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Best of CTI™ EXPO Fall '98 Award Winners

CTI� is proud to announce the winners of the Best of CTI EXPO Fall '98 award. With the number of exhibitors taking part in CTI EXPO (close to 300) and the number of attendees (over 15,000), the editors of CTI� and the technical editors of TMC Labs had their work cut out for them as they tried to find time to visit each booth, check out demos, and speak with the various exhibitors and attendees personally - all within only two days. The response to CTI EXPO Fall 1998, both by attendees and exhibitors, has been exciting and positive, and we hope that all of those who took part feel that it was time well spent.

As difficult as it was, the various editors were able to meet with each and every exhibitor, as well as collect comments and assessments from a number of attendees. There were many exhibitors demonstrating products or announcing new releases at CTI EXPO, and it is from this collection of contributors to the field of voice and data convergence that we now choose the Best of Show winners. Participants were judged on technologic innovation, and the judges placed an emphasis on feature sets, the ability to work with existing standards, and contributions to the development of future CTI products and services. We thank everyone for participating and making CTI EXPO Fall '98 such a success.


ActiveTouch has teamed up with Dialogic Corporation to offer ActiveMeetings, real-time Web conferencing software. ActiveMeetings runs on the NT-based ActiveTouch Server platform, which enables Web-based voice and data conferencing abilities. Telephony platforms are provided by Dialogic, and integrate with ActiveMeetings and the ActiveTouch Server to provide a conferencing solution for distributors, OEMs, and VARs. The software's open architecture allows HTTP and thin client T.120 standards to be integrated with Web-based telephony for broad market access. Currently in beta, ActiveMeetings will be available in Q1 1999. For additional information, contact ActiveTouch at 408-980-5200, or visit their Web site at

Aculab USA, Inc.
Prosody PCI

Aculab has broadened its existing Prosody ISA platform to include a PCI expansion bus for running numerous telephony applications at a high bandwidth rate. The Prosody PCI is a single-slot solution which provides audio processing for primary rate E1/T1 ISDN networks as well as third-party products. This modular platform offers high channel density and compatibility with other telephony products, and four E1 or T1 interfaces may be integrated for PRI services. A signaling module may also be integrated if CAS tone signaling is needed. For more information, call Aculab at 850-763-9281, or visit their Web site at

Acxiom Corporation
Acxiom InfoBase Profiler

Acxiom's new product, the InfoBase Profiler, is designed to profile incoming calls on the basis of telephone listing and demographic (household and census level) data. This information is delivered at the point of customer interaction via screen pop (which can be integrated into a call center application or prompt a script) to a call center agent, helping them to better target product/service pitches to callers. Acxiom Corporation provides a variety of data products, integration services, mailing lists, data warehousing, and decision support services. For more information, call 501-336-2241 or visit


Advancecom offers an integrated voice mail, fax, and fax-on-demand system compatible with any 286 MHz through Pentium processor running Windows. FutureMail offers eight voice mail boxes, auto-attendant, and an incoming fax box with auto detection. A built-in battery allows the system to operate for up to 150 hours on standby even if a PC is turned off, and allows two hours of talk time in the event of a power failure. Voice messages may be retrieved via phone or PC audio, and incoming faxes can be printed, uploaded to a PC, retrieved remotely, or forwarded to another location. For more information, call Advancecom at 925-947-1097, or visit their Web site at

The ALeSys Integrated Approach To Call Center Training

The ALeSys approach begins with an analysis of the call center's work procedures. ALeSys then observes the learners and trainers during actual training to determine the effectiveness of the current training design and delivery system, and the support systems to determine how well training is transferred to the job. ALeSys then develops recommendations for improvements in the learning. Based on those findings, ALeSys will redesign current training, or develop new training to better accomplish business objectives. Next, the revised training program is piloted. The three remaining steps involve: training the trainers to teach and reinforce the redesigned program, the reinforcement and support of the learning while on the job, and finally, a measurement of the impact learning has had on the bottom line. For more information, call 352-336-8900 or visit

AltiGen Communications, Inc.
AltiWare IP R2.1

AltiGen announced its integrated Voice/IP Gateway software for the NT-based AltiServ phone system at CTI EXPO. AltiWare IP R2.1 interoperates with AltiWare OE R2.1 and the new Triton DSP board from AltiGen for Internet telephony integration with existing AltiServ features. The system is managed through a single point of administration, and allows remote users to function as if they were on one corporate phone, voice mail, and e-mail network. The software uses the H.323 protocol and offers auto-attendant, automatic call distribution, integration with Microsoft Exchange, and an e-mail server. For more information, contact AltiGen at 510-252-9712, or visit their Web site at

Amanda (the Automatic Answer)

Amanda enables enterprise-wide call processing and message handling in a distributed environment with Amanda@Large.Office. The package features voice mail, IVR, auto-attendant, and fax capabilities like fax-on-demand, storage, and forwarding. Unified messaging and call control are also enabled through Large.Office, which runs on Windows NT 4.0 with server pack 3. All voice, fax, and e-mail messages are sent to workstations in the Microsoft Exchange Inbox or the Outlook GUI if they are connected to a LAN, allowing users to archive, forward, annotate, or visualize messaging from their desktops. The unit supports up to 48 call processing ports per chassis, unlimited mailboxes, and up to 1,500 simultaneous connections to the Amanda Server. For additional information, contact Amanda at 800-410-2745, or visit their Web site at

APPRO International, Inc.

APPRO International specializes in designing, manufacturing, and integrating fault-resilient chassis and systems for domestic and international OEMs, VARs, and resellers, ranging from individual rackmount dealers to Fortune 500 manufacturers and the U.S. government. APPRO has developed a complete line of industrial-grade computing products, including turnkey systems, enclosures, monitors, keyboards, CPU cards, and backplanes. APPRO's latest chassis, the APRE-7000, features an intelligent temperature monitoring system and is fault resilient, with plenty of room for a motherboard or an 8- to 20-slot PCI/ISA passive backplane. For additional information, contact APPRO at 800-927-5464, or visit their Web site at

Arial Systems Corporation
The ArialView Awareness System

It's often difficult to get hold of the right person at the right time, especially in call centers - e.g., a manager is needed for dealing with an exceptionally difficult customer but cannot be located. Arial Systems has proposed an innovative solution to this problem with its ArialView Awareness System. It utilizes a network of small signal receivers called "Awareness Nodes" mounted throughout a facility. These nodes send a signal to a server called the Awareness Engine, which tracks employee-worn identification badges (they can also be affixed to hardware) that broadcast a signal to the Nodes every few seconds with their identity, location, and availability information. The ArialView search feature provides the call center agent, for example, with the manager's current location and nearest phone extension to which the call can then be routed. For more information, call 888-973-9925 or visit

Artisoft, Inc.
Visual Voice 5.0

Artisoft provides CT, communications, and networking solutions, designed for small and medium businesses. The company's CT solutions include Visual Voice, Visual Fax, InfoFast, and TeleVantage. Artisoft's products are renowned for their ease of use, affordability, and performance, and currently are sold worldwide through affiliated distributors and dealers. The company recently released Visual Voice 5.0, an ActiveX telephony development toolkit for creating applications from IVRs to Web-enabled call centers. The new release enables development of Internet telephony capabilities like Voice over IP and toll bypass gateways. For more information, call Artisoft at 800-914-9985, or visit their Web site at

Aspect Telecommunications
Aspect ACD Software Release 7

In booth #330, Aspect Telecommunications featured the latest version of their ACD Software - Release 7. Release 7 is especially appropriate to CTI EXPO, since its focus is on integration - for multi-site and multi-system call centers, as well as for customer contact and handling methods, such as e-mail, Web, fax, and data. Aspect's Release 7 is based on standards such as SNMP and DHCP, and is designed to work on widely used and accepted platforms: Windows NT servers, Oracle databases, and Intel Pentium processors. For more information, contact Aspect Telecommunications at 408-325-2200, or visit their Web site at

AudioCodes Ltd.
TrunkPack-VoIP/04 PCI board series

AudioCodes, a leader in low-bit-rate voice compression and provider of high-compression, high-density VoIP PC board products to leading ITG providers, targets the voice-over-network market with its chipset and OEM board-level products. Its patented "MP-MLQ" voice compression technology was adopted by the ITU as the basis for the ITU-TG.723.1 voice coding standard. The company announced its TrunkPack-VoIP/04 PCI board series at CTI EXPO, as well as an alliance with Hypercom Network Systems. The series can support up to four analog channels of voice and fax over IP. For more information, contact AudioCodes at 408-577-0488, or visit their Web site at

