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November 2000

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Enhanced HEAT Is On For Contact Centers
HEAT, a division of Frontrange Solutions, Inc. and a supplier of help-desk automation tools for mid-range businesses, released HEAT 6.0, the latest version of its help-desk software, designed to allow helpdesk managers and IT departments of mid-range organizations quickly resolve technology issues. HEAT 6.0 offers enhancements to core product features intended to simplify common user tasks. HEAT 6.0 includes a Business Process Automation Module, an upgraded call escalation feature. With BPAM, IT managers create their own language rules to monitor the system for time-sensitive customer issues. Calls are prioritized, tracked and monitored proactively. There is also a pair of Web-enabled features: iHEAT and HEAT Self Service. iHEAT is an optional thin-client add-on module that offers Web access to the same HEAT software used on a desktop. iHEAT is accessible over network or dial-up connections using any of the leading browsers. No plug-ins are required. The HEAT Self Service add-on module offers an intuitive user interface that allows end users to input service requests and check their status remotely through a Web connection. With access to HEAT 6.0's knowledge databases, customers can often solve their own first-level support issues without the assistance of a technician, or find answers to their questions by accessing a list of responses to frequently asked questions, reducing the number of calls made to the support desk. When a service request is submitted, an e-mail confirmation receipt is sent to the end user.
No. 510, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

StayinFront Unveils Windows CE CRM Solution
StayinFront, Inc., a developer of enterprisewide customer relationship management systems, introduced Pocket Elk, the Windows CE-based version of its Visual Elk CRM solution. Pocket Elk is designed for mobile business professionals and is meant to deliver capabilities (such as sales and field force automation, customer management, order entry, merchandising, customer service and sample tracking) to users of handheld personal computers (HPCs) and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Pocket Elk delivers client information within a small form factor device and integrates fully with previously deployed corporate Visual Elk systems and back-office systems. Its signature capture capability facilitates applications such as sample management and order processing. Pocket Elk also provides configurable screens, navigation and databases. Standard Pocket Elk functions include call planning, management reporting; customer profiling; integration with the Windows CE calendar and task list; graphical and tabular reporting; a headquarters or home office level consolidated customer database; multiple synchronization options; and integration options to back office systems. The new system runs on any HPC device supporting Microsoft Windows CE HPC or HPC PRO, and may operate either as a standalone CRM solution or as an extension to an existing Visual Elk system.
No. 511, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Wireless Office Mobility Solution
AG Communication Systems, a subsidiary of Lucent Technologies, introduced the ROAMEO wireless office phone system, designed to offer the mobile workforce a convenient way to stay in touch. ROAMEO is a digital wireless office phone system that enables use of an office phone and a standard digital handset as a single number that reaches users wherever they are. ROAMEO integrates a wireless handset with an existing in-house phone system, directing incoming office calls to both a desk phone and a wireless handset. All the features of an office desk phone (such as call transfer, call forwarding and three-way calling) are available on the wireless handset when the user is within ROAMEO's range. Out of the office, ROAMEO redirects incoming office calls to the user's wireless handset. ROAMEO connects with any PBX, Centrex or key system that provides analog line or T1 line side connectivity. The system can be installed in a distributed base station configuration or as a distributed antenna configuration. These two RF design options provide flexibility and scalability to accommodate a variety of building environments. Codes, menus and user programming are not required. Automatic coordination between the two systems removes the need for manual intervention by users as they move from one network to the other.
No. 512, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

synaro E-Commerce Scenario From Page
Page Digital, Inc. announced the release of synaro, a suite of e-commerce software applications designed as a full solution implementation for an e-business or, combined with other applications, to create a best-of-breed solution. The Java-based Intelligent eCommerce building blocks include integration middleware that links synaro components to other software systems. While all of synaro's major components are developed and supported by Page, one or more of them may be integrated into enterprise systems. The suite includes synaro WebStore, designed to provide functionality for real-time order entry, order inquiry, personalization and freight and sales tax calculations. WebStore includes product management and data replication applications, which maintain and update Web site product content. The pure Java WebStore can operate on any application server. synaro Integrator is a middleware product that provides the data highway between Web-based applications and legacy systems. iCRM Customer Response Management is a browser-based, stand-alone application used to provide multichannel customer support and response. iCRM features an Intelligence Base that provides automated responses to customer inquires via call centers or self-service Web sites. Real-time data access to ERP and other customer systems is provided through the Integrator.
No. 513, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

GMT Provides Planet-Mercury To Call Centers
Global Management Technologies (GMT) Corp., a supplier of workforce management software for the call center, banking and hospitality industries, released GMT Planet - Mercury Edition, workforce management software for small call centers. Featuring a wizard-based user interface that simplifies installation, configuration and daily use, Mercury includes scheduling and forecasting facilities intended to make it easy to create optimized staffing schedules for dynamic call volumes. Mercury is optimized for small call centers with 50 or fewer agents. To simplify installation and configuration, Mercury provides an intuitive, wizard-based GUI that walks users through the installation process. Mercury gives managers fine control over call volume forecasting and staffing, optimizing the scheduling process by using an incremental call handling time and calculates the staffing requirements needed to handle each queue based on the desired service level and maximum agent occupancy. Mercury allows managers to define work times, giving preference to scheduling agents during their preferred times and supports both fixed and variable scheduling. Mercury imports historical call volumes and uses that information to predict future call volumes and average handling times by week of month, day of week and time of day. Mercury provides a "What If" wizard to help managers assess the impact of changes in service level, call volumes and average handling times on weekly staffing before they occur. Mercury is available for all 32-bit Windows operating systems.
No. 514, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Stratasoft Launches Dynamic List Manager
Stratasoft, Inc. announced the availability of DynaCall, a dynamic list manager, for its StrataDial Predictive Dialing System. DynaCall allows users to schedule any number of tasks that tell the dialer exactly how it must dial. This includes time zones to call, maximum number of attempts on a telephone number, how often and when to retry certain telephone numbers, days of the week to call, auto start and stop times, campaign specific data to be included in a call list, etc. Essentially, DynaCall creates calling strategies specific to each campaign running in a call center. DynaCall also can accommodate quota-based, regional dialing. For example, a manager can set a certain number of appointments in a specific region and automatically move on to another region, without need of downtime or dialer manipulation. The solution aims at minimizing agent wait times and increasing call list penetration through more efficient, "smart" dialing.
No. 515, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

