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November 2000


Industry News

Tellium Introduces New Aurora Chip
Supporting 512 OC-48 connections in its initial configuration and at 1.28 terabits per second, the Aurora Optical Switch is faster than competitors, yet occupies significantly less floor space. Moreover, the switch utilizes the field proven software of its in-service Aurora/32 optical switch. "The availability of the Aurora Optical Switch is a breakthrough for those service providers who want to deploy high capacity Internet-scale core networks," says Harry Carr, Tellium's CEO.
No. 500, itmag.com/freeinfo

Security Provided By Accord Networks
The V2GC-20 -20 Firewall gateway, the latest member of the Accord V2IPERA family of advanced video and voice products and services, allows network managers to avoid security hole problems in the firewall as it complements the firewall's capabilities, and enables video and voice traffic to pass without compromising security.
No. 501, itmag.com/freeinfo

Ericsson And Norstan Form Partnership
Norstan will fill the void of large-level service by incorporating Ericsson's MD 110 PBX direct sales accounts in North America to create a new organization called Norstan Large Systems and Services. By providing packaged systems and services together, this partnership will offer the established services of Norstan to Ericsson's customers, and will ensure a seamless transition for Ericsson Enterprises' MD 110 direct sales accounts in North America. More presence across the continent will equal more customer service.
No. 502, itmag.com/freeinfo

dynamicsoft's Session Management Suite
An integrated suite of dynamicsoft products optimized to work seamlessly with leading gateway, billing, security, and network management systems, Sessions Management Suite 1.0 provides complete solutions for Communications ASPs and network service providers (NSPs). Service providers can deploy the suite as a secure, scalable, and open solution for deploying new revenue-generating communications services.
No. 503, itmag.com/freeinfo

Netergy Networks Shows Veracity
Netergy's Veracity Software, incorporating SIP, MGCP, and H.323, provides flexibility to integrate any of these stacks into other VoIP devices, including high-density gateways and enhanced services platforms. The ability to support any of the most popular VoIP protocols with a single common architecture reduces an OEM's overall cost and time-to-market by ensuring a quick response time to the development of new market segments and standards.
No. 504, itmag.com/freeinfo

Fujitsu's New PBX
The capabilities of Fujitsu Business Communication Systems, Inc.'s IP Trunk Card and Software Release 14 include networking functionality, enhanced desktop features, remote system administration, and more capacity. This paves the way for full voice/data integration over IP and offers the immediate benefits of virtual private networks as an alternative, or adjunct to dedicated ISDN services, and also reduces cost, and enables and encourages the convergence of voice and data.
No. 505, itmag.com/freeinfo

Lucent Technologies Provides Support, Solutions To Multi-Vendor Networks
Lucent Technologies introduces new software for its Exchange-
Plus toll tandem, IP, and international gateway solution -- complying with the International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium (IMTC) iNOW! Compatibility Program for interconnecting multi-vendor IP networks.
No. 506, itmag.com/freeinfo

Nortel To Energize Optical Networks With IP Intelligence
With the introduction of the IP/Optical Services platform, Nortel Networks addresses market demand for unlimited bandwidth and cost-effective delivery of e-business services in a single solution. The IP/optical services platform delivers IP services to large businesses on optical networks, eliminating the need for extensive customer premise equipment for services such as firewalls, IP VPNs, and content management and distribution.
No. 507, itmag.com/freeinfo

Trenton Shows Muscle and Flexibility With New CBU Single Board Computer
Trenton Technology introduced its CBU SBC with the Intel Flexible Socket 370 package. The CBU has a dual SCSI interface, which supports both Ultra160 and legacy drives without sacrificing transfer rates. Trenton's CBU has dual Ethernet interfaces, providing the flexibility of independent channels for dual network applications. In addition, it features the Intel 440BX AGP set and on-board video, maximizing your long-life requirements.
No. 508, itmag.com/freeinfo

"Congratulations, It's a Switch!": Xybridge Adds SS7 To Family
The addition of the XSG SS7 signaling gateway to the Xybridge family promises a complete solution for next-gen service providers. Creating a seamless bridge between the packet-based IP and the legacy circuit switching networks, the XSG provides rapid integration of SS7 and Intelligent Network connectivity for service providers on a global scale -- ideal for wireless and wireline network architectures,
No. 509, itmag.com/freeinfo

Lucent Technologies ORiNOCOEnhances Networking
Lucent Technologies is proud to introduce the ORiNOCO, offering 10/100 Mbps Ethernet network compatibility for indoor/outdoor enterprise wireless networks. The ORiNOCO system enables mobile professionals to roam throughout a large building or campus and connect wirelessly to their network, providing full access to their e-mail, important files, and the Internet, all at Ethernet network performance levels.
No. 510, itmag.com/freeinfo

