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May 1999



AudioCodes Intros 120-Port PCI Board
AudioCodes has announced the introduction of the TrunkPack-VoIP/400-cPCI, designed to offer a single-slot, hot-swap, voice packet-streaming solution for carrier-grade Internet telephony gateways. The product offers 120 ports per board, and multiple boards can be placed in a hot-swap chassis to enable capacity to level T3. Included are all voice-streaming functions required for gateways onboard, including a quad-trunk PSTN interface, VoIP compression DSPs, a packet-streaming processor, optional dual 100Base-T Ethernet interfaces, and an optional independent call control processor. The TrunkPack-VoIP/400-cPCI board can support state-of-the-art voice, fax, and data services, with automatic detection and switching between the modes.
No. 502, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

NMS Unveils Fax Boards
Natural MicroSystems (NMS) has announced the NaturalFax/AG 2000 and NaturalFax/AG 4000 fax boards, designed to set new standards for scalability and density and to offer the lowest cost-per-port PCI platforms for fax over IP and high-volume fax server deployment. A fully configured NaturalFax/AG 4000 board can support 120 ports of fax capability and offer DSP resources for 120 ports of voice processing and call control. Both platforms are designed to offer automatic detection of fax calls, on-the-fly image conversion, and bidirectional fax in a single call. The boards are accessible under the NMS CT Access development environment. NaturalFax runs on NMS' Alliance Generation hardware comprising various telephony interfaces, a high-speed controller (X86), and an array of DSPs.
No. 503, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

MiTAC Offers Rugged SBC
MiTAC Industrial Corporation has announced an advanced design SBC, the MSC-367, based on Intel's 440BX AGPset. The MSC-367 is built for harsh applications prone to shock, vibration, and high EMI environments, with an improved data speed performance at 100 MHz-bus speeds and a rugged design. MiTAC uniquely engineered the installation of the Pentium II processor (to 500 MHz) vertically and parallel to the CPU card to allow the MSC-367 to fit in a single-card slot width. Standard features include two 168-pin DIMM Sockets with ECC feature able to support up to 512 MB SDRAM memory configuration, a PCI or ISA bus drive, and compliance to ACPI power management and PC '97 standards.
No. 505, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

MIND Releases Billing Solution Upgrade
MIND CTI has announced the release of MIND-iPhonEX Version 3.1, designed to offer a carrier-grade, reliable, scalable, and secure solution in a real-time billing system. VoIP billing interacts in real-time with the gateway/gatekeeper to offer a secure, prepaid calling card service to all customers. New features include the option to create billing cycles with automatic generation of invoices based on the preferred invoice date for any date in the month. The billing system contains Web interfaces for the provider to use for registering customers, verifying credit cards, and performing customer care functions with any Web browser. In addition, users can verify real-time balances and view call details, payments, and invoices. The system can be expanded to encompass interbilling and arbitration between connected service providers.
No. 510, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Force Platforms Help Deploy Apps
Force Computers has introduced the Centellis 4730 designed to help customers move CompactPCI easily into their applications. The Pentium II-based Windows NT workstation offers low power consumption, durable Eurocard format, consistent airflow and cooling design, front-loading and removal of CPU and I/O boards to reduce downtime, and a rugged, ready-to-deploy, 19* 3U chassis. The company also has realized the capability of its Centellis CO fault-resilient platform (CO 16723) to route voice traffic between T1/E1 network interface boards, from two different manufacturers, through interoperability enabled by the H.110 bus. Force can offer a platform where OEMs can build best-of-breed CT products using multivendor products. This capability can enable deployment of mission-critical CT applications such as unified messaging, IVR, "follow me," one-number, and voice mail services into harsh, telco central office environments.
No. 511, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Texas Micro Launches Intel-Based SBCs
Texas Micro has announced the launch of the P1000BX-SVE Series SBC (for PCI/ISA and ISA passive backplane systems) and the C1000BX-SVE Series CompactPCI SBC. Both products feature 300-, 366-, or 400-MHz Intel Celeron processors and are architecturally identical to Intel Architecture-based PCs. They are designed to be compatible with off-the-shelf operating systems and applications and can allow OEMs and VARs to quickly develop their own implementations for their respective markets. The SBCs target applications in the telecom, data, industrial, and high-availability markets.
No. 513, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

