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March/April 2001





Traq Wireless Announces Application For Organizing Wireless Usage
The interactive, Web-based Analysis Package for managing corporate wireless expenses and assets is now available from Traq Wireless. The application uses carrier-provided data and offers a suite of online tools for evaluating wireless usage trends and allocation of funds by a user or an entire enterprise. Features include a call investigator and usage alerts to ensure proper wireless usage, and the solution can scale to accommodate hundreds to thousands of users.
Contact Traq Wireless at www.traq.com or by phone at 877-554-TRAQ

congruency Products And Services Now Commercially Available
congruency's communications software platform, touch-screen i.Picasso 6000 IP Phone, and infrastructure services are now commercially available. The VoIP software platform features a softswitch with integrated applications as well as development capabilities, while the hosted services offerings include IP Centrex, IP voice mail, and visual content and HTML delivery to IP phones. The standalone i.Picasso 6000 offers call management and enhanced Web content viewing. The company also announced that Exodus Communications will be hosting the platform.
Contact congruency at www.congruency.com or by phone at 201-712-5590

Four New Solutions Available From iemagine
iemagine has announced four new services as part of its Rent & Ready! Instant Webware Suite for self-service sales, CRM, and human resources solutions. TeamNews offers Web-based newsletter creation, TeamCareer provides hosted recruiting, TeamQuote offers sales quote generation, and ReadyMart provides Web storefront functionality. The company's ASP-in-a-Box solution offers an easy way for resellers to host and rent the Webware applications.
Contact iemagine at www.iemagine.com or by phone at 312-988-4849

White Pajama Rolls Out Its Integrated Contact Center Network
The hosted Integrated Contact Center Network from White Pajama allows customers to set up, configure, and use telephony, fax, Web self-service, e-mail, chat, and co-browsing in a matter of hours so they may focus on their core competencies without investing in equipment, personnel, and training. The solution features an intuitive presentation layer so that all applications are easily available to call agents, and a customer self-service module is also included.
Contact White Pajama at www.whitepajama.com or by phone at 877-Pajama1

Intelemedia Spin-off Provides One-to-One Customer Service
Callbutton, a recently announced spin-off of Intelemedia Communications, provides click-to-call capabilities for online communications by routing, managing, tracking, and auditing the online calling process. Customers click on a Callbutton icon on a company's Web site and their information is immediately routed to the appropriate representative of that company, who can call the customer within seconds. Various service levels are available to handle many types of call flows and needs.
Contact Callbutton at www.callbutton.com or by phone at 866-533-1000

Human-to-Human Communications Tool Announced By WebTelecom
WebTelecom has launched the Live Contact Service 2 solution, allowing businesses to add voice, video, co-browsing, and text chat to their Web sites quickly for improved customer service. The human-to-human (H2H) features are supported by call center functions like multiple chat sessions, client history archiving, self-administration of queues, advanced supervisory functions like real-time call monitoring, and knowledge management. The solution is based on Java and HTML, and Web calls are initiated by simply clicking on a link. Voice calls require a small software download.
Contact WebTelecom at www.webtelecom.com or by phone at 877-932-3213

b2 and b3 Messaging Services Introduced by blue-silicon
Extended Enterprise Messaging provider blue-silicon has announced the b2 and b3 services for accessing voice mail, fax, e-mail, and video communications from anywhere in the world through one electronic mailbox -- for the cost of a local phone call. The solutions integrate with existing PBX and Centrex systems, and are currently accessible from more than 100 points of presence throughout the world. The b3 system also includes features like auto attendant, message wait indication, and company directory access.
Contact blue-silicon at www.blue-silicon.com or by phone at 408-954-8000

eTouch.com Announces Global Unified Messaging Services
Featuring gateways in major cities throughout the world, eTouch.com (also known as iTelco Communications) will offer global unified messaging services directly to consumers through its Web site. The company will also offer customized telephony services to telcos, service providers, and Internet portals, using its infrastructure and communications experience. The basic service integrates voice, fax, and e-mail messaging into a single inbox, and premium services like intelligent call forwarding and real-time communications will soon be added.
Contact eTouch.com at www.etouch.com or by phone at 408-432-3100

