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June 2000


Teleservices Agencies 2000: Who's Who

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With the growing pressures, both internal and external, to hold on to your current customers as well as acquire new ones, and the amount of customer interactions increasing daily through e-mail, Web chat and voice over IP, there's a good chance your internal call center is or will soon be overloaded. If so, outsourcing to a teleservices partner may be the answer to your prayers.

Teleservices agencies can offer many benefits to your company, among them: the reduction or elimination of the expense of recruiting, training and maintaining call center staff; the elimination of the need to establish or expand your physical site; the elimination or reduction of expenditures for technologies that are constantly being upgraded; the expansion of your business hours through a teleservices agency's 24x7 operating schedule; or the increase in your company's productivity through the redirection of your resources to focus only on your core competencies.

Teleservices agencies already have the technology, human resources and facilities in place. As a result, they can get your projects up and running in a very short period of time, greatly accelerating your time to market, as well as your competitive advantage.

Probably one of the most challenging things about call center operations today, especially if you are faced with revamping your internal call center or building a new one, is the technology issue: what do you buy? Can you justify the cost? What value will you get out of your purchase? How soon will that value be realized? Will the solution chosen integrate with your current systems and databases? What role should the Internet play in your call center?

These, and other questions, must be thoroughly investigated for you to keep your call center up-to-date and functioning at full capacity. You owe it to yourself to investigate teleservices agencies to determine what value they can add to your operations.

We have compiled the following list of teleservices agencies that are available to help your organization better perform CRM, telesales, customer service, etc., functions. Companies that have purchased enhanced listings are found in blue type. For more details on all of the companies listed here, you may turn to our Online Buyer's Guide at www.ccsmag.com.

Who's Who List

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121 Internet Marketing Inc. (Canada)
Howard Arfin
P: 416-261-5995
F: 416-264-0955
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Advanced Marketing Solutions
Steven Pagano
P: 800-590-4AMS
Inbound, Outbound
APAC Customer Services
Susan Millspaugh
P: 847-374-4980
F: 847-374-1975
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
618 Inc.
Robert Miller
P: 212-971-9088
F: 212-971-9093
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Advanced Telemarketing Solutions
Vincent A. Casella
P: 888-834-7301 or
Apriori TMI
Christopher Casula
P: 800 269-7310
F: 630-858-2736
Inbound, Outbound
A.S.A.P. Business
Services, Inc.
Carol Deckert
P: 717-290-8651
F: 717-290-8653
Inbound, Outbound
Aegis Communications Group, Inc.
Donald L. Jones
P: 800-332-0266
F: 972-868-0267
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Arvicom Infotech
(U.S. and India)
India: Sanjeev Jain U.S.:
Paresh Jain
P: India: +91-11-332-3350
U.S.: 216-791-4291
F: +91-11-332-0357
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
AB&C Group
Eileen Schwanke
P: 304-725-7050
F: 304-728-7245

AFFINA � The Customer Relationship Co.
Jerry Martin
P: 800-787-7626
F: 309-679-4408
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Associates Commerce Solutions - TeleServices
Shireen Wedlock
P: 800-473-3390
F: 847-597-3303
Abacus Communications
Rick Clay
P: 757-497-2004
F: 757-497-8876
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Aftermarket Co.
Paul Kerstetter
P: 602-470-2500
F: 602-470-2501
Inbound, Outbound
ATESIA S.p.A. (Italy)
Telecom Italia Group
Gina Liberatore
P: +39 0672987-1
F:+39 0672987-825
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Acacia Teleservices International
Sawat Wolfe
P: 800-225-4151
F: 541-465-9406
Alan Angelo
P: 800-767-2364, ext. 3040
F: 309-820-2624
Below The Line Comunicaciones (Venezuela)
Ricardo Morales
P: +58-2-993-3033
F: + 58-2-993-8285
Inbound, Multilingual
Access Direct
Telemarketing, Inc
Rachel Macha
4515 20th Ave. SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
P: 800-892-8276
F: 319-390-8901
Inbound, Outbound, B-to-B,
Areas of Specialization: Financial Services, Technology, Publishing.