New Multimedia Amplifier From Hello Direct
Hello Direct, Inc., a developer of desktop telephony and equipment interface products for businesses, introduced its Virtuoso Multimedia Headset System. The system is designed to enable users to perform multiple tasks with one headset that may normally require two or three headsets. Besides standard phone call use, the Virtuoso amplifier's Multiplier module also handles Internet telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP) applications. When not on the telephone, the same headset can be used for speech recognition tasks, recording audio notes or listening to Web audio content without disturbing co-workers. The Virtuoso headset amplifier can configure the headset system to work with nonstandard handset ports found on digital business telephones. Its improved user interface utilizes Hello Direct's LearnIt smart chip technology to configure the amplifier automatically, allowing Hello Direct headsets to be used with any business or home phone system. The Virtuoso amplifier also employs a new vertical design that is more attractive and takes up less desktop space. Hello Direct headsets include noise-canceling microphones and are available in several styles.
No. 516, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

SYMON Enhances DeskView Desktop
SYMON Communications, Inc. announced several new features for its DeskView real-time desktop messaging solution for individual workstations. Using Windows 95/98/2000/NT in conjunction with the SYMON2000 Server, DeskView delivers discreet messages to a desktop without disturbing an active application. DeskView information can originate from databases, ACDs, network management systems, customer service call center technologies, Web pages, etc. The new display system offers users new viewing options in a choice of bundles: the Mini Suite, which includes the basic DeskView package, MultiView and TrayView; and Master Suite. Master Suite includes the aforementioned plus ChartView (user-defined, automated real-time or historical chart creation), GaugeView (graphical display of contact center volumes, levels, thresholds, etc.), and ReplyView (a user-defined option for rapid, two-way communication within the DeskView application between the sender and receiver of DeskView messages). SYMON has also released browser-based Java versions of DeskView.
No. 517, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Lynk Scales eVerest
Lynk Software, Inc., developers of customer relationship management (CRM) software, launched eVerest, its solution designed for managing a variety of relationships including customers, suppliers, distributors, business partners and prospects. The application is fully Web enabled, utilizing Lynk's Beyond Browser Internet communications server. Internet users can access the functionality of the program wherever they are located. eVerest synchronizes customer service, quality assurance, engineering, sales, marketing and management by facilitating communication and providing a central information system. The application offers full functionality over local and wide area networks or directly through a Web browser. Features include customizable workflow, establishment of ownership, due-date reporting and automatic reminders. E-mail notifications and letter correspondence are integrated functions of the application, and standard templates with automatic data insertion are designed to create meaningful correspondence efficiently. eVerest provides information such as detailed account profiles, past complaint history and a search-and-match capability, standard reports and user-defined queries. Lynk also offers Customer Focus and Supplier Focus Web modules. The Customer Focus module allows the customer to enter questions, complaints and requests directly through a Web browser, and the Supplier Focus module allows suppliers and business partners to respond to action requests through a Web browser.
No. 518, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Paradigm4 Provides Wireless E-mail Solution
Paradigm4, Inc., a provider of wireless data services and solutions, has introduced E-Attach4, a wireless data service that enables mobile workers using Internet-enabled wireless phones and pagers to view document attachments on e-mail messages and seamlessly interact with e-mail, calendar and contacts applications. Utilizing ActiveNet technology from Equinox Solutions, Inc. and in conjunction with the WorkStyle Server from Wireless Knowledge, Inc. or the Blackberry handheld messaging pager from Research In Motion, E-Attach4 provides professionals with secure, remote access to information while away from the office. There is no need to manage multiple accounts or synchronize their Internet-ready wireless device with their corporate system. E-mail messages with an attachment are sent to a user's wireless device and simultaneously forwarded to a special "attachment conversion" e-mail account. The attached document is stripped of any graphics, reformatted to fit the device, and then resent to the user in a readable format. E-Attach4 supports a variety of popular document formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.
No. 519, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

NetLert Releases NetLert 2.2, Debuts As New Company
NetLert, Inc. launched NetLert 2.2, the latest version of its instant messaging software for corporations. Version 2.2 includes enhanced security features and improved performance. NetLert 2.2 features secure socket layer (SSL) support for enhanced security and includes support for Java2 version 1.3, featuring substantial improvements in performance and permits NetLert 2.2 to have a smaller memory footprint, and to demonstrate better performance on a wider range of configurations. NetLert 2.2 employs HTML as its native display format, and messages can include graphics or embedded links, which will open a full browser window. NetLert 2.2 can be integrated with the NetLert Enterprise Server (NES), an ODBC complaint tool that can obtain data from corporate databases or call center ACDs (CTI applications) and deliver that information to users' desktops via NetLert. NES is fully customizable, flexible and extensible, and can be integrated into an existing network. NetLert 2.2 supports Windows 95/98 and NT as well as OS/2, Macintosh, Solaris and Linux. In related news, NetLert, Inc. has become a distinct company, separate from SoftBase Systems, Inc., a provider of database enhancement tools and solutions.
No. 520, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