AVT Corporation
Call Xpress Enterprise

AVT Corporation's Call Xpress Enterprise offers a unified messaging system for large multisite companies. Able to support up to 128 ports on one Windows NT server, the Enterprise can accommodate up to 10,000 users. The system integrates with other AVT NT services like IVR and network fax, and additional AVT Enterprise systems can be added to a network for branch office integration. The Enterprise allows importation of external user databases, as well as support for multiple classes of service, and a single point of administration. Other features include universal access, fault tolerance, digital networking of voice and fax messages, and the ability to incorporate AVT's RightFAX server. For more information, call AVT at 425-820-6000, or visit their Web site at

Axiom Technology, Inc.
AX6151 14/20-slot Fault Resilient Rackmount Server
Axiom Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial PCs. The company provides a full line of single-board computers, panel PCs, industrial workstations, chassis, fault-resilient chassis for computer telephony applications, CompactPCI, data acquisition series, iDAM intelligent networking modules, etc. The AX6151 server, ideal for CTI platforms and other industrial systems, is a 19" rackmount 5U high multi-system server. It supports a 14/20-slot backplane for single, dual, or quad systems, as well as an ATX motherboard, PS/2 or ATX hot swappable redundant power supplies, and four hot swappable fans. For additional information, contact Axiom at 626-934-1199, or visit their Web site at

Blue Pumpkin Software
PrimeTime Product Line

PrimeTime is designed to balance employee availability, agent preferences, and staff specialization and skills with the customer service needs of the call center. PrimeTime Skills, for example, provides a skills-based scheduling engine to help you make efficient, effective, and full use of your ACD and multi-skilled agents. The interface is intuitive and logical, facilitating the easy apprehension and configuration of the software, thereby increasing your speed to implementation. Graphical performance reports also help make it easier to evaluate the effectiveness of your workforce and call center in keeping service at optimum levels. For more information, call 650-429-6300 or visit

Brooktrout Technology, Inc.
Show N Tell with ActiveCall

Brooktrout Technology is a leading supplier of advanced software and hardware products for systems vendors and service providers in the electronic messaging market. Brooktrout's products include a broad range of multichannel fax and voice boards, software development tools, fax and voice systems, network interface cards and modems, and xDSL systems. Brooktrout offers the Show N Tell with ActiveCall, a platform designed to speed up development of voice, fax, and telephony applications such as unified messaging. The ActiveCall module adds call control service creation tools for designing features such as popup screens. For additional information, call Brooktrout at 781-449-4100, or visit their Web site at

Buffalo International
Object Telephony Server

Buffalo International's Object Telephony Server (OTS) allows for ACD, IVR, and predictive dialing on an open architecture platform that integrates with third-party applications in the call center. At their booth, Buffalo International had a demo version of their OTS "Buffalo engine" running, showing how it is able to link telephones, workstations, servers, and other applications in the call center via an Ethernet connection. OTS uses Dialogic hardware, is fully SCSA compliant, and provides an API accessible from almost any computer platform. For more information, contact Buffalo International at 914-747-8500, or visit their Web site at

Callware Technologies, Inc.

CallWare's Microsoft NT and Novell Netware network-based voice mail, IP messaging, and computer-telephony solutions are ideal for small and medium businesses. CallWare's standalone voice mail, unified messaging (voice, fax, e-mail), IP messaging (voice messages and faxes over the Internet - saving long distance phone charges), and call processing solutions are easy to use and administer. The Callegra unified messaging solution is a client/server-based application for combining phone, fax, voice mail, and e-mail into a single application. The Callegra family of applications includes the CallegraFAX server, CallegraDESK, for sending and receiving fax and voice messages from a desktop, and CallegraCOMMUNITY, for connecting servers over the Internet or a WAN. For additional information, contact Callware at 801-984-1100, or visit their Web site at

CellIT, Inc.
CCPRO - The Call Center Professional

Developed specifically for the call center industry, CCPRO's test-bed was one of the nation's largest service agencies. CCPRO, a standards-based client/server platform, replaces the numerous, disparate systems traditionally associated with inbound/outbound call center operations - e.g., predictive dialers, ACD/PBX, IVR, recording systems, CTI gateways, digital announcers, fax servers, voice mail - with one centralized system. CCPRO is an ATM-based solution that also provides unified SQL reporting, virtual call center capabilities, rules and skills-based routing, call recording and archiving, etc. For more information, call 305-436-2385 or visit


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a growing concern in business today. The call center, as the focal point for customer contact, is becoming increasingly instrumental in a company's CRM efforts. Cincom's Encompass is designed, in part, to make the information the call center acquires about customers available to the enterprise. Encompass's WorkFlow FrameWork, for example, enables call center agents to automatically launch tasks into predefined workflow processes, affecting other areas of the enterprise, right from their desktop. The Product Configurator is a rules-based engine that enables the definition of complex product and service configurations to assist agents in service and sales environments. The Customer Correspondence and Archiving component of Encompass enables agents to quickly customize standard document templates. For more information, call 513-612-2112 or visit

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Selsius-IP PBX

Cisco Systems recently acquired Selsius Systems as part of its Enterprise business line. Selsius designs, develops, and delivers one of the industry's first IP-based H.323 PBX systems. The Selsius-IP PBX replaces traditional phone equipment by delivering telephony over IP networks to LANs/WANs and vice versa. The system is made up of the Selsius-Phone - which may be plugged directly into a LAN - as well as the Selsius-CallManager, for performing call control functions on the data network, and the Selsius-Access, for connecting the IP PBX to the PSTN. For additional information, contact Selsius at 800-946-2483, or visit their Web site at

Commetrex Corporation
MSP/CX board

At booth #638, Commetrex discussed fax processing on its MSP/CX board. Commetrex is a leader of the MSP (Media Stream Processor) Consortium, which aims at improving application efficiency by providing a standard interface that separates the media-processing software from the underlying hardware. The MSP/CX is an open-architecture, 3,200 MIPS H.100 PCI DSP board for voice, fax, ASR, and other CT media. MSP/CX incorporates the industry's first implementation of the consortium's M.100 specification for vendor-independent, integrated-media environments. Also featured at Commetrex's booth was the PowerFax M-Series of intelligent fax boards, including the single-slot 24-port M-T1. For more information, contact Commetrex at 770-449-7775, or visit their Web site at

Communication Advice and Design, Inc.
RouteMaster (RM) Report Manager

Communication Advice and Design (CAD) exhibited as a Lucent partner in booth #818. CAD offers call accounting/telemanagement software, a variety of billing packages, and state-of-the-art voice logging products (includes stations, trunks, and T-1s). Bart and Terry Ryan spent a good deal of time discussing the logging and monitoring market with one of our editors and offering their insight into the industry as a whole. CAD's products are unique, flexible, with distributed and/or centralized processing, provide LAN/WAN-IP, automated reports, security, and an unmatched search engine - all with CAD's proactive service. For more information, contact CAD at 818-591-3133, or visit their Web site at

Connected Systems
SimpliCT VoIP Gateway

Connected Systems offers the convergence of affordability, size, and functionality in voice processing systems, to make CTI simpler for OEMs. The SimpliCT VoIP Gateway from Connected uses H.323-compliant audio to send voice over corporate IP networks. It will integrate with a PBX through existing analog lines for full-duplex, toll quality VoIP using a seamless connection from the existing phone system to the PSTN. Connected uses DSP technology to provide echo cancellation, jitter management, and silence regeneration. The SimpliCT has analog and digital integrations, and is available in two-, four-, and eight-port versions. Contact Connected at 805-962-5066 for additional information, or visit their Web site at

DGM&S Telecom
SignalWare Developers Kit

DGM&S Telecom is a leading worldwide innovator and supplier of open, high-performance, fault-resilient SS7 telecommunications software and hardware known as SignalWare. The latest SignalWare releases include OMNI SignalWare 6.02, EDGE SignalWare 1.02, and new PCI and CompactPCI T1/E1 SignalWare I/O Adaptors. The company released the new SignalWare Developers Kit for Windows NT at CTI EXPO, which allows developers to rapidly create applications for SS7 connectivity. The kit's application programming interfaces (APIs) allow development of prepaid and intelligent network applications for wireless, as well as telephony applications like IP paging, connection processing, and transaction management. For more information, call the company at 888-295-OMNI, or visit their Web site at