@Road Announces Mobile Workforce Application For Nextel Wireless Web Customers
A mobile resource management (MRM) solution has been announced by location-enhanced wireless solutions provider @Road. The service will offer Nextel Wireless Web customers new ways to communicate on the road using @Road's LocationSmart platform of wireless, positioning, and XML technologies. The application will enable Nextel customers to receive location information on demand, reports on location, speed, and stops, and maintenance and workflow status reports. It will also allow multiple users to view information from various locations, and will enable two-way messaging as well as the ability to store and record messages.
Contact @Road at www.@road.com or by phone at 510-668-1638

Enterprise-Class Mobile E-mail Service Introduced By NowSpeed
NowSpeed has announced its Email-By-Voice service, which enables companies to offer their mobile employees secure universal access to corporate e-mail and attachment from any touch-tone phone. The solution may be deployed as a hosted service, or installed on site as an enterprise-based service. Future versions will offer access to calendars, content, and address books. Features include text-to-speech functionality, voice reply to e-mails, synchronization, security, and compatibility with Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and IMAP4 and POP3 e-mail clients.
Contact NowSpeed at www.nowspeed.com or by phone at 508- 879-2700


Trenton Introduces New ULE Single Board Computer
Trenton Technology has announced its new ULE single board computer (SBC) featuring an Intel Pentium III low-profile FC-PGA processor for speeds of up to one GHz. The SBC also offers dual SCSI, dual Ethernet, a 64-bit/66 MHz PCI local bus, and SDRAM. Other features include CompactFlash, flat panel options, and the ServerWorks ServerSet III LE chipset, supporting a front side bus bandwidth of 133 MHz.
Contact Trenton at www.trentontechnology.com or by phone at 800-875-6031

ComMerchant Application Module Announced By Sylantro Systems
Enabling service providers to deliver network-hosted call center capabilities to SME customers, the ComMerchant application module from Sylantro Systems is now available on the company's applications-enabled softswitch platform. The module works like an automatic call distributor (ACD), and places callers in a queue during high-volume calling periods, and distributes calls while also providing music and announcements to callers on hold.
Contact Sylantro at www.sylantro.com or by phone at 408-626-2300

Voyant Technologies Introduces IP Conferencing Solution Using SIP
Voyant Technologies has announced its Instant Conferencing solution, enabling on-demand, instant collaboration capabilities using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). The protocol enables end users to launch voice conferences without subscribing, and is interoperable with products from Pingtel, Firetalk Communications, Sonus, dynamicsoft, and BroadSoft.
Contact Voyant at www.voyanttech.com or by phone at 888-447-1087

ComStruct Building Block Family Extended By Blue Wave
Blue Wave Systems has added a new member to its family of ComStruct communications processing building blocks by introducing the ComStruct CPCI/C5441 hardware platform. Supporting up to 672 compressed voice/fax channels in one CompactPCI slot, the platform enables compressed voice or fax over IP or ATM, offering a high-density platform for applications like softswitches and IP-enabled service platforms for wireline and 3G wireless networks.
Contact Blue Wave at www.bluews.com or by phone at 800-635-0200

upSuite High Availability Middleware Introduced By Continuous
Voice-over-packet platform solutions provider Continuous Computing has announced its upSuite High Availability middleware is available as a standalone product. The software is designed for VoIP application developers, and offers an easy method for turning VoIP applications into central office products. It implements IP disk mirroring at wireline speeds, and information created is written to a local disk while it is simultaneously written across a TCP/IP network to a standby processor.
Contact Continuous at www.continuouscomputing.com or by phone at 858-882-8800

Liebert Introduces Nfinity Scalable Line Of UPS Products
Liebert Corporation has announced a new line of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products scalable from four to 16kVA and offering features to improve systems availability. The Nfinity UPS System features power protection and redundancy, and a modular design enables configuration with any combination of power or battery modules. IntelliBatter modules offer multiple sensors to troubleshoot and isolate modules to protect the battery network.
Contact Liebert at www.liebert.com or by phone at 614-888-0246