Access Direct Telemarketing provides outbound and inbound, business-to-business and business-to-consumer telemarketing services specializing in financial services, insurance sales, mortgage/equity lending, publishing, utilities, telecom/technology. Privately held, Access Direct operates six call centers throughout Iowa and corporate offices in Cedar Rapids, Jacksonville, Florida and Wilmington, Delaware, employing more than 1,000 people.

Accent Marketing
Services, Inc
Tom Hansen
P: 502-540-5000
F: 502-540-5574
Inbound, Outbound
Alert Communications Co.
Greg Michael
P: 800-333-7772
F: 323-254-6802
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Boston Communications Group, Inc.
Jerry Confer
P: 617-692-7000
F: 617-692-6200
Inbound, Outbound
ACI Telecentrics Inc.
Lois Dirksen
P: 612-928-4700
F: 612-928-4701
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Alta Resources
Mary Weyand
P: 714-879-7900
F: 714-879-9900
Inbound, Outbound
Breda Telemarketing
Char Jacobsen
P: 712-673-4408
F: 712-673-2508
Inbound, Outbound
Advanced Call Center Technologies
Chris Bevil
P: 770-931-4040
F: 770-931-4511
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Americall Corp.
George Kestler

P: 630-955-9100
F: 630-955-9955
Inbound, Outbound
Budget Marketing, Inc.
Don Branjord
P: 515-243-7000
F: 515-243-7721
Inbound, Outbound
Advanced Contact
Solutions, Inc.
Rea Fotopulos
P: 310-212-0523
F: 310-212-0522
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Ameridial, Inc.
James McGeorge
P: 330-497-4888
F: 330-497-5500
Inbound, Outbound
Business Response, Inc.
Michele Lee
P: 314-213-7880
F: 314-216-3236
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Advanced Data-Comm, Inc.
Cynthia Haugen
P: 800-582-9501
F: 319-582-2003
Inbound, Outbound
Anser Services
Judson Voss
P: 800-723-0000
Inbound, Outbound

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Call Center Alliance (France)
Michelle-Elaine Sidwell

53 Avenue Montaigne
Paris 75008, France
P: +33 1 56 88 05 55
F: +33 1 40 93 42 25
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual, B-to-B, B-to-C, Interactive
Areas of Specialization: Outsourcing, Co-sourcing, Consulting.