Dialogic Corporation
CT Server/CT Media

Dialogic Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, standards-based CT components. Dialogic products are used in voice, fax, data, voice recognition, speech synthesis, call center management, and Internet telephony applications in both the CPE and public network environments. The company demonstrated the CT Server/CT Media platform at CTI EXPO, showing how different standards-based applications from multiple developers can interoperate to handle single calls. System management facilities can be used to configure open CT servers to run open applications from independent software vendors. For more information, call Dialogic at 973-993-3000, or visit their Web site at

The ALL-IN-ONE Call Center Solution

The Easyphone product is a suite of open software modules that include: CTI, IVR, intelligent routing (across distributed call centers, as well), call information screen pop to the desktop, scripting tools, real-time campaign monitoring and dynamic database management, three dialer pacing modes (power, preview, and predictive), a Web access component for callback scheduling and VoIP, seamless connectivity to legacy systems and integration to relational databases, a call recording system, and a module to expedite call wrap-up. Easyphone has created an impressive product suite which, since it's open and based on industry standards, can be integrated into existing call center systems - or third-party systems (as long as they conform to standard APIs) can be fit into the Easyphone solution. For more information, call 408-965-5511 or visit

eGain Communications Corp.
eGain E-mail Management System

Many companies are seeking a solution to the, now proverbial, e-mail headache. Many call centers are being tasked with the responsibility of handling and responding to those e-mails - eGain's solution is a great way for businesses to tackle those high e-mail volumes. eGain's intuitive, Web-browser-based user interface facilitates rapid deployment and supports remote workers. The heart of the system, however, rests in its automated response, rules-based routing engines as well as its knowledgebase of responses that can be used to further facilitate the speedy resolution of customer inquiries. eGain has also incorporated real-time management reporting and agent supervision tools. At CTI EXPO, eGain also demonstrated a seamless integration with Remedy's call tracking system - if a customer were to call and e-mail regarding the same issue, the two records would be integrated, thus ensuring the customer received a single response to a single issue, helping to improve customer satisfaction and retention. For more information, call 408-737-7400 or visit

H.323 Protocol Stack
elemedia, a wholly owned software venture of Lucent Technologies, provides H.323-based software platforms for Gatekeepers and gateways. elemedia's H.323-based Gatekeeper platform facilitates the rapid development of feature-rich Gatekeeper systems that provide intelligence to IP gateways. elemedia's Gateway server platform includes all the tools needed to develop high-quality voice, fax, and data gateway for IP networks. elemedia's products enable near-telephony-quality conversations, as well as business-quality video conferencing, over the Internet. The H.323 Protocol Stack line implements protocols through flexible, highly interoperable software. For more information, contact elemedia at 888-elemedia, or visit their Web site at

Eyretel, Inc.

Quality customer service is of increasing importance - the consistent delivery of that service is also vital. Eyretel's QualityCall enables call center managers to address this concern. The system can be instructed to evaluate agents/calls based on application/database-derived parameters like customer account number, claims number, customer or inquiry type. QualityCall will record more calls than are needed for evaluation purposes. The selection parameters and profiles you defined will then be applied so that only those calls that best match your request will be selected. It will then incorporate an objective, consistent scoring system based on criteria you've determined. For more information, call 301-586-1900 or visit

Force Computers
Centellis CT 16523

Force Computers, a Solectron subsidiary, exhibited as a partner with Natural MicroSystems, in booth #918. Force Computers is a worldwide supplier of open, scalable systems and board-level computer platforms for the embedded market. Our editor spoke at length with Art Morgan regarding Force's Centellis 16523, a CompactPCI-based system platform that delivers superior performance through the use of a 300MHz UltraSPARC IIi processor. Force delivers CompactPCI and VME products based on SPARC, Pentium, and PowerPC technologies. For more information, please contact Force Computers at 408-369-6000, or visit their Web site at

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.
Voice Treatment Option

A software-based solution, the Voice Treatment Option provides two key voice processing capabilities. The first, pre-routing information collection, enables a company to gather information about callers (e.g., account numbers, menu selections) and forward this information to the Genesys Interaction Router, where it can be used to make more effective routing decisions. This option is effective for menu/service selection and caller entered digit/data collection. The second capability, queuing call treatment, allows a company to apply a variety of voice treatments to calls which are being "held in queue." These treatments can be directed based upon caller characteristics (e.g., language spoken) and can include more sophisticated messaging such as informing callers of their position in queue. For more information, call 415-437-1100 or visit

GeoTel Communications Corporation
Intelligent CallRouter (ICR)

Many companies are finding that a distributed/virtual call center environment makes sense. The challenge, however, lies in ensuring that these multiple points of presence function as a single, unified organism. GeoTel's ICR, creates an enterprisewide customer interaction platform by integrating multi-vendor, geographically distributed networks, ACDs, IVRs, Web servers, databases, desktop applications, and other resources, which helps to surmount that challenge. Calls are routed as efficiently as possible given call center load conditions - referred to as Pre-Routing. The ICR can also route calls that originate from a customer's private network of ACDs, PBXs, and IVRs, thus applying the same call routing intelligence used in the Pre-Routing of calls to calls flowing between sites, transferring between agent groups, or transferring into or out of IVRs - referred to as Post-Routing. The ICR also provides for comprehensive, consolidated, real-time and historical performance reporting and call detail across all of the monitored platforms. For more information, call 978-275-5149 or visit

GN Netcom, Inc.
Profile SureFit

Call center agents are, obviously, a vital part of any CRM strategy a company may embark upon. By implication, therefore, the equipment those agents use everyday becomes important as well - ergonomic products shouldn't be seen as accessories, but as necessities. GN Netcom's Profile SureFit is a perfect example of a well-designed, comfortable on-the-ear headset that will help make the working existence of a call center professional much more enjoyable. Profile SureFit uses a pliable, high-tech composite material (like a strong putty that retains the shape it's given) which users can shape to suit personal preference. It also features an omnidirectional, noise-canceling or ultra-noise canceling microphone, a ratcheting boom (fixed or flexible) and a click-stop headband. For more information, call 800-826-4656 or visit

Hammer Technologies
Hammer ISGII

Hammer Technologies had perhaps one of the busiest booths of the show, but they still had time to discuss their newest testing technology with our editor. The second-generation Integrated Stress Generator (ISGII) is a high-volume call generator that stress tests telecommunications and CTI systems, including voice over network applications. Hammer offers standards for voice and data test solutions in the telecommunications industry, including VoIP, call centers, intelligent networks, and CTI. Capabilities include load testing, feature testing, regression testing and in-service surveillance, and network monitoring. For more information, contact Hammer at 978-694-9959, or visit their Web site at

Hypercom Network Systems
IP.Tel Internet

Telephony Gateway Hypercom Network Systems' IP.Tel Internet Telephony Gateways provide infrastructures to telephone carriers and ISPs to deliver phone, fax, and data communications services over IP or frame relay. The company announced its new gateway at CTI EXPO, which can handle up to 960 voice/fax channels or 32 T1/E1 circuits on a single node. The gateway's flexible architecture supports many standards for VoIP, voice over frame relay, ATM, and VSAT, including the G.729A and G.723.1 protocols. The system reduces long distance costs by 10:1, and leverages current billing applications, or can connect to an NT server or Unix-based debit card system. For additional information, contact Hypercom at 800-577-5501, or visit their Web site at

IBM Corporation
IBM Computer Telephony Business Solution

IBM's Computer Telephony Business Solution provides a "whole product solution" to obtaining PC-PBX functionality. Their product includes everything from the server to the phones, all backed by IBM's customer service support, which means a single point of contact in case of any problems. In addition to exhibiting at their main booth, IBM also took part in the PC-PBX learning center, where developers and resellers could learn about and see demonstrations of the technology behind PC-PBXs in an environment free of sales pressure. For more information, contact IBM at 800-IBM-5800, or visit their Web site at

IMA SoftDial Plug-In

IMA SoftDial Plug-In, a software-based predictive dialing algorithm that runs on a Windows NT-supported PC server, which allows call centers that have standardized on Lucent G3 or Aspect ACDs to generate outbound, predictive calls by dialing through the switch. This helps call centers leverage their investment in the ACD switch and eliminate the need for additional trunk lines to support a separate predictive dialer unit. It also eliminates the need for MIS to integrate and support yet another piece of hardware. For more information, please contact 203-925-6800 or visit