Little Dragon RAID Storage System Announced By ITOX
ITOX has rolled out its Little Dragon RAID application storage system, supporting five hot-swap disk drives in only 1U of rack space. The disk drives are connected over hot-swappable, steel disk carriers using an SCA-2 connector, and the carriers may be accessed from the front or rear panels of the unit. The Little Dragon is the first in a series of modular products from ITOX.
Contact ITOX at www.itox.com or by phone at 888-200-ITOX

Two New Fiber Optic Products Announced By ADTRAN
The OSU 300 and OCU 45 fiber optic devices have been introduced by ADTRAN. The OSU 300 modular device is a point-to-point, multiport fiber optic service unit featuring a built-in HSSI interface and three option slots. The unit operates at rates up to 44.2 Mbps, and all modules are hot swappable. The OCU 45 offers an optical to electrical conversion, and enables equipment with a T3/E3 or STS-1 electrical interface to be networked through singlemode or multimode fiber circuits.
Contact ADTRAN at www.adtran.com or by phone at 800-9ADTRAN

Dynarc Announces New IP Router Portfolio
A suite of auto-provisioning IP routers for metropolitan area networks (MANs) has been introduced by Dynarc. The Dynarc 1124 is designed for accessing the network, the Dynarc 2104 sits at the edge, the Dynarc 3108 is geared toward the metropolitan area, and the Dynarc 5116 will sit in the metropolitan core. The routers may be deployed in a dual or multiple-ring environment for managing traffic flow and guaranteeing quality of service to customers.
Contact Dynarc at www.dynarc.com or by phone at 408-737-8000

Core Product Portfolio For Native IP Environments Introduced By QoS Networks
QoS Networks has unveiled its suite of five services aimed at differentiating traffic flow by classes of service in native IP environments. The products enable customers to prioritize and manage bandwidth requirements from a Web browser. The suite includes QoS VPN Service, QoS VoIP Service, QoS Port & Peer Service, QoS Intelligent IP Transit Service, and QoS IP Private Line Service.
Contact QoS Networks at www.qosnetworks.com or by phone at 404-739-0300

alexis 2.0 Unified Communications Solution Unveiled By COM2001.com
The alexis 2.0 solution for e-mail, fax, voice mail, video conferencing, remote access, and call control has been introduced by COM2001.com. The solution includes alexis Workgroup, providing unified local access for remote employees; alexis Office, offering a conferencing manager, call center manager, and personal assistant on one server; alexis Call Center, which distributes inbound calls to agents and offers speech recognition and IVR; and the alexis Enhanced Services Platform, which features integrated hardware and software solutions for voice applications, messaging, billing, and other solutions offered in a hosted model.
Contact COM2001.com at www.com2001.com or by phone at 858-314-2001

Oblicore Offers Service Level Management Solution For Service Provider Market
Oblicore has launched a service level management product developed for ASPs, management service providers (MSPs), and network service providers (NSPs). The solution enables service providers to automate the creation and management of customized SLAs for multiple customers using one central Oblicore application. It also offers management of service level issues, negotiations and agreements with customers, and Web-based customer reports.
Contact Oblicore at www.oblicore.com or by phone at 212-333-8652

Multiservice Broadband Xchange-1000 Multi-tenant Platform Introduced By VINA
VINA Technologies has announced its Multiservice Broadband Xchange-1000 (MBX-1000) multi-tenant unit aggregation platform, which enables services providers to deploy voice and data services over TDM, ATM, or frame relay. The platform also supports DSL, fiber optics, and service mediation with IP services, and works with VINA NetAware, a software-based element management system.
Contact VINA at www.vinatech.com or by phone at 888-774-VINA

Unisphere Announces Intelligent Service POP Suite For Service Creation
The Intelligent ServicePOP suite of products and services has been introduced by Unisphere Networks, decoupling services from infrastructure and pushing them to the edge of the network, directly to end users. The suite is made up of the SMX-2100 media gateway, the SRX-3000 softswitch, the updated ERX edge router, and Broadsoft's BroadWorks feature server and CommPilot Web-based telephony portal.
Contact Unisphere at www.unispherenetworks.com or by phone at 978-848-0303