Call Center Alliance is your customer contact solution for 400 million European clients. The best e-teleservice experts in each country provide inbound and outbound calls with over 2,900 workstations and 4,200 professional TSRs in the following countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Scandinavia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Call Center Group
Sharon Pettigrew
P: 650-579-1298
F: 650-579-2694
Inbound, Outbound, Blended
Cromerica Technologies, Inc.
Douglas Sherrod
P: 408-861-1040
F: 408-861-1046
EDS Business Process Management
Mike Littell
P: 888-337-1473
F: 972-604-3603
Call Interactive
Mike Lubben
P: 402-498-7200
F: 402-498-7900
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
CSC (Communication
Service Centers)
Wendy Shooster-Leuchter
P: 954-973-7300
F: 954-969-2407
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Renan Levy
P: 781-306-9797
F: 781-306-9777
CarrierCOM Corp.
Andy Browder
P: 956-682-3656
F: 956-682-5976
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Cupola Teleservices Ltd. (United Arab Emirates)
Shan Haq
P: 713-777-7979
F: +971-4-807-4900
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Excell Global Services, Inc.
P: 888-359-6660
F: 602-808-5110
Inbound, Outbound
Center Partners
Fred Sumner
P: 800-519-3532
F: 970-206-8434
Inbound, Outbound
Custom Telemarketing Services
Malynda Madzel
F: 410-964-3350
F: 410-964-1829
EXPERT TeleServices, Inc.
Liby Arzate
P: 210-692-0300
F: 210-692-1187
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Centrac, Inc.
Ron Leeds
P: 973-575-3200
F: 973-575-0520
Inbound, Outbound
Jeanne Sundstrom
P: 703-917-9170
F: 703-917-1556
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Extend Communications Inc.
Scott Lyons
P: 519-759-6820
F: 519-754-1994
Coldwell & Salmon Communications, Inc.
Denise Knaack
P: 800-724-5318; F: 518-482-1998
Inbound, Outbound
John Kirk
P: 301-315-8600
F: 301-315-8611
Inbound, Multilingual
The Faneuil Group
Mark Leonard
P: 617-742-4888
F: 617-742-3666
Inbound, Outbound
Communication Services Group
Robin DeMaio
P: 954-747-6562; F: 954-741-1666
Inbound, Outbound
Dakotah Direct II, L.L.C.
Michelle Smith
P: 509-789-4635
F: 509-789-4706
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Fusion Marketing Partners
Michael Miller
P: 602-643-3800
F: 602-643-3801
Inbound, Outbound
The Connection
Karl Siewert
P: 952-948-5335
F: 952-948-5498
Inbound, Multilingual
DialAmerica Marketing Inc.
Nancy Katz
P: 201-327-0200
F: 201-327-4875
Inbound, Outbound
Joe Schulman
P: 888-FUTURE1
F: 719-576-2521
Inbound, Outbound
CompUSA Call Center Services
Clark Hausmann
1221 Coir Rd.
Plano, TX 75075
P: 972-312-7546
Inbound, B-to-B, B-to-C
Areas of Specialization: Software Support, Hardware Support, Outsourcing Services.

CompUSA Call Center Services provides world-class technical support and sales solutions to organizations of all sizes. Customers include business clients, hardware and peripheral manufacturers, software publishers and Internet Service Providers. Our highly trained team members, using state-of-the-art technology, provide you with quality customer support at all points of contact

Consolidated Market Response
Kevin Fields
P: 217-348-7050, ext. 238
F: 217-348-7060
Inbound, Outbound
Direct ResponSource, Inc.
Monique M. Martinez
P: 787-268-8544
F: 787-728-3120
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Gage Marketing Services
P: 888-333-1515
F: 612-595-5808
Inbound, Outbound
Clifton R. Critchlow
P: 801-629-6213
F: 801-629-6272
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Direct Teleservices
Steven J. Lavendier
P: 800-595-5280
F: 818-340-8208
GC Services Limited Partnership
P: 713-777-4441
F: 713-776-6535
Inbound, Outbound
CorporaTel (Canada)
Suzanne Villacastin
P: 902-453-8400
F: 902-453-8401
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Dunlap Marketing
Mike Dunlap
P: 281-833-3000
F: 281-833-3010
Inbound, Outbound
GE Financial
Assurance � PMG
James Eckdahl
P: 847-605-7269
F: 847-605-4904
Inbound, Outbound
CTC Teleservices
Guy Scarpelli
2021 Oak Brook, IL 60523
P: 630-953-2827
F: 630-953-6186
Inbound, Outbound, Interactive

A C@LL CENTER CRM Solutions magazine 1999 Rising Star winner, CTC is a full-service inbound/outbound teleservices agency providing customized outsourced telemarketing solutions to clients. Niche markets include publishing, clubs, and continuity, seminar registration, membership services, telco and business-to-business product sales.