Dynarc and LuxN: Advanced Optical Channel Allocation For DWDM
Total control of traffic, IP services, QoS over multiple wavelengths architecture... Dynarc, a provider of next-gen optical IP network solutions, is offering the capabilities of advanced channel allocation and multi-ring provisioning. The management of data, legacy voice, video services, and multiple wavelengths on a single IP platform are now possible.
No. 511, itmag.com/freeinfo

TI To Integrate RTOS In TMS320 IP
Texas Instruments delivers a turnkey enterprise IP phone solution through the pre-integration of Accelerated Technology's Nucleus PLUS kernel into TI's new TMS320 DSP-based enterprise IP phone processor. The TMS320C5472 IP phone processor integrates a DSP with a CPU, analog wideband codecs, Ethernet switch, and VoIP-enabling Telogy software products.
No. 512, itmag.com/freeinfo

VocalData Announces VOISS Release 2.0
The second release of its award-winning VoIP Softswitch solution, the VOISS 2.0 builds on VocalData's list of telephony features and voice applications, making the VOISS product solution a leader in delivering voice and enhanced applications for next-gen networks. Providing users the familiar user interface of traditional telephones with the convenience of plugging into an Ethernet jack, and the addition of a higher capacity conferencing solution, allows service providers to cost-effectively deliver ad-hoc and on-demand conferencing to their customers.
No. 513, itmag.com/freeinfo

Sevis Introduces LNP Caching System
TurboCache Smart Query, which caches local number portability records at the central office, is the first in a series of network edge applications Sevis plans to introduce that parallel the Internet paradigm. The Smart Query bridges the Web-caching model to the signaling world to relieve carrier's converging networks of burdening LNP queries so they can focus on developing and maintaining the revenue generating services that will grow business.
No. 514, itmag.com/freeinfo

I-Bus/Phoenix Introduces The G8 Basic CompactPCI Enclosure
The G8 Basic offers seven expansion slots with support for hot swap, three 5.25" drives, one 3.5" drive, and up to a 400W power supply in a 6U enclosure. Many options are available, including a fan tray with up to four fans and adjustable louvers, as well as a redundant hot swap power supply with up to 400W. The rear panel has support for I/O expansion modules. The open frame construction of the enclosure makes it ideal for development systems and applications where multiple units will be mounted in a single rack.
No. 515, itmag.com/freeinfo

Nuera Communications Provides Interoperability
Carriers with H.323 networks will soon be able to migrate to the latest Session Initiated Protocol (SIP)-based networks and SIP-based clients with the ORCA Nuera Signaling Gateway from Nuera Communications, Inc. The open architecture has been designed to support third-party applications, offering enhanced SIP-based services including Interactive Voice Response, clearinghouse services, prepaid calling cards, unified messaging, conference calling, and automatic call delivery.
No. 516, itmag.com/freeinfo

Spectrum Offers The aXs.510 High Density Echo Cancellation Module
The aXs.510 High Density Echo Cancellation Module is a complete board-level solution implemented on a single-width PCI mezzanine card (PMC) module that ships pre-configured with all voice processing software on-board. The solution's modular format allows the product to be directly integrated with custom or standard carrier boards. By incorporating optimized, field-proven algorithms, it simultaneously performs echo cancellation for up to 1,152 voice channels, each with a 64 millisecond tail length.
No. 517, itmag.com/freeinfo

Blue Wave Enhances V-Commerce
The Comstruct CPCI/C6400F boasts increased vocabulary making it an ideal choice for voice-enabled services. By providing the capability to double the external memory per DSP on the board, the company has enabled the device to handle larger vocabulary applications, including voice-activated navigation within Web access, or v-commerce, and voice-enabled dialing in the wireless infrastructure.
No. 518, itmag.com/freeinfo

Sonus Introduces Insight
By consolidating key management functions to simplify the operation of carrier-class packet voice networks, Sonus Insight enables service providers to rapidly deploy networks and deliver revenue-generating services. Sonus Insight manages all elements of the Packet Telephony Suite, which comprises the GSX9000 Open Services Switch, the PSX6000 Softswitch, and the SGX2000 SS7 Signaling Gateway.
No. 519, itmag.com/freeinfo

FVC.com Brings Click-To-Meet To The Enterprise
This new offering allows enterprises to easily and affordably deploy two-way IP video solution to every desktop. Using click-to-meet, enterprises can enhance existing business processes with two-way video, reducing travel costs, improving productivity, and preserving long-distance business relationships. ATM, IP, PSTN, DSL Cable Modem, and fixed wireless are all supported through a Web-based portal. Three levels of security also protect against outside visitors.
No. 520, itmag.com/freeinfo

PORTech Communications Introduces Versatile GTS-1000
The GTS-1000 is fully safeguarded in features such as high reliability, high capacity, hot swap, tolerant redundancy, and supports TAPI drivers for application software integration. Serving as the switching equipment for a Web-enabled call center, the GTS-1000 allows users with a multimedia PC to contact agents with a click of the mouse button, facilitating on-line multi-tasking. Click-to-call, co-browsing, chat, draw, data sync, and call back are all provided for by the GTS-1000.
No. 521, itmag.com/freeinfo