I-Bus Reveals Two-System Enclosure
I-Bus has announced the introduction of Titan, a tower enclosure designed to offer expansion capacity and flexibility. The product can offer high-redundancy, a powerful cooling system, and the ability to house up to two systems and a disk drive enclosure in a single, compact tower. Targeting applications in the call center, telecom, and file/data server markets, Titan includes four hot-swappable fans, an N+1 redundant power supply up to 1,200 watts, or in the dual system, dual N+1 redundant power supplies up to 400 watts. Titan also includes a full system monitoring capability to enable notification of any system or power faults.
No. 514, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Nortel Networks Brings Telecommuters Voice/Data Via IP
Nortel Networks has designed the Meridian IP Telecommuter to offer users a more familiar device for making calls using the company's Meridian 9617 USB phone, which connect directly to the USB port on the PC. The IP Telecommuter's softphone emulates common features of Meridian digital phones. The computer is used for data service and as the real-time voice communication terminal. Traffic flows to and from users via an IP Line Card residing inside the Meridian 1 communication system at the company's main facility. Users can access calling line ID and Meridian Mail or CallPilot messaging via the IP Telecommuter, which can be used anywhere there is analog phone service. Meridian IP Telecommuter is a Windows 95/98-based software package.
No. 532, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Diversified Delivers PICMG-Compatible SBC
Diversified Technology has announced the release of the new LBC8540 SBC, a PICMG-compatible computer board, based on Intel's Celeron processor and 440BX chipset running at 66 MHz. This can provide support for processor speeds up to 400 MHz. The SBC can support up to 512 MB of memory using 100 MHz SDRAM. Included are PCI 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, ultra-wide SCSI, EIDE, and USB interfaces, along with a PCI-based video controller with 2 MB RAM and flat panel support. Also included are floppy, parallel, and serial ports, as well as the company's System Monitor and an onboard flash disk to boot the system to an OS without a floppy or hard drive.
No. 521, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

ZNYX Offers PCI Ethernet Adapter
ZNYX Corporation has announced the release of its carrier-class NetBlaster CompactPCI, multichannel Fast Ethernet adapter product family. The ZX470 series includes PICMG-compliant hot-swap circuitry, rear-panel I/O, and a 64-bit bus interface. The board is designed for high-availability telecommunications platforms able to support data-intensive applications - such as VoIP, community messaging, and other AIN platforms - dependent on high-availability LANs for continuous operation. The NetBlaster ZX470 series is supported by ZNYX's embedded RAINlink technology, which can offer support for redundancy with fast deterministic failover, system-to-system trunking, and system-to-switch trunking. The ZX470 series is available in 4- or 8-channel models.
No. 524, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

MCK Solution Extends PBX To Branch Offices
MCK Communications has announced the availability of the Branch Office EXTender 6000, a solution designed to meet the needs of the "forgotten five million" branch offices. The product is expected to empower companies to offer the rich feature set of the PBX and its supported applications to off-premises locations for the extended enterprise. It targets remote sites such as sales offices, satellite call centers, and any office with less than 24 employees. The product can extend the corporate PBX over a WAN via WANtrex - a new concept which can enable branch office employees to use the same digital phone set for four-digit dialing, conferencing, voice mail, and unified messaging, as well as call forwarding, long-distance network access, last- number redial, PBX usage reporting, and ACD functions.
No. 526, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Lucent Offers High-Speed WLAN
Lucent Technologies has announced a new high-speed version of its WaveLAN wireless local network (WLAN), designed to provide the wired Ethernet-equivalent data rates office users expect. The WaveLAN/IEEE Turbo system is fully compliant with the latest IEEE802.11 specification for wireless LANs and also offers a special auto rate selection (ARS) feature, which automatically selects the optimal operating modes for specific environments to let users choose between low cost and maximum range or a high number of users and fast throughput. The WaveLAN/IEEE Turbo system includes all new PC card and ISA card hardware, software for the WavePOINT II, drivers, and a WaveMANAGER tools version to install and configure the network.
No. 500, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

VTEL Buys Vosaic
VTEL has announced its acquisition of Vosaic, an Internet video software and technology company, in a move designed to allow VTEL video conferencing users to extend the reach of their collaborative applications to broad audiences through the Internet and other IP networks. By combining VTEL's PC-based architecture with Vosaic's Java-based streaming applications, remote users can participate in Internet-based video conferencing sessions, using only a PC with Internet access. Vosaic's coding and distribution techniques can offer users predictable QoS in IP networks for high-speed, real-time applications. VTEL also plans to integrate the Vosaic technology into SmartVideoNet Manager, a video conferencing network management product.
No. 501, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Franklin Unveils Four-Port Gateway, Gatekeeper
Franklin Telecom has introduced a four-port version of its Tempest Data Voice Gateway, now optimized for the needs of remote workers or small branch offices. Each Branch DVG can interconnect four analog devices, including phone, fax, or key system lines, directly to the Internet or private data network. The Branch DVG can incorporate many of the same features found in the larger Tempest, while reducing the cost of integrating the remote worker or small branch office into the mainstream, corporate environment. Franklin also has designed the Franklin Gatekeeper to enable interoperability between the company's VoIP products and other vendors' H.323-compliant products. The Gatekeeper can enable computer-to-phone, computer-to-computer, and Web-to-call-center communications.
No. 508, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