EBSCO TeleServices
Bob Prosise
P: 330-492-5105
F: 330-492-5205
Dymacol Corp.
Judy Cotterall
P: 520-443-1087
F: 520-443-1093
Inbound, Outbound
GLS Teleservices
P: 800-232-1100
F: 215-988-0188

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Sondra Short
P: 800-972-3237
F: 800-694-4433
Innovative TeleSolutions, L.P.
Liz Rozell
P: 817-377-4182
F: 817-377-2286
JCPenney Telemarketing, Inc.
Len Leininger
P: 972-431-3974
F: 972-531-3974
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
P: 800-456-9748
F: 512-244-9222
Inbound, Outbound
InService America, Inc
Carol H Parker
P: 804-316-7489
Inbound, Outbound
JHA Telemanagement, Inc.
Jon Hamilton
P: 610-347-0724
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Henry M. Greene &
Assocs., Inc.
Henry Greene
800-356-1300 F: 847-816-0576
Instant Impact
Susan Galitzin
P: 410-653-3443
F: 410-653-3443
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Kathy Sisk Enterprises
Kathy Sisk
P: 800-477-1287
F: 559-323-9151

Inbound, Outbound
Heritage Publishing Co., Inc.
P: 501-835-5000
F: 501-835-3828
Integrated Messaging Inc. (Canada)
Sheldon Stoller
P: 888-743-5366
F: 204-786-7718
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
King TeleServices
Arleen Stefan
P: 800-817-5468; F: 908-769-8900
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Hewitt Associates
Jim Stepp
P: 847-295-5000
Inbound, Multilingual
Integrated Sales
Solutions, Inc.
Ronen Ben-Dror
P: 847-247-2800
F: 847-247-9570
Inbound, Outbound
L&S TeleServices, Inc.
Tom Falkowski
P: 605-978-2000
F: 605-978-1581
Inbound, Outbound
JD Kathuria
P: 703-488-3981
F: 703-817-1314
Inbound, Multilingual
Inter-Media Marketing Solutions
P: 610-696-4646
F: 610-429-5137
Inbound, Outbound
Legacy Telemarketing Corp.
Jim Paton
P: 425-347-7274
F: 425-355-0812
Inbound, Outbound
ICT Group, Inc.
Rudy DuBay
P: 215-702-2005
F: 215 752-5716
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Interactive Marketing Group
Peter A. Decaro
P: 201-327-0974
F: 201-327-3596
Inbound, Outbound
Legion Telekommunikation GmbH (Germany)
Olaf Striboll
P: +49-211-52395-21
F: +49-211-52395-99
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
J4/NTS Marketing
Charles E. Judd
P: 804-947-0000 F: 804-947-0003
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual, B-to-B, B-to-C, Interactive
Areas of Specialization: Telecommunications,
Geo-locate, Web-enabled Applications, Seminar Registration Support, Market Surveys, Order Processing.

J4/NTS Marketing is a "High-Tech, High-Touch" 136-seat call center agency offering complete inbound, outbound and fulfillment services. Over 10 years of experience with outstanding results, a diverse client base, state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to excellence all contribute to success in meeting your telemarketing needs.

Management Corp.
Steve Brubaker
P: 330-668-1400
F: 330-668-1401
Inbound, Outbound
Howard Glass
P: 800-700-3033
F: 954-484-0818
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Lillian Vernon Fulfillment Services
Mike Burg
P: 757-427-7867
F: 757-427-7788
Inbound, Outbound
InfoPlex Corp.
Rachel Browne
P: 800-747-8271; F: 510-732-5070
Inbound, Outbound
IT&T Limited (India)
Ashish Chand
P: +91-11-98101-14544
F: +1-630-839-7806
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Link Telemarketing
Jim Daughton
P: 800-541-LINK
F: 612-404-1648
Inbound, Outbound
Abiel Socorro
P: 305-470-7511, ext. 225
F: 305-591-2129
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
The Jay Group
David M. Wanchalk
P: 717-687-1911
F: 717-687-6987
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Shirell Hennessy
P: 800-783-6000
F: 503-693-3994
Inbound, Outbound