HotVoice GUMNet Unified Messaging Platform
HotVoice Communications International, Inc., a unified communications provider, unveiled its integrated communication platform intended for small and medium-sized enterprises. Called GUMNet, HotVoice's infrastructure is offered by subscription for businesses and free for consumers. End users have access to free e-mail, voice mail and faxing as a single package with national and international capabilities. Users can also retrieve voice messages and faxes from the U.S. and 62 international cities for the price of a local call from multiple interfacing devices (phone, PC, PDA). Through private-label and co-branding, HotVoice aims to be a premier communication application service provider by hosting or forwarding GUMNet services for Web sites and ISP's. HotVoice's technology and services are designed to allow for a variety of interfacing devices and infrastructure configurations, such as Internet dial-up, DSL, cable modem or T1 connections for computers and the wireless application protocol (WAP) for cellular phones and PDAs. For consumers, comparable HotVoice services are free and available after registering at the company's Web site.
No. 521, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Genesys Enhances Workforce Manager Solution
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., an Alcatel subsidiary a provider of multimedia customer contact center solutions, announced general availability of Workforce Management version 5.1.6. The release features a browser-based interactive interface for supervisors and managers and database compatibility with both Oracle and MS SQL. This expanded capability is intended to drive a greater worldwide adoption of the application, enabling customers to implement Internet Suite into existing platforms and environments which should protect previous IT and lower the total cost of ownership. The company stated that interactive Web capability enables Workforce Manager 5.1.6 allow supervisors to perform intra-day management tasks and permits agents to set preferences using any PC with access to the company's Intranet. Contact center managers can initiate immediate, proactive responses to changing events to ensure service goals are attained. From the Web, supervisors can view real-time adherence data from agent to enterprise level and react with schedule changes made directly from the browser, resulting in improved service levels. Agents can view their schedules at any time and enter working preferences through the Web, providing increased job satisfaction through more personalized schedules.
No. 522, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Centergistic Releases Web And WAP Options
Centergistic Solutions Inc. released AgentView DataServer and two new applications for its AgentView Enterprise software for customer contact centers. The AgentView DataServer option is designed to enable AgentView to collect and store data to an ODBC database. Users can opt to perform simple SQL queries or export the archived AgentView information to other applications, such as Web and wireless systems. Using the AgentView Web and AgentView WAP applications, users of AgentView can view real-time formatted data in tables on a Web page or WAP enabled device. This is achieved through exporting AgentView statistics in XML to HTML, HDML or WML from the DataServer, allowing for dynamic access off a Web page or via any wireless handheld device (e.g., Palm Pilot, PDA, etc.).
No. 523, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Splashnet.com WAPs Application Portal
Splashnet.com, a provider of Web-based customer relationship management solutions, announced the availability of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) support for Splashnet, its Internet-based application portal designed for small and mid-sized businesses to deploy a fully functional CRM, e-business and fulfillment system via subscription. The solution is intended to allow mobile sales and service professionals to remotely manage their accounts by using their cell phones, pagers or personal digital assistants (PDAs). No special hardware or software downloads are required. Splashnet customers can incorporate field service staff, merchandisers, sales forces, partners and customers within their systems. Using the subscription service, companies can track all points of entry into their business, manage customer contacts and deliver critical customer information to their sales, marketing, customer service and management staff, as well as conduct business across the Web.
No. 524, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Daleen Announces eCare 3.0 Software Suite
Daleen Technologies, Inc. announced the general availability of eCare 3.0, its software for rapid deployment of Web-enabled customer self-care and enterprise business process management. eCare is meant to enable customers to view, pay and manage their accounts online through a secure Internet connection. eCare includes electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) and enhancements, such as a synchronized product catalog, ordering, portfolio and account management, access control and security, as well as a unified view of operations and business-support systems throughout the enterprise. Daleen offers eCare packages for integrated communications providers, application service providers and broadband services markets. The eCare packages, tailored for specific vertical market requirements, include a complete set of catalog, collateral, ordering and workflow templates with market-specific business logic and functionality. They are meant to provide an "out-of-the-box" solution adapted for each market type, while maintaining flexibility for a service provider to create customized designs to meet its individual requirements.
No. 525, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Iwatsu Releases Message Navigator
Voice processing solutions provider Iwatsu America, Inc. released ADIX Message Navigator for ADIX Telephony Office-Linx 2000, its Windows NT-based voice processing server. ADIX Message Navigator, an optional module for the server, is designed to provide small and medium-sized businesses with a cost-effective application to handle their voice mail, e-mail and fax messages from a single program on their desktop computer. It delivers these communications directly to the user's current e-mail client application's (SMTP, POP3 or MAPI-compliant) inbox, resulting in a simplified point of contact for all incoming messages.
No. 526, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

NuContact From NUASIS
NUASIS Corp.'s NuContact Service is a mixed media, Internet contact center delivered as a hosted service via the Web. The subscriber-based service converges voice, e-mail and Web contacts into a single IP communications system. All services and administrative functions are accessed via a browser at a subscriber's site over an Internet connection. NuContact Console, a common graphic user interface using a standard Web browser, is the entry point for subscribers accessing all functions of the NuContact Service. Users access different functions based on their level: agent, supervisor, administrator or executive. The NuContact Distributor is the heart of the service's NuContact Center. Its Internet architecture converges and processes customer contacts regardless of media channels, prioritizes contacts and handles them according to customer needs and rules established by the e-business. The NuContact Center supports e-mail management (group queues, auto response, multi-tiered routing and rules, bulk processing, etc.), Web collaboration (such as co-browsing, page sharing, screen push, Web callback and text chat); ACD and auto attendant capabilities, a workflow engine and voice mail. The NuContact Status Viewer allows for real-time management of contact center interactions. A reporting feature provides standard and analytical reporting across lines of business.
No. 527, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Wireless Certificate Authority From Certicom
On October 1 of this year, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (commonly known as E-SIGN) took effect. The law allows consumers and businesses to enter into and digitally sign contractual agreements using remote or wireless devices (e.g., phones, pagers, personal digital assistants, etc.) via the Internet. Certicom Corp. recently announced the availability of its MobileTrust Certificate Authority, providing Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) digital certificates. According to Certicom, ECC is the preferred encryption method for wireless applications and devices because its structure allows for faster processing speeds and reduced bandwidth usage, which results in decreased demands on a wireless device's batteries. Certicom's MobileTrust Certificate Authority service provides industry-standard certificates for SSL and WTLS security protocols and enables applications via wireless, such as stock trading, banking, e-commerce, secure e-mail and healthcare applications. The MobileTrust CA Center is a secure facility with multiple layers of physical and electronic protection, providing the market with an end-to-end security solution for digitally signed transactions.
No. 528, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

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eshare communications, a provider of customer interaction management (CIM) solutions, announced that it named Loyd J. Olson to the position of chief marketing officer. Olson joins eshare from Fourth Shift Corp., where he was vice president of marketing and product management.

Hipbone, Inc., a furnisher of real-time Web-based interaction solutions, announced the appointment of Dixie Baker to the position of vice president of sales. Most recently, she served as vice president of sales at UpShot.com, a provider of hosted, Internet-based sales force automation services.

Spanlink Communications, a provider of CTI and unified communications products and services for contact centers, named Mark Francis president and chief executive officer of the company. Previously, Francis was Spanlink's vice president of business development.

Synygy Inc., a provider of incentive compensation software and services, announced that Robert Winters has joined the company as vice president of sales, reporting directly to Mark A. Stiffler, president and CEO of Synygy. Most recently, Winters was executive vice president of sales and marketing for Exante Health.