Industrial Computer Source
Model 7490 Series chassis

Industrial Computer Source manufactures and stocks PC-based 486, Pentium II, and Pentium Pro-based industrial rackmount CT systems, date acquisition, communication, and networking devices. At their booth in CTI EXPO, Industrial Computer Source had exhibits set up of their new chassis series, as well as a variety of single-board computers, rack mount computers, and other industrial systems. Industrial Computer Source designs and integrates custom chassis, CPUs, and system solutions for engineers, scientists, and other technical users. For more information, contact Industrial Computer Source at 619-677-0877, or visit their Web site at

Vocal'Net IP Telephony Gateway

Inter-Tel offers complete Internet telephony solutions for carriers and corporations, and NextGen service providers can benefit from the scalable, carrier-grade solutions and software packages of the Vocal'Net family of gateways. Plus,'s global reach can extend, manage, and monitor your Internet telephony network. The Vocal'Net Internet telephony gateway is geared toward integrating network access management and support capabilities for voice and fax over IP. The gateway supports a Windows NT server-based platform, as well as a platform based on Inter-Tel's embedded telephony hardware. The product is available in many models, scalable from 8 to 128 ports. For more information, contact Inter-Tel at 602 302-8900, or visit their Web site at

Kana Communications
Kana CMS 3.0

Kana CMS 3.0 is comprised of several components. Kana Mail is the inbound customer e-mail management application; Kana Control is the administration module for Kana CMS; and Kana Reports translates raw customer data into valuable management information in a variety of easy-to-read formats. Kana Reports enables users to run ad hoc queries and customized reports. Kana Classify analyzes and classifies message content and then automatically takes the appropriate action, such as responding or routing the e-mail to a customer service representative to verify or modify the response. Kana Link, the integration component, enables multi-tier integration at the client, server, and/or database levels. Through Kana Link, Kana CMS integrates with existing e-mail servers and/or clients, call center technologies, billing systems, customer relationship management systems, and FAQ or product databases. New enhancements to the core Kana CMS 3.0 functionality include the addition of a Web browser interface, a more scalable, Web-based architecture, and advanced administration tools. For more information, call 650-325-9850 or visit

Lucent Technologies Computer Telephony Products
Vantage PCI Series

Lucent Technologies Computer Telephony Products division, formerly known as Rhetorex, was exhibiting its Vantage PCI series of telephony application boards at CTI EXPO. Vantage PCI boards provide developers and systems integrators an 8-port PCI voice board with optional fax capability on a single resource card. Lucent is a leading provider of enabling technologies for the CT industry and manufactures hardware and software components that connect PCs and LANs with telephone networks, and their leadership was demonstrated by the number of Lucent partners exhibiting in Lucent's pavilion. For more information, contact Lucent's Computer Telephony Products division at 408-370-0881, or visit their Web site at

MaiSoft, Inc.
MaiSoft Office Messenger Server

The Office Messenger unified messaging server operates on DOS, Windows 95, 98, and NT platforms, and provides centralized management of various messaging types right from your PC. Remote telephone access can play back voice messages and reroute fax and e-mail messages to the nearest fax machine or another pre-assigned Internet access. The software also supports text-to-speech to allow users to listen to e-mail messages or forward them to a PC or fax. Other features include the ability to reply to messages in mixed-media mode (such as replying to an e-mail message with voice), and the ability to store and categorize messages using Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. One of the most impressive aspects of Office Messenger is its ability to provide a complete messaging solution through the Internet. Voice messages can be converted to a .WAV file format, e-mail and faxes can be converted to Microsoft Exchange and then to an Internet compatible format and then delivered to a pre-set Internet address. This way, users can enjoy the advantages of voice messaging even if they do not have a traditional voice mail system. For more information, call 949-699-6590, or visit

Marathon Technologies Corporation
Endurance 4000 NT Servers

Marathon Technologies Corporation designed a true fault-tolerant computer system using industry-standard, Intel-based servers and Windows NT running all NT applications without modification. The demo version of this system involved four servers communicating via the Endurance 4000 and running a single version of Windows NT as the operating system. When one of these servers went down, the other three remained running, and the OS continued without a pause. Marathon owns four patents for its technology and works closely with Microsoft to develop, market, and support a low cost of ownership fault and site disaster tolerant solution for NT. For more information, contact Marathon at 978-266-9999, or visit their Web site at

MATRAnet, Inc.

MATRAnet demonstrated a Web-based communication software, M>WebTouch, a product that promises to convert elusive Web visitors into electronic business customers. The product's approach is to emphasize the human touch, that is, to provide Web visitors easy access to live agents, by e-mail, electronic chat, voice over IP, or video conferencing. Thus, MATRAnet combines the presentation advantages of the Web with the rapport-building potential of the traditional call center. (An exciting mix, one which we expect will characterize the future development of e-commerce.) Written entirely in the Java programming language, M>WebTouch is designed for deployment on any platform, and for seamless integration with existing systems and legacy databases. For more information, call MATRAnet at 650-919-3983 or visit the company's Web site at

MCK Communications
MCK EXTender

MCK Communications is a leader in remote voice technology and a manufacturer of remote access solutions for call center agents, telecommuters, and branch offices. By providing simultaneous voice and data connectivity to the PBX and LAN over one line, MCK EXTenders create a "virtual office" for teleworkers. At MCK's booth, the demo of EXTender allowed for outgoing calls to be placed through MCK's office PBX back in Massachusetts, gaining all the call control functions of the office system from the remote location in San Jose. For more information, contact MCK at 617-454-6112, or visit their Web site at

MediaPhonics, The TelWare Company
CyberDesk 1.5

MediaPhonics' CyberDesk 1.5 is a great example of a brave new breed of feature-rich, low-cost ($299 retail) unified messaging solutions making their way into the marketplace. CyberDesk is a hardware/software bundle designed for PCs running Windows 95 and MS Exchange (a Windows NT version is under development), and includes Mediaphonics' proprietary PhoneRider DSP-based telephony board and CyberDesk application software. CyberDesk transforms any Pentium-based PC into a 24x7 personal assistant, providing advanced messaging services to users at work on their PCs in the office, as well as via their mobile phones while in the field. The solution not only employs text-to-speech functions to allow users to hear e-mail and fax message headers, but also provides the ability to reply to e-mail by voice. The voice reply is converted to an audio file, attached to the e-mail, and transmitted. Other features include call forwarding using the "One # Follow Me" feature, with voice mail backup. CyberDesk scores by offering an efficient and cost-effective way to access and manage MS Exchange's Unified Messaging features via any phone, anywhere, anytime. For more information, call 214-321-2780, or visit

NBX Corporation
NBX 100 Communications System

The NBX 100 Communications System is a feature-packed multi-line business telephone system with a long list of leading-edge functions. Notable features include full PBX functionality with robust inbound and outbound call handling, built-in Voice Messaging and automated attendant, support for TAPI 1.4 and 2.X applications including Microsoft Outlook, and full support for Caller ID services. But that simply isn't the whole picture: The NBX 100 is designed as a switching platform that integrates voice and data on a single Ethernet network, and in essence delivers a local area network with every system, supporting LAN, WAN, and Internet connections for every user.