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Mainstream Marketing Services, Inc.
Vic Weese
P: 303-415-9830
F: 303-415-9025
Inbound, Outbound
NEXTLINK Interactive, Inc.
P: 503-972-6863
F: 503-972-6821
Prima Marketing Group, Inc.
Steve Amella
P: 847-647-0111, ext. 24
F: 847-647-5955
Inbound, Outbound
Manfred Schreyer &
Assocs., Inc.
Manfred Schreyer
P: 765-935-7889:
F: 765-935-4252
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Northern Ontario OnCall (Canada)
Stephanie Wright
P: 888-714-4489
F: 705-272-2007
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
The Product Line
Stephen D. Bell
P: 303-671-8000
F: 303-696-7300
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Market USA
Mike Centrella
P: 800-658-8721
F: 847-803-1825
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
NSDI Teleperformance
Lee Allum
P: 404-256-4673, ext. 538
F: 404-250-9277
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Pronto Connections, Inc.
Michele Ringwood
P: 312-649-3600
F: 312-649-3627
Inbound, Multilingual
Marketing Ally Teleservices
Eric Stein
P: 801-374-8709
F: 801-374-0700
Inbound, Outbound
NuComm Marketing Inc.
Peter Hodge
P: 877 637-2618
F: 905-641-1456
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Protocall Communications
Scott Kleinknecht
P: 301-361-1111
F: 301-361-1136
Inbound, Outbound
Mass Marketing, Inc.
P: 513-870-9000
F: 513-874-0800
Inbound, Outbound
On Line Support Inc. (Canada)
Dave McLane
P: 902-629-2467
F: 902-629-3295
Inbound, Multilingual
Protocol Communications, Inc.
Kevin Blayne
P: 800-435-2003
F: 941-906-1422
Inbound, Outbound
Merchants Limited (U.K.)
Sally Ann Watts
P: +44 (0) 1908 681850
F: +44 (0) 1908 242444
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
OneVoice Solutions,
A Teltrust Co.
Dan Balistierri
P: 801-535-2000
F: 801-733-3405
Inbound, Multilingual
Quality Lead
Management, Inc.
Patricia Mansker
P: 888-861-9363
F: 503-535-2501
Meyer Assocs. Telemarketing
Scott Fujan
P: 800-676-9233
F: 320-259-4064
Inbound, Outbound
OnPoint (formerly
TeleService Resources)
Sean Dorney
P: 817-355-8918
F: 817-355-8599
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
RDI Marketing Services, Inc.
Bronson Trebbi
P: 513-984-5927
F: 513-984-9735
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
MicroAge Teleservices
Sherry Socaciu
P: 480-366-7736
F: 480-366-7898
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
ORC ProTel, Inc.
David Katz
P: 708-418-0600
F: 708-418-7457
Reese Brothers, Inc.
P: 800-365-3500
F: 412-261-0167
Inbound, Outbound
Millennium Teleservices
Gary Mark Barraco
P: 877-877-7698
F: 888-601-5089
Inbound, Outbound
OSC Teleservices
Paula Wilkinson
P: 800-658-2143
F: 806-747-5047
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Regency Communications, Inc.
Richard Weinhold
P: 817-283-9292
F: 817-354-6076
PARMAC Relationship Marketing Ltd.
Louise Parkes
P: 888-772-7622
F: 905-433-1541
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual, B-to-B, B-to-C
Areas of Specialization: Publishers, Manufacturers, Research.

PARMAC, a 100% computerized and fully automated inbound/outbound customer contact center, opened in 1992 and has become a leading provider in outsourced teleservices and customer service solutions. We focus on results with integrity because when your customers are on the line, so is your reputation -- and ours. We invest in training and on-going coaching with our staff to maintain quality and consistent results for all our clients.