Stream International, an eCRM outsource solutions provider for technology companies and e-businesses, announced the promotion of Margaret Mansfield to vice president and general manager, in charge of sales and service delivery for one of Stream's strategic business units. Mansfield, a nine-year Stream veteran, was most recently business director for the company.

TBC Consulting Group appointed Jay Hammans to vice president. A former vice president of client services at IDRC/Telespectrum, Hammans brings 12 years of teleservices expertise to TBC Consulting Group from both the agency and telemanagement perspective, and spent the last 10 months working within the telemanagement and quality assurance industry.

Braxtel Communications, a developer of customer contact management solutions for small and medium-size businesses, named Rusty Coleman president and chief operating officer. Coleman joins Braxtel from DAVOX Corporation where he was most recently the senior vice president for North American sales.

Marketing solutions provider Epsilon today announced the appointment of Bryan Kennedy to the position of chief technology officer. Previously, Kennedy served a dual role with Epsilon as vice president of technology and general manager of loyalty management services.

NSDI Teleperformance, a provider of outsourced customer relationship management solutions and teleservices, appointed Gene A. Gray senior vice president of client services. Most recently, Gray served as senior vice president for Interactive Teleservices.

DraftWorldwide, a global marketing agency, named Joanne Multari vice president for global business development. Multari was vice president and group account director at DraftWorldwide Canada. Greg Paull joined the company as regional director of corporate developments for the Asia/Pacific. Paull was most recently with Ammirati Puris Lintas/Singapore.

Harte-Hanks, Inc., a provider of CRM and related solutions for businesses and organizations, announced several promotions. Four senior vice presidents were appointed: Craig Combest, currently president of the national sales organization; Charles Dall'Acqua, president of marketing services; Dick Wai-Cheong Man, president of data technologies; and Gary Skidmore, president of the CRM response management operation. Additionally, six vice presidents were named: Bob Brown (group president, market intelligence, CRM), Kathy Calta (group president, data services, CRM), Jim Davis (group president, marketing services), William Goldberg (president, financial sales organization), Spencer Joyner (group president, systems integration and software, CRM) and Tann Tueller (group president, CRM).

Mitesh Desai accepted the position of vice president of marketing and business development for Compaq Telecom. A veteran of the communications industry, Desai was most recently with Nortel Networks where he directed the data services strategy development for emerging service providers.

Richard J. Maxwell was named chief executive officer of CorporateGifts.com, a Web-based solutions provider for corporate incentive, recognition and gifts programs. Maxwell was previously chief operating officer at Management Reports, Inc.

eOn Communications Corp., a provider of Linux-based unified voice, Web, and Internet communications servers, named David S. Lee chairman and chief executive officer of the company. Lee, eOn's founder and chairman of its board of directors, had been serving as interim CEO. Also, the company's chief technical officer, Troy E. Lynch, was promoted to executive vice president.

Sheen Khoury, former senior vice president of strategic sales for Exodus Communications, Inc., has joined Web intelligence services provider Primary Knowledge as its new senior vice president of sales.

The Dialog Corporation, a provider of online-based information solutions, appointed Richard H. King executive vice president and chief technology officer. King will oversee all global technology functions at Dialog. Prior to joining Dialog, King served as senior vice president and chief information officer for Ceridian Employer Services.

Gary Ross was named director of product management at Connex Technologies, a provider of telecommunication software integration applications. Prior to his appoint, Ross was director of revenue assurance at U.S. West (now Qwest).

SITEL Corporation, a provider of electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) solutions across all communication channels, announced the appointment of Gonzalo Mari�tegui, as managing director of SITEL Iberica. Prior to his appointment, Mari�tegui worked in a senior executive capacity at Hertz Corporation in both Spain and Portugal.

Alliance Systems, Inc., a provider of communications solutions for telephony, data, e-business and wireless communications infrastructure, promoted Jeffrey A. Hudgins to vice president of operations. Prior to joining Alliance, Hudgins was the vice president of operations at PressCut Industries, a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment.

Sprint, a global communications company, announced the appointment of Don Hallacy as president of technology services, replacing George Fuciu, who will serve as a consultant for Sprint until his planned retirement in July 2001. Hallacy most recently served as president of Sprint Internet. He will report to Ronald T. LeMay, Sprint president and chief operating officer.

MarketSoft Corp., a provider of business-to-business e-marketing solutions, appointed Michael Kozub vice president and chief marketing officer. Prior to joining MarketSoft, Kozub was executive vice president of marketing, sales and corporate developments at RealAge.com.

Expanets, Inc., a mid-market networked communications solutions provider, named Rick Schonbrun executive vice president of emerging technologies. Schonbrun was most recently vice president of global sales for NBX Corp.

SSP Media, a division of Shooting Stars Post, Inc. and a provider of full-service media and interactive program solutions, announced that Kosh Das was named director of marketing. Most recently, Das was senior marketing manager with Protocol. Also, Brad Courtney has re-joined the company as director of technical and creative services. Courtney's background includes broadcast production, interactive and visual programming and Internet technology.

AskIt.com, an application service provider of outsourced online customer service solutions, appointed Raymond Blum as vice president of systems architecture. Prior to his appointment, Blum was a project leader and technology mentor at Home Box Office.

Witness Systems, Inc., a provider of customer interaction recording, analysis and e-learning software, named Loren Wimpfheimer vice president of strategic development and general counsel. Wimpfheimer joins Witness Systems from Harbinger Corp., a provider of electronic commerce software and services, where he served as vice president of business development, general counsel and secretary.

Blue Pumpkin Software, a provider of workforce management solutions, appointed Julian Harper vice president of European, Middle Eastern and African markets (EMEA). Harper was previously CEO and managing director for EMEA at Systems Union Limited.

Dan D. Cruice was named executive vice president of sales at TeleSpectrum Worldwide Inc. Cruice most recently was with Decision One Corp.