The NBX 100 switch runs as an independent server on the network, and is compatible with all major desktop, server, and network operating systems, including Windows, Windows NT, NetWare, MacOS, and UNIX. The system also includes browser-based administration and a specially designed telephone set with LCD, speakerphone, one-button access to integrated messaging features, 10 preprogrammed and 18 programmable buttons, and built-in data jack. NBX delivers clear voice quality, scalable growth, and advanced features for small/mid-size businesses and satellite/branch offices. For more information, call 978-749-0000, or visit

Melita International
Enterprise Explorer

With its Enterprise Explorer, a contact management software, Melita offers call centers a way to create seamless, cohesive, and thoroughgoing contact strategies. Specifically, Enterprise Explorer provides centralized control and resource routing for multiple, geographically distributed call centers. That means the software can help companies proactively contact many customers and prospects in the most economical way by automatically routing contacts to sites with the available agents (and the data and technology) to best handle the work. Thus, even a far-flung, multi-site call center can leverage all of its many resources, and act as a cohesive whole. Products such as Enterprise Explorer mean that organization for the call center needn't depend on the exigencies of space or geography. Rather, organization may be a matter of business rules and procedures, which can be inspired by business goals. These rules and procedures just have to be executed by the appropriate technology. For more information, call Melita at 770-239-4000 or visit the company's Web site at

Mosaix, Inc.
TM Express

A turnkey suite of applications, TM Express presents call centers a convenient option for the creation and operation and management of an outbound telemarketing operation. The package includes list management, predictive dialing, graphical scripting, and monitoring and reporting. Thus, Mosaix has all the elements an outbound operation needs to perform its key goals: make connections and produce results. For example, TM Express maximizes the likelihood of connections by allowing the call center to choose which records it wants exported for use by the dialer, and by including voice detection technology that eliminates more than 97 percent of busy signals, voice mail, pages, faxes, etc. In addition, call centers can take advantage of TM Express's campaign design tools, and a scripting application that provides real-time access to a wide variety of relational databases. Finally, the suite's monitoring component lets the call center track such activities as live connect percentages, right-party connects, agent productivity, sales per hour, and progress toward campaign goals. For more information, call Mosaix at 510-749-6300 or visit the company's Web site at

Mustang Software, Inc.
Internet Message Center

Mustang Software's Internet Message Center (IMC) is an intelligent e-mail management system, and it is designed to provide sophisticated management capabilities for e-mail workflow in mission-critical, high-volume call center operations. With a product such as IMC, a company can manage incoming corporate and customer e-mail the same way it manages its inbound phone calls - with logic, responsibility, structure, real-time management, and detailed reporting.

IMC represents a new product category, one that addresses the increasingly frequent (and even desperate) complaints that e-mail traffic is growing to unmanageable proportions. What's especially interesting about IMC is that it is based on a modular architecture, one designed to support seamless integration with back office and front office applications and databases, enterprise knowledge bases, workforce management solutions, and CTI middleware applications for screen pops and multimedia blended queuing to customer service representatives. For more information, call Mustang Software at 805-873-2500 or visit the company's Web site at

Natural Microsystems
SS7 TX Series

Natural MicroSystems is a leading provider of open CT platforms, or Open Telecommunications solutions. The company's technology enables its partners to shorten time-to-market for high-value CT systems, including Internet voice and fax systems, IVR systems, and call centers integrated with Web sites. The company demonstrated its SS7 TX Series of data networking products in conjunction with the Alliance Generation series of voice processing and trunking products at CTI Expo. The SS7 series allows an SS7 protocol stack to run on TX boards, allowing the host to work on application processing. For more information, please contact Natural Microsystems at 800-533-6120 or visit their Web site at

Instant RAS AnyCall PCI 24A

Netaccess is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brooktrout Technology, Inc., and is a global supplier of a variety of leading-edge remote access solutions. Products from Netaccess includes the new Instant RAS AnyCall PCI 24A intelligent server card that auto-negotiates any call coming into a server - from ISDN to analog up to V.90/56K, and provides 24 channels per card or 96 channels of simultaneous connectivity in a single NT-based server. For networks that need to accommodate all types of incoming data calls - the IRAS-24A is designed to handle any call through one dial-up number. Other products in the Netaccess lineup include PCI, CompactPCI, ISA and VME T1, E1/ISDN WAN Access Cards; Multiport Basic Rate ISDN cards; ISDN software, and Instant RAS Remote Access Management software. For more information, call 603-898-1800, or visit

Odin TeleSystems Inc.
OTX CT Development Platform

Odin specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of OEM-subsystems and test equipment for the telecom industry. Odin's innovative systems enable service providers and equipment manufacturers to provide services and products for ISDN, Frame Relay, ATM, Signaling System Number 7 (SS7), Synchronous Optical Network (SONET), Digital Wireless (e.g. GSM, DECT), Voice over IP, Network Management, Network Surveillance and Call Processing and Switching Systems. The OTX (for Odin Telecom frameworX) platform features interchangeable software and hardware building blocks for a wide variety of applications, such as switching systems, customer premises equipment, network access devices, and test equipment, and is designed for PCI/H.100 and CompactPCI/H.11C-based systems. The platform consists of a software toolkit for protocol implementations and a family of modular line and processor cards. OTX enables rapid implementation of a variety of CT applications, such as voice over IP systems.

Also from Odin is the new Thor-2-PC, a multi-purpose T1/E1 PCMCIA interface card that enables the interfacing of laptops and hand-held PCs to T1/E1 links. The Thor-2-PC adapter features 2 T1/E1 interfaces, is software-switchable between T1 and E1, and has two on-board Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) with 80 MIPS processing power each. Thor-2-PC is delivered with a software driver and an Application Programming Interface (API). The Thor-2-PC driver is available for Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems. For more information, call 972-664-0100, or visit

Parity Software Development Corporation
Graphical VOS FlowCharter

Founded in 1989, Parity Software Development Corporation is one of the leading global providers of computer telephony and Internet telephony development tools to application developers, systems integrators, and value-added resellers. Parity's VOS is an industrial-strength tool that combines the ease-of use of a GUI with the flexibility of a scripting language, and CallSuite controls for Windows visual programming environments, including Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, and more. Parity's VOS programming language and powerful testing and debugging tools have simplified CTI developers' lives for many years. Today, VOS includes a 25-function IP telephony link, guaranteed Dialogic compatibility, year 2000 compliance, and more, and its core CTI functions are better than ever.

The new Graphical VOS FlowCharter enables the user to draw an on-screen flow chart representing the menus, prompts, and branches made with the application. New features include Internet telephony trunk type support, the ability to group and un-group a set of icons into a single icon, 10-level undo/redo when editing charts, cut/copy/paste functions of icons and groups of icons, and a "drop-down" toolbar mode that saves screen space when working with many toolbars. VOS is generally known as an application generator package that makes creating software especially easy, even for non-programmers. With free lifetime support and upgrades, and a competitive price, we expect VOS to be a major app-gen player for a long time. For more information, call 415-332-5656, or visit

Noble Systems Corporation

Noble Systems, consistent with its focus on predictive dialers, blended systems, and digital recording, demonstrated its ATOMS (Automated Telephony Organization Management System), a turnkey package that includes hardware, software, applications, reporting, and a relational database. With ATOMS, Noble Systems emphasizes a modular, customizable approach to call center technology. Specifically, ATOMS begins with a core, open architecture (Dialogic, Intel, UNIX, and Informix) that may be configured according to client specifications.

Of particular note is the ATOMS Graphical Manager, a real-time, on-line management and reporting tool for agent, campaign, and list statistics. As the name suggests, the Graphical Manager allows the supervisor to monitor generate reports on all call center activity. But the Graphical Manager also has a less obvious but perhaps more important attribute. That is, it enables the supervisor to immediately act on call center intelligence. Supervisors may assign stations, lines, and applications; switch agents from inbound to blended; add a new list; set up a campaign; etc. - all without shutting down the dialer of requiring agents to log off. For more information, contact Noble Systems at 404-851-1331 or visit the company's Web site at

Nortel Networks
Symposium Internet Call Center

The portfolio of products comprising the Symposium Internet Call Center offering consists of: Symposium Call Center Server, Symposium WebResponse Server, Symposium Agent, Symposium IVR, and Symposium TAPI Service Provider, all of which can be used with either Centrex or PBX solutions. At CTI EXPO, demonstrated how these separate systems can be effectively deployed, by creating a scenario in which fictitious travel agency (called Hot Tropics) needed to handle multiple media to service a customer's requests. The example combined voice, fax, data, and the Internet to demonstrate how agents can easily alternate between calls, fax processing and e-mail requests. For more information, call 408-565-2835 or visit

Nuera Communications, Inc.
Access Plus F200ip

Nuera Communications demonstrated its Voice over IP gateway, the Access Plus F200ip, at CTI EXPO. It supports Nuera's voice compression over frame relay, TCP/IP, satellite links, and/or leased lines. Voice and data bandwidth management features and full call switching between networks allow managers to select call routing paths to reduce operating costs and improve communications. Applications include carrier and corporate domestic and international voice/fax services over packet networks. The gateway features advanced voice compression using a variety of standard algorithms, as well as low-delay voice encoding and jitter buffer. For additional information, contact Nuera at 619-625-2400, or visit their Web site at

