutions platform to Level 3 customers like ISPs and broadband service providers. Dialpad will offer turnkey voice solutions to those customers, supported by Level 3's softswitch-based IP voice infrastructure. Offerings include domestic and worldwide termination of IP calls, billing and CDR solutions, flat rate and debit-based calling plans, voice mail, and hosting services.
Contact Level 3 at www.level3.com or by phone at 720-888-1000
Contact Dialpad at www.dialpad.com or by phone at 408-588-4688

SpeechGenie Solution Announced Through SpeechWorks/VoiceGenie Partnership
VoiceXML gateway provider VoiceGenie Technologies has announced a partnership with speech technology developer SpeechWorks International to create the SpeechGenie integrated platform for speech-driven applications. SpeechGenie will be compliant with VoiceXML 1.0, and will integrate SpeechWorks' automated speech recognition and Speechify text-to-speech engines. The solution will allow customers to access Web information, manage personal communications, and conduct online transactions over any phone, using voice commands.
Contact SpeechWorks at www.speechworks.com or by phone at 617-428-4444
Contact VoiceGenie at www.voicegenie.com or by phone at 416-736-0905

Tellabs And ipVerse Join NexTone's All For ONE Partnership Program
NexTone Communications has announced partnerships with Tellabs and ipVerse through the All for ONE partnership program, to ensure interoperability between their products and NexTone's Application Switch. The Switch offers policy-based call routing and signaling interworking for deploying applications in an IP environment. It has been proven to interoperate with the Tellabs SALIX 7750 gateway service switch and the ipVerse softswitch for calls to and from the PSTN.
Contact NexTone at www.nextone.com or by phone at 240-453-6300
Contact Tellabs at www.tellabs.com or by phone at 630-378-8800
Contact ipVerse at www.ipverse.com or by phone at 408-952-5400

ITXC Named Primary Carrier Of deltathree's Hosted Communications Solution Traffic
deltathree has announced that Internet voice service provider ITXC Corp. will be the primary carrier of deltathree's Hosted Communications Solution traffic. The partnership extends deltathree's services to the local loop worldwide, and much of deltathree's traffic will be carried over the ITXC.net global network for voice over IP. The Hosted Communications Solution enables businesses to offer Internet telephony services to their end users under their own brand names.
Contact deltathree at corp.deltathree.com or by phone at 212-500-4888
Contact ITXC at www.itxc.com or by phone at 609-750-3333

Sonus And dynamicsoft Partner To Create Carrier Solutions
Softswitch and carrier-class media gateway provider Sonus Networks has announced a partnership with infrastructure solutions provider dynamicsoft to offer carrier solutions for IP-based services. The relationship will enable carriers to deploy dynamicsoft's SIP-based solutions to further the reach of their Sonus softswitch platforms to support IP-based devices like IP-based phones and PCs supporting voice applications. The solutions may also be deployed to deliver converged communications services over a combination of IP and PSTN networks.
Contact Sonus at www.sonusnet.com or by phone at 978-692-8999
Contact dynamicsoft at www.dynamicsoft.com or by phone at 973-952-5000

Motorola To Integrate Convergent Networks Softswitch Into VoIP Solutions
Motorola Broadband Communications Sector has announced it will integrate the ICServiceWorks softswitch technology from Convergent Networks into its family of VoIP solutions. Motorola has also made an equity investment in Convergent as part of the agreement. The solution will offer cable operators a complete next-generation packet-voice solution with Class 5 features, as well as a platform for creating enhanced services. Cable operators will be able to deploy voice and data services over an existing hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) infrastructure.
Contact Motorola at www.gi.com or by phone at 800-523-6678
Contact Convergent at www.convergentnetworks.com or by phone at 978-323-3300

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