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Convergys Acquires Taima
Convergys Corporation, a provider of outsourced, integrated, billing and customer care services, announced the acquisition of Taima Corporation, a privately held, Ottawa, Ontario-based company that operates integrated technical help desk support services for Internet service providers (ISPs) and other Internet-based clients. Taima and its approximately 800 employees will become part of Convergys Corporation. Taima adds to Convergys' technical support capabilities in the high-growth ISP sector. Convergys will utilize Taima's advanced capabilities in agent-handled telephone support, e-mail support, auto-response e-mail, agent-assisted self-service, automated self-serve (IVR or online) and live chat, to expand its resources for technical help desk support.

iSKY Secures Telecom Potential
iSky Inc., a provider of outsourced customer care, acquired Telecom Potential Group (TPG) of Bristol, U.K. TPG is a customer communications outsourcer for the financial services, telecommunications, technology, leisure and tourism industries. The move provides iSKY with a presence in the U.K., an existing European customer base and a springboard for future business ventures in Europe. iSKY and TPG have shared a relationship for several years and have executed collaborative projects in the UK. The company said it looks forward to introducing integrated, multichannel technology and customer relationship management service and solutions to the European market. Peter McCarthy, the founder, chairman and managing director of TPG, was named chief executive officer of European operations and will continue in his current capacity.

!hey software And icontact.com Merge
!hey software inc., a provider of contact center and voice technologies, and icontact.com, a supplier of personalized online communication software, have merged and formed !hey inc. The new company will offer a personalized communications application suite intended to help businesses acquire, service and retain customers. Both companies expect their combined strengths in technologies and Web personalization to provide optimized customer interaction opportunities across all channels. Duncan Mackay, president of !hey software will remain president and CEO of !hey inc. icontact.com's CEO, Bill Christie, will serve as COO of the new company.

CAS, Inc. Attains Pinnacle
CAS, Inc., an eCRM solutions provider, announced the acquisition of Pinnacle Integrated Communications, a full-service customer care provider servicing the needs of the Internet community. Kent Stormberg, president of CAS, said that the acquisition "is a strategic fit for CAS and it allows us to round out our eCRM set of services (and) offer interactive customer care as an important link in providing a total eCRM solution." Pinnacle services a diverse client base, providing agent-assisted inbound/outbound customer care, Internet-based live chat and personalized e-mail processing. CAS' eCRM services provide demographic, buying behavior information that assists in the personalization of customer interactions.

Signature Signs With FirePond
FirePond, a provider of integrated e-business solutions for multichannel selling, announced its acquisition of Signature Software, a training and consulting firm specializing in the architecture, design and construction of distributed enterprise applications. The company said it gained the expertise of Signature's training and implementation personnel to meet partner and customer demand for its technology and as part of its growing services organization. Signature has developed solutions for clients across many industries, and FirePond expects to accelerate the adoption of its technology in the marketplace through the acquisition.

Siebel Inks Deal With Janna Systems
Janna Systems Inc., a provider of e-business solutions for the financial services industry, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Siebel Systems, Inc., a supplier of e-business application software, for Siebel to acquire Janna in a share exchange transaction. Siebel Systems intends to integrate Janna's technology into Siebel's e-business applications. The acquisition is intended to deliver comprehensive solutions for retail banking and brokerage, institutional finance and insurance customers. The companies said the financial services marketplace is rapidly converging, causing traditionally independent businesses to consolidate. The companies will integrate the two complementary product families into a single product suite based on a common Web architecture beginning with Siebel Financial Services 2001, planned for release in Summer 2001. Siebel Systems and Janna will support all of their current customers and products and will offer a comprehensive upgrade path to the unified Siebel Financial Services product line. The acquisition is subject to the approval of Janna Systems' security holders, court and regulatory approvals and on certain other conditions. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter 2000.

PCsupport.com Acquires MyHelpDesk
PCsupport.com, Inc., a provider of e-support solutions, announced the acquisition of MyHelpDesk, Inc., a content provider of online, computer self-help directories. The integration of MyHelpDesk self-help directories into the PCsupport.com suite of e-support tools and remote support services is expected to create a comprehensive industry offering that enables corporations to increase productivity and reduce support costs. With these additional capabilities, PCsupport.com anticipates acceleration in revenue growth from consumers and corporations worldwide. Under the terms of agreement, PCsupport.com will acquire all of the assets and certain limited liabilities of MyHelpDesk in exchange for 1,500,000 shares of its common stock. The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals.

CustomerSoft Acquires Data National's Assets
AutoTrac, LLC, a subsidiary of CRM software solutions provider CustomerSoft, Inc., has acquired most of the assets of Data National Corporation, a CRM technology and services provider for the automotive industry. The acquisition enables CustomerSoft to expand its CRM software offerings and provides AutoTrac with expanded service and fulfillment capabilities, such as database marketing, data warehousing, predictive modeling, surveys and Internet communications. Don Warriner, previously president and CEO of Data National, was named president of AutoTrac.

ChaseData Catches PowerStation Predictive Dialing Systems
ChaseData Corp., a provider of computer-telephony solutions and services, acquired PowerStation predictive dialing systems from Miami-based SoftSteele Corp. for an undisclosed sum. The move reflects the shift in ChaseData's long-term business strategy to fulfill every aspect of the customer experience from coding to installation and beyond. The acquisition provides it with a single product focus in order to offer a solution that better meets the requirements of customers in a dynamic, "real-world" environment. The company is currently in the final phases of live tests for its PowerStation 2 product that incorporates expanded Internet, scripting and legacy system integration.

WorldCom To Merge With Intermedia
WorldCom, Inc., a provider of "all-distance" communications services, and Intermedia Communications, a furnisher of integrated, data-centric solutions for business customers, announced they have signed a definitive merger agreement. As a result of this transaction, WorldCom will acquire a controlling interest in Digex, a provider of managed Web and application hosting services. Through its acquisition of Intermedia, WorldCom will own approximately 55 percent of Digex's equity interest and 94 percent of its voting interest. The merger is expected to accelerate WorldCom's Web hosting expansion by providing a comprehensive portfolio of hosting products and services for mid- and large-sized businesses. The companies expect the merger to close early in 2001.