Oki Network Technologies
Internet Voice Gateway BS1200

Oki Network Technologies is a division of Oki America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo, Japan. The Internet Voice Gateway BS1200 from Oki allows voice and fax to be routed over any IP network by bridging existing PBX or key phone systems with digital data networks. Utilizing the G.729 voice compression standard, the BS1200 offers automatic integrated echo cancellation and dynamic jitter control for toll quality voice. A plug and talk function allows users to set up the system using existing telephone and data network equipment. For more information, call Oki at 408-935-3331, or visit their Web site at

Outreach Technologies
CONFERease 900 PC/Teleconferencing Server

OutReach Technologies' CONFERease 900 PC/Teleconferencing Server brings teleconferencing and real-time document sharing together on an NT server platform. This PC/teleconferencing server can accommodate 24 to 96 participants networked through LAN/WAN or the PSTN, and accepts T1 voice connections from the PSTN or a PBX. CONFERease also offers a 10/100 BaseT port to connect to a data/PC network. The system is T.120-compliant, and supportive of data and voice functions in one system, which comes bundled with Microsoft products including NT, NetMeeting, Internet Explorer, and Internet Information Server. For more information contact Outreach at 410-792-8000 or visit their Web site at


PakNetX continued a strong 1998, displaying their PNX ACD at CTI EXPO. PakNetX is a premier developer of Internet telephony and multimedia call center solutions. The PakNetX PNX ACD is the first application built upon the PakNetX PNX software-only telephone switch, providing business with the advanced call management features normally only found in traditional circuit-switching equipment. The PNX ACD allows companies to handle H.323/T.120-based audio, video, and data calls as easily as traditional telephone calls, giving businesses unprecedented Internet-based customer service and interaction capabilities. For more information, contact PakNetX at 603-890-6616 or visit the company's Web site at

Parlance Corporation
NameConnector Service

Parlance's flagship offering, NameConnector, is a family of speech recognition-based services that allow callers to use the telephone to "connect by spoken name." NameConnector makes a company's directory available to callers via one access number. It listens to callers say a name, confirms the request, and directly connects callers to the requested destination, whether it is a person, department, or place. The NameConnector family of applications runs on a Windows/NT 4.0 platform and includes three customized applications designed to address specific business concerns: PublicConnector, EmployeeConnector, and PagerConnector.

EmployeeConnector allows enterprises to enable seamless communications between employees, business partners, and key contacts, by making a virtual network of calling destinations available. EmployeeConnector eliminates the need for employees to go through an operator - they need only access the system and say a name. This natural interface allows companies to manage frequent number changes while making those transfers transparent to callers. PublicConnector provides a natural enterprise caller interface to the public. The caller simply says the name of the person, caller, location, or operator to connect. PagerConnector connects callers directly to a pager, just by calling one number and saying a name. PagerConnector is used in industry segments such as medical and field service organizations, where communication by pager is vital. At any time, a person can call one main number and just say the contact name to initiate a page, eliminating the need for callers to remember unique pager numbers or PIN codes. For more information call 781-306-2200, or visit

Picazo Communications, Inc.
VS1 Phone System and CT Pro Software

Picazo's server-based VS1 telephone system is another shining example of the new generation of open-architected, LAN-based voice/data switching platforms that are available today. The VS1 includes full PBX functionality, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) capabilities, built-in automated attendant and voice mail, LAN-based messaging, and TAPI-compliant CTI software resources. The system can scale up to 192 ports.

Picazo Communication's CT Pro software is a robust TAPI-compliant CTI application that integrates comprehensive call control features on desktop computers running in Windows 98, Windows 95, or Windows NT operating system environments. CT Pro features multi-line call management, Caller ID, Address Book, Pop!, Call Log, and PBX control features such as hold, conference, transfer, pickup, and forward. With CT Pro, a user can control their phone using their PC keyboard and mouse. Users can also dial out of any Windows-based application simply by selecting a phone number or a name and then clicking the CT Pro Mini-Dialer icon. For incoming calls, CT Pro provides built-in support for over 20 different personal information managers (PIMs), including ACT!, GoldMine, and Microsoft Outlook. When the phone rings, the contact record for the caller pops up on the screen automatically. For more information call 408-383-9300, or visit

Phonetic Systems
Phonetic Operator

Phonetic Systems specializes in the development and deployment of speech-enabled, telephony-based directory search products. One such product, PhoneticOperator, is engineered specifically for very large directories, and its unique algorithms are designed to promote high accuracy (and speed) - even in less-than-optimal circumstances, that is, even when users provide ambiguous voice input such as accented speech, mispronunciations, names that sound similar or may be spelled in different ways, and speech obscured by line or background noise. Another distinctive attribute of PhoneticOperator is its scalability. While the product can accommodate directories containing hundreds of thousands of names, it can also scale to work with relatively small directories. For more information, call Phonetic Systems at 781-229-5823 or visit the company's Web site at

POINT Information Systems, Inc.

POINT Information Systems, which specializes in enterprise relationship management strategies and improving customer interaction center operations, demonstrated its TeamPOINT solution, one of the first complete customer interaction product lines with modules for marketing, sales, and customer service for an enterprise environment. Basically, TeamPOINT is an integrated desktop suite. The modules are designed to work together - to eliminate the walls between sales, marketing, customer care, and automated back-office systems, and to help companies more effectively and cost-efficiently identify, win, retain, and service loyal customers. For more information, call POINT Information Systems at 781-416-7900 or visit the company's Web site at

Praxon Inc.
Phone Data eXchange

Praxon demonstrated their Phone Data eXchange (PDX) system at CTI EXPO Fall '98. The PDX is a member of a category we have taken to calling Voice/Data Switches. The PDX integrates voice, data networking, messaging, and Internet access capabilities into one seamless, single-system solution, which is scalable, modular, and designed for the small and medium-sized businesses, as well as remote offices. The Praxon solution is a fully integrated platform, which is easy to install, simple to use, easy to manage, and scalable to accommodate business growth. For more information on Praxon's products and services, contact the company at 408-871-1600 or visit their Web site at

VBVoice 3.5

VBVoice is an extremely robust, time-tested Windows-based rapid applications development toolkit for building custom IVR applications and computer telephony integration. VBVoice version 3.5 adds several new and notable features to an already exhaustive list, such as built-in client-server workgroup components and remote Internet applications control. There are tools for remote administration and application control that operate over a browser and include a complete system statistics and monitoring package. Also new is an ActiveX facility to run VBVoice applications as an NT service with remote start and stop, and support for multiple application servers. An Enhanced CallQueue ACD functionality supports third-party call control and "intelligent" call routing, and integrates with all TAPI 2.1 compliant office PBX's, communication servers, voice hardware and middleware. A Virtual Voice Card add-on simulates the actions of a real voice card, and allows testing and demonstration of VBVoice applications without a voice card. For more information, call 613-839-0033, or visit

Quintus Corporation
Nabnasset CTI

A key challenge for many call centers is the qualification and routing of customer calls. Ideally, calls should be directed to the resource best able to answer them. That's why Quintus's Nabnasset CTI captured our attention. This software uses computer telephony integration to manage workflow across different platforms, operating systems, and communications hardware. Nabnasset CTI's core functionality provides voice and data collection, mapping, and reporting; event monitoring and alarming; and directory services. Additional modules provide recall functionality; personalized call flows (based on ANI and DNIS and informed by information from relational databases); connectivity to network elements such as PBXs, ACDs, and IVRs; and licensing options for WAN implementations. For more information, call Quintus at 510-624-2883 or visit the company's Web site at

Racal Recorders, Inc.
RecorderLink 98

With RecorderLink98, Racal Recorders has introduced a product that promises to meet the recording needs of a variety of organizations, from companies which record selectively, for quality assurance programs, to companies which record exhaustively. In the latter case, record retrieval usually becomes more demanding, which is why RecorderLink 98 includes an enhanced search mechanism. Actually, RecorderLink 98 comprises three software components. The Call Concentrator server component interfaces to the switch and collects call information. The Call Concentrator module is responsible for controlling the recorder. (Check out Racal's Wordnet Digital Recorder.) And the Query module provides for security and administration (in the standard version) and for agent scoring and screen recording (in the professional version). Racal Recorders offers up to 96 channels of digital recording with Wordnet. Unique connections to digital telephone systems and RecorderLink 98 allow full integration into the CTI network. For more information, call Racal Recorders at 703-709-7114 or visit the company's Web site at