TI DSPs Offer Easy Platform Access
Texas Instruments (TI) has announced the new TMS320VC33 DSP, at $5, designed to double performance for the company's floating-point DSPs. The new TMS320C6711, at $20, can offer an easy entry onto its DSP platform. The 'C33 offers 1 Mbit of RAM and can deliver 120 million MFLOPS, which is double the performance of earlier 'C3x products. It also is built to extend the design life of products based on TI's TMS320C3x DSP family. The 'C6711 operates at 100 MHz and can deliver 600 MFLOPS. Its pin- and code-compatibility can allow developers the option of migrating their floating-point designs to fixed-point devices for greater cost reduction in future high-volume products.
No. 506, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Fax2Net, Philips Intro Internet-Ready Fax
Fax2Net has announced a partnership with Philips Business Unit Fax to introduce an Internet-ready fax machine - Magic Vox Email, a part of Philips Magic plain paper fax machine product line. The machine is designed to allow users to send faxes to e-mail addresses, receive and retrieve e-mail from e-mail accounts, retrieve Web sites, and send faxes over Fax2Net's global IP fax network. Customers can benefit from the service without an Internet account or additional phone lines or equipment.
No. 507, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Ericsson Lands Contract For Spanish IP Network
Ericsson UK has won a contract valued at $11 million from Interoute Telecommunicaciones SA, the Spanish subsidiary of the telecommunications group. Under the contract, Ericsson can design, install, and support a nationwide Internet Protocol Telephony (IPT) system, using the latest in IP technology. Interoute Spain reportedly chose the Ericsson IP solution for its more compact and efficient and less expensive POPs than those of circuit-switched systems, allowing Interoute to comply with Spanish PTT requirements at reduced investment costs. Residential and prepaid card customers are expected to be main users of the network, which will use Ericsson's IPT Version 1.6, with increasing usage by commercial customers for both voice and data transmissions, as the network expands.
No. 504, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Motorola Provides MSCs For Large-Network Move
Motorola's Internet and Networking Group (ING) has announced a range of multiservice concentrators (MSCs) designed to extend the company's network solutions to large enterprises and corporate branches. The Infinity Central 8500 Series can offer voice/data/video/multiservice solutions from the edge of the customer's LAN to the central site and backbone WAN. Designed for high-capacity networks, the series can support up to 1000 remote offices, 34 Mbps ATM access, and data/voice/image traffic over multiprotocol environments such as frame relay, TDM, X.25, and ISDN. Together with the company's Infinity Access devices, Motorola can now offer a complete end-to-end solution.
No. 509, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

InnoMedia To Release Enhanced Gateway
InnoMedia has announced May availability for the InfoGate Internet Telephony Gateway 2.0, designed with new features to expand the unit's manageability and extend Internet VoIP calling to the most remote locations. Support for H.323 Version 2.0 can assure future compatibility with upcoming H.323 V2.0-compliant VoIP gateways. InfoGate 2.0 is interoperable with InnoMedia's InfoTalk appliance, and with PC-based Internet phone appliances and software products, including EZphone and MediaRing, respectively. Also new is a comprehensive SNMP agent designed to allow network administrators use of third-party network management software, such as Computer Associates' Unicenter TNG Framework, to access vital system information at remote gateway and gatekeeper locations.
No. 512, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