MPC Call Centers & Interactive Services
Bridget Puchev
P: 212-879-4144
F: 212-737-1337
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Emily Moore
P: 972-881-0733, ext. 5124
F: 972-509-7813
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
RMH TeleServices, Inc.
P: 800-367-5733
F: 610-520-5356
Inbound, Outbound
National Support Center Inc.
Ron Johnson
P: 800-672-3683
F: 888-277-9301
Inbound, Outbound
Precision Response Corp.
Alicia Miyares
P: 305-816-4600
F: 305-816-4360
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Ron Weber and Assocs., Inc.
P: 203-799-0000
F: 203-882-9998
Inbound, Outbound
New England 800 Co.
Cliff Lattin
P: 800-258-4100, ext. 2250
F: 207-832-0802
Inbound, Outbound
Sharon Murphy
P: 703-620-4700
F: 703-758-7108
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Ross Marketing, Inc.
Mike Antonelli
P: 877-900-ROSS
New Work Station Telemarketing (Brazil)
Wellington A. Longo
P: +55 (11) 3676-1110
F: +55 (11) 3676-1400
Inbound, Outbound
MSA Solutions
Lanny Morton
P: 480-350-3457
F: 480-350-3422
Inbound,Outbound, Multilingual

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Shonkh Negolice Infotech Ltd. (India)
Vikash Bhagchandka
P: +91-22-636 0999
F: +91-22-634 7119
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Telco of Wisconsin
Cheryl Arndt
P: 920-682-6161
F: 920-682-3399
Inbound, Outbound
Ron Abel
P: 800-2-TELERX
F: 215-347-5700

TeleSystems Marketing, Inc.
Mike Burns
P: 800-622-0190
F: 713-780-5931
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual, B-to-B, B-to-C, Interactive
Areas of Specialization: CRM, Inbound.

TeleSystems specializes in CRM, including Web-enabled e-commerce customer service, e-mail outsourcing, inbound, outbound and Hispanic capabilities. We feature fax, voice and e-mail broadcasting in addition to database management, list brokering and fulfillment.

Michelle McIntire
P: 402-963-4752
F: 402-963-5957
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Tele Business USA
Larry Kaplan
P: 847-480-1560
F: 847-480-6055
Inbound, Outbound
Ron Abel
P: 800-2-TELERX
F: 215-347-5700
SODEMA (Canada)
P: 514-287-1717
F: 514-287-1886
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Tele Resources, Inc.
Jack L. Keenan
P: 715-395-2740
F: 715-395-2750
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
TeleSpectrum Worldwide, Inc.
P: 888-878-7400
F: 610-878-7931
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Source One Communications
Robert Ferrante
P: 973-893-6400
F: 973-893-8629
Tele-Data Services, Inc.
Dave Robertson
P: 918-832-0644
F: 918-834-9822
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
TeleTech Holdings, Inc.
P: 303-894-4000
F: 303-813-4635
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual

Spherion (formerly Interim Outsourcing Solutions)
P.N. Vallejo
3535 Piedmont Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
P: 800-687-3978
F: 404-240-3959
Inbound, Multilingual,
B-to-B, B-to-C
Areas of Specialization: Customer service, sales, technical support, order placement and tracking, reservations and travel, and specialized needs.

Spherion manages all aspects of customer interaction, regardless of the type of medium used by your customers. We can provide these services in one of our existing customer care centers, at your facility, or in a new, customized facility.

Spectrum Marketing Services
Doug Reese
P: 215-331-3033
F: 215-331-3036
Tele-Response Center, Inc.
Gary Discount
P: 800-371-1300
F: 215-333-1583
Ron Bell
P: 480-736-8137
F: 480-967-1402
Outbound, Multilingual
Sturner & Klein
Jerry Sturner
P: 301-881-2720
F: 301-881-3745
Inbound, Outbound
The Telemarkeing Co.
Mary Shanley
P: 773-545-0407
F: 773-545-4034
Inbound, Outbound
Bernard R. Strathern
P: 503-274-8240
F: 503-274-8234
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Teleperformance (France)
Christophe Allard
6, Rue Firmin Gillot, 75737
Paris, Cedex 15, France
P: +33-1-55-76-40-80
F: +33-1-55-76-86-86
Inbound Outbound, Multilingual, B-to-B, B-to-C, Interactive
Areas of Specialization: Telecommunications, Financial Services, High-Tech.

With more than 120 customer contact centers in 31 countries, Teleperformance brings outsourced teleservices and CRM solutions to its multinational client base.