Quicknet Acquires OpenH323 Project Mavens
Quicknet Technologies, Inc., a provider of low-density Internet telephony products, announced the purchase of Australia-based Equivalence Pty. Ltd., the creator of the OpenH323 project. The acquisition expands Quicknet's ability to supply custom interfaces between OpenH323 with their hardware and software. OpenH323 is an Open Source implementation of the ITU H.323 protocol that provides interoperability between users, gateways and gatekeepers. The OpenH323 Project is an Open Source development project with over one thousand companies and individuals around the world that contribute to the source code via the Internet. Quicknet said that the acquisition will enable it to deliver a richer and lower cost set of solutions to customers, providing a substantial platform for a variety of application, product and device developments. Quicknet has confirmed that this acquisition does not affect the Open Source nature of the OpenH323 project, and is committed to continuing the success of OpenH323 as a collaborative effort. Quicknet has incorporated the OpenH323 stack into its flagship software product, the Internet SwitchBoard 4.0 and will be providing commercial support for software and product developers seeking the most effective use of OpenH323 in their projects. Developers interested in obtaining support agreements can contact Quicknet at developersupport@quicknet.net.

Broadbase And Servicesoft Announce Intentions
Broadbase Software, Inc., a provider of customer-focused analytic and marketing automation applications, announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Servicesoft, Inc., a supplier of intelligent e-service solutions. With this acquisition, Broadbase expects to provide a complete platform for intelligent customer interactions across all touch points and an analytic and operational infrastructure that unites inbound and outbound transactions. Broadbase noted that the acquisition also will enable its product-focused approaches to rapidly integrate for providing a comprehensive, intelligent eCRM software suite.

mergersacquisitions.gif (1526 bytes)

FrontRange Emerges From GoldMine
GoldMine Software Corp., a developer of sales, marketing and customer support software for small to medium-sized organizations, changed its name to FrontRange Solutions Inc. According to the company, the name change reflects a significantly broader corporate strategy, which will include retention of the company's award-winning customer relationship management products and service optimization applications while making an aggressive, definitive move into more Web-based products and total e-business solutions. The GoldMine Division will remain focused on the customer relationship management solutions of GoldMine FrontOffice 2000 and the sales force automation (SFA) solution of GoldMine 5.09. The HEAT Division will focus on service and support optimization applications for both internal and external customers. A new division will deliver integrated front- and back office e-business solutions and offer a suite of applications for companies with complex e-commerce requirements.

Building A Call Center Community
John Repici, an independent programmer developing a next generation readerboard system, has launched Readerboards.com, a new Web site through which he wishes to solicit information, ideas and experiences from members of the call center industry, and incorporate these data into a "killer" readerboard design. In appreciation of participation in his efforts, Repici also offers quite a bit in return. He wants Readerboards.com to serve as an online resource for all members of the call center community, with workers, consultants and trade press having access to a variety of features, such as public forums, private discussion boards, chat areas, survey creation and participation, personal Web page creation and general reference links. The Front Porch, an open discussion board, is offered to all visitors to the site. To access other discussion boards and Web site creation tools, participants are required to register. Membership is free.

Three Teradynettes Combine To Form Empirix
Empirix, Inc. announced its debut as a provider of performance testing and monitoring solutions to meet quality demands set by the Internet and communications markets. Created from the three network and software testing businesses of Teradyne, Inc., Empirix will offer testing solutions to address the needs of communications equipment manufacturers, e-businesses and enterprise call centers. The company consists of Hammer Technologies (automated voice and data testing solutions), RSW Software (e-business application testing solutions) and Software and Systems Test (automated test generation solutions for computer-telephony and software-based communications systems). As an independent company, Empirix will be able to accelerate its growth in the fast-growing Internet and communications software test markets, which are divergent from Teradyne's core business. Jeff Hotchkiss, an industry veteran and former Teradyne CFO, will lead the company as president and chief executive officer. Teradyne founder, Alex d'Arbeloff, will chair the Empirix board. Empirix also announced it has received funding from venture capital firm Matrix Partners. Teradyne will retain a minority stake in the company.

Phonetic Systems Garners Siemens Certification
Phonetic Systems, a provider of speech recognition solutions, announced that its PhoneticOperator speech recognition system has completed testing and has earned certification in Siemens Information and Communication Networks Group's Ready Developer support program for seamless operation with the company's Hicom 300 H communications server. The Siemens program provides technical and marketing support to third parties at all stages of their product concept and development process. It offers developers tools, technical and marketing support and a test environment in which to test product integration. The program also offers integration testing of call center products with Siemens line of communications servers. The newly certified product is a speech recognition solution that allows Internet service providers and enterprise businesses to provide easy access to people and information by using their natural voice with any phone or wireless device. Applications include voice driven automated attendant, call routing, directory assistance, information retrieval, voice-activated dialing, etc.

Netkey Selects DSL.net For DSL Internet Access
Netkey, Inc., a provider of innovative end-to-end solutions for Internet kiosks, has selected DSL.net, Inc., a high-speed data communications and Internet solutions provider for businesses, to provide broadband digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet access to Netkey customers deploying Internet kiosks. Through the agreement with DSL.net, Netkey will offer DSL.net's broadband Internet access services to its customers as a high-speed option for connecting an interactive kiosk with a company's network over the Internet. Netkey delivers its hardware-independent software through its own Internet-based application service provider (ASP) site called Netkey Express and through partnerships. Netkey expects to both enhance the performance and system reliability of its customers, since many retailers are interested in adopting Web kiosk technology for point of sale, loyalty programs, gift registries, etc., but do not have easy access to broadband network connectivity.

Rhythms Opts For eFusion Voice-Enabling
eFusion Inc., a provider of online communication services for e-commerce, announced that Rhythms NetConnections Inc., a supplier of broadband communication services, selected eFusion's Push toTalk (PtT) service to voice-enable its Web site, www.rhythms.com. The service provides online visitors a direct, real-time connection to Rhythms' partner representatives who offer Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) services to businesses and consumers in the U.S. With a push of a button, visitors can initiate an immediate call from selected resellers listed on the Rhythms Web site. Besides increased convenience for end users, the technology is expected to add value for Rhythms' partners by instantly connecting prospects with their preferred local provider. In the future, Rhythms may add other Push to Talk capabilities, which include enabling consumers and agents to talk directly over the Internet or communicate via text chat.

Nortel Integrates SpeechPearl
Nortel Networks has integrated the SpeechPearl speech recognition engine from Philips Speech Processing, a business unit of Royal Philips Electronics, with its OSCAR (Open Signal Computing and Analysis Resource) voice interaction platform for e-business, enabling deployment of speech-enabled directory assistance and customer care applications. OSCAR is the dedicated speech-processing platform on which Nortel Networks' interactive voice response (IVR) and computer-telephony integration (CTI) solutions are built. The SpeechPearl engine enables users to have natural dialogs with IVR systems in place of touch-tone responses to menus. It is designed to support 20 languages and a 200,000-word dictionary.