Redwood Technologies
RT Sinfonia

Providing solutions to telcos and call centers in over thirty countries, Redwood is one of Europe's leading CT providers, and their appearance at CTI EXPO in San Jose is part of their entry into the U.S. market in 1999. Redwood's products include the RT Sinfonia set of system development tools, made up of Composer, Performer, and Conductor. A demo of Composer - the rapid application development environment - was quite impressive. Development with the GUI is simple and clear, with designers combining Action Cells into a flow chart to string together events and processes, such as answering calls or querying a database. For more information, contact Redwood Technologies at 44-1344-304344, or visit their Web site at

Registry Magic, Inc.
The Virtual Operator

Registry Magic is another great example of a company that has successfully developed commercial-grade speech recognition applications that actually perform as promised. The Virtual Operator, a speech recognition-enabled automated attendant, is a turnkey Windows NT-based system that interfaces to a business's phone system and takes over the tasks normally handled by a live operator. The Virtual Operator can answer up to 12 calls simultaneously, and employs word-spotting to glean recognized names out of natural spoken phrases, making for a more natural interface for the caller. The system's speech recognition engine is based on technology by Lernout and Hauspie Speech Products NV - enhanced by Registry Magic to work more effectively over the phone. For more information, call 561-367-0408, or visit (under construction).

Rockwell Electronic Commerce
Call Center Command Server (3CS)

Rockwell Electronic Commerce, formerly Rockwell Electronic Commerce Division, is a leading supplier of automatic call distributors (ACD), CTI, agent desktop workstation applications and information collection, and reporting and management tools for companies conducting critical customer interactions over the telephone or Internet. Rockwell EC offers a complete range of products and services to provide solutions to all areas of any size call center operation. Managing call center information, improving agent productivity and tracking agent activities all provide management with the tools to create an efficient and productive call center.

Rockwell's comprehensive CTI offerings for integrating voice and data also bring increased productivity to any size call center. Since inventing the Automatic Call Distributor over 25 years ago, Rockwell has evolved with business and industry by offering an ever-increasing range of customer contact technologies, including introducing intelligent overflow routing in the late '70s, CTI as far back as 1983, ISDN capabilities in the mid-'80s, and complete end-to-end CTI services in the early '90s. Rockwell continues to lead the way with innovations in management information collection and output, desktop applications, as well as Internet telephony and electronic commerce solutions. To Rockwell's credit, the company recognizes the importance of strategic partnerships and business alliances with other industry leaders, and is aggressively developing relationships with vendors with complementary product and services offerings, which enable Rockwell to meet the expanding requirements of the dynamic call center marketplace and provide customers with best-of-breed solutions. For more information, call 800-416-8199, or visit

SCO Project

SCO, a leading supplier of UNIX server operating systems, showed off a number of CTI solutions running on its UnixWare 7 OS in the Dialogic Pavilion at CTI EXPO Fall '98. A few months ago, SCO announced that IBM plans to sell and market UnixWare 7 globally, and most recently, SCO announced that it and IBM have joined forces with Dialogic and Tech Data Corporation to provide computer telephony channel-ready solutions. As part of this initiative, dubbed "Project Monterey," SCO, IBM, and Dialogic will actively develop ready-to-deploy solutions, while Tech Data will lend its CT division to distribute these bundled packages to small and medium-sized resellers. Bundled solutions are currently under review and are planned for release in Q1 '99. For more information, call 831-425-7222, or visit or

ShelCad Engineering Ltd.

ShelCad Engineering is a leading developer of CTI desktop products. ShelCad offered a demo of the Hi-Phone, which enables users to place calls via the Internet, LAN, or a normal line using the PSTN, at CTI EXPO. The external plug-and-play Hi-Phone links a phone to a computer, and features on board integrated voice processing as well as capabilities for call recording, broadcast messaging, and voice mail. The Hi-Phone is H.323 compatible, and is designed for custom development using ActiveX, Wave, and TAPI drivers. A minimum Pentium PC with 4 MB of free hard disk space is required for use. For additional information, contact ShelCad at 972-4-8210844 or visit their Web site at

Simware, Inc.

Salvo, an enterprise-to-extranet solution, integrates Web and call center functionality. Using Salvo to create custom call center applications, companies can integrate information from any data store, avoid duplication, speed deployment, mine customer databases, cross-sell services, do real-time updates, instant communication promotions, and allow customers to serve themselves over the Internet. The product is designed to provide security, control, and predictability to extranet applications based on enterprise data systems. Whether for call center or other applications, Salvo's three-tier component-based architecture allows companies to deliver value, reduce cost-of-ownership and plan the future growth of business extranets with confidence. For more information, call Simware at 613-228-5157 or visit the company's Web site at

SiteBridge Corporation

Dedicated to enhancing human interactions within the online sales channel, SiteBridge has issued a revised version of its CustomerNow product, a modular, enterprise-class software system that brings telesales professionals together with customers over the Internet. The new release, version 2.0, is built on the strengths found in earlier versions of the product, including escorted browsing, screen pushing, automated response, reporting, and follow-up mechanisms, as well as SiteBridge's patented WorksEverywhere technology, which enables CustomerNow to work in virtually any Web browsing environment. New features in version 2.0 include support for both one-to-one and multi-participant meetings, integrated screen capture and display for application sharing, and a Web qualification module that analyzes and routes customer requests from a Web site. For more information, call SiteBridge at 212-645-8700 or visit the company's Web site at

smallwonder softworks, Inc. (SSI)

A call center management system which stresses openness, XChange is designed to free call centers from proprietary installation, data formats, and support requirements. Since the system is based on PC hardware and has a client/server architecture, call centers can install it on existing networks and take advantage of off-the-shelf products from industry leaders like Microsoft, Intel, Novell, and Dialogic. Not only can call centers avoid the costs of proprietary components, the system can enjoy the economies of starting small and scaling upward gradually, growing to hundreds of workstations. XChange offers blended inbound/outbound call processing and powerful scripting and data management. Other features include conference calling, digital voice recording, list management, and reporting. For more information, call smallwonder softworks at 703-771-3333 or visit the company's Web site at

StarVox, Inc.
StarGate Server

The StarGate Server from StarVox offers an elegant business-to-business VoIP solution designed for enterprise-wide deployment. As a network server that connects to a corporation's PBX through voice links and call control, the StarGate Server overlaps the existing PBX infrastructure in a non-intrusive way. A corporation's existing voice and data networks are connected only through StarGate; the organization's existing PBX and telephones as well as its network of PCs and data network remain untouched. The StarGate Server uses two innovative features - Failsafe and Fallback - to bring PSTN reliability and quality of service (QoS) to voice calls over the data network. Failsafe automatically detects the failure of any end-point in the data network for a specific call before completing the connection. If such a failure exists, Failsafe routes the call over the PSTN with no loss in service. Fallback, in turn, constantly monitors the QoS during the call. If latency problems occur with the voice packets, Fallback automatically reroutes the degrading WAN call over the PSTN without dropping the call. Together, Failsafe and Fallback ensure that the corporation has the PSTN reliability and resiliency needed to deploy network telephony throughout the organization.

The integration of StarGate with directory services such as Novell NetWare Directory Services (NDS), Microsoft Active Directory Service (ADS), and the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) provides uniform administration, eliminating the need for costly parallel administration or manual synchronization of user information and feature access rights across the entire network. The StarGate Server also has a set of NetWare NWAdmin snap-in modules that enable a single point of control for the corporate voice and data networks. StarGate works in combination with industry-standard hardware components and integrates a corporation's existing Novell NetWare or Microsoft Windows NT networks into a strategic business communications tool. StarGate also supports more than 50 commercially available PBX systems through its CT integration with CT Connect, TSAPI, and TAPI. For more information, call 408-383-9900, or visit

Sun Microsystems
Netra Telco Platforms

Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision, "The Network Is The Computer," has propelled Sun Microsystems to its position as a leading provider of high-quality hardware, software, and services for establishing enterprise-wide intranets and expanding the power of the Internet. Sun has developed its Netra server platform for telecommunications applications. The Netra 1125 is aimed at network service providers and uses an industry standard PCI I/O bus so users can integrate their own PCI 2.1-compliant cards. The Netra 1120 is designed to run Solaris and is part of an open development environment. For more information, call Sun at 650-960-1300 or visit their Web site at

Syntellect, Inc.