SEGway SS7/IP Interworking Device Introduced By Performance Technologies
Performance Technologies has announced the SEGway (signaling edge gateway) SS7/IP interworking device to enable wireless and wireline operators to offload long-haul SS7 traffic to lower-cost IP networks. Integrating transparently with the SS7 network, the gateway transports SS7 messages without the need to add scarce SS7 point codes and without network reconfiguration upon installation. It uses stream control transmission protocol (SCTP) to transmit SS7 messages reliably over IP.
Contact Performance at www.pt.com or by phone at 716-256-0200


VoiceAge Offers Voice Shuttle Voice Portal Software Through Anatel Resource Board
VoiceAge Corporation and Anatel Communications are working together to offer the VoiceAge Voice Shuttle voice portal software through Anatel's TAP-806 high-density VoIP DSP resource board. The combination allows developers to integrate voice mail over e-mail and other applications to PC-based platforms, and to deploy voice portal gateways. Voice Shuttle is a scalable compression product that can process and bridge voice traffic from the Internet using standard telephony hardware.
Contact VoiceAge at www.voiceage.com or by phone at 514-737-4940
Contact Anatel at www.anatel.net or by phone at 978-977-6817

Personalized Voice Portal Solutions Delivered Through Comverse/Nuance Agreement
Comverse Network Systems and Nuance have announced an agreement to offer carrier-grade voice portal system solutions to service providers. Comverse is integrating Nuance's speech recognition software, Nuance 7.0, into their Tel@GO voice portal solution, enabling end users to browse the Web using their voices, place voice-activated calls, and create, retrieve, and manage voice and e-mail messages.
Contact Comverse at www.comversens.com or by phone at 781-246-9000
Contact Nuance at www.nuance.com or by phone at 650-847-0000

Cisco And Apogee Announce Plans To Deliver Joint Billing/Networking Platform
Cisco Systems has made an equity investment in Apogee Networks, and will work with Apogee to develop, market, and sell bundled offerings to Cisco's service provider and enterprise customer bases. The first endeavor is an integration of Apogee's NetCountant billing platform with Cisco's content networking platform, enabling service providers to build global networks optimized for e-commerce and Web content delivery.
Contact Cisco at www.cisco.com or by phone at 800-553-NETS
Contact Apogee at www.apogee.com or by phone at 201-368-8800

Tellabs And ipVerse To Offer Solution For Creating Services On Converged Networks
Tellabs has announced it will develop, integrate, support, and sell a set of its SALIX switching solutions that incorporate the ipVerse ControlSwitch product family. The solution will help carriers migrate traditional voice networks into an integrated environment for offering local, long-distance, and enhanced voice, broadband, and multimedia services. The solution will be marketed as the SALIX series of telepacket solutions.
Contact Tellabs at www.tellabs.com or by phone at 630-378-8800
Contact ipVerse at www.ipverse.com or by phone at 408-830-3200

Unified Communications And Billing Solution Delivered Through MIND CTI/CTI2 Partnership
IP services billing and customer care provider MIND CTI is teaming up with unified communication platform provider CTI2 to offer an integrated solution for next-gen service providers. The MIND-iPhonEX billing solution will be integrated with CTI2's W.W. Office unified communications platform, offering subscribers a single inbox for voice, fax, and e-mail messages. The solution will enable service providers to deploy enhanced services, while performing real-time billing and customer care.
Contact MIND at www.mindcti.com or by phone at 201-288-3900
Contact CTI2 at www.cti2.com or by phone at 781-229-5829

Agilera And Applicast Merge To Offer Full-Service ASP
ASP Agilera, which offers the Extended Enterprise hosting platform for IT and e-business operations, will merge with Applicast, which offers the Applicast Business Applications Network for full-service outsourcing of mission-critical applications like SAP over packet connections. The new company, which will retain the Agilera name, will offer customized solutions delivered through the Extended Enterprise platform.
Contact Agilera at www.agilera.com or by phone at 888-878-9828