ProSci Commences Call Center Study
ProSci, a Colorado research company and sponsor of the Call Center Learning Center, announced the 2000-2001 worldwide study for call center managers on call center operations, management practices and new technology. The study is co-sponsored by Vanguard Communications Corporation. The previous study in 1999 involved 112 call centers from 12 countries representing a wide range of industries. This study is designed to determine what strategies are working (or not) as call center managers worldwide redefine their processes and systems to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and bolster revenues. Topics for the study include what changes are driving the largest improvement in service quality and customer satisfaction, the most effective revenue generating CRM strategies and what technologies are producing the greatest cost reductions. The study is open to anyone involved in a management role in a call center environment. Participants of the study will receive a report of the benchmarking study results and a copy of ProSci's benchmarking report Best Practices in Change Management. To participate in the study, visit www.call-center.net.

Buffalo Stampedes To New Identity
Buffalo International, Inc., a provider of tools and systems to telephony-enable e-business and CRM applications, changed its name to Calltrol Corporation. The company said the name is meant to represent both what its products do (control calls) and the niche that it occupies in the contact center/computer-telephony industry. Calltrol's product, Object Telephony Server (OTS), will retain its name. The OTS product line also has been revamped to better address the broad variety of needs supported. Several different modules of the OTS product will be available, including Outbound Live, ACD Plus, Message Delivery and Complete, based upon customer and contact center needs.

APAC In The Chips For Harrah's CRM Services
APAC Customer Services, Inc. announced it has been awarded a multi-year contract from Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. APAC will provide Harrah's with customer care services and support the services offered to customers over Harrah's Web site. APAC Customer Services will engage its multichannel customer contact capabilities and customer interaction centers to help meet Harrah's increasing volume of customer inquiries and reservation requests, averaging more than 11,000 calls per day.


Teleperformance Opens A Trio Of Contact Centers
Teleperformance, a division of SR. Teleperformance Group and a supplier of outsourced customer relationship management solutions and teleservices, announced the openings of three state-of-the-art multimedia contact centers. The new centers reflect the company's intent to offer clients the ability to outsource their entire customer relationship management enterprise to a single provider. The three facilities are located in Youngstown, Ohio, McAllen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta center is a fully functional multimedia contact center lab, attached to Teleperformance's U.S. corporate offices, and features the latest in CRM and teleservices technology. The lab is designed to test technology and pilot programs prior to deployment in Teleperformance's contact centers, thus ensuring the quality of the customer relationship programs. The Web-enabled centers can handle all aspects of the customer relationship, including customer acquisition, service and billing.

eLoyalty Opens In Austin City Limits
eLoyalty, an eCRM services company, announced the opening of a new and expanded Loyalty Lab in Austin, Texas. The 40,000-square-foot facility has an Innovation Center that is designed to allow clients to view loyalty scenarios using eLoyalty's solutions, and a Development Center where eLoyalty Suite is developed. The facility houses support services for eLoyalty Support and Loyalty Foundation, its hosted eCRM solution. The Lab also provides education and career development training classes as part of the company's Learning Education and Development program.

Convergys To Build Contact Center In Lewiston
Convergys Corporation, a provider of outsourced, integrated billing and customer care services, announced plans to open its second contact center in Idaho next summer in Lewiston, Idaho's new business & technology park. Convergys expects to create over 400 jobs and build approximately 250 workstations in a state-of-the-art, 30,000-40,000-square-foot facility. The center is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2001.

EDS Opens Sydney Center
EDS, a provider of e-business and information technology services, started operations at its EDS Sydney Center in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The facility is a state-of-the-art customer interaction center and technology showcase providing inbound and outbound customer service via telephone, fax, e-mail and Internet for EDS clients and their customers. The facility is expected to create up to 900 full-time jobs in Sydney over the next four years.

RMH Builds Yuma Facility
RMH Teleservices, Inc. announced the opening of a new call center in Yuma, Arizona. The facility will encompass 40,000 square feet and contain 300 workstations, bringing RMH's total workstation count to 3,800. RMH representatives said they are building the center to accommodate increased business from new and existing clients for both inbound and outbound services. The expansion into the Southwest is also designed to provide access to a strong labor pool that can provide in-language services to clients.

strategicalliances.gif (1417 bytes)

Unisys And thinkAnalytics Ally
thinkAnalytics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gentia Software, announced an agreement under which thinkAnalytics and Unisys Corporation, a provider of integrated solutions, services platforms and network infrastructure, will market thinkAnalytics software for use on Unisys e-@ction Enterprise Server systems. thinkCRA is an integrated suite of customer relationship analytics applications designed to deliver intelligent, actionable and predictive information. Both companies expect that, coupled with the Unisys e-@ction Enterprise Server ES7000 and ES5000 systems, the software can help companies gain faster insights into the ever-increasing customer data environment of the e-business world. Unisys ES5000 servers comprise two-, four- and eight-processor systems featuring value-added technologies for enterprise-class reliability, scalability, performance and ease of administration.

Chordiant Enters Consulting Agreement With Caro; Partners With Witness
Chordiant Software, Inc., a provider of e-business infrastructure software for customer interaction, and Caro Systems, Inc., specializing in the rapid delivery of integrated information solutions at the enterprise level, announced a strategic consulting agreement. Caro will work as an integration partner to expand the delivery capability for Chordiant solutions. Through the agreement, both companies expect to help meet the growing need in the market for front- and back-office and legacy integration of eCRM (electronic customer relationship management) solutions. The two companies believe they can help companies gain competitive advantage and retain more customers by integrating customer contact over the Internet, via e-mail and mobile devices, through call centers and brick-and-mortar service centers. Chordiant also formed a technology partnership with Witness Systems, a provider of multimedia customer interaction software. The companies will integrate their solutions and conduct co-marketing activities. The integrated solution combines Witness' eQuality performance optimization software with Chordiant's unified eCRM infrastructure software and is expected to allow joint customers to strengthen their CRM initiatives, enhance customer loyalty and help to ensure consistent customer service across multiple access channels.