DSPR Delivers MiBridge SDK On VoIP Boards
DSP Research (DSPR) and MiBridge, a wholly owned subsidiary of I-Link, has announced the availability of the MiBridge ComToPCM H.323 SDK on the VIPER family of high-density DSP resource boards. The MiBridge software can allow DSPR to extend the capabilities and reach of its boards to meet needs of OEM developers who specialize in carrier-class VoIP gateways and gatekeeper applications. The ComToPCM323 kit is designed to offer an H.323 protocol stack running the VIPER DSP boards with an independent API to the Pentium-based host processor. The SDK can speed development of VoIP/fax gateway applications, offering a full suite of API functions for voice compression, PSTN-to-IP mapping, real-time fax demod/remod, an H.323 protocol stack, and more.
No. 515, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Trillium To Release H.323 VoIP Software
Trillium Digital Systems has announced availability for its new H.323 software solution, featuring H.323 Control, ASN.1 Encoder/Decoder - PER, and TCP/UDP Convergence source code software products. The solution is designed to enable communications equipment manufacturers to rapidly implement Internet telephony applications in a broad range of products - from small gateways to high-end, carrier-class switches and gatekeepers. The product is designed to offer a smaller code size, require less memory, and deliver higher performance than other solutions. The H.323 software is scalable, leverages Trillium's TAPA architecture, and can work with Trillium's SS7, ATM, and ISDN protocol stacks.
No. 516, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

IBM To Sell NetPhone Server Products
NetPhone has announced that IBM plans to market and sell all of NetPhone's communications server products for the small and mid-sized business market. IBM Personal Systems Group, an existing NetPhone OEM, expects to offer the hardware and software as part of the IBM Computer Telephony Business Solution - a strategy designed to enable NetPhone to expand its efforts in the enterprise market. Small businesses with up to 144 users can benefit from NetPhone's technology, which is designed to offer graphical control of their telephones for easier handling of multiple calls, telephone number searches, caller identification, and voice mail access.
No. 517, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Vodavi Adds Toll-Quality VoIP To Key Systems
Vodavi Technology has announced the addition of toll-quality VoIP for users of its STARPLUS Triad and infinite digital key telephone systems. Discovery IP, an Internet telephony gateway, can support voice/fax applications over the Internet or intranet and targets businesses with geographically dispersed workgroups looking to save money on long-distance intra-office voice and fax communications. Discovery IP is a plug-and-play, self-contained, programmable platform comprising a telephone line interface board, a voice compression card, and a LAN interface, and is available in either a two-, four-, or eight-port configuration. Shipments are expected in June.
No. 520, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

3Com Gains US Patent On Real-Time Traffic
3Com Corporation announced it has received a U.S. patent for a forward, error-correction technology designed to help preserve the quality of real-time traffic such as voice over the Internet and other packet-switched networks. 3Com's algorithm is one component of a new suite scheduled to ship this fall in 3Com's Internet Telephony Gateway, based on the company's Total Control multiservice access platform. The Packet Protection algorithm appends information about preceding and succeeding packets to each packet in a traffic flow and can enable quick rebuilding of dropped packets. This can help prevent holes in communication that could become noticeable to users.
No. 522, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Cortelco Develops VoIP For Platform
Cortelco Systems has announced the development of VoIP capabilities for its flagship product, the Millennium Digital Communications Platform. Cortelco plans to design and develop its own standards-based, integrated solution and license Telogy Networks' Golden Gateway VoIP embedded communications software. The new capability is available to users via an IP Services Card, designed to allow users to leverage the platform's multisite networking and call routing capabilities by sending real-time voice and fax calls through data networks - such as the corporate LAN or WAN and the Internet - rather than through the public network.
No. 518, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Lynk Intros "Click-And-Talk" Software
Lynk, a subsidiary of Better On-line Solutions, has unveiled TeleLynk software, which is designed to enable online shoppers to "click and talk" to merchants at no charge. The Internet telephony software is built for online storefronts seeking to offer their customers and merchants convenient and personal voice communication over the Internet. TeleLynk is a suite of solutions, including a range of gateways and client products, for the corporate market. The TeleLynk Gateway routes calls to the requested merchant's regular phone line, and customers can use their PC speakers and microphone to talk with a representative.
No. 533, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Siemens To PreInstall MediaRing Software
Siemens has announced plans to preinstall MediaRing' s Internet telephony software on its PCs sold in France, Germany, Italy, and the UK. Siemens is now placing MediaRing's new Talk99 software on the desktops of its XPert PCs. The $4.95-per-month MediaRing service does not require the destination called to be hooked up to the Internet. The originating caller clicks on the software icon, taps in the required number, and waits for connection. The call progresses to the destination across the modem connection if the called party is online, or if the party is offline, the MediaRing gateway calls the voice number and prompts a ring to indicate an Internet call is incoming.
No. 519, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