Vista is an open, standards-based "Interactive Communications Management (ICM)" software platform for enterprise customer call centers. In contrast to many of today's closed/proprietary systems, Vista sports an advanced architecture that complies with open standards and integrates virtually all call center technologies. Integrated solutions include interactive voice response (IVR), interactive Web response (IWR), computer-telephony integration, fax-on-demand, speech recognition, predictive dialing, and agent desktop productivity tools. Vista combines all of these critical call center technologies with a distributed client/server architecture, Web-based management system, and graphical application development tool called VistaGen. VistaGen is an object-oriented app-gen based on "wizards" rather than on flowcharts or spreadsheets. VistaGen supports the Java programming language and lets a programmer quickly develop robust feature sets for complex call center applications. For more information, call 770-587-0700, or visit

TelAthena Systems LLC

TelAthena's new scripting product, TelAthena, is accessible over the Internet, allowing the Web surfer to interact with the same script as call center agents. And, if the caller chooses to talk to a call center agent, the telephone link is established by the application itself. Regardless of whether the customer interaction it is mediated by a live agent (using character-based terminals or TelAthena's GUI front end), or whether it is conducted in a self-service mode (by a visitor at a Web site), all data collected during the call resides in a single knowledge base, for immediate query and reporting. Any call center equipped with TelAthena's scripting tool can develop an application which will run on a dumb terminal, a Windows PC, or within a Web browser on a thin client. For more information, call TelAthena at 888-777-7565 or visit the company's Web site at

TeleSynergy Research (USA) Inc.

TeleSynergy, as part of its wide range of CTI hardware and software offerings, provides a communications server called the TelePCX, which is a PC-Based PBX combined with a full-featured auto-attendant/voice mail system, an application program generator for IVR and fax on demand (FOD), and a Web-based unified messaging server. The bundled GUI-based application generator makes TelePCX capable of easily adding on CT applications like IVR/FOD into the same system. With further effort, the system can even grow to a complex call center. Web-based unified messaging allows users to send/receive/manage e-mail/fax mail/voice mail from one unified box from a desktop, anywhere in the world, as long as users have an access to the Internet. It includes a standard SMTP/POP3 e-mail server, which can be connected to ISP through a leased line or dial-up connection. Furthermore, the unified messaging system is a store-and-forward fax server. Users can send fax through Internet to save on phone bills. Intended for small and mid-sized businesses, the TelePCX is designed to be cost-effective. The whole system is configured through simple dialog boxes. Anyone who is familiar with PCs can learn how to maintain, upgrade, modify, and add features, which will minimize unnecessary support costs. For more information, call 408-260-9970, or visit

TimePlex Group

TimePlex Group, with nearly 30 years' experience, combines voice, data, and video capabilities that interconnect diverse technologies. As a provider of ATM, frame relay, IP, and TDM technologies, TimePlex enables enterprises to achieve heightened efficiencies from their network investments. TimePlex's credentials lie in experience, expertise, managed networks, and evolving technologies for mission-critical global networks. The SYNCHRONY ST-1000/ST-20 switching products incorporate frame switching and routing support, and dynamically allocate spare bandwidth to bursty traffic, as well as voice, video, or other constant bit-rate traffic. The products also allow service level agreements to be negotiated for each customer. For more information, contact TimePlex at 888-777-0929 or visit their Web site at

Touchwave, Inc.
WebSwitch Phone System

TouchWave's WebSwitch is a complete, network-integrated phone system that delivers full phone system functionality and uses the network to provide desktop control, management, and expandability. The switch can be controlled and managed from a Windows interface, and IP functions are routed through a single point. VoIP can be added to the unit as a gateway module without external hardware, software, or a server, and the number of users can be scaled from 32 to 256. CO lines and IP channels may be added as needed. For more information, call Touchwave at 888-350-WAVE or visit their Web site at

Vertical Networks

Vertical Networks' InstantOffice won our hearts with its robust integration capabilities and clean, high-tech design. InstantOffice is on the bleeding-edge of telephony switch design, integrating voice, data, and application functionality into a single unified platform, delivering comprehensive office communications with PBX reliability. The solution offers full PBX function, full LAN/WAN connectivity, a multiprotocol router, and a suite of communications applications including voice mail, automated attendant, computer telephony, voice over IP, remote management tools, and high-speed Internet access. The system is designed for branch and small offices of 5 to 100 users, and is scalable, open architected, and easy to configure.

In addition to a modular hardware design, the InstantOffice system includes a comprehensive set of software subsystems designed to support a full range of existing and emerging applications. The InstantOffice system includes an embedded Windows NT applications platform to support future applications developed by Vertical Networks or independent software vendors. Examples include universal messaging, single-number service, automatic call distribution, and interactive voice response. In addition, the base platform provides the core functionality that can be used as a file server, video server, Web server and fax server in future releases. For more information, call 408-523-9700, or visit

VocalTec Communications
VocalTec Gatekeeper

VocalTec Communications continues driving Internet telephony's evolution into the mainstream with customized client/server solutions for corporate and carrier markets and new-generation telcos (ITSPs). The VocalTec Gatekeeper acts as a platform and a hub for Internet telephony networks, aimed at service providers who want to deploy public telephony services as well as businesses that want service across private intranets. The Gatekeeper is H.323-compliant and runs on Windows NT, providing flexible dialing plan management, network security, centralized accounting and billing, database management and backup, and network administration. For more information, contact VocalTec at 201-768-9400 or visit their Web site at

Voice Mobility, Inc.
Unified Communications Software Suite

Voice Mobility wholesales Unified Communications software, consulting services, and 24-hour support services to service bureaus and service providers such as ISPs, paging companies, CLECs, and cable companies looking to offer leading-edge unified messaging services to their subscribers. These service providers resell individual UM/UC mailboxes and "one phone number" services to their subscribers, offering SPs a fast entry to market with rich, robust services. Voice Mobility currently offers three flavors of Unified Communications: Private Fax, Unified Messaging, and Unified Communications.

Private Fax provides for instant delivery of faxes right to a subscriber's e-mail box, eliminating the need for a dedicated fax line, a fax machine, or fax paper. Private Fax can also send a copy of that e-mail to a personal Web site for that subscriber, giving them private access to their faxes, whenever they want, around the world. Unified Messaging builds on "private fax" by using the same "one phone number" to handle incoming phone calls and faxes. Messages left can be placed on a personal Web site sent as an e-mail, read out over the phone, or sent to a pager. The full function Unified Communications offering adds real-time call management and routing. This means that a subscriber can direct run their business on "one phone number." From an easy-to-use Web site, the subscriber can plan ahead on a 7-day-a-week, 24-hour-per-day basis to tell the system how to direct all their incoming calls. "Find me" and "Follow me" functions are fully supported. For more information, call 604-482-0005, or visit

Voiceware Systems, Inc.
Telephony Services Platform (TSP)

The Telephony Services Platform (TSP) is one of the CTI industry's most powerful PC-based tandem switching platforms. Running on Windows NT, the TSP is voice over IP-ready and supports prepaid calling cards and prepaid wireless, as well as international callback, and such enhanced services as voice mail, fax mail, one-call "Powercall" and conference calling. The TSP is a turnkey switching system that can grow from 24 to 240,000 lines, and provides the switch owner with complete control of call accounting, billing and reporting, as well as agent management and other essential switch functions. Recent developments include a Billing Wizard that allows invoicing and reporting by date, by range of accounts, and/or by agent. For more information, call 561-655-1770, or visit

Willow CSN

Willow CSN proposes a unique solution to many vexing call center workforce challenges, including staffing the call center with the appropriate number of agents, despite fluctuations in call traffic, and recruiting sufficiently qualified agents, despite the need to draw on a limited talent pool, that is, talent within commuting distance of call center sites. Willow's answer to such problems is the CyberCenter, which is a call center staffed by CyberAgents, professional independent contractors who work as "1099" employees. CyberAgents, who are linked via a CyberAgent network, are trained and certified in the protocol of each of their clients. These agents form a new, virtually unlimited pool of workers who thrive on the freedom and responsibility of remote, independent work for a variety of clients. Ultimately, the CyberCenter introduces a new dimension to the call center. CyberCenters can be virtually any size, and can take advantage of high-caliber CyberAgents, who can work on a highly flexible, as-needed basis. For more information, call Willow CSN at 888-899-5995, or visit the company's Web site at

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