Epsilon And Sagent Form Partnership For Internet-Based Marketing Solutions
Epsilon, a supplier of marketing solutions, and Sagent Technology, Inc., a provider of real-time e-business intelligence solutions, announced the formation of a strategic partnership. The partnership will integrate Sagent's solutions to power Epsilon's customized marketing platforms, providing clients secure, real-time Internet access to customer information and data analysis. The partnership expects to offer rapid development of high-performance marketing platforms giving clients the ability to quickly see results from new marketing initiatives.

Net2Phone, Backed By Cisco Investment, Founds Adir
Net2Phone Inc., a provider of voice-enhanced Internet communications services, announced the formation of a new company to develop and market network management software for Voice over IP (VoIP) and other packet-based multimedia networks. The new company, Adir Technologies, Inc., will offer Net2Phone's VoIP network management software to telecommunications, Internet, wireless, next generation and broadband service providers and enterprises worldwide. Adir's technology is intended to help provide greater Quality of Service (QoS) by providing advanced tools for fault detection, notification and diagnosis of network equipment from the voice network service perspective. Net2Phone also announced that Cisco Systems, Inc. purchased a minority equity interest in Adir Technologies. The companies have agreed to a relationship in which Cisco will jointly market Adir's network management platform to its VoIP customers. Through this relationship, Net2Phone expects to realize a substantial new source of revenue from software licensing fees.

eConvergent, TRITECH Partner For eCRM Solutions
eConvergent Inc., a provider of business solutions for e-business customer interaction, announced a strategic partnership with TRITECH Information Strategies, a supplier of CRM consulting and systems integration services. The partnership expects to leverage TRITECH's experience in consulting and call center automation and eConvergent's hosted eCRM business solutions to provide clients with a combination of technology and services to help them improve customer satisfaction and profitability.

Vodavi And TriVium Ink Marketing Agreement
Vodavi Technology, Inc., a supplier of business telecommunications solutions announced it has entered into a marketing partnership with TriVium Systems, Inc., a provider of e-business relationship management software for small and medium-sized businesses. Under terms of the agreement, TriVium's CallAnalyst call accounting software will be offered to users of Vodavi's STARPLUS, STARPLUS TRIAD and infinite digital key telephone systems. Vodavi will also act as a conduit to assist its dealers and their customers in obtaining this tool to process and report call accounting information. Vodavi dealers will sell CallAnalyst, which replaces Vodavi's discontinued CallSort Pro product. Technical support will be provided directly to Vodavi dealers by TriVium.

Avaya Partners With Compaq
Avaya, Inc., a provider of communications systems and solutions for enterprises, announced a three-year business relationship with computer products and services manufacturer Compaq Computer Corp. Compaq will install and support Avaya's DEFINITY business communications systems (and applications such as messaging and customer relationship management) internationally for multinational and non-U.S. customers. The relationship will complement Avaya's existing worldwide service operations. The nonexclusive subcontracting arrangement is currently underway in Spain and Italy, and the companies planned to expand the agreement to Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom as of the end of September 2000. They expect the agreement to encompass other regions and include additional Avaya products in the future. Compaq technicians will train at Avaya's European service centers and with Avaya's international services force, and provide Avaya's customers with installation and onsite support services.

Onyx Software And Allegis Announce Alliance
Onyx Software Corp., a supplier of enterprisewide, customer-centric e-business solutions, and Allegis Corp., an application service provider (ASP) of collaborative demand chain software and services, announced a strategic sales and marketing partnership. The agreement provides for both companies to jointly market each other's products to customers who use broad-based functionality in managing two-way communication and relationships with partners. The companies cited a similar technical architecture that is expected to provide a smooth integration with other enterprise solutions.

MCK Collaborates With NEC On Remote Voice Applications
MCK Communications, Inc., a provider of solutions for delivering business-quality voice over existing and next-generation networks, announced it has expanded its alliance with NEC America, Inc.'s Corporate Network Group (CNG). The companies will collaborate in offering a complete suite of remote voice solutions over packet networks. MCK said the agreement is part of its strategy to become the remote voice solutions bridge between legacy voice systems and next-generation networks and applications. Both companies said they recognize the value in developing voice solutions that take advantage of the cost-savings, new applications and services available with deploying packet networks for branch office employees, remote workers and contact center agents.

Cyberserv's Alliance With Allaire Yields New Suite Of Solutions
Cyberserv Inc., a developer of e-commerce and CRM software solutions and a member of the Allaire Corp.'s Alliance Partner program, introduced a suite of e-CRM products, "beCyber," developed with the use of Allaire's ColdFusion and XML technology. The "beCyber" product line, launched this fall, includes a full line of e-CRM, Web marketing, project collaboration, back-office integration, personal portal applications and customer support services. The Allaire Corporation is a provider of Internet software products and services for companies building their business on the Internet. The Allaire Alliance Partner Program is comprised of a worldwide network of systems integrators, independent software vendors, development and training consultants, Internet service providers (ISPs) and distributors. The Allaire Alliance provides partners with comprehensive services, support and technology to enable customers to bring their e-commerce and enterprise business solutions to the Web.

Artisoft And HP Deliver Soft Phone System
Artisoft Inc., a developer of software-based phone systems, announced a strategic alliance with Hewlett-Packard Company to deliver an open, standards-based turnkey computer-telephony solution for small- to medium-sized businesses and corporate branch offices. Under the terms of the agreement, Artisoft's TeleVantage software-based phone system, which uses Intel Dialogic voice processing, platforms, will be integrated with the HP NetServer platform. The bundling of TeleVantage with the NetServer and Dialogic platforms is expected to provide VARs and end users with a customized plug-and-play telephony solution that is easily integrated with other business-critical applications. The plans are for HP to distribute this bundled solution through its worldwide sales channels.

Prestige, Synchrony Strike Accord
Synchrony Communications Inc., a provider of integrated electronic customer interaction management solutions, announced a strategic agreement with Prestige International, an international outsourcing solutions firm headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. As part of the agreement, Synchrony will provide Prestige with remote-hosted and licensed electronic customer interaction management software to manage customer relationships via the Web and traditional analog telephone lines. This change is part of Prestige's service and growth strategy and is intended as a standard technology platform across all Prestige contact centers in Sydney, Australia, London, U.K. and San Francisco, California. Prestige will use Synchrony's technology to develop a new business model that focuses on outsourcing both customer service personnel and customer service technology. The agreement with Prestige complements Synchrony's plans to expand internationally.

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