"Viva La Revolution!" Quicknet's New VoIP Release
Sparking a VoIP revolution is Quicknet's new Internet Switchboard 4.0, a high-performance Internet telephony application providing voice and fax calling capabilities. Key features of the upgrade are: Access to multiple VoIP service providers using a single account, which is managed through a brandable Web-based account center, new calling capabilities including fax over IP (PC-to-fax and fax-to-e-mail) and expanded international support with international ring tones, and localized dialing.
No. 522, itmag.com/freeinfo

VMIC Goes To 850MHz
VMIC's VMIVME-7740 now has a processor speed of 850 MHz. This single-slot Pentium III processor-based SBC offers many features for embedded applications. The VMIVME-7740 provides remote Ethernet booting support, a PMC expansion site with VMEbus P2 I/O, and on-board mass storage, making it a high-performance and versatile, embedded SBC for a single-slot solution.
No. 523, itmag.com/freeinfo

Catapult Communications Booms Test Capabilities
Catapult Communications has enhanced the testing capabilities of the DCT2000 for the third generation (3G) cellular, VoIP, and GPRS. Now customers can simulate or monitor both the voice and data transmissions across the 3G wireless networks, enabling manufacturers to verify the design and functionality of their products. VoIP and SS7 testing is key to bringing the next generation of applications.
No. 524, itmag.com/freeinfo

AudioCodes: Voice Over ATM And VoIP Media Gateways On A Single Platform
AudioCodes announced the availability of carrier-class voice over ATM and VoIP media gateways over the same platform. The company is now adding VoATM with new products in its TrunkPack series of CompactPCI communication boards. OEMs can integrate the media gateway CompactPCI boards into open telephony systems and the PMC modules into proprietary designed or legacy platforms.
No. 525, itmag.com/freeinfo

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Panasonic And Net2Phone Hooking Up A Ringer Of A Cordless Phone 


Death, parking tickets in NYC, and bills: None can be avoided, but bills may soon not carry the same sting. Manhattan rent, a dog requiring AC that does not lower electricity charges, a recent move from Chicago, and a fianc´┐Że who remains very well in contact with friends and family back "home" have all but driven us to seek public housing assistance. The phone bills are always a kicker. While we have always known VoIP is a viable an option, being the lazy New Yorkers we are, we always talked about getting set up in order to start saving the cents-on-the-minute but never did anything. It is ironic that I work in such a technologically-charged atmosphere, yet don't take advantage of all the knowledge and benefits of being here. I guess it is much like being a fisherman. Would you be psyched on a great slice of sole if you spent your hours hauling net after shiny net of sole gills out of the water? The Panasonic 1800 series phone may have just whet our appetites.

What Panasonic has done with the 1800 series phones is combine the ease of use of a standard telephone and infused it with the proven Net2Phone technology and protocol. The basic idea is simple: Here is a telephone that looks like a normal phone, that feels like a normal phone, can be used to dial normal phone numbers, and dials much like a normal phone, but initiates communication over VoIP. The phone packetizes the data of words and sounds and sends it to a gateway, and then to a Net2Phone-regulated network that is monitored to keep QoS (quality of service) up. The packets are then bounced to the end gateway and decompressed back into voice and switched back to the telephone company. This occurs throughout the conversation, unbeknownst to your Aunt Margaret in Michigan talking about the brewing hurricane systems in the Carribean. At 3.9 cents a minute, the only limit is your patience for your Aunt's forecasting ability.

There have been several major problems with VoIP products in general. It seems like there is either a lack of QoS, (with some claiming that the Q here is an oxymoron) or a lack of ease of use. Most of us don't have the time to cue up the computer, log on, wait for pages to load and then finally make a phone call whose sounds are limited to the speakers and microphone always located just out of the intelligible range. Listen, I am lucky to make a phone call when it takes dialing, now that my wireless phone is programmed with one- or two-touch, or even voice, dialing. Do you think that the few minutes it might take to cue up a VoIP call could be spent better occupied? I think so, and so did Panasonic and Net2Phone.

In order to lure the computer illiterate folk into the VoIP fray, the phone comes complete with 60 minutes of free trial long-distance, allowing the customer not only the chance to check out the service, but to also get accustomed to pushing the two buttons needed to initiate a call. Following a simple three to four step process, depending on the model of phone chosen, is simple and, once done, needs only to be reset if the Net2Phone services are cancelled. Once on board the service train, you are awarded an additional 120 minutes, which should last through, say, several hours of wedding planning crisis, for example.

The services are simple. The amount you pay Net2Phone is the amount of money you may talk off in any given month. By using a debit system, costly tracking fees are reduced and the savings passed on to the customer. This product gives a very viable alternative from traditional phone carriers that is both simple and cost effective, especially to those who are not versed in computer-speak. 
-- Mike von Wahlde

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