Centrinity And Sprint Canada To Offer Unified Communications Throughout Canada
Unified communications and collaborative groupware technology developer Centrinity has partnered with Sprint Canada to offer Centrinity's FirstClass Unified Communications to Sprint Canada customers. Small and medium-sized business customers will have access to a single mailbox for voice, fax, and e-mail messages, which may be accessed via phone, computer, the Web, or a wireless Internet device.
Contact Centrinity at www.centrinity.com or by phone at 888-808-0388
Contact Sprint Canada at www.sprint.ca or by phone at 888-395-3279

Net2Phone And HeyAnita To Market Voice Hosting Solutions
VoIP service provider Net2Phone has announced an equity investment and partnership with voice technology company HeyAnita. Net2Phone will provide its Softswitch hosting platform and telephony infrastructure, while HeyAnita will build voice applications and provide support services. The solution will be part of Net2Phone's Voice Hosting Service, designed to offer end user access to information, content, and services from any telephone using voice.
Contact Net2Phone at www.net2phone.com or by phone at 973-412-2800
Contact HeyAnita at www.heyanita.com or by phone at 800-44-ANITA

Cisco Powered Network Contact Center Services Designation Announced
Cisco Systems is recognizing eCRM ASPs, outsourcers, and service providers deploying the Cisco Intelligent Contact Manager or the Cisco Network Applications Manager with the Cisco Powered Network Contact Center Services designation. Some of the announced partners include: Interactive Intelligence, HearMe, and Lipstream.
Contact Cisco at www.cisco.com or by phone at 800-553-NETS

TeleKnowledge Partners With Quarry To Offer Customizable, Billable Applications
Billing and customer care provider TeleKnowledge has announced a partnership with IP services edge solutions provider Quarry Technologies to deliver differentiated billing and revenue models -- integrated with IP service offerings. The two companies will integrate Quarry's iQ8000 IP Service Edge Switch and iQSMS Service Management Suite with TeleKnowledge's Total-e platform and e-Partner revenue management software for auto provisioning, service creation, and rapid billing of emerging services.
Contact TeleKnowledge at www.teleknowledge.com or by phone at 508-370-8000
Contact Quarry at www.quarrytechnologies.com or by phone at 781-505-8300

InternetSpeech/Selectica Partnership Enables Phone Access To E-Commerce Sites
Audio ISP InternetSpeech is partnering with Selectica, a provider of Internet selling systems for e-businesses, to enable voice access to e-commerce Web sites via phone. Customers will use speech recognition to listen to options, purchase products, and access information. InternetSpeech's netECHO technology facilitates voice-enabling of Web pages by rewriting them into voice Extensible Markup Language (VXML).
Contact InternetSpeech at www.internetspeech.com or by phone at 408-360-7730
Contact Selectica at www.selectica.com or by phone at 408-570-9700

Natural MicroSystems And Tellme Announce Relationship For Voice-Activated Phone Services
Tellme Networks is using Natural MicroSystems' IP telephony platform to deploy voice-activated phone services in their carrier-grade Voice Application Network. Tellme, which uses VoiceXML on its network, will use the platform to offer applications like outsourced IVR, and voice navigation and Internet integration for call centers. The NMS platform integrates Nuance's speech recognition engine, and combines their AG4000 media processing platform, and the Natural Access development environment.
Contact Tellme at www.tellme.com or by phone at 650-930-9000
Contact NMS at www.nmss.com or by phone at 508-620-9300

Click-through Banners Enabled Through ITXC Partnership With DoubleClick
Internet voice service provider ITXC Corp. has partnered with Internet advertising solutions company DoubleClick to offer the ITXC Push to Talk service as an enhancement to the DoubleClick DART for Advertisers solution. DoubleClick's customers will have the option of voice-enabling their banner ads through the solution, and Push to Talk buttons will enable direct voice communication between customers and advertisers.
Contact ITXC at www.itxc.com or by phone at 503-207-6300
Contact DoubleClick at www.doubleclick.com or by phone at 212-271-CLICK

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