PulsePoint Platform Gets GTE Standardization
PulsePoint Communications announced that the PulsePoint Enhanced Application Platform has been thoroughly tested and officially "standardized" by GTE Corporation. The platform is designed to improve messaging for GTE customers by ultimately allowing them to manage messages anytime, anywhere, using the devices of their choice. It allows users single-number access to a single-message inbox for all voice messages, from any number of telephone lines, and can record messages while customers are on the Internet. Another feature is customized greetings for each phone line to address business and personal callers, respectively. PulsePoint is also scheduled to become the sole supplier of voice messaging solutions for GTE Network Services. GTE plans a nationwide, central office deployment of the platform.
No. 530, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Brooktrout Enhances IP Platform
Brooktrout Technology, a Brooktrout company, has announced additions to its TR2001 Internet telephony platform, now designed to offer extended support for voice and fax over IP standards to allow developers to create enhanced applications expected to interoperate with client software and other gateway devices. In addition to Windows NT support, Release 1.1 can support UNIX operating systems to let developers choose the system matching their application requirements. Also featured is support for the H.323 V.2 standard, the T.38 standard, and UnixWare Version 2.1 and 7, along with a capacity for up to 60 channels per slot, for 240 channels of voice and fax in a single gateway. Software development kits are available now.
No. 528, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Calista Announces IP-PBX VoIP Kit
Calista is publishing its VoIP protocol for connecting digital PBX phones to an Ethernet IP network. Digital Phone Control Protocol (DPCP) can allow third-party developers to build their own IP-based PBXs able to control proprietary digital phones, using a standard protocol. The DPCP protocol is uniquely designed to control various digital phones while interoperating with the standards-based Ethernet H.323 protocol. Calista's protocol resides on TCP/IP and can offer continuous call control to digital phones via its PBXoverIP products. The company's VoIP developer's kit is currently available and includes sample DPCP code, a sample call control server using DPCP, two PBXoverIP Solo units, and a manual.
No. 529, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Analogical To Deliver Gateway DSP Software
Analogical Systems has announced the availability of the VoicePump-6000, a DSP software package designed for VoIP gateways to offer several times the channel density of existing VoIP gateway solutions. Based on Texas Instruments' (TI's) TMS320C6000 family, the software is available in an evaluation version, which is ready-to-run on TI's Multichannel Evaluation Module (McEVM) PCI board and which can allow rapid prototyping and evaluation of the 'C6000 family for VoIP applications. Analogical has configured an integrated VoIP gateway system, designed to be scalable and H.323-compliant, and requires a Windows NT host with one or more McEVM boards, together with the VoicePump-6000 software and elemedia's H.323 Version 2.0 stack.
No. 531, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

D2 Offers Integrated Voice Processing Software
D2 Technologies has announced PakIT-Voice, an integrated product designed to offer the voice processing software required for voice over IP, frame relay, and ATM gateway systems. D2's product includes DSP software, host API software for Internet telephony systems, and a development board package for an off-the-shelf, PC plug-in board. Voice compression options include G.711, G.726, G.729a and b, and G.723.1a. PakIT-Voice also provides software for H.225 packetization, analog phone port control, and dynamic jitter buffer management to handle network delays and lost packets. It is fully integrated with the H.323 standard. The software is based on D2's VP Open Framework 3.0, designed to offer the necessary real-time system support on the DSP for voice processing applications.
No. 527, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Taqua Develops Next-Gen Switching Architecture
Taqua Systems has announced the Open Compact Exchange (OCX) architecture designed to offer service providers a new level of network convergence. The OCX architecture can offer analog lines and subscriber services in locations such as small-end offices, ILEC wire centers, CLEC POPs, campus switching hubs, and major commercial buildings. It can optimize real-time call processing applications and offer high availability through fault-tolerant and hot-swappable software. In addition, the OCX architecture is designed to provide a "Sliding API" for a greater level of programmable access to different layers of the system software. Such access can enable third-party application developers and service providers to rapidly deploy new services and integrate them into the network, independent of the interface, transmission, or protocol.
No. 523, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

White Pine Releases Conferencing Upgrade
White Pine Software has announced the release of CU-SeeMe Pro, a new H.323 desktop conferencing client for the enterprise market, designed to allow interaction and collaboration across the Internet or corporate network. The client, based on White Pine's CU-SeeMe, includes a new flexible user interface, integrated T.120 data collaboration via Microsoft NetMeeting, and feature and performance enhancements. Also included are H.323 compliance, audio and video enhancements, a Conference Companion, and simplified installation and configuration with an added setup wizard. CU-SeeMe Pro is available for Windows 95, 98, and NT.
No. 525, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

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