Syntellect Interactive Services
Dean Giancola
P: 770-587-0700
F: 770-998-6858
Telemarketing Concepts
Richard E. Penn
P: 914-245-0701
F: 914-245-0655
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
TPC Marketing Services, Inc.
Ted Pado
P: 724-872-0677
F: 724-872-0682
Target Interact (formerly Target TeleServices)
Roger LeFevre
P: 800-748-4848
F: 801-483-5650
Teleperformance USA
Dominic Dato
P: 801-359-6843
F: 801-359-6855
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Sandra Herman
P: 317-818-4900
F: 317-818-4930
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
TCIM Services
Lee Bye
P: 302 633-3000
F: 302 633-3294
Inbound, Outbound
TeleQuest Teleservices
Mike Larose
P: 817-258-6515
F: 817-258-6505
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Trase Miller Group
P: 630-990-4555
F: 630-990-6850
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Communications, Inc.
Wendy O'Connell
P: 781-821-8324, ext. 3387
F: 781-821-9198
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
TeleRep � ATS Call Centers
Sandra Olson
P: 800-638-2000
F: 410-761-3357
Tsunami Enterprises Inc. (Canada)
Jamie B. Smilovici
P: 514-935-0500
F: 514-935-4300
Inbound, Outbound
Technion Communications Corp.
P: 954-963-1994
F: 954-981-4321
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
State Of The Art -- The Hispanic Call Center
Ena Delgado
P: 323-782-7687
Inbound, Outbound, Customer Service, Bilingual

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Xtrasource, Inc.
Dick Tyler
1519 Enterprise Way
Kent, OH 44240
P: 330-673-3316
F: 330-676-7003
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual, B-to-B, B-to-C, Interactive
Areas of Specialization: PCs & Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, E-services.

Xtrasource is an outsourcing partner of global customer care services via teleservices, e-mail management, live chat and online self-help. Services include pre-sales, technical support, e-commerce sales, e-support and product fulfillment.

UNICALL International, Inc.
Benjamin P. Harris
P: 330-864-9364
F: 330-864-9367
Inbound, Outbound
The Verification Co.
Morgan Fagerman
P: 727-733-5321
F: 727-734-5802
Willow CSN, Inc.
Bill Cutler
P: 888-899-5995
F: 305-864-9217
Inbound, Multilingual
Unisys Worldwide
Telesales Services
P: 800-874-8647
F: 800-345-9015
Inbound, Outbound
Visions Marketing
Services, Inc.
Allan E. Geller
P: 800-222-1577
F: 717-295-8020
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
World Access Service Corp.
Bruce Willard
P: 804-673-1540
F: 804-673-1587
USA-800, Inc.
P: 816-358-1303
F: 816-358-8845
Inbound, Outbound
Volkart May & Assocs., Inc.
Janet M. May
P: 952-525-4900
F: 952-525-4910
Inbound, Outbound
Xentel DM Inc. (Canada)
P: 416-633-4646
F: 416-633-4643
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
West TeleServices
Deanna L. DeSmet
11808 Miracle Hills Dr.
Omaha, NE 68118
P: 800-841-9000
F: 402-963-1602
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual, B-to-B, B-to-C, Interactive
Areas of Specialization: Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Customer Growth.

West provides innovative, full-service customer care solutions that help Fortune 500 and e-100 companies acquire, retain and grow profitable customer relationships. West's services include processing customer-initiated contacts, automated voice response and direct marketing services that utilize the telephone and the Internet.

vCustomer Corp.
Jim Giordano
P: 425-460-1300
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
VOXDATA (Canada)
Yvan Lapointe
P: 514-871-1920
F: 514-871-2605
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
Young America Corp.
Darrin Good
P: 952-294-6193
F: 952-294-8498
Inbound, Outbound, Multilingual
  Watts Communications, Inc. (Canada)
Colin Taylor
P: 416-255-8000
F: 416-